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Dear Brothers and sisters,

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371 Responses to “Ask me Questions”

  1. Aamir says:

    Hello, can you tell us what is a DEYO! we have heard it so many times in stories and seen them on TV.. we want to know more about them!! and do they really exist???

    • Daniel says:

      What do you think are these “Orbs” that can be photoed. The round balls of energy that seem to be present when ghosts or spirits are present? Some seem to have faces, others I have seen actually chase birds out side. they were as big as basket balls and almost clear enough to be invisible. they are like the shadow men, who once you do see them and they see you see them you can almost always see them after that but they hide better.

      So how do orbs fit into your belief system?

      • Nau says:

        Hi Daniel,
        I have read your post,its quite interesting,I do feel same things happening to me sometimes but I believe that it was my brain’s ability to affect the surroundings,you know like psychokinesis and stuff,I am also unclear to what causes it and I want to know answers as well,if you are able to find yours then let me know the way the rest of info on this blog is quite authentic,thanks for it.

        • Husna says:

          hiy,i want to find out if a jinn can come inside body and control people if they do i wont control a car ever again i know how frightening it must be LOL

    • Daniel says:

      I have one more question.
      Do Jinn, or demons or whatever, go out and attack those you are angry with, or who threaten you. There are these dark beings who are around for years now. When I moved back to country they were trying to be seen and heard and I suspect tried frighten me and my family. One tryed to jump into me but I through it out and cursed it. I told it that if it did not want me to remove it from my property by exorcisim it would have to defend the family and protect the farm from intruders, and was free to attack anyone who came to my property with ill intent.
      My 37 year old son now lives elsewhere on my property. I have felt he may be temporarily possesed from time to time as he hates all religion since a spirit or demon experience as a child with his mother, and I am the opposite as I am very spiritual and religious, and have researched many religions, am well read on the other side as well and know the pitfalls of sourcery and black witchcraft. I can see evil swelling its head in the world now, but that is another story for another time.
      The odd thing is he, my son, and I both have had several instances where we were angry with someone who did us an injustice. Then something very bad happened to them. I now try not to become upset with people unless they are a real threat to me or my family. One instance happened several years ago. I was at work and a man came up to me and asked if I had worked for a certain other man at a certain company in the past. I HATED THIS PERSON WITH TOTAL CONTEMPT AND LOATHING! I became upset at the mention of his name and began to rant about him and what a terrible person he was and could feel the energy swelling in me. Then I could feel something fly out and leave me that was close beside me. I found out the next day what had happened.
      The man who asked me about the old boss came up to me and told me that he would never talk to me again, and that my old boss had died at the very moment we were talking about him and I got angry the day before. There have been similer occurences with my son also, again dealing with his being angry over an injustice, and a person dying in a way just as he had predicted days earlier to the persons face while confronting him. This made people who worked with him fearful of him. Once many years ago it was a woman who was trying to destroy my relationship with another woman. Her husband got a neurologicl disorder and was bed ridden and later died. She was pregnant and the baby was born with the insides upside down and backwards, and she went crazy and was talking of things tormenting her.

      She was from Thailand and Thai’s are very superstitious, and practice some bad things. Rumours were she had brought back a potion to make me fall for her, but never got the chance to use it. I had knowledge of this potion from being there for a while in the seventies. This potion supposedly is made from one of the items, the glands in the lower jaw and neck of a virgin girl under the age of fifteen. A very very bad thing indeed, but believed to be responsible for the Thai King falling in love with his nurse protector, and the girl used for the potion doesn’t survive.

      This bothers me, and it has never been my wish or by my directions to have this happen. Yes it may have been coincidence, well…, I feel not! Anyway where I live I own a half mile of river bank and the activity always gets stronger when the water level rises. I think the water running through the sand under the soil creates the energy the entities can use to do things and become strong. There is some old energy knowledge at work on here I am researching, I think some of this has been used in ancient temple technologies like the Egyptian pyramids.
      What do you think?
      Once when my son and I both were upset at the same time, in the same room, my kitchen, a table raised up and dropped to the floor, and suddenly pots and pans flew out of the cupboards across the room and bounced back across the room again. The iron shaft that was attacked to the roller on the table had curled into a circle, and that was what made the table rise up as it was pulled out. The shaft was almost a half inch in diameter and two inches long, and nothing could have done that naturally.
      So what things are responsible, I do not think or feel that it was any of my three Jinn that are around, but something else, maybe controlled by them , maybe not?
      I don’t know!

  2. Tee says:

    I really had a good informative time reading through the posts. Can you however find something about the purpose of Jin’s creation? or rather, why did God created them before humans? is it referring to some higher cause? I can understand that iblees was created with a purpose…. but does God tell us anything about in this regard?

    Great effort brother, May Allah grant you its benefits. Jazakallah.

  3. YL says:


    I went through your blog and I find it very interesting. I was hoping if you could also provide some “scientific evidence” for the existence of Jinns because that will help me alot if convincing other (non-muslim) friends.

    Looking forwards,

  4. siddiq says:

    Who was the first Jinn created?

    • smileymuslim says:

      I wasreading that shaytaan was the first jinn,
      might be wrong

      • Asfandyar says:

        Dear Brother, Shaytan (Iblis) was not the first Jinn.
        He was one of the Jinn, due to his effort and prayers he was in the SAF (Line) of Angels.
        Now Shaytan are the Decendents of “Iblis”.

        I hope I have answered your question.

  5. mohamed says:

    salams brother..
    Please enlighten me on how to be protected from jinn and witch craft..
    and your real life experiences with jinn…
    appreciate your answer
    thank you 🙂

  6. Abdullah says:

    asalamu Alaykum

    Can you please tell me the Surah and Ayah that mentions: Maarid.
    Masha Allah your blog is very informative, I would suggest to just sight the sources of your evidences. Jazaka Allahu Khairan

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      JazakAllah brother, I’m sorry if I had to make the topics simple by not putting in the full reference to every sentence, but I will try to write down full reference in the future articles and please let me know which articles need reference for evidence from the old archives. Because most of the articles are purely referred to Quran and Sunnat and I always refer them.
      Coming to your question, I have edited the article ‘Types of Jinn‘ , which had a short description of Maarid, but now I’ve added more detail and more reference. Please keep your questions and suggestions coming brother.
      Allah Hafiz.

  7. Abdul Rahman says:

    Is “Hamzaad” lie in the categories of JINN or it is something else ? Also I have heared that it must be buried with human body in qabrastan by some Ayat recitation… what is it ?

  8. laila says:

    How can a person know if they are possessed by a jinn and how would you know if someone you know is possessed by jinn? also what is the purpose of jinn possessing a certain person?
    Are there any famous people possessed by jinn?
    Can a ruqa harm a person permanently even after the jinn is gone?
    and how long does a usual ruqa take?
    How can you know you can trust the person performing the ruqa on you or or know that the person is knowledgeable enough about jinn to perform one?
    What does jinn do to the person they’ve possessed what is their goal?Can more than one jinn posses someone? and can a jinn return to a persons body after ruqa? Are children protected from jinn what age does jinn usually posses? can being at a place you suspect is occupied by jinn for too long cause harm to a person? Can jinn kill a person? What types of actions does a person possessed by jinn do? sorry for all the questions but can you answer them

  9. laila says:

    How can a person know if they are possessed my jin?

  10. laila says:

    How can jinn fall in love with people?
    How long can jinn stay possessed in a person?
    Can the person possessed by jinn perform ruqa themselves or get rid of the jin by themselves?
    Can jinn harm us physically?Do young jins possess people?
    How can you get rid of jin in your home?How do you know if jin are in you home?
    The prophet(peace and blessing be upon him) said everyone has a jinn with them what does this really mean?

  11. laila says:

    How can a person know someone is plotting witchcraft against them?
    what is the evil eye and does it have any relations with jin?How does someone give a person the evil eye? what are the cures for the evil eye?Can a person cure evil eye themselves?
    What is the affect of the evil eye on someone?

  12. laila says:

    What types of places do jin dwell?
    What types of people do jin possess?

  13. laila says:

    can you get rid of the jin with you from birth forever?
    Can highly religious people have jin,those who fear and love Allah(S.W.T.) etc.?

  14. laila says:

    how many times can jins possess someone?

  15. laila says:

    Can you hypnotize a person possessed by jinn and then perform ruqa on them?Is hypnotism haraam or permissible in some cases? is self- hypnosis permissible since the person is fully aware of what their doing?

  16. laila says:

    how do you know if someone might be doing black magic?any opinions?

  17. laila says:

    How can you get rid of a jinn controlling your organs or another part of your body etc…

  18. Shubi says:

    Salam just came across your site, very informative alhamdulillah.

    One thing that puzzles me about a Jinn being a Christian, is how does that work:

    Does that mean the Jinn believes that a human Prophet Esa was the son of God, or is it a kind of Christianity within their own dimension of their own is believed to be the son of God (May Allah protect us from both such blasphemy!)

    It just sounds weird to me that a jinn is Christian, if that means a jinn believes that a ‘human’ which is something out of their realm, is the son of God.

    I just cannot understand how a Jinn would come to that belief, and would it be due to other evil jinns misleading their own people by perpetuating this false belief, or even worse, would be evil humans misleading the evil jinn with such a ridiculous belief.

    Also I read a jinn is a Christian if it instructs the sahir not to touch water for 40 days, Is there a Christian significance to that or is it just a case of making the person dirty by not touching water for so many days?


  19. Farhan says:

    I was always interested to know about Jinns as they too are the creations of Almighty Allah (swt) but there was not enough information available, but Mashallah you have done a gret job! as I too have always been curious about this creation and have talk a lot to Muftis and Aalims about this subject.

    It was also told to me but one of the Aalims that if a jinn takes a particular form, for example, a bird…then the jinn has only that much amount of energy or strength of a bird and not his true strength….now I dont know how far that is true….but I know this much that they are powerful, but please try and find out this fact too!!

    Also I would like you to see “The Arrivals” it will give you a great insight on how governments function with the help of Jinn/Demons.

    Jazak Allah Khair….Keep up the good work!

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Welcome brother Farhan,
      I’m grateful to have helped in your knowledge.
      About your query, it is true.
      Jinn rarely take the form of a worldly object because they fear getting hurt. Most of the jinn sightings are such as, people see someone or something strange, and it fades away soon as people try to reach for it. History tells us about Omer ibn Khitab (ra), who came across a jinn and killed it. Likewise another companion when he came home from the battle of trench, and found a snake in his house which he killed. After this happened the Prophet (pbuh) said:

      ““Ask forgiveness for our companion. In Madina there are jinn that embraced Islam. if any of you should see one of them [that is, a snake], he should give him warning for three days. If it appears after that, it should be killed because it is, therefore, a devil.”” which implies that the snake was the jinn.

      If you wish to know more about their Physical form, I would suggest you read here – Answers to Multiple Question
      Refer to the Sixth question in this article, about jinn living in houses with people. I hope you find your answers.

      And yes, I have watched the arrivals series and it is good Masha’Allah. Although there are a few misconceptions in it, but of course it is only Allah that is perfect. However the overall concept of the big plan is indeed correct. It is Satan behind all this. and only Allah knows best.

      JazakAllahu Khairn brother.

  20. Mustaq Ahmed says:

    Assalam Waleikum..
    Alhamdulillah this site is very informative. Good efforts.
    I wonder how do you know so much about them. Whenever i ask someone (Aalim/Maulana)
    about them they say “Stay away from this topic”.
    Anyways my query is a kind of story:
    Few months ago there were some strange activities going on in my home like hearing sound of throwing stones at night,
    disappearance of materials(clothes,book etc), someone kicking at the doors etc.
    At that time i was not at home because i use to stay out for my studies.
    My family told me that our home was under the influence of some witchcraft,
    they called some people(one who keeps knowledge) they told that two amulets have
    been buried into our compound in two different places and that my brother was possessed
    by a jinn and a pari. They further added that someone sent some devils to our home to disturb us
    some 12 years ago. My brother used to get dreams of snakes etc and after some days he met with a motorcycle accident. He was severly injured.
    Alhamdulillah he is well now. Some days ago i was also getting such dreams.
    In these we have lost everything our property,studies,health etc.
    Surprisingly a non-muslim was doing all these things with the help of a person(a muslim) who used to visit our home
    and that person use to steal our clothes (especially black) which we came to know some months ago.
    The situation is better but not everything is good. I want to know can a non-muslim do such thing? Can a jinn steal things?
    Is it haram for us to wear amulets? If it is can you please give the reference. What exactly was going on in my home and what to now when all this happened? Please advise.
    JazakALLAHU Khairn.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Walaikum salaam brother Mustaq,
      JazakAllah for the blessings. All praise is due to Allah alone. Curiosity leads to knowledge and understanding. Ulama (aalim) would know more about the rest of the virtues of our religion yet I have learned more about Jinn. All knowledge rests with Allah alone.

      Brother, for the time being you may refer to my new article – Facts about Amulets
      While I get free to write a reply in detail to your story. If you can please brother, explain the muslim and non-muslims characters, are they the ones wanting to help you? or they are the ones who bewitched the house? which one of them stole the clothes?

      I will also write an article on how to protect your house from such evil, and it will by Allah’s leave, protect your house from such happenings in future.
      you are most welcome to ask more questions.

  21. Mustaq Ahmed says:

    Brother Ali,
    It was the intention of a Muslim person who knew us and who used to visit our home to bewitch our home but since she(the person) does not know anything about how to do, so, she approached a non-muslim black magician. And she is the one who used to steal our clothes (especially black).

    And two Muslim ladies helped us in the matter and these two ladies took out the two amulets that were buried into our compound.
    They told us that the amulets were buried some 10 years ago. And surprisingly the condition of the paper that was inside the amulets were as if it was written today. The papers were fine as if it were new. And a table with some strange letters was drawn in the papers.

    So,there are three parties:
    1. A Muslim person who knew us and used to visit us and steal our clothes.
    2. A Non-Muslim Black Magician who sent devils to our home.
    3. Two Muslim ladies who helped us.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I’m sorry for the trouble of explaining your condition to me. I now understand your situation and Allah will help us. I have replied to all your queries here:

      Answers to Multiple Question 02

      Please keep me updated on your condition.
      Fee amaan’Allah

  22. laila says:

    I have reason to believe my brother is possessed he gets angry about the smallest tiniest things starts hitting people aggressively for no reason has no regrets listens to loud bad music can’t handle ANY authority whatsoever

  23. laila says:

    My brother will hurt people to the point of fatal injury,bleeding trauma to the body and have no remorse for them he will act lazy in madrasa he mumbles answers and wont rad the quran he’s greedy and obessive could he be possessed?

  24. laila says:

    He lies alot to get what he wants and takes advantage of people also he disobeys his parents over and over again even when committing the same mistakes and can’t handle people pointing out his wrongdoings he’ll deny them and become aggressive if you refuse to comply

  25. laila says:

    He has low faith and will discourage people to do good he refuses to go to a sheik has no fear for his sins doesn’t believe in jinn denys them and will say other people are possessed

  26. laila says:

    he refuses good advice and steals from people and is extremely materialistic and self centered

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      What is his age? and where does he live?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I have managed to record a Ruqya on an Audio tape. It is Quran recitation of specific verses and it is almost 30 minutes in duration. Ruqya recited by a Healer or by an Audio tape is the same. If someone is bewitched and possessed, this ruqya will by Allah’s leave cure him. If the patient is possessed/bewitched on purpose by means, he will become epileptic and the jinn will speak from his tongue.

      Now sister, If you want to get rid of the jinn, you would have to talk to him. It is nothing to be afraid of, they burn with the recitation of the Quran. You should ask him a few question:

      His name – His religion – His reason for possessing.

      if he’s a Muslim, tell him about the rulings of our religion not to torture other Muslims; and if he is not a Muslim, invite him to Islam. You may then convince him to leave and never come back. If, however, the person possessed is due to Magic, i-e if the jinn tells you he is working for a Witch, you should ask the jinn where the CHARM is buried/hidden. You would want to open that charm and dissolve it in water and recite Ayatulkursi and the last three Surahs of the Quran. Always confirm where it tells you where the charm is hidden. You can let him leave only when you confirm that the charm has been found.

      Download: Ruqya-

  27. Munira says:

    I think a jinn possessed my lungs. I read one of your posts and it said to recite ayat-at-kursi and the last four suras of the Quran and rub olive-oil over the possessed area.

    Can you explain this further? Sorry. I’m just a kid.

    Do you have to memorize ayat-al-kursi? Can I read it from the Quran or something?

    I’m interested in the fact that the jinn is in another dimension. We know that the third dimension has lxwxh, so what is the fourth dimension like, or whichever dimension they dwell in? Is it lxwxhxTIME?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Sister, your doubt that a jinn might have possessed your lungs might actually be medical asthma. However, if you still feel there is no medical relevance to your case, then you may ask your mother to do the treatment for you.
      You do not require memorizing them but it is a good thing to have them memorized. You can read it from the quran and blow it on water/black seed oil or Olive oil.
      Ayat-ul-kursi (verse 255 of Surah Baqara) and the Last three Surahs of Quran over that oil/water. You may drink from that water and even wash yourself with it. Also if you blow on the oil, you can rub that over the affected area where you feel pain and it will by Allah leave cure it.

      About the dimension of Jinn, scholars believe they live in a dimension Parallel to our dimension; and I agree with it, since they live around us all the time. But there is another factor involved that allows them to see us when we cannot see them. Only Allah knows best. People have come in contact with the Jinn but they tend to be ignorant and are never trusted since they lie most of the times. Good jinn would rarely contact anyone, and the fact that it is not necessary to know about their dimension, they rarely speak of it.

  28. Munira says:

    Jazakallahu brother. That sounds easy. I can do it right now.

    I’ve always wondered about the Jinn. I’m still convinced that a jinn has possessed a body part/organ, I’m just assuming it’s the lungs because I remember that one day I couldn’t breathe and ever since that day I had problems like when I’m sleeping, sometimes I get paralyzed or I feel something stepping on my back. When I say Bismillah when I sleep it happens more often. I don’t have a history of asthma attacks.

    My mom thinks I’m crazy and I haven’t spoken about it. That was like, two years ago.

    About the Shiqq. It’s rare, right? Or do they no longer exist? Jinns are quite interesting.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      We are not sure if they no longer exist, however, one may see diagrams of a half face/half body inside the books of magic even today. So we might expect it is the SHIQQ involved in such type of sorcery. Only Allah knows best.
      Keep your questions coming

  29. usman says:

    Can the jinn harm the person performing ruqya or his family ? Jazakallah

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Walaikum Salaam,
      Brother, No jinn can harm anyone who seeks refuge with Allah alone. Please refer to the section – Practical Proof – in the article Protection from Jinn
      I have mentioned a true incident of an exorcist, or the person who performs Ruqya. Evil-Jinn/Shaytaan, they Burn with the recitation of Quran. Ruqya itself is a way to free someone from the possession of a jinn.
      Insha’Allah, Nothing will harm those who seek refuge with Allah.
      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in qadeer.

      • Manu Sharma says:

        Dear Sir, Someone has told us that my wife is in posession which is forcing her to go to another boy. My wife also get very desperate (sometimes violent and hurts herself) for this boy and she also doesn’t know the reason for all this. Please help us as our married life is in very big trouble. Please give us contact details of some specialist around Chandigarh, India.

  30. Usman says:

    Salam akhee
    Why is it that some aamils children are affected,even though they read Surat bakarah everyday and are also pious Alims ,I know personaly 2 young alims who are affected by jinn
    (maybe magic) I also heard of one person who was taken away by jinn , is this possible , also one person told me he Alim told me he saw a shadow which came alive and tried to grab him but he grabbed back and recited ayatul Kursk and it turned to ashes , Alluhualim . is this possible.( apologys for too many questions) jzk

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      WalaikumSalam brother Usman,
      Please do not hesitate in asking questions. Brother, there exist rare wicked jinn, who would possess people when they see a chance. Jinn possessing/appearing to children is because children do not have a strong faith compared to grownup people. Even if a jinn tries to possess someone who recites the Quran, it is agonizing for the jinn to do so. If you read about the Causes of Possession ,
      It is widely known that good jinn would possess Ulama in their tabligh, if they mistakenly sleep in the First row of the mosque at night. that is the reason why it is said to sleep in rows other than the first ones, for jinn pray there at night time, and they dont want to be bothered. So one might mistakenly injure a jinn, and the jinn no matter how much he’s burnt possessing/hurting someone, he will try to avenge himself/his loved ones.

      About mature Ulamaa (plural of Aalim), I personally have not known Ulama being possessed but only Allah knows best, I can only say that it can be the work of Sihr (Magic). The jinn must be forced by the witch to fulfill the task of hurting an Aalim. I will write an article on the moments in which a jinn can possess a person, that will clarify your doubts insha’Allah.
      and YES, similar stories have come to pass from reliable witnesses, jinn burn with the recitation of the Quran. It is about Evil-Jinn (Demons/shaytaan).

      About your questions if Jinn can carry/steal something, Yes, you may refer to the article – Abilities and Strength of Jinn
      Also, read the answer to the Second question in the answers to Multiple questions Can Jinn Steal Things?

  31. Usman says:

    More questions can pious Amils have
    jinn friends that they can see with their eyes while others present cannot.

  32. Usman says:

    More questions, can pious Amils have
    jinn friends that they can see with their eyes while others present cannot.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Yes brother, scholars from the past like Ibn Taimiyya and scholars of his time are reported to have had contact with jinn. It was a type of contact where the jinn would want to learn about the teachings of Islam, and for that jinn decides to seek an Aalim.

      Q: Jinn appearing to one person and not the others around,
      hallucinations/illusions/visions, they are one of the abilities of Jinn that can be specified from a single person to a whole gathering of people. A Jinn may play tricks with one’s mind and make him see things which do not appear to others at the same time.

  33. Munira says:

    Asalaamu alaikum.

    Are there tribes of jinns? Like my cousin told me when he was at a mosque, a whole tribe of jinns (the jinns said there were only seven of them, but there were actually a hundred) possessed the guy. One spoke Spanish and the other spoke Chinese, some of them speaking Urdu and there was even one from New York?!

    The guy who was possessed was Somali. Do jinns have some kind of jinn language? My cousin said he heard some other languages he didn’t know. The Chinese jinn obviously couldn’t communicate with the Spanish one. There was one that spoke English.

    I heard when a jinn possesses the mind, the person can use telekinesis and they have super-strength. I also heard that if you throw hot water where the jinn is, it will get angry at you and possess you. Is that true?

    Last time my teacher told me that he was sick in the hospital and his son went up to him and said, “Don’t worry, you would be out of the hospital in 21 days.” He was right. This was the Rooh, right?


  34. Munira says:

    Oh yes, one more question. This isn’t related to the jinn.

    I have a picture a flower hung up on my wall and an anatomy poster. I have a bookshelf and some of them have pictures on the cover. Will angels still enter my room?

  35. Peacefulsolution786 says:

    my friend is under influence of a hindu lady who is already twice married, once to a hindu, has a child, then second muslim whom she says she knew since college, whom she left within 2months of marriage and now third is my friend has cut of all ties with friends, family and masjid and we are 100% sure of black magic as this lady had advised to a muslim sister on ways to get married through rituals that are mix of hinduism/islam. since our brother is not in contact we cant do ruqyah for him. He doesnt even want to see his parents. Since ruqyah is not possible we are looking for ways and means to heal and were searcing for counter magic/white magic solutions. if our friend would meet we would take him for ruqya but he is no longer meeting any of his friends. Pls advise how to cure in such case as believe few ulama allow counter magic. also the scenario is we are dealing with non-muslim lady who pretends to have converted to islam and is acquiring sympathy but has taken complete control of our friend to the extent he cant meet any friend and he no longer attends the masjid. Pls advise . Most of ulama say its haram to counter magic with magic but for this lady nothing is halal/haram and she is exploiting all her kufr means whereas we are helpless as we cannot do ruqya.Wassalam

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as Salaam!
      Brother, I have replied your query with a new article I just wrote – Black Magic and White Magic.
      I have quoted your query and answered it at the end of the article. We pray for your friend to get well soon. Ameen.

  36. Syeda Rahman says:

    Assalamualikum, I have a question about something really important. I got to know somehow that there is demon wandering around me and i also heard that it gets into my body when i am in my period. So please let me know some dua’s which i can read to get rid of demon. It attacked me since i was little baby and my parents tried to get rid of this creature from my body and that creature was gone for a while ;maybe for 2 years or so and it came again to disturb me and in my all other activities.Please help me to learn some dua to get rid of this forever.I would really appreciate your help .May Allah help you always.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum As Salaam

      Sister, there is nothing to worry. Protection from demons only requires to have faith in Allah. If you believe that Allah is with you, and that HE Never sleep and HE Never tires protecting His beings, that way your fears will go away.

      • Before you go to sleep, recite Ayat-ul-Kursi (255 verse of Surah Baqara), & the last three Surahs of Quran, and blow them onto your hands; afterward wipe those hands over your body.
      • You may recite “Audhubillahi Minashaytaanir-rajeem”, and dry spit to your left shoulder three times.
      • When you wake up in the morning, recite “La ilaha illallahu, wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu, wa huwa ‘ala kulli shai’in qadir‘” as many times as you can.

      For more details and proof of the above, refer to the article Protection from Evil-Jinn (Demons).
      Also learn the translation of Ayat-ul-kursi to realize why it is so important in protection from Demons.
      May Allah save us all from the Evil that He has created.

      wa huwa ‘ala kulli shai’in qadir

  37. Syeda Rahman says:

    Jazakallah khair, Brother. Okay I will start reading as you mentioned above Inshallah.Thank you very much.

  38. Peacefulsolution says:


    Thanks for your kind reply. Jazakallah Khair, May Allah reward you for your efforts.

    Should you provide an email address I could provide further details about the whole case and seek your advice.

    We did talk to our friend some months back but he violently reacted that ruqyah is to separate him from her and hence he is not co-operating. He opposed his parents too. There is a behavioural change in him. He was otherwise a soft person. He no longer sees us friends since 3 months and has not been talking to parents since 6 months.

    In such absentia where ruqyah is not possible, we are seeking a counter magic with noble intention which will serve as a preliminary step so atleast he comes back to the masjid for prayers and then we can cajole him for ruqyah. In western countries,a person’s co-operation is very important for ruqyah.

    Whatever the intention of the Lady, he is severely bewitched to abstain from friends, parents, and masjid even though he lives very nearby. We have some proofs of her doing black magic.

    You are right, “it is hard to find someone who has jinn working for him for the sake of Allah and for the sake of helping His people for FREE”, but dont you think we muslims should help each other. We are seeking someone genuine as we are worried about our practicing muslim friend’s future faith. I am of the thought that counter magician uses a muslim jinn for ruqyah??? We dont get to meet our friend so we do not have any of his belonging too for the counter magic.

    Also, his mother is doing ruqyah back home, in his home-country, without his presence, but what effect will this long-distance ruqyah have when he is not present.


  39. sana says:

    As salaam’alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh brother.
    Thank you so much for your knowledge. May Allah(swt) reward you.
    I had a question on jinn.
    what attracts a male jinn to a female(I know the female human is the most beautiful) but what is it? the scent,hair,body,smile? i dont get it. is it an item she wears like jewelery or beautiful high heels??.
    I hear that they also possess from love/lust/desire…so I wanted to know

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as Salaam,

      JazakAllah for the blessings. Ameen
      Sister, Beauty lies in the eyes of a person. Some people are attracted to scent while others are attracted to hair etc. Observing reports gathered from exorcisms, the same psychology is present among Jinn. i-e, A devil might fall in love with a Kafir for his evil-deeds, and a Muslim Jinn might fall in love with a Scholar, which implies that jinn liking someone is not based upon a unique feature of their victims, but depends more upon the character of the Jinn itself.

      About your second query of possession;
      Yes! Love, Envy & Vengeance are the major factors that lead to jinn possession. You may read the causes of possession in the second part of the article Jinn Possession.

      Please keep your questions coming.

  40. Sandra says:

    Uuum were curses used to protect the dead pharaohs?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      were curses used to protect the dead pharaohs?
      Yes, the bodies had amulets with them that had:

      “Every hand that touches you will be cut off; every nose that smells you will fall off; every eye that sees you will be extinguished (go blind); get up calmly, your majesty.”

      written on them. Pharaohs practiced paganism. For more details follow Here: Reality of the Curse of the Pharaohs

  41. irshad says:

    Assalamu Allikum….

    can we take jinn in to human body??
    how to take??

  42. ali says:

    assalam alikum
    i read your post and its quite interested but i have a few questions this is just one a sorcer have an agreement with leader of that jinn and the jinn he has let say about 1000 when a rukyah is performed if the jinn in the possesd person cant leave cause it have others guarding him what do the person who performing rukyah do challenge the main jinn who have contract with magian or try to challenge the magian what is the correct procedure
    please that will be helpful
    thank you

  43. Mohammed Umar Ali says:

    Salaams brother you have a very good and informative site about jinns. I have a question. I had a dream a creature appeared and said to me that it can and will do any task for me. It said nothing is impossible for it. It said it requires my permission to come before it can do what ever I want it to do. In my dream I told it that I will have to think about it and will let it know. It said it would give me time to think about and come to me again for an answer. It did not tell me where or what to it needs my permission to come to. It was the same design as a human 2 arms 2 legs and a face. But it’s body parts were of different animals. Is this an evil jinn trying to harm me? What and where is it asking permission to come to? I really hope you could enlighten me as to this strange experience. I have had the same dream a few times. May Allah Almighty reward you for the wonderful information you are providing on this website.

  44. Sakib says:

    how to become a sihr ?
    and how to summon and bind a djinn with a vessel ?

  45. S M Tauhid Alam says:

    Sir, I’d like to know when good jinns posses a person they like to have sweets/food that are from milk and sugar and thats what give them energy (like we eat when we r hungry) is it true?

    Can i talk to the jinns which i posses. I have 7 female jinns(good jinns who work only to please allah) i was given them by a very wellwishing uncle .He never charged me any money rather evrytime i went to house he always use to treat me unbelivable well just to protect me from the bad and the ones that want to harm me. They usually fight with the bad jinns and they stay close when i obey Allah (like praying 5 times a day). According to my uncle. I also discoverd when i have sweets and pray salah regularly they guide me to good things. What i also discoved that when i stay for abstinence for a long time; after 2 weeks i have wet dream. what i discovered that sexual please is greatest pleasure that they want. i have I really love them.

    Now r my discoveries true?
    I’d like to see them in front and talk to them. I really love them. Is it possible I heard that female jinns are very beautiful?

    Can i talk to any of them by any means?

    Sir i ‘ll b waiting for ur reply.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Assalaamu Alaikum,
      Brother, to your query: “Sir, I’d like to know when good jinns posses a person they like to have sweets/food that are from milk and sugar and thats what give them energy (like we eat when we r hungry) is it true?”

      Yes, Jinn have a taste for things. The famous scholar of hadith, al-Amaash said,
      “A jinn appeared among us. I said to him, ‘What is your favorite food?’ He said, ‘Rice.’ We brought some to him and ….”

      Other than this, Zar-Circles, a type of ritual to cure possessed people. It is a method in which women sing a song demanded by the very jinn possessing the patient. The Zar-circle women also slaughter animals and other tasks as the Jinn wishes. Once the Jinn is pleased, he leaves the body. Different jinn have different demands, proving what you are asking. The jinn that dwell with you might be fond of Chocolates (i-e if You are not fond of them in the first place).

      You say that you do not/cannot talk to them, yet you seem to know more than enough. I’m sorry but, how do you know they are good jinn and they fight bad jinn?
      “I also discoverd when i have sweets and pray salah regularly they guide me to good things.”
      Brother, what do you mean by good things here?

      About wetdreams, brother we cannot be sure it is because of the Jinn you have with you. We are only Human and that would naturally happen to others if they abstain.
      “I’d like to see them in front and talk to them. I really love them.”
      “Can I talk to any of them by any means?”

      But brother, once again, you are asking on how you can to talk to them, but you seem to know a lot more. I’m sorry but it looks like a trap to me. I hope I don’t offend you with this but same happenings have happened to people in the past. They are driven by Demons in a way that they appear good Muslims in the start, and later on after taking the victim’s trust, they demand polytheistic acts and doing wrong things. Only Allah knows best brother. Could you elaborate a little more? Probably then I can refer something to your interest.

      And about the appearance of Jinn brother, they can appear in any form; from very beautiful to very ugly.

      • Assalamoualaikoum says:

        I want to know how can I get rid of jinnes who people use in animals such as cat?
        I always affect by this type of black or white magic that men does on me. I’m a woman

  46. Pallina says:

    What is a curse?

  47. S M Tauhid Alam says:

    in regards to your question –
    “how do you know they are good jinn and they fight bad jinn?”

    First i want to briefly describe my family background and my past life

    I’m the only son of my family. My father has no brothers but has two sisters. i also have two sisters. I was out of study from the age of 13 to 18. And i suffered a lot i had ultiple suicide attempts I time was really bad for me and it was getting worse day after day. maybe “Deadly effect of the evil eye which was done to me” I didnt feel like living in this world anymore. All credits to allah that i didt get habituated in smoking or drink or committing jina.

    A lot of unual things were discovered in my house which indiacted that they were done to me only. a tied rope was found in the kitchen. My parents took them to the hujurs then they burnt it and saidit was done to me (found when i was 19). They told me that i was frequantly under attack b close relatives who want to harm me. until i met my Uncle who is a born rich person and never demand anything from me for any material gains. He was my counceelor from then after. As far as i remember i was asked to do something may drink some ayat of the Quran soaked in a glass of water. i was told that bad jinns have possesed me it would take 40 days for it to leave from my body. After that I finished my high school after being an adult i did not study a single bit from my child hood 13 .Now i’m an associate diploma engineer age 23yrs.

    our house continued to be discovered with harmfull things. under the bed of my younger sister a round fruit with the appearance of a halloween pumpkin . what i found that evrything i was doing was becoming bad and days again started to get worse. then after i went to the mosque and asked the Imam about it. the imam came to my house and took it away. he said he destroyed it .After that everything again became normal.

    So as u can understand by the incredible recovery which i could make with the help of Allah. So I think the jiinns which posses me are good . I’ve been told by my uncle that they pray 5 times a day and would stay with me until I die. Each of them has different responsibilties that have been given to them. My uncle asked my to choose like 7 shells (that are found in the beaches) and drink the water with them in a glass . And since then i’ve been possesing them. I’ve been told that if i pray a lot with nafal namaz and do zikir i can see them . one night i tried and i could hear sound over the roof bu8t could see them.

    The reason behind i find my uncle authentic is that he asked me to recite surah naas more during my prayers.
    As Surah naas falaq and ayatul qursi are the ones that should be read during these situations. from the cure that uve mentioned in your cures.

    In regards to
    “I’m sorry but it looks like a trap to me.”

    Sir Can u please tell me what does that mean. Is it that i’m now confined or something.
    Sir Allah knows best but can u please to a morakabah and and try to know more about me. As u are very close to Allah. I was Born in Bangladesh. I now live in Canada. my birth day is 1st may u also know my age by now.

    Sir I also have a another quistion i heard that jinns appearing in human polated areas are haram for the jinns but recently i saw a jinn reciting Quran and praying in the mosque. the link is this
    Since the jinn appear can i make the jinns who have possesed me appear in the form they really look Yes i believe they have been given the poer to change into any form I want to see them just as they look like naturally as Almighty Allah has created . i heard that they have twisted legs.

    Sir thanks for a very prompt answer to my first question.
    I’ll be waiting for ur reply

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Alhamdullilah, I’m glad that you recovered. Finding of weird things at home are a sign of evil-jinn. Someone must have bewitched you or someone from your family, or may be the house. I’m glad that everything is fine now. Brother, you would know your uncle more than I do. From what you say, he seems to be a devoted person. Yet there are a few things which matter here.

      First of all,
      “i was asked to do something may drink some ayat of the Quran soaked in a glass of water.”
      If you are still taking this, then I would recommend you to confirm if they really are Quran Verses. The only difference in Bewitching someone and Curing is that, some might use words of polytheism in Arabic and make it look like Quran Verses. What I fear is that, when such recommendations are used by patients they have to do it for many days. But, if you were asked to do this ONCE, then it could imply that it was something that put you under the influence of Jinn and that it might have Magic involved. Again, if you are sure they were/are Quran Verses then there is NO harm.

      Another question is,
      “i was told that bad jinns have possesed me it would take 40 days for it to leave from my body.”
      Brother, were you told to stay away from water for 40 days? Like staying away from cleaning yourself?

      About the statement I wrote that it looks like a trap, I mentioned that because, many people in the past have been driven away from religion in such ways. They are told by Jinn to do good things and then get friendly, and soon they start to help the person in worldly gains. When the person gets addicted to all this, the jinn then have an upper hand and ask the person to do bad things, in return for which they help the person further in life.
      “And verily, there were men among mankind who took shelter with the masculine among the jinns, but they (jinns) increased them (mankind) in sin and disbelief.” (Surah al-Jinn: 06)

      That is what I sensed before when I said that it looks like a trap to me. I do not mean to point at you since I’m not truly aware of the whole situation here. Yet, I would suggest you be careful. They might be good jinn and it is very nice to hear that your uncle suggests you to recite Surah Falaq and Surah Nas in your prayers. There is nothing wrong with it, just remember to be careful not to do something that possibly seems Shirk to you.

      “i heard that jinns appearing in human polated areas are haram for the jinns”
      No brother, it is not Haraam for jinn to appear in populated areas. The reason why they live away from populated areas is that, they do not want their children harmed in any way. It is one of the causes of possession, the Jinn claims that he possessed the victim because he stepped on my child and hurt him etc. When the fact that we cannot see them still they get harmed. So that is the reason why they live away from populated areas. Rest is up to them, if they think they can take care of themselves then they can live with humans.

      About the appearance of Jinn brother, you can never see their true form. Their true form lies in another dimension. So basically we can never see their true appearance. Whenever they wish to appear in this world, they have to take on a 3d form and it is impossible for them to show their true form in 3-dimensions. Twisted legs and all such sayings depends on the jinn itself, if he wishes to appear in a way to scare people then he would do such things. However, I personally never found any authenticity in such stories. They are mostly imaginations and tales made up by people themselves.

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

  48. Munira says:

    Hi brother.

    How do you step on a small jinn child? If I wave my hand in the air right now and there’s a jinn, will it get slapped? Of course, I couldn’t feel the jinn’s face, so did I just waved my hand through the jinns face and it got bothered by it?

    My cousin has been to many exorcisms but he isn’t a reliable source. He said the jinn can sense fear. A colour comes out of your butt when your angry, and a colour comes out of your eyes when you’re afraid. He said a jinn told him that.

    He also said that the jinn gets angry at you and it’ll possess you if you ask stupid questions. I guess this depends on the jinn’s personality or they’re all like that or he’s lying.

    Brother, my friend is really bugging me. I don’t know what to say. She said in her mom’s work place there is a Muslim girl who was fasting and the girl said, “I don’t know why we have to slaughter an animal for Ramadan and then eat it. It doesn’t make sense.” She supports the girl and tries to get into a religious debate while I’m trying to watch a movie. What’s next, will she start one at our Graduation?!

    Will the Muslim girl get bad deeds (sorry I forgot what it’s called)? I know Shaitan is talking through my friend, trying to corrupt my mind and my life, so is it haram for me to stay friends with her? Am I actually friends with Shaitan because my uncle said Shaitan talks through people, meaning let’s say this boy encourages a girl to go to a party as suggested by Shaitan.

    Wouldn’t it be weird is a jinn tries to come in its real form, but you can only you three dimensions of it? I guess the rumor (the one of the jinn having twisted legs) comes from a jinn trying to appear in its true form but it’s just looks all weird to us humans.

    Sorry I know I talk to much and ask too much questions but nobody really cares about this topic as much as I do. Jinns live among us so it’s a matter of time they do something to us.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      “If I wave my hand in the air right now and there’s a jinn, will it get slapped? Of course, I couldn’t feel the jinn’s face, so did I just waved my hand through the jinns face and it got bothered by it?”
      This often happens in Villages. Jinn live far away from populated cities/civilization. In villages where people live in desolate places, people are often possessed for the same reason, when villagers walk through huge empty fields for work etc. That is why it is common among them to say Auzubillaah in a loud voice so just in case there are jinn present, then they can keep away from getting harmed.

      “He said the jinn can sense fear.”
      Yes, every human has a unique scent. Today we use Dogs to trace criminals/culprits from their scent of Fear, likewise Allah has given Jinn the power to trace the scent of people.

      “I guess the rumor (the one of the jinn having twisted legs) comes from a jinn trying to appear in its true form but it’s just looks all weird to us humans.”
      Could be, but we are not sure. Jinn can appear in any form and its awe depends on the power of the jinn itself. If it is a strong jinn it may take the shape of a huge animal. There also exist Magicians among the Jinn, they create hallucinations and make their victims see illusions that can be very powerful, yet they are mere illusions.

      “the girl said, “I don’t know why we have to slaughter an animal for Ramadan and then eat it. It doesn’t make sense.””
      Everything has an answer if you seek it out. I do no blame such statements for their age and community. But, Slaughtering a chicken in the name of Demons will bring the demons to one’s feet. It is a way of expressing Love and Respect. We do it in the name of Allah (swt) and we do it for His blessings and to prove our Faith in Him. These are things which people learn with time when they grow mature. If you have doubts then there is ALWAYS an answer. Do not keep a blind faith, Islaam has an answer for everything when the world is lost in despair. The video I posted before, “Does God Exist by Zakir Naik”. That should be your debate.

      If you do not feel comfortable talking to her and if she is not convinced with your speech then you should leave her. However, If she is from a Muslim family then you should try to convince her and guide her to the right path. If not then do not force yourself to waste your time and your faith with her. Remember, there is always an answer for everything, do not fall into keeping doubts and questions to yourself. That is one of the traps of Shaytaan to make a Person feel doubted inside and feel incomplete, when in fact Islaam has an answer for it but you merely hesitate to ask about it. When Islaam first came, people with NO faith turned towards Allaah. They had No faith at all! Yet they asked questions and there was always an answer for their doubts. Clarifying them lead them to the right Path. Alhamdullilah. Those who hesitated to ask questions were left in their Dilemma forever, only because they hesitated to ask and were lost in confusion.

      Indeed Allah is Most Merciful.

  49. usman says:

    it seems these jinn act like a virus as well,
    are mu akals jinns or a sort of jinn virus and is chi energy simply jinns ? here is a interesting website

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Walaikum as Salam,
      Yes brother, it is believed by many scholars that spread of Rare diseases and Plagues are actually the work of Demons.

  50. Muhammad Ali says:

    Sir I have replied you via e-mail, You might want to check the reply in your Junk messages.

  51. A Brother says:

    Salaam Brother Ali,

    First fo all, Jazakallah Khair for this wonderful and educational forum/ site.

    First comment is regarding a comment above, where you told the commenter that you never heard of the word “Hamazaat” (if I understood that correctly). If you refer to Sura (23) al-Mu’minun Ayat 97-98 [“Rabbi Auzubika min Hamazatish-Shayateen”], that would be the best reference to what the Hamazaat is.

    Second comment is a question. I;ve been suffering from Sihr/ Jinn torment for 7 years now!! [Yes! A number of Exorcists told me that their only conclusion is that Allah is trying me (AlHamdlillah)]. Right now, however, I’m following our Rasul’s (saas) guidance that seeking Shifa is Sunnah. My 4 month baby has been constantly crying from bizarre pains, while the doctors found Nothing wrong with him!

    I need to know if you are aware of any truly legitimate and effective exorcist. [I know the world is full of over-promising, money-grabbing, misleading magicians guised as Quranic Healers.] PLEASE … I can’t bear my child’s pain, and I really, Badly need your help on finding a true exorcist, who could rid my life of Sihr, Sahirs, Jinns and enemies for good! Please reply soon.


    A Desperate Father.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as Salam Brother,
      JazakAllah for the blessings. I’m grieved by your story and I have great hope that Allah will cure your health soon. Insha’Allah Ameen.

      JazakAllah for enlightening me with Hamazaat, As much as I have read tafseer ibn Kaseer refers Hamazaat as Whisperers. Since I live in Pakistan and Hamzaat in our language means “of the Same Kind”. I was confusing the meaning with Qareen (Jinn companion). I will still look into the details and into other Tafseer if it originally refers to Qareen. JazakAllah.

      Brother what you said is unfortunately True, and Most of our Ummah has fallen into that trap of “over-promising, money-grabbing, misleading magicians guised as Quranic Healers.” I have personally seen hundreds of people bankrupted by such people. Coming to the point, brother.

      Sir I have read many books about treatment of Sihr, almost all have the same procedure for healing patients but One book that has moved me, is a book where the Author has his personal authentic Reports/Real life Cases written in them. The author of that book is the Exorcist himself. May Allaah reward him with the highest Darja of Jannah. His name is Wahid Ibn Abdussalaam Bali. From his Books sold for free, and the number of patients he has cured for free merely for the pleasure of Allah, this is probably the only person whom I will Personally meet in life one day. I have contacted the Book publishers if I can somehow get his address. Soon as I get his address I will let you know brother.

      In his book, he also mentions a breastfeeding child, who refuses breastfeeding and cries. He puts his hand on the child’s forehead like that in a Ruqya and recites the last-three Surahs and a few invocations, and when the baby is taken back to the mother he started breastfeeding again. You may try the same brother, and I will try my best to get the address for you, as soon as possible.

      Wa hwua alaa kulli shay’in Qadeer.

      • amreen says:

        hai.salam, am amreen.i just wanna ask one question about jinn……
        According to my knowledge…i here that jinn can be grouped in to 3groups..and if any jinn loves a human women..then is they will married to women..?if they do khuda accepted them?………i know it’s impossible…….but.,ifit is happen…then what happend?plz…replay me….
        If anyone knows plz., then replay me to my i.d….am waiting……

  52. Munira says:

    Jazakallahu kair brother!

    I don’t want to call that person my friend because her whole family is against Islam. Even if you provide an answer to her doubts, she will still think Islam is bad. She is someone who refuses to listen.

    Your paragraph about clarifying doubts helped me clarify a lot, and so did this site about jinns! Jazakallahu khair!!!

  53. Munira says:

    If a jinn possess a part of ones body or an organ, is it as serve as the jinn possessing ones mind?

  54. Tauhid says:

    In regard to question
    “Brother, were you told to stay away from water for 40 days? Like staying away from cleaning yourself?”

    No i was’nt. Rather i wasnt a regular person to say payers i was actually influenced to say my prayers regualrly.

    No there were all arabic words as far as i remember were ayats from Quran (From surah Bakarah).

    Brother now i have some multiple questions for u.

    I have found these things about jinns are these true?

    The female Jinni, after their age of puberty, can bear children after every three month. They can give birth 40 jinns at a time. So rapidly reproduce every year. More interestingly the Jinn’s child can walk after one hour of his/her birth.

    Can the Jinns be felt in the wind like walking near the beaches were gust of wind is quite common ?

    How are the Jins buried if they die? do they have graveyards like us?

    How many efreets are there in the world alive now?

    is there are like a kingdom where the efreet stays. Do they have a place like the undergriund?

    Since the Jinns can tracel up to the heaven to steal information. Can they be in other places in the universe like mars or thousands of galaxies away?

    Do jinns need oxygen to breath?

    People/witches who practice occult have a lot of material gains? Are they the richest people in the world now?

    Is Qareen the inherent jinn among us is like the angel who on the right and left shoulders writing everything down?

    Does the Qareen pray salah? If even it is of a nonmuslim person?

    Is it true the sufis (oli Allah ) are still alive and controlling the world now. they are the ones who r fighting againtst the evil?

    Thanks to ur very informative website my iman is much stronger than before. I hope u’ll carry on your good intentions. May Allah bless You.


    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum As Salaam,

      Q:”The female Jinni, after their age of puberty, can bear children after every three month. They can give birth 40 jinns at a time. So rapidly reproduce every year. More interestingly the Jinn’s child can walk after one hour of his/her birth.”

      Brother we are never sure of statements. We believe that Jinn tell many lies, It does not mean that we are sure of a fact and that the jinn lie about them but a jinn will say something likewise when another jinn would say something that is contradicting to the first. However, When lies/rumours are spread too much then they becomes reality. There is a Hadith that has a Weak chain and often ignored by the scholars. It is that,

      “The jinn have children in the same way that the sons of Adam have children, but theirs are more in number”
      It was related by ibn Abu Haatim and Abu al-Shaikh in al-Udhma, on the authority of Qataada.

      Which implies what you said that they have more children. About children of jinn able to walk within the next hour of their birth, it is still unknown. I will come to this in the answers I am going to write bellow to your other questions.

      Q:”Can the Jinns be felt in the wind like walking near the beaches were gust of wind is quite common ?”

      Wahb ibn Munabih (An Old Scholar) said, “The jinn are of different kinds. One is a pure jinn, and that is like a wind that does not eat or drink, nor does it die or procreate. And there is a class of them that does eat, drink, procreate and has sex and dies. And those are those female demons and desert demons and similar others.”
      Refer, lawaami al-anwaar 2/222 by ibn Jarir atTabari.

      But what Wahb said is itself in need of evidence and cannot be considered a proof on its own. Everything will perish, and there are no jinn that do not die when the Quran speaks of it, except for Satan. Refer: Do Jinn & Demons Die?

      I’m sorry I got off the topic but, about your questions. Most of the Exorcists through experience commonly believe that jinn can touch, hurt, and possess their victims. They describe this ‘Touch’ as a feeling of a wind slipping by ones skin. However they do not mention the strength of this wind if it is comparable to a gust of wind like that on beaches.

      Q:“How are the Jins buried if they die? do they have graveyards like us? How many efreets are there in the world alive now?”

      Well brother nobody is sure of that, even we are not sure of how many strong leaders we have in our World of Mankind. If you could ask them from the Jinn you possess 😀

      Q:“is there like a kingdom where the efreet stays. Do they have a place like the undergriund?”

      Jinn are known to live underground and within water. Because of their dwellings most jinn carry a foul stench. Many of them avoid the daylight and usually come out during the night and hide in the shade of the sunlight outdoors & in the shades of water streams. This fact has also been confirmed through experience and by many researchers.

      Q:“Since the Jinns can tracel up to the heaven to steal information. Can they be in other places in the universe like mars or thousands of galaxies away?”

      Brother, I personally have thought about this phenomenon before, and I take a Hadith to this issue that is, the Prophet (saw) said,
      “There are three types of jinn: one that flies through the air, one that are snakes and dogs, and one which stay in places and travel about…”
      Only a type of them can fly and those are the ones who would steal information in the past. But they would still have to come back for something. The article I have written about Food and Drink of the Jinn, that suggest the jinn, if are able to survive outside of this planet without Air (oxygen), they would still have to come back for food in order to survive.

      Another thought that will clarify your doubts is that, it was not a single jinn that used to go up to the heavens, they would form a chain of multiple jinn, who would pass the knowledge on to one another and that way reach the soothsayers. They would probably exchange their positions in order to survive and even take something to eat along this journey. Allah knows Best, but I believe they stay in this world for

      1 – Lead Mankind Astray (as Satan is their leader)
      2 – If there are Rebels among them they still have to stay in this world for food.

      Q:“Do jinns need oxygen to breath?”

      It still depends on their TYPES*. But there are some that Do Not require Oxygen. The ones who fly are obvious, other than that the ones who live in water are proven through experience and Also from the Quran, that the Jinn who were subservient to Solomon (as)’s command, who would dive into the depths of Oceans and bring jewels and pearls from the depths bellow.

      “”And (We gave him – Solomon) certain of the jinn who worked before him by permission of his Lord. And such of them as deviated from Our command, them We caused to taste the punishment of flaming fire. They made for him what he willed: Synagogues and statues, basins like wells and boilers built into the ground”” (Saba 12-13).

      Q:“People/witches who practice occult have a lot of material gains? Are they the richest people in the world now?”

      Brother, the people I know that work with Jinn are by far Billionaires. So called healers of Allah, they use the help of Jinn to help people through many ways of their lives. They do not require looting a bank with Jinn.
      On the other hand Witches and Pagan worshiper do not get people like the above to ask for their help with their lives because the people of today in the west do not believe in the Unknown (Unseen). They believe more in Science than Faith and Religion.
      Coming to the other side of your questions, you mean to say why they don’t rob the banks with the help of their demons etc, it is kept reserved by both the parties.

      First of all, you would notice famous TV magicians, perform shocking feats of magic, and then he performs very SIMPLE tricks that can be easily guessed by the viewers. That completes the illusion. He believes that when people come to guess how the Simple trick works, they can imagine that whatever the magician does is mere an illusion, hiding the reality of demons working for him.

      The other party (Demons). They all work under Satan,
      “The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled. Was Convincing the World he Didn’t Exist”
      I believe it is one of the Vows of the agreement between a witch and a demon that they should not expose their existence. Because today, if an atheist come to see something that defies Scientific explanation, then he would start to question, and all of the world would start believing in the Unseen and in God and Religion.
      That is the reason why Major Actions are reserved and restricted among these Witches and their Demons. Allah knows Best.

      Q:“Is Qareen the inherent jinn among us is like the angel who on the right and left shoulders writing everything down?”

      The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:
      “Every one of you has been assigned a companion from the Jinn. The companions asked: Even you O’ Messenger of Allah? And the Prophet replied: Even me, except that Allah has helped me against him and he has submitted.”

      Yes, it is believed that Qareen accompanies every person from their mother’s womb to their death. After the person dies, the Qareen still exist in this world if Allah Wills. This has been proven by magicians (so-called servants of Allah) that go to graveyards after a person dies, and he tries to capture his Qareen, or if not, he may even gather information about the person who recently died. That way if relatives of the person dead come to him, he can fool them by telling the dead person’s secrets and will to his family members.

      Q:“Does the Qareen pray salah? If even it is of a nonmuslim person?”

      Some scholars are of the belief that when Prophet (pbuh) said that
      “…Even me, except that Allah has helped me against him and he has submitted.”

      He meant that his Qareen had become a Muslim, and that shaytaan can convert to Islam if they wish. However some scholars disagree with this and they say that the Qareen is always a Demon that lures people to do bad things; and that the Qareen of the Prophet (pbuh) did not convert to Islam but in fact Allah had protected the Prophet (pbuh) from Demons throughout his life, and that it was a Special privilege for the Prophet/s alone. We also come to know about the EXTRA guardians sent down from heavens to protect the Prophet (saw) from Demons when revelations would come down to Muhammad (saw) in Surat al-Jinn. I personally agree to the latter statement of the scholars. Because I believe the Qareen bound to a person is for the reason to lure his mind towards bad things; just like we have a special Angel that gives us Conscience to do Good things (the one which does not follow a person to places where there are statues/pictures of living beings or where there is a dog).

      Q:“Is it true the sufis (oli Allah ) are still alive and controlling the world now. they are the ones who r fighting againtst the evil?”

      No brother, those who pass away from this world move into the Intermediate Realm (Alam barzakh), which is a different dimension. Unfortunately, most Muslims believe that the spirits (rooh) of their people still live in this world. It is what has made Necromancy popular, where a Medium (magician) calls upon spirits of the dead. It originated somewhere in the history of Christianity and some of the higher priests of Christianity deny it.

      Truth is, Alam e Brzakh is a dimension where the souls are locked in till the day of resurrection, when they will be brought back for questioning only. This has a lot to do with the Qareen. Most of the Muslims are fooled by the Qareen of their relatives when they appear in the form of Spirits. If not, common demons may take the form of loved ones to a person by reading their minds (or ask the client’s qareen on how the loved ones look like).

      There is a true happening of such an incident to a Scholar who wrote down all of the experience he went through. When he believed in the spirits of the Dead living this surface, and tried to talk to his Father and how it ended. It is a long story I will post someday. But the scholar himself stressed on believing in the reality that the spirits of great people do not live the earth after they pass away. They are locked in the Alam-e-Barzakh. That is what Islam teaches us and that is what we should believe in.

      JazakAllah for the blessings brother. I hope I have answered your questions. Please take care.
      Allah Hafiz.

  55. Tauhid says:

    yes u have answered my questions thank you very much. You have really given some descriptive answered those were really helpful. I also have more questions.

    Is wearing a black dress bad? does that attract evil jinns?

    is sleep paralysis caused by evil jinns? is it some sort of indication?

    How can a jinn fall in love with a person? Does he appear himself as a attractive man then they fall in love or how?

    Is it possible for jinns and mankind being married? If possible is their children are jinns or mankind?

    Is witch a women or men? Are most of they people who practice occult are women?

    Can jinns be stored in a bottle like we see in the movies? can we put all the bottles in the bottle?

    what are the israelis searching for under the al- aksa mosque? During that time i read somwhere that all the magic was kept there?
    I’ve seen some pictures of the tunnel beneath it.
    If they recover it can we expect a harder future for muslims?

    Thanks for taking time in answering my questions. i hope my curiosity will make your site more informative for others.


    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as Salam

      Is wearing a black dress bad? does that attract evil jinns?

      Ibn Taimiya said, ““The black dog is the devil of the dogs. And the jinn often take its form. Similarly, they take the form of a black cat.’ The color black has the greatest strength for the devils as opposed to other colors; in it is the power of the heat.””
      Depends on the jinn itself, really.

      is sleep paralysis caused by evil jinns? is it some sort of indication?

      Most people believe that it is caused by demons; I will look into its medical aspects and finalize this issue.

      How can a jinn fall in love with a person? Does he appear himself as a attractive man then they fall in love or how?

      Depends on the Jinn, A demon might fall in love with a man that is sinful. Likewise a Good jinn would fall in love with a good person.

      Is it possible for jinns and mankind being married? If possible is their children are jinns or mankind?
      The paragraph “Today, in the United Arab Emirates, there…” would answer your second question.

      Is witch a women or men? Are most of the people who practice occult are women?

      ‘Witch’ refers to both, men & women. Their majority depends on their locality. Witches are often Women in the west and Men in the east.

      Can jinns be stored in a bottle like we see in the movies? can we put all the bottles in the bottle?

      It is known widely, that jinn are imprisoned by people in Bottles/Vessels etc. They sometimes help in curing possessed people, since it involves another jinn to force the attacker jinn into the bottle/vessel. So they would sometimes let the jinn go since they both share the same cause.

      what are the israelis searching for under the al- aksa mosque? During that time i read somwhere that all the magic was kept there?

      There has been a lot of conspiracies about this. In fact, it is true that Solomon had buried the books of magic under his throne. We Muslims believe that temple of Solomon = Masjid Aqsa, when the Jews believe that there was a Temple before but then Muslims build mosque above that temple. Now some scholars believe that Dajjal will have the staff of Moses and the Ring of Solomon, the ring which scholars believe Allah gave to Solomon. It was a ring used by Solomon to torture the Jinn who would not follow his commands. It is most likely that ring which the masons are after. They think that the ring itself was buried under his temple. But I personally do not agree with this, What I feel is that. Dajjal will not be someone who is going to be one of us, but will be a person sent down from the Arsh. He would be sent by Allah ONLY to test the people and judge them. Masjid Aqsa, the First mosque built on earth, and a Mosque from where Muhammad (saw) ascended to the Heavens (Miraj). It has to have a lot of significance in this matter. I believe they are setting up the place for Dajjal’s arrival from above.

      If they recover it can we expect a harder future for muslims?

      Magic was already extracted thousand years ago, problem could be Dajjal but with his arrival Jesus (as) would be back for the Muslims too. So it won’t be a hard future after all.

      i hope my curiosity will make your site more informative for others.

      Indeed brother, JazakAllah.

      Allah Hafiz

  56. Tauhid says:

    If the qareen who guides us to go astray then why can we hear the qareen whisper as the qareen speaks with the soothsayer?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      If the qareen who guides us to go astray then why can we hear the qareen whisper as the qareen speaks with the soothsayer?

      Because he is a jinn? If everyone could see Allah with their own eyes, where would the test be then? Soothsayers say that it is like, somebody puts something in a box. Not just soothsayers but other people who deal with jinn. They get a new thought in their mind, a new idea they never know of before.

  57. Munira says:

    If I say Du’a before I enter the bathroom, do all the jinn get out of the bathroom? Do Muslim jinns live in the bathroom?

    Is there any way to get rid of jinns in your house? Is there one or two jinns in the bathroom because most of them live in sparse areas?

    Does Shaitan come out at night? Are all black dogs Shaitan? I heard a child should not be left alone at night because of Shaitan. Is that true?

    This may not be related to the jinn but what is Sunni Muslim and Shia Muslim? What’s the difference?

  58. Sahra says:

    I am a covert and I have a Taweez. I don’t know how to get rid of the Taweez. what do I do? I’m in URGENT help. Do I burn it?, and if I do, what are the steps? do I have to say a surah before I burn it? I am only 13. and I have no help. my Muslim friend told me to get it buried in dirt, how do I make my parents understand its Shirk. I’m scared. what do I do to get rid of the Taweez.?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I am a covert and I have a Taweez. I don’t know how to get rid of the Taweez. what do I do? I’m in URGENT help. Do I burn it?, and if I do, what are the steps? do I have to say a surah before I burn it? I am only 13. and I have no help. my Muslim friend told me to get it buried in dirt, how do I make my parents understand its Shirk. I’m scared. what do I do to get rid of the Taweez.?

      Yes, Burning is the easiest way. You have to open it up and it will have a paper along with traces of something. It does not harm you, It will rather set the jinn free from the task it is appointed to.
      If you wish to make your parents understand this, you can open it infront of your parents and show them what is inside. There will most probably be Tables with Numbers and with Figures. Then they can look into books of Magicians and they will find the same diagrams/keys in them.
      Seeking refuge in anything other than Allah is shirk. That is our Belief, then how does one seek refuge in a dead piece of paper that appoints Jinn to protect us Instead of our True Lord Allah.

  59. Munira says:

    You know those magician guys who do magic tricks with the help of Shaitan? What if someone yells out a holy word? Like “Bismillah”? Will the magician be able to do his tricks? Same with witches.

    Is it okay to talk about Shaitan? Do all Shaitan’s know if they follow Shaitan they’re going to hell? Will humans ever get to see the jinn, like in Jannah?

    Is it haram for humans to talk to Muslim jinns, let alone jinns? Are all Muslim jinns in Medina and Mekkah?

    Do jinns have their own buildings in their dimension? Do they build their homes in the washroom? Do they have stuff, like blankets and toothbrush? Do the parents send their kids to the three dimensional public school where they learn and stuff? Does the jinn have a government or a leader to rule their country or they just live a simple life? What do jinn eat? Do they eat higher dimensional food that can be found on higher dimensional trees grown in their dimension?

    Was there a Prophet sent among them? Or do they follow the human ones? How do the jinn feel about us humans? I know Shaitan and his friends hate us and want as all to burn in hell but what about the other jinn, the ones that don’t follow him? Not the Muslim ones, they don’t hate us…?

    Can jinns kill people? Do they have a court in their dimension and will it be charged with murder?

    Why do jinns put weird stuff in your house? My cousin said that jinns can disguise as people and objects. He said a jinn can be your teacher. I thought it was cool but he said it’s not, it’s scary. He wouldn’t tell me why.

    I always wondered if a jinn can do this: observe someone for a day (let’s say my teacher), take form as something that would lure my teacher to it (like the jinn can claim it’s a spirit), kidnap him and then take form as the teacher and then do whatever it desires.

    I know there are a lot of evil jinns out there, so I wonder why that case isn’t common. Do they feel sorry for us humans?

  60. irshad says:

    Assalamu Allikum bro

    what is the Meaning of ruqya??

    can you explain me briefly….
    when it was to recite??

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam,
      Brother Irshad, Ruqya in short means a ritual that does not involve any polytheism and is used to heal patients with the word of Allah.
      Reciting Surahs of the Quran to heal a possessed person from a jinn/sihr/magic is called a Ruqya.

  61. Syed Adnan Ahmed says:


    My name is Syed Adnan Ahmed (29) and i’m a Bangladeshi. my father died in 2002 and my mother in 2006. i am the youngest son of my parents and i have 3 elder brothers and 2 elder sisters, they are all married, my sisters are the eldest among the children. i am unmarried.

    my eldest brother (after my sisters) was the most talented of us all. he was the brightest student and he had many qualities. but since his higher secondary level he started to go astray, involved himself in drugs (it never showed) and after degree he went to Oman (1990), he was doing a job, we had contact with him for about four years, then he disappeared. after 6 years we found a trace of him in India and brought him home(2000). he was clean (we thought). he found a good job here and we shifted our home. he married in India and we brought his wife too. they have two sons at present. but after a few months he got into drugs again and created a lot of problems for us.he started lending large amounts of money and got into trouble. in the meantime, my father lost his voice (the doctor couldn’t find the problem). after biopsy we came to know he had throat cancer. we tried everything but he died in 2002 after suffering for 6 months. later we found a burk of a tree/a dried root inside his pillow and came to know that he was being charmed, my eldest brother, being so experienced and talented, was constantly in trouble and we also came to know he was also being charmed. we had to take him to rehab for a month. but it was of no use. then my mother got sick and she was diagnosed with cancer.she died in 2006.

    by this time, my elder brother did not change a bit, no matter how hard we try to make him understand, he makes empty promises and do the same thing over and over again. i passed my masters and as i was not getting any job i went to someone (a khadem from Azmir Sharif, India). after doing Istekhara, he told me my eldest brother and i was being charmed, the main target being my eldest brother. he gave me a taweez for my job and i got a job within two months. now i’m doing my job (he didn’t take any money).

    But my brother’s situation is the same. he gets sick very often and tells us he is being charmed to kill.

    My sister is also getting sick frequently, whereas the doctor said she was perfectly okay. her son is also getting sick frequently. we are always in debts and financial problems. my second eldest brother lost a huge amount of money by trying to help my eldest brother.he told lies to take money.

    my request is, what duas can we do for my elder brother and for our family so that whatever charms are imposed upon us goes away? what can we do to solve the problems?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Sorry for the late reply brother. I’m grieved with your story and hope that your brother recovers soon by Allah’s leave. Ameen.

      Brother, this seems to require a Ruqya. If you brother really is affected by Magic then you would need to call the jinn that is appointed for the task to harm your brother. There are a few Surahs which you would need to recite to your brother and if your brother really is possessed, the jinn appointed to the task will possess his body. That is when you would ask the jinn where the Charm is hidden/buried. I will write the whole procedure soon Insha’Allah but it would still require you to talk to the jinn (if your brother really is charmed). If you cannot do this then you should take him to a TRUE HEALER, I am stressing this brother. You should not take him to somehow who is going to give him more Amulets and make your life worse by asking for money later on. If you still wish to perform the Ruqya yourself then I will write the whole procedure soon Insha’Allah.

      For an alternative, you may try the following –

      1 – First, You have to get rid of all the amulets that are with you and your family. Learn to recite

      • Ayat-ul-kursi (verse 255 of Surah Baqara)
      • Last three Surah of the Quran.

      2 – Take water in a bowl and recite the above over it in a way that when you recite, the air from your mouth touches the surface of the water. You must be in the state of Wudu brother.

      3 – Once you have done so, you may take that water to your brother to drink from it and then pour the remaining water into the water with which your brother can wash himself with.

      4 – Tell your brother to recite the above on the food he takes and after he offers prayers, he should recite the above onto the palms of his hands and rub those hands over his body three times.

      5 – Recite Surah Baqara in the House and also, call Adhan (the call for prayers) in a loud voice in places where you feel jinn exist. Shaytan flees from these two.

      6 – If you feel there is something bound to the house then you can follow step 2 and take that water and sprinkle it in the corner of the room/house/lawn wherever you feel is necessary.

      I will still write down the procedure of performing a Ruqya in a few days. I pray that your brother and family recover and may Allah keep us all safe from the Evil that He has created. Ameen.

      Please keep me updated.
      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer..

  62. Tauhid says:

    I’ve found a very interesting exorsism performed here at this link

    Here the jinn(evil) who is possesing a person says she is made of fire so how can she be burnt in hell?

  63. Munira says:

    This is the last time I bother you, I promise.

    I tried to read the last three Surah’s and Ayat Al-Kursi on water but I still have problems. I tried doing the same with Olive Oil and rub it on the infected spot but it’s still there. I know this because if I try to say du’a before I sleep I get nightmares, and I get paralyzed. I always have evil thoughts with me especially when I’m praying. I can’t carry on with my life normally. Do I have paranoid schizophrenia?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      “This is the last time I bother you, I promise”

      Please do not think this way, I am not bothered with questions and helping people at all.

      I am sorry but you are mistaken. If you have an infection or any other illness then you should first concern a medical doctor. If the blessed oil/water does not help then it means it does not have anything to do with JINN, but more about something that is relevant to Medicine.

      “I always have evil thoughts with me especially when I’m praying. I can’t carry on with my life normally. Do I have paranoid schizophrenia?”
      If you get evil thoughts when praying you should say “Auzubillahi minashaytanir rajeem” and dry spit three times to your left shoulder. But I personally believe it is your subconscious mind. You should stop thinking about jinn more often. It is not always the demons that distracts ones mind. If having evil thoughts makes one paranoid then I can guess everyone is paranoid. It is normal and you live a normal life. Be grateful and Allah will bless you with more.

  64. Munira says:

    Jazakallahu brother, may Allah reward you with good. I always say Auzubillah and spit three times to my right. Is it possible that there is jinn in my room? I say du’a when I sleep and I get nightmares instead of the opposite, like how it was before I had this problem.

    When I try to drink blessed water I do feel funny and a need to scream. I still do think there is jinn because this all started all in one night a couple of years ago. I tried it on my menses, is that why I it didn’t work? My wudoo didn’t count?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      JazakAllah for the blessings,

      I cannot say whether its a jinn that bothers you, but if you doubt, you can always recite Surah Baqara in your house/room. OR, You may call Adhan (call to prayers) in the room, which wards off evil according to the Sunnah and sound Hadith. Keep your trust in Allah for He is the Hearer and Protector of All His creation. Insha’Allah everything will be normal again.

  65. Munira says:

    That’s nice to know. Jazakallahu khair for all your help!

  66. Amaani says:

    Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem
    I was told a few months back that black magic was performed on me in Pakistan by a relative to oppose a marriage proposal. My father had doubt about sihr being involved and had 3 sources confirm this by asking those who practice witchraft. I was against this proposal for a very long time so I don’t know if it was sihr that made me reject this proposal or myself, or both. However, I was in doubt that another taaveez was done against me by the same relative and am not sure how to determine if it was done against me.
    I have a few questions, if you could please answer:
    1.) Is it haraam to go to someone who performs witchcraft to determine if someone has performed black magic against you?

    2.) Is there any way of confirming that someone has done black magic against you?

    3.) Is reciting the 4 Qul sufficient enough to remove the black magic? And for how long must one recite it?

    Jazakallahu Khairan

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      As salam u alaikum brother,

      What you describe is often related to Magic and one should always be careful in matters as such. I will answer your questions first.

      “1.) Is it haraam to go to someone who performs witchcraft to determine if someone has performed black magic against you?”
      Yes brother, according to the Sunnah it is haraam, In fact, Witches are to be executed Publicly according MOST of the scholars such as Ibn Qudama, Imaam Maalik, Ibn Khateer. Some however say that they should be killed only when they kill another with their witchcraft. But still, causing FASAAD and the breaking of a relation between loved ones for the sake of Shaytaan alone calls for execution.

      Narrated AbuHurayrah: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: The price paid for a dog, the price given to a soothsayer, and the hire paid to a prostitute are not lawful. (Book #23, Hadith #3477) Sunan AbuDawud

      In fact brother, it is for OUR best. Because, these magicians, they ALWAYS lie to people that they have been bewitched! This is their business. Soon they ask you to meet them and then they give you a taweez to keep you happy for a few days and then tell the jinn to worsen your case so you can come back to them and pay them more money. So it is haraam for our own benefits.

      “2.) Is there any way of confirming that someone has done black magic against you?”
      Yes brother, it is found by looking for symptoms in the patient. For instance, if you look into the types of Magic and their Symptoms I have written on this website. The one that you should look into is

      If you had the same symptoms then it could be that you were affected. Another way is to go to a true healer as he performs an exorcism. By healer you may take an Imaam of your Masjid. He shall put his hand on your forehead and recite the specific verses of the Quran and if you really are bewitched, and if the taweez still exist, then the jinn appointed to the task will come into your body and the Imaam can then get rid of him. If the Imaam is not sure of what questions to ask the Jinn then I will write the procedure in detail soon. You can tell your father/uncle to perform this ruqya for you. If, somehow, you do not feel anything uncomfortable or numbness in your body when the Ruqya is performed then it is unlikely that you are bewitched, and chances are that the Sihr has gone away by Allaah’s Leave.

      Here is a recitation of the Ruqya, you may listen to it and notice if you feel any numbness or any uncomfortable feeling. If you do then it could be a sign that you are bewitched.
      Download Here:

      “3.) Is reciting the 4 Qul sufficient enough to remove the black magic? And for how long must one recite it?”
      Actually brother, it is sufficient to burn the jinn as he tries to accomplish his mission in persuading you. Yet if a magician has tied a CHARM (taweez), then you will have to go through the Ruqya, in order to ask the Jinn where the Charm is Hidden. You will need to destroy that Charm/Burn it.

      The jinn burn with the recitation of the Quran, but the Sahir (Witch) forces the jinn to accomplish his mission. So even though the jinn burns, yet he tries to fulfill the task he is forced to do. So for that reason it is best to recite Ayat-ul-kursi and last three Surahs as much as one can, especially in cases which are sensitive to the matter you explained.

      and Allaah is the Hearer of All.

  67. irshad says:

    Assalamu Allikum my dear bro..

    How can jinn fall in love with people?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam brother Irshad,

      brother, jinn fall in love with people just the way we fall in love with our pets and things that are somehow unique to us. For instance, a Demon (evil-jinn) would fall in love with a Bad-Person. Whereas a Good jinn might fall in love with a good person likewise. So it depends on the Jinn in the first place.

      Some jinn fall in love with women and possesses them because they want other people to stay away from her. It is something common between Mankind and Jinn, they also have a possessive nature as we Humans do. It is also categorized as the major reason for Jinn possession.

      I hope I have answered your question, please keep your questions coming.

  68. irshad says:

    Jazakallahu khair bro…..

  69. mohammed nadim baksh says:

    I have seen in my dreams that my next room to our bed room have jinn. I talked to somebody in my dream telling that there is no jinn in this room, but then a jinn hold and lift me up telling me that this is to confirm that there is jinn in this room. I cannot remember the jinn face,

  70. A Chaudhry says:


    I would like to know which wazifa allows me to get to do a hazri for a jinn, because i know you can read either read surah muzzamil or surah jinn certain amounts of time and they will come?

  71. Amaani says:

    Thanks a lot for your reply, btw, I’m a sister.

    I would think that finding the witch that performed the black magic would be quite difficult because I would have to consult with the relative who went to a witch for the marriage proposal and I am told to avoid this person and prevent them from attaining any of my belongings in order to stop them from taking something of mine to take to the witch for a scent, in case they want to repeat this action.
    I live in the U.S. and don’t plan on visiting anyone who practices witchcraft ever, but my family members are suspicious that this relative has done taaveez against my education because she was and has always been extremely envious of my success in school. My sudden faltering in school began shortly after she visited Pakistan and visited a witch to make me reject the marriage proposal.
    Her (my relative’s) grandfather practiced witchery & was knowledgable in various types of taaveez in Pakistan and she has also visited a witch to secure a marriage proposal for her daughter. She often visits my house, oblivious to the fact that my family members are well aware of what she has done against me and my family.
    Islamically speaking, how must one consult someone they know/suspect of meddling in their affairs by the use of witches? If the witch is to be executed for causing fasaad, what is to be said of one who will visit another witch to continue her ways? My family isn’t allowed to mention anything to her in fear that she will continue to do a hundred more taaveez.
    In your symptoms of a patient, I had extreme hatred for the man my family members wanted me to marry, attempted to commit suicide twice, was very violent, shady and mentally anguished when my family members attempted to force this marriage on me (which I know is forbidden in Islam too, but that is a different matter).
    Will anything happen by listening to the ruqya, such as a seizure of any sort if there is a jinn, or does that only occur if you have someone attempt to perform an exorcism on you?

    Jazakallahu Khairan. I cannot express how grateful I am to you for your reply, it has helped a lot.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      JazakaAllah for the blessings sister,

      “Islamically speaking, how must one consult someone they know/suspect of meddling in their affairs by the use of witches?”
      It is always good to forgive such people and leave them to Allah’s will. However, if it a family matter then one can gather the elders and clarify the doubts with a final verdict. But that is after you have proof that they really had bewitched you.

      “If the witch is to be executed for causing fasaad, what is to be said of one who will visit another witch to continue her ways?”
      I forgot to write this before but there is no sin upon anyone until they come to know of the facts and the rule according to the Quran and Sunnah. But there are Hadith which follow a strong chain and it says that whosoever goes to a soothsayer/sahir has disbelieved in what has been revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon him), and that his prayers will not be accepted for 40 days. But this does not apply to you/your family since you were not aware of it, but from now on it will apply.

      “Will anything happen by listening to the ruqya, such as a seizure of any sort if there is a jinn, or does that only occur if you have someone attempt to perform an exorcism on you?”
      Most people that are bewitched through serious Sihr, have had the seizures and the jinn has spoken through them. So it is better to have someone with you, someone that is na-mahrim (someone unlawful to marry, like your brother/uncle/father). Just in case the jinn appointed to the task speak through you, there should be someone who can speak to the jinn and ask him where the charm is buried/hidden.

      If you personally were not willing to marry that person then there should not be any jinn involved, i-e, if you had the same feelings for that person before the proposal.

      Pray to Allah for guidance and He is the Hearer of All.
      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in qadeer.

  72. Javaid says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu

    Brother, can you please clarify the difference between Sihr & Taweez. Does Sihr involve black magic & taweez amulets? And which is more harmful or difficult to undo, sihr or taweez? And do they both involve jinn?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam brother,

      Sorry for the late reply, let me clarify the difference between the two.

      Sihr means Magic, Taweez means Amulet/ Charm. Witches use Taweez/Amulets/Charms to bind a Jinn to a Victim. So these are two different Terms.

      Now that u know the meaning of the terms, you can undo Sihr (magic) by destroying the Taweez (Amulet).

      I hope I’ve clarified your doubts, please keep your questions coming.

  73. Munira says:

    Asalaamu alaikum,

    I read an article( in which there was a jinn who was Hindu. It doesn’t make sense because the jinn went up all the way to heaven to listen in on the conversations between the angels. The angels guarding the heavens, in which Allah is High above.

    So why are these jinn not muslim?! I think it’s because they’re made from smokeless fire, and some of them think they can’t burn in the Fire because they’re made from fire! Hot water can burn them so why not fire? Don’t they see the difference between being made from fire and being fire?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Good question,
      The problem is, even the people in our world, even we do not follow our religion completely, people focus on worldly gains and want to become Singers and Popstars and celebrity. our community has become fans of those who live a meaningless life but merely for the fake fame and vanity that they have.

      Fact is, Iblees has been given respite till the day of judgment, when all the other jinn die with the passage of time. Seeing someone immortal, and someone who is the strongest of them all and someone who lies and take his nation’s trust just because they think he is immortal. We do not know what Iblees spreads among his race every day, but it seems that other jinn want to be like him and be immortal. Iblees can keep lying to them and bring them on the wrong side.

      If you read Surah Jinn, you realize where it says that the Jinn said,
      “‘And that the foolish among us [i.e. Iblis (Satan) or the polytheists amongst the jinns] used to utter against Allah that which was wrong and not right.” (Al-Jinn: 04)

      So it proves that Satan must be spreading lies in order to keep their trust in him through promising them eternal life, and like you mentioned “made of fire and cannot burn in fire” and for the fact that he is immortal (till the day of judgment), most of the jinn would follow him.

      I hope I’ve answered your question.

  74. Munira says:

    Jazakallahu khairn

    I have a cousin who went to a class trip and he watched a magician do something ‘magical’ until he said ‘Bismillah’. So do jinns run from their magician when that is said? My cousin lies so I can’t be sure. Does the same go with soothsayers?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      “I have a cousin who went to a class trip and he watched a magician do something ‘magical’ until he said ‘Bismillah’. So do jinns run from their magician when that is said? My cousin lies so I can’t be sure. Does the same go with soothsayers?”

      deeds depend upon intentions. He can recite verses of the Quran but if he does not mean it then it will not make the jinn run away, unless he intends to do so.

  75. Munira says:

    Asalaamu alaykum

    Sorry for too much questions but…

    Is it okay to befriend a Muslim jinn? Is it also okay to ask the Muslim jinn to talk to some one about Islam? I’m sure anyone will revert after meeting a jinn. So is it okay just so people can revert? Jazakallahu khairn.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam,

      “Is it okay to befriend a Muslim jinn? Is it also okay to ask the Muslim jinn to talk to some one about Islam? I’m sure anyone will revert after meeting a jinn. So is it okay just so people can revert?”
      Yes, there is nothing wrong with it unless one tries to do something unlawful, for instance to spy on others. and yes, in the old days when Islam was brought, people believed in Magic, and blamed prophets to be magicians. Today, people believe in Science and hence they have another excuse to deny Divine Revelations. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) would feel bad when people would ask for miracles, since magic was so common and he feared that miracles might cause evil among the people. But if you think someone will revert if he comes to know that Jinn exist and Islam teaches us about it then you should. There is no bad in it.

      Wahuwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

  76. Munira says:

    Jazakallahu khairn

    Now my question is how. How can I get a Muslim jinn to talk to me? I hear that Muslim jinns live in Medina and Makkah so if I ever go there insha allah how do I contact them without doing shirk or anything that’s not allowed in Islam.

    Do imams or sheikhs ever try to invite people into Islam in this way?

  77. SHIREEN BANON says:

    Asalaamu alaykum,

    Wishing to know if you can help me to remove JINN even though I am far from.
    Jazakallahu khairn.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salam,
      JazakAllah for your blessings. Sister, any na-mahrim from your own family can help you heal patient suffering from jinn possessions easily.

      Go to the above page and scroll down to:
      Curing Sihr/Magic/Witchcraft and Jinn possession. Stage I & II.

      Follow the three articles and by Allaah’s leave everything will be normal again.

      If you have further questions, you are welcome to ask.

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

  78. Dr.Kamran says:

    Asslamalekum Dear Brother,
    I am from India,
    I would like to know that i it true that a jinn/demon can take over a human or any living being ?

  79. Muhammad Ali says:

    E-mail is written in the page above.

  80. hussen says:

    asalamualykum warahmatullah

    theres this hadith which states
    Imaam al-Bukhaari (may Allaah have mercy on him) narrated in his Saheeh from Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with them both) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I was shown the nations, and some Prophets passed by with a few followers, and some Prophets passed by with no followers. Then I was shown a great multitude, and I said, ‘What is this? Is this my ummah?’ It was said, ‘No, this is Moosa and his people.’ It was said, ‘Look at the horizon.’ There I saw a huge multitude filling the horizon. And it was said, ‘Look there, and there, on the horizons of the sky.’ There was a multitude filling the horizons. It was said, ‘This is your ummah, and of these, seventy thousand will enter Paradise without being brought to account.’” Then he [the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)] went inside, without explaining further. The people started to discuss what he had said, saying, “We are the ones who have believed in Allaah and followed His Messenger; we are they” or, “It is our children who were born in Islam whilst we were born in Jaahiliyyah.” The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) heard about what was being said, so he came out and said: “They are the ones who do not seek ruqya, do not believe in bad omens and do not use branding; they put their trust in their Lord…”

    i was wondering how can i cure myself from sihr and still inshallah enter paradise without being brough to account

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam brother Hussein,

      Brother, the cure for Sihr is Allaah’s Will. Those who cure you seek the help of Allaah, reciting HIS words and HIS book. So there is No sin in doing so. You will be blessed merely for having this thought brother, Insha’Allah.

  81. yasmin says:

    how do you know if you have a good jinn with you?..

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Some people often have Hallucinations, but seeing unusual happenings that defy natural explanations prove the presence of Jinn.

  82. luiz says:

    assalamu aleikum!
    irmão, estou tentando entender…
    pergunto… posso ser arientado a conhecer o islão por um gênio? parece que isto aconteceu comigo… e agora estou estudando o islãm e compreendendo muita coisa em minha vida.
    tenhoo mais para contar mas escrevo em portugues, tudobem?
    allah tenha misericórdia de nós todos.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum como Salaam,
      Estou muito feliz em ver alguém como você. Que Allah tenha misericórdia de todos nós, Ameen.
      Eu não entendo português, mas posso usar o tradutor do Google para entender algumas de suas mensagens. Se você tem dúvidas sobre gênios / demônios / mágica, você está convidado a pedir.
      Que Allah o abençoe.

  83. usmaan says:

    Salaam brother, your site is fantastic..!!

    I just wanted to ask about the ‘Magic Of Seperation’. As a very close friend of mine is in a relationship (not married), but is commiting acts with her that is considered haraam.

    Does the Magic of seperation apply to those who are not spouses. As I spoken to him several times and has not listened, these haraam acts it leading him astray from his faith and education. And I want to stop his sins before he regrets it. Is it acceptable to use the charm in this case? Or shall I continue to let my close friend sin?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salam brother Usman,
      JazakAllah for the blessings.

      Brother magic of separation works for everyone. Brothers/friends/spouse.

      Brother scholars are of the opinion that seeking help from jinn is haram, for two main reasons.

      1 – Seeking help from jinn require Shirk, and seeking help from jinn instead of Allaah is shirk.

      2 – Jinn often tell lies, and even if there is no magic involved in your case, the magician will make sure that the client is bewitched. Because that way he can help you in relieving the problems that he himself posed on you.

      So brother, it will only make matters worse to seek help with Charms/taweez. There are always alternative ways to make someone understand, and if someone does not understand then may it be Allaah’s Will.

      You may look into the articles:

      These include the fatawas about seeking help from jinn/magicians.

      and Indeed Allah is the Hearer or All.

  84. Athar says:

    Hi Brother, i have heard on several places about an incident i’m going to explain. It goes like this. Allah commanded Angel Hazrat Jibreel (A.S) to go to the earth and wipe out a civilization whose people had acquired a knowledge that they could tell what was going on in the heavens i.e the meetings and what the angels were doing. So Hazrat Jibreel (A.S) came down to earth at the place where that civilization existed. He came across a shepherd in human form and just to test his knowledge asked him where Jibreel was at that time. Now as Jibreel was in human form the shepherd could’nt have ordinarily tell where Jibreel was but using his knowledge he instantly answered that Jibreel was standing infront of him. Soon after hearing the answer Hazrat Jibreel (A.S) destroyed that civilization. Now i want to ask that is this account from Quran, Hadith or Islamic history scholars and what was the name of that civilizationand a little information about them.

  85. Munira says:

    Asalaamu alaykum,

    You know how animals see jinn? A three-dimensional thing cannot see a higher-dimensional being. You know how jinns are made from ‘smokeless fire’, or another translation ‘scorching wind’? It could be gamma rays, or any other rays of the sort. I’m not saying jinns are gamma rays, but they could be made from it, just as we humans are not clay even though we’re made from it.

    Bees can see ultraviolet rays, so maybe some animals detect those rays. I read it off a website somewhere…

    Allahu A’lam. May Allah bless you.

    Asalaamu alaykum.

  86. Muhammad Ali says:

    Surah Baqara,

    Surah Zumar

    Video: Repent-For-Allaah-is-Merciful

    and Indeed, Allaah is MOST Merciful. You will find peace with this, Insha’Allah.

  87. joy says:

    Is there a way to exorcise a jinn?

  88. Faizur Rahman says:

    Some of the people who cures jinn, asking the patient to wear a black thread with some quran aaya’ to put them on patient hip. Is that really works or it is kind of shirk????

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salaam brother Faizur,

      Brother, anything you tie to your body in hope that it would keep you safe from the demons can be considered haram as it is an amulet. If you recite those Ayahs with your tongue, that would be more affective than to tie something given by a stranger. But since tying something to a body is known as amulets and that amulets are haram, it is best to avoid such ties. At max, Ibn Taimiya has allowed the use of Ayahs on Paper to keep close to a patient. Mind you brother, Ibn Taimiyya mentions to the Paper on which Ayats are written can only be PLACED CLOSE TO the patient, and NOT to tie and use as an amulet.

      “that a( Muslims should not bother another Muslim and that it is Sinful.)”
      if the jinn is a Muslim jinn that works for a Witch, then you should teach him the rulings of Islam. and teach him how harming another Muslims is a Sin.

      You can always mail me if you have something to discuss brother.

      Take Care


  89. Faizur Rahman says:

    If he does not respond to the first two questions then you can come to the third question and ask him why he has possessed the patient. But first, if he mentions his religion Islam, then you should teach him the rulings of Islam and that a( Muslims should not bother another Muslim and that it is Sinful.) However if he is not a Muslim then invite him to Islam. —- What is the meaning for bracketed words?????

  90. abdallah S. says:

    Assalamu alaikum .. My question : lately i’ve been having these kinda things in my room .. knocking on the wall late at night .. and after i enter the bathroom .. it creeps me out to tell the truth .. and yesterday i was alone in my room ( my brother stays with me but that time he was outside ) .. i felt a hand grabbing my leg !! i mean i felt it .. the palm and the fingers .. and it was before al Isha` prayer .. i was alone in my room .. can you tell me what is this exactly ? am i hallucinating or is it a jinn ? ( Ps: i’m still hearing sounds like knocking and things like that while i’m writing this down ) ..

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa alaikum as salam brother Abdallah,
      Brother, it might be your doubt and might also be jinn. But first of all, if you are not sure about where the knocking on the walls come from, then you may always suspect jinn. and may even feel hallucinations once you feel doubted.

      So make sure you find out what the knocking is about. and if you still fear and feel frightened then follow the following two articles:

      Protection from Jinn
      Jinn of the House

      Everything will be normal Insha’Allah.

  91. Deen says:

    Hi, My wife suffering from deep menustral period every month. Gets worst by the month. Medical side is clear. But we heavily suspecy she affected by witch craft. What can I do to help her and how can I know who did whtch craft to her. Pls enlighten me if there’s any surahs I need to recite to get the info and cure I need. It might not be a Jinn in her but evil things done to her for her not to have baby.

  92. Sister M says:


    Since I was a little child i have been getting problems after problems I am never ever happy.. when I was small I use to pray every day to recieve love from my mother but I never got it. I did everything to please her but nothing worked I remember going in to Sajdah on the kitchen floor many times and crying to Allah but despite my efforts nothing worked my dad also changed and I never spoke to him for a few years he always looked at me with hatred.. then we bought another house and one of my aunties who didnt want my dad and mum to get married came to see the house and a day later I dont know how, what and why I ran away from home.. everything went from bad to worse when I came back and wierd things started happening like my dad had a memory loss, I woke up feeling dizzy in the mornings, glass would break from my hand without me smashing it.. I had a sweet tin on top of my bunk bed and the sweets inside would bang inside the tin every morning.. EVERY DAY something would happen not even one day would go by good.. i even saw jinns.. My grandad also got disabled and my dad and uncle decided to take off his tawiz which that auntie gave him and it had wierd shapes on which couldnt be understood.. then my dad destroyed it. We eventually left that house and things got better alhamdulilah but even then when we moved in the door bell would ring every friday at 11am..

    and because I never got the love from my parents from a young age I made a very supportive friend who has supported me for 6 years and now he is also getting married to a person who is divorced, much older and has 3 kids.. I feel so low and depressed what was wrong with me? All of a sudden im nothing to him anymore.. the person that cared for me and supported me doesnt even think I exist anymore! Why do all my relationships with the ones I am close to???

    I went to see a spirutal healer last Monday 7th March 2011 and he said that I have been affected by black magic and that the same auntie is the one who did it.. I wanted to get help but he was charging £200 and said that he would also help to make the one I love come back to me and break his ties with his to be wife WHICH I DONT WANT.. this put me off as he told me to bring cotton wool and water which i would need to bath in.. this was strange and i did not go despite him forcing me and phoning me a million times thats why i found this website because I was searching whether this is allowed in Islam or not.. I just dont know what to do with life any more I feel so low and depressed and feel like dying but dont want to go to hell..

    Whenever I try to do something or achieve something its always blocked.. ALL my relationships end with the ones I love.. I wish i was happy i cant carry on crying every day.. nothing goes well for me.. please help me.. what should i do??

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salaam Sister,

      I am grieved to hear your story. Good and Bad times come to everyone of us. All of them a test from Allaah Almighty. All we can do is ask for HIS help. I am glad you did not go to this so called spiritual healer, since he is a magician as you notice and is viable to bankrupt you. Please do not be disheartened by what people may throw at you. Everything is for Allaah, and He is the Hearer of All.

      Once again, I believe all we can do is Pray and it always helps. Starting regular prayers 5 times every day will by Allaah’s Leave get everything back to normal. Have faith sister.

      Take Care

  93. Salim says:

    Dear brother, a friend of mine has been performing Ruqya since a very longtime. He is also a well known daa’ee and he treats people only through Quranic recitation.He told me that while performing ruqya, at times he was able to see where the Jinn was hidden in the body of the patient. He could also see the “pacte” made by the sorcerer. He is looking for an explanation how can he see these things?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Dear brother Salim,

      It may be Allaah’s Help and could be a miracle for he is doing such a good thing for the community. People often have acquired different ways of treating jinn-possession through experimentation. However, I heard of this happening for the first time, there is no sin in it, as long as one does it with the Word of Allaah. JazakAllahu Khairan

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

  94. mirian says:

    Assalam alikum brother!
    you told sister sana that one of the reasons for possession is ENVY.
    1. what do they envy exactly about humans

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salaam brother,
      “what do they envy exactly about humans”

      Brother, they envy Love, Praise, Happiness. Which are common between the two creation, that is – Mankind and Jinn.
      If someone likes something, he praises it and admires it – A jinn might envy that and etc.

  95. amra says:

    what can i do to not putting the evil eye

  96. Faizur Rahman says:

    Salaams, Brother Ali. Please let me know, how to destroy amulets? And the patient is normal sometimes, sometimes he speaks indistinctly like, ” I’m a well known then any other people except imams and ulamas, that too they fall on my category and not well known than me” – He is so religious not thinking of anything about the family and the parents. The patient is controlling the house now. If we try to restrict what he says, he behaves like so different and threatened the people who are at the front. Please guide me and i need to have a words, please give me your contact number brother. Thank you so much.. Wa salaams..

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salam brother Faizur,

      Brother you an always e-mail me at

      I will answer your question on how one can destroy amulets. Normally, the Charm is written on a Paper with a soluble ink. You recite the Generic Ruqya:

      1 – Al-Fatiha
      2 – Ayaat-ul-kursi
      3 – Last three Surah

      Over water in a bowl/vessel. Then you take that amulet, open it, take the paper out and dissolve the paper in that water you recited the above over. Dissolving that paper, or if it has Hair/Nails etc, you may burn them too if you wish. This way the jinn appointed to the task is freed. But it should be done without anyone knowing it. Since if the people who did it, come to know of it, they might go back to the magician and bind another spell.

  97. mirian says:

    heheheheh, Im a sister my brother 🙂 I just misspelled my name because I type pretty fast. I put an “n” when I meant to put an “M” for Miriam.
    thank you for your answer brother but if these traits are found in BOTH human and jinn, why do they not envy each other, why envy humans?
    and can you give me examples of this envy?
    because I remember I was listening to a lecture by a sheikh who said that they envy the human relationship between man and wife, the happy relationship between the 2. So what you said can go hand in hadn with that.
    do they envy material things from humans or the human form …or is it something else.
    Thank you brother for listening to my questions and answering them, I know how busy u are.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I am sorry for misunderstanding Sister,

      “because I remember I was listening to a lecture by a sheikh who said that they envy the human relationship between man and wife, the happy relationship between the 2. So what you said can go hand in hadn with that.”
      Exactly, this can be the most generic explanation for Envy. Later, it may depend on the Jinn itself. They do not envy material since it is not common between the two Races. Love/Admiration etc, as I mentioned before, are some of the features common between the two, and these are the ones they might envy.

      I hope I’ve answered your questions. Please keep your questions coming.

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

  98. mirian says:

    is it the human form, How Allah(swt) said he created the humans in the best of form?
    I find it hard to believe they envy love/admiration when they themselves have the same feelings.
    why are they attracted to humans when there are billions of them

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      what do you mean you find it hard to believe that they envy love? Iblees, was cast out of the heavens, not because there was an evil guiding him, but he could not bear to see an admiration, love, and an attention which Iblees might not have had. Was being the best among all Jinn not enough for Satan?

  99. miriam says:

    True, but isnt love common amongst themselves? they do marry and have offspring..soo there must be love in order fo rthat to happen. So what is it about HUMANS and love they envy?
    plus,maybe in the case of Adam(PBUH) but the humans nowadays, what is there to envy?
    hehehe I sound so mean to the human race 😀

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Perhaps that is a question for the envious. If jinn have love among themselves, that does not mean they will not envy the love among others. That is the definition of Envy – To have something and not letting anyone else have it. It could be happiness, love, or anything the demon lacks or dislikes.

  100. Munira says:

    Asalaamu alaykum,

    Long time no see!!!

    I found an interesting youtube video about a Muslim jinn brother named Abdullah Hakim, prince of India. There are nine other parts of the lecture.

    The brother sometimes refers back to the Sunnah, such as the reason why our beloved Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa salam) let Aisha (radi Allahu anha) play with dolls and the reason why we have to clean our beds when we abandon it.

    What I find interesting is that the Qareen of the Prophet (sallalahu alayhi wa salam) is still alive and if I remember correctly, jinns who revert to Islam go to him.

    Why not we just ask him about certain things such as prayer so that there doesn’t have to be four madhabs or sects of Islam??? I forgot the location of the Qareen but it’s mentioned in the lecture.

    Asalaamu alaykum!!!!!

  101. Munira says:

    Oh I forgot to put in the link:

    The lecturer is named Ahmed Ezzat and the rest of the interview can be read by buying his book which is in arabic.

  102. Brother says:

    can jinn bring my ex beloved one

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I am sorry brother but it is haraam to settle affairs with the help of Jinn. Good jinn will never help and when it is always the devilish jinn among them that help you, therefore it may only worsen the case instead. The people who will help you through jinn are viable to bankrupt you. It is best to ask from Allaah for what you wish, and not the jinn.


  103. Stranger says:

    Assalamualaikum Brother!!

    I have emailed you in private to your email address about my problem. Please acknowledge it as soon as possible.

  104. maryam says:

    how old do jinn live up to,and up to what age can they stop reproducing?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Most people believe that they live up to thousands of years. Allaah knows best, we cannot say it is true since this information comes from Exorcists, those who by chance had a talk with a jinn in the possessed patient. Scholars tend to deny what Jinn tells us, they always forbade us to believe in what the Jinn say, because they often tell lies they say.

      Likewise we cannot say anything accurate about their age at which they stop reproducing. Only Allah Knows.

  105. No Name says:

    Hello & thanks in advance for any response. I’m actually a Christian but I need prayers for my Muslim friend and also i need some questions answered on why a highly respected Sheikh would even be talking about black magic all the time as well as insisting that the only reason my friend is sick & not recovering is because the (alleged victims/targets) of the magic did not pay him the thousands of dollars he had asked for. Which (in his defense)he said is only to cover the cost of some expensive incense that needs to be burned. Also in all fairnes to his side of the argument,as i hear he is a highly respected man in his country & has done many good deeds for my friend & others too. But i want to know……

    1- Is a true Muslims “Man of God” even supposed to insist on black magic getting reversed/removed as the ONLY way for my friend to get better & not end up d***??

    2- Is it possible for magic from an item (intended for someone else) to be transfered to another person just because this other person touched it??

    3- Are incense even a necessary part of the work of a “true man of God” removing black magic from someone?? (FYI) he’d also asked for almost all the things you mentioned on your list of what signs to look for in a magician. (Mother’s name,clothing..)

    (The original target of this magic item do not believe in magic of any kind & also would never agree to give 1000’s to someone they don’t even know because he claims there was magic done on them but this Sheikh had insisted that he gets the item & later due to some misunderstandings he ended up working on removing it without the knowledge of the target ppl. So…

    4- According to Islam, is my friends’ healing or release from magic really even dependant on whether the originally targeted people end up giving him this man (Sheikh) the “sacrifice”/ money in order for my friend to get better ???

    Please answer my above questions & also pray for him and his family. God bless…

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      “1- Is a true Muslims “Man of God” even supposed to insist on black magic getting reversed/removed as the ONLY way for my friend to get better & not end up d***??”
      No, it is Not permissible to cure blackmagic with counter-blackmagic. Since blackmagic requires acts of polytheism and the Prophet (pbuh) only allowed treatment of such cases through methods that does not involve polytheism.

      “2- Is it possible for magic from an item (intended for someone else) to be transfered to another person just because this other person touched it?? ”
      No, magic is bound to a victim through a Charm, in other words, a piece of paper that has writings on it, pointing towards a trace that belongs to the victim. Traces like Hair, Nails, Garment belonging to the victim. So touching that charm would do nothing.

      “3- Are incense even a necessary part of the work of a “true man of God” removing black magic from someone?? (FYI) he’d also asked for almost all the things you mentioned on your list of what signs to look for in a magician. (Mother’s name,clothing..)”
      Incense is basically the main tool of Wicca practitioners. Those who practice witchcraft and paganism, burn incense of different sort, depending on which type of demon they wish to summon. However, people often use incense in Mosques but there is nothing wrong with that, unless you use it to cure blackmagic by calling upon a demon /jinn with it.

      “4- According to Islam, is my friends’ healing or release from magic really even dependant on whether the originally targeted people end up giving him this man (Sheikh) the “sacrifice”/ money in order for my friend to get better ???”
      Islam does not allow such treatments as you mentioned above. This is Haraam and not permissible. A True Muslim Healer would never ask for money, because we Muslims believe that only Allaah can reward us, and we do everything merely for the sake of Allaah.

      People like these will Always tell you that you are bewitched. It is their business. They can speak to your Qareen (Companion Jinn), and find out your weakness and your daily workouts. He will then lure you with your interests he found through your Qareen and eventually bankrupt you.

      According to Islam, Treatment for Magic is very generic. It is the recitation of some Chapters/verses of Quran that provokes the jinn appointed to that task. Then you simply ask the jinn where the Charm is buried/ concealed; and once you get rid of the charm everything is back to normal by Allaah’s Leave.

      It is not an effort really, that would cost 1000s of dollars/pounds. In fact, people often donate but the healer will Never ask you to fill his pocket up Before a treatment.

      I hope I have answered your questions. Please keep your questions coming.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I happen to come across your comments. I was just curious to know, how is your friend now? I hope he didn’t die from that Magic haha.
      God Bless you.

  106. maryam says:

    jazaklh,are humans and jin alowed to get married in islam?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      “jazaklh,are humans and jin alowed to get married in islam?”
      No, I have written this in the article – Marriage Between Human and Jinn

      “i heard that one of our years equals to 7of their years,also r we allowed to get hisab done from them?”
      Jinn are responsible as much as Humans are, Please refer to the article – The Purpose of Jinn
      About their lifespan, we can never be sure which is the fact. For we cannot believe in what the Jinn tells us. He might as well be telling lies. You may also refer to the article – Lifespan of Jinn and Demons

      “also how do you remove VERY SEVERE black magic,where someones near to death?you have to use blck magic to take it out dont you?”
      I believe the only cure at such a critical situation would only be the Ruqya, and Not blackmagic/counter-magic. For that will only worsen the case.

  107. maryam says:

    i heard that one of our years equals to 7of their years,also r we allowed to get hisab done from them?also how do you remove VERY SEVERE black magic,where someones near to death?you have to use blck magic to take it out dont you?

  108. No Name says:

    Assalamualaikum Brother!!

    I have emailed you in private to your email address about my problem. Please acknowledge it as soon as possible.

    Greetings “Stranger”. How did you find the e-mail address ? I myself looked for a place on this site with contact information to send a personal e-mail. Can you please share where i can find it? Is there any use in sending personal e-mails ? Did they get answered or is our only choice to post questions here in the public forum ?

  109. No Name says:

    Thank you very much for your prompt response. I actually do have many questions about this but i’m trying to (as much as possible) keep my questions very generic since this problems involves other people’s personal life & this is a public forum. It’s also about a religion & a subject (magic) that i’m not at all familiar with and for all i know maybe in some Islamic sects this man’s ways are accepted & considered the works of a good Muslim & in another sect it may be considered forbidden & unholy. This is what i’m trying to figure out & learn about now after almost 6 months of witnessing everything deteriorate in my friend’s life while i tell myself “Maybe it’s a Muslim thing & i should not question the validity of an Islamic elder when i don’t know anything about the religion”.

    Also i keep wanting to consider the possibility that (Islamically correct or not) maybe this man’s intentions are good even if his ways are considered wrong according to the religion. These are things that i keep in consideration (even now as i am in the process of officially questioning this man’s advices & methods) because i don’t want to allow myself to accidently cross the lines of being fair to all characters involved (even the seemingly suspicious ones)…

    Now, as for my counter response to the valuable answers you’ve provided. Please note that my questions will be marked by a line (-) and my side notes will be marked by an astrid (*)

    About Question # 1 you replied…

    “No,it is Not permissible to cure blackmagic with counter-blackmagic. Since blackmagic requires acts of polytheism and the Prophet (pbuh) only allowed treatment of such cases through methods that does not involve polytheism”

    * Although i agree with your answer but what if the man had never specified the exact methods he’ll be using for removing the magic..When i 1st started hearing about this story i never questioned my friend on what exactly this man meant by “removing the magic from the item” that has black magic on it..I always assumed that since this man is considered a top spiritual leader & my friend has high regards for him and also because it’s not my religion so i just didn’t think that i should really question this man in any way.

    – But is it still possible that what he meant by curing the black magic might’ve been by praying?? Or would you still give the same answer regardless of whether he actually said “praying” or not???

    – Did you maybe assume that he meant (counter-black magic) because i used the word “reverse”???

    * If the answer is “yes” then let me explain that although i don’t remember hearing about him saying “reverse the magic” but because of the things i heard about it were at times more like a description something being reversed & not just canceled..So this was why i included the word “reverse” in my original question.

    – Would you have still given the same answer if i’d only used the word “remove” in my question ???

    About Question #2….

    “No, magic is bound to a victim through a Charm, in other words, a piece of paper that has writings on it, pointing towards a trace that belongs to the victim….”

    * In this case the item was not a piece of paper.

    – Does it make a difference???

    – Please explain what you mean by..”pointing towards a trace that belongs to the victim”

    * Your answer may be based on what Islam teaches (and that is the area i want my answers from) but let’s assume for a minute with 100% certainty that this man was speaking as a magician…

    – Would your answer still be the same ??

    * Based on what you may know about magicians does it make sense (even by magicians rules) that a curse or black magic can be transferred from an object to a person it was not intended for??

    * I’ve also heard that this person has said on many occasions that once he starts working on removing the magic from the item he is risking the magic going on him…

    – Could this also be true by any Islamic or even Magicians’ book of rules????

    About Question #3….

    “However, people often use incense in Mosques but there is nothing wrong with that, unless you use it to cure blackmagic by calling upon a demon /jinn with it.”

    * I agree, just as we Christians do in our churches which i assume is only for the ambiance. And yes without a doubt the incense were mentioned countless of times as “absolutely necessary” for the process and in fact they were the reason for what this man has called “my work” or “the victims sacrifice” never being completed”..(meaning the cost price of the incense).

    – So according to your answer would i be right to draw the conclusion that anyone insisting on incense being used while he is working on helping the victim of magic is definitly describing an act of a magician and not just an Islamic holy man’s methods of helping a victim ???

    You also said…

    “Those who practice witchcraft and paganism, burn incense of different sort, depending on which type of demon they wish to summon.”
    * Based on what i heard he’s claimed that the incense were only to call upon “good Jinns” & “Angels” for council & guidance while praying.

    – What would you say about that ???

    About Question #4….

    “Islam does not allow such treatments as you mentioned above. This is Haraam and not permissible. A True Muslim Healer would never ask for money, because we Muslims believe that only Allaah can reward us, and we do everything merely for the sake of Allaah.”

    * I know your above answered questions make it seem unnecessary for me to ask any more questions here & i agree with everything you said (morally as well as based on my own religion) but he is claiming that he was under the impression that the victims would pay for it or as he calls it “make the sacrifice” or “pay the gift” or “cost of the incense ONLY”…

    – In that case would he be within his rights to still be insisting on being paid (according to Islam) ???

    * Also what i really meant by my #4 question was not so much about the moral aspect of it but more so to find out if it’s even a part of the Magic Rules (according to Islam rules on magic removal) If a victims’ healing or release from magic is based on the covenant /agreements/promise kept between the victim & the man of God trying to heal or release him from it.

    – Can this be true or valid law according to Islam rules for removal of magic or even magician rules for removing magic ???

    – Could the complete cancelation & freedom from black magic (by anyone’s rules book) be based on this particular rule this man claims ???

    * What makes this story sound more bizzare & almost funny to me is that in this case the man of God is saying that the “present victim” is not released from the magic because “the original victim” (other ppl) did not pay for his work when he was working on it for them..And because later (I never figured out how or why exactly) but somehow the so called “present victim” (my friend) came into contact with the cursed item & as a consequence the black magic will stay on my friend until “the original victims” pay for the incense or “sacrifice” etc..or else he will d**!!

    – Does this even make sense according to Islam rules on magic or even by magicians’ rules on how magic removal works ????

    In closing…

    I’m sorry for making my questions long & too time consuming to read & respond to. It is only because there are a lot of specifics to this story & because it’s all accumulated questions that i’m finally allowing myself to really ask from a Muslim who is also dedicated to this topic.

    Please answer all my questions if possible.

    Each one of them are very important for helping me decide what may be happening to my friend and how i can possibly help him and his family because it is more than one person being devestated by all this and it’s been going on for almost a year. It’s about time that someone starts asking the right questions & i’m hoping i’m asking them in the right place. I feel i may have even waited too long to really start trying to get to the bottom of this bizzare situation.

    Hope it’s not too late and please pray for my friend, his family, myself & even the man in question to come out of this situation with clarification & Godly guidance & protection from anything evil.

    God bless and again thanks in advance for your upcoming response.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      “- But is it still possible that what he meant by curing the black magic might’ve been by praying?? Or would you still give the same answer regardless of whether he actually said “praying” or not???
      – Did you maybe assume that he meant (counter-black magic) because i used the word “reverse”???”

      First of all, I assumed and perceived him as a deceiver who plays magic and acts as a man of God, apparently. The reason for assuming this was,
      1 – You said he asked for money in advance,
      2 – You said, “(FYI) he’d also asked for almost all the things you mentioned on your list of what signs to look for in a magician. (Mother’s name,clothing..)”
      These items are used because they keep a unique scent and an identity in them. Whosoever asks for this is using Magic, simple is that.
      3 – Another major reason was that, you said, “The original target of this magic item do not believe in magic of any kind & also would never agree to give 1000′s to someone they don’t even know because he claims there was magic done on them but this Sheikh had insisted that he gets the item & later due to some misunderstandings he ended up working on removing it without the knowledge of the target ppl.”

      This again clearly proves that he plays with magic. Since there is no way one can find out who bewitched whom; unless,
      • – Either, you have a jinn/demon working for you; that tell you whether the client that has come is bewitched or not. In fact, these people will Always tell you that the reason for your sickness is due to Magic done on you. Like I said before, it is their business.
      • – OR, if you manage to recite the Ruqya (the recitation for healing), and provoke the jinn bound to that magic and ask him (the jinn) about the situation. There is absolutely no way one can find out about this.

      So if he assumed or confirmed that your friend is bewitched, without a Ruqya, then he is apparently a Magician/ MORE LIKELY, he is only trying to play with your subconscious and simply making up this story when in fact there is no such thing as magic done on him.

      I do not possess the specifics of this matter so I cannot assume further into this matter. However it is much generalized – “If there is a simple and a basic way of exorcising a Patient, one that does not require incense or expensive medicine but mere recitation of the Quran, then why chooses the hard way?”
      Mind you, if there is any sacrifice involved in your friend’s treatment, it is for sure the work of a magician. The easiest and probably the only way a magician can heal others (truly) is to sacrifice a living creature in the name of the demon. Since he has already agreed on preaching evil in his society, hence curing someone requires a major sacrifice.

      “- Does it make a difference???
      – Please explain what you mean by..”pointing towards a trace that belongs to the victim””

      Charms are of different sort. I will reply to this question disregarding the situation that your friend is in. Magicians may even bewitch Water/Food and even Perfume. Next, whosoever drinks from that water and eats from that Food, or even uses that Perfume will be caught by it. But Magicians again need to specify it, because, if one jinn is bound to a perfume, and if, suppose, 50 people use that perfume, it will not be possible to the jinn to complete the task for he cannot judge which one was the real victim. So instead, the magician asks for the Mother’s name of the victim – from his client – Making it easier for the Jinn to act on the only target that has the mother’s name provided.

      So what I meant by ‘pointing towards a trace that belongs to the victim’, is that – the magician writes on a piece of paper all the praises to the demons, and then writes down Direction (as in – how to harm/act the target), and then points towards the trace of the victim (hair/clothing etc).
      So the jinn takes the order from the Charm, and next he looks for his target, which is confirmed from the Traces of the victim bound within the charm – All the piece of paper with directions and name of the victim’s mother, and the traces are sealed/tied together as one piece.

      “* Your answer may be based on what Islam teaches (and that is the area i want my answers from) but let’s assume for a minute with 100% certainty that this man was speaking as a magician…
      – Would your answer still be the same ??”

      I do not understand this question, if you would like to go through it once more. If you wish to know whether my answers are based on the Islamic teachings then Yes. There is a book by the name, “The exorcist tradition in Islam – By Dr. Bilal Philips”. You will learn how people have improvised different ways of curing their patients. In the end, it comes down to one simple rule stated by the Prophet (peace be upon him): That anyone may benefit/cure his brother, through any method, provided that the methods does not involve acts of polytheism.

      By now you might think – What if this man of God, truly has an improvised way of treating his patients, one that does not involve polytheism? The answer is clear from the above discussion. All of his methods point towards the use of Magic. Why choose such a hard and expensive method to heal a patient when All praise is due to Allaah, we possess a very simple way of exorcism through the teachings of Islam and from the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

      “- Based on what you may know about magicians does it make sense (even by magicians rules) that a curse or black magic can be transferred from an object to a person it was not intended for??
      * I’ve also heard that this person has said on many occasions that once he starts working on removing the magic from the item he is risking the magic going on him…
      – Could this also be true by any Islamic or even Magicians’ book of rules????”

      I hope you now know the answer to this one. If not, you may refer to the answers I wrote in reply to your earlier questions in this comment.

      “- So according to your answer would i be right to draw the conclusion that anyone insisting on incense being used while he is working on helping the victim of magic is definitly describing an act of a magician and not just an Islamic holy man’s methods of helping a victim ???”

      If you sum this “use of incense” up with the other specifics that you have given me about this person, then obviously Yes. I already wrote on how one can assume whether a person is playing with Magic.

      “* Based on what i heard he’s claimed that the incense were only to call upon “good Jinns” & “Angels” for council & guidance while praying.
      – What would you say about that ???”

      First of all, angels are a Programmed creation of Allaah, they do not possess a free-will to follow traces of good smell in this world when they have better things to do. However, Jinn may follow incense but a good jinn is not allowed to contact this world, as we are not allowed to contact their world. So basically, whichever jinn contacts this world is not a good-jinn. He may even appear as a good Muslim, but he is viable to trick you by the end of the day. It has been known throughout history how people have been tricked by so called Muslim-jinn helping people and eventually ask them for Sins in return for all their help.

      “* I know your above answered questions make it seem unnecessary for me to ask any more questions here & i agree with everything you said (morally as well as based on my own religion) but he is claiming that he was under the impression that the victims would pay for it or as he calls it “make the sacrifice” or “pay the gift” or “cost of the incense ONLY”…
      – In that case would he be within his rights to still be insisting on being paid (according to Islam) ???”

      I do not strictly say that one cannot earn a living by doing such a good thing. But I have not heard of incense that costs over 1k, as you speak. One ought to always donate something if one feels that the Healer is in need of money for his living. There is another Forbidden tradition some people follow. It is called the Zar-circle. In short, it is a ritual where women dance and play music of the choice of the Jinn that dwells within the patient. Later on, on the seventh day of this ritual, they offer a sacrifice to this Demon. With that done, the Jinn leaves the Patient ‘happily’. I hope this is enough for you to understand the difference between the two. Offering a sacrifice or Pleasing the Jinn in order to get him out of the possessed body is forbidden. Because ‘That – sacrifice for the jinn (or anyone other than Allaah Alone)’ is All the demons are on a mission to spread among Mankind. Hence, it is mere promoting the work of Satan instead of countering.

      “* Also what i really meant by my #4 question was not so much about the moral aspect of it but more so to find out if it’s even a part of the Magic Rules (according to Islam rules on magic removal) If a victims’ healing or release from magic is based on the covenant /agreements/promise kept between the victim & the man of God trying to heal or release him from it.
      – Can this be true or valid law according to Islam rules for removal of magic or even magician rules for removing magic ???
      – Could the complete cancelation & freedom from black magic (by anyone’s rules book) be based on this particular rule this man claims ???”

      Basically, when the jinn is provoked and asked of where he has buried/hidden the charm. Muslims then offer him to embrace Islam for the rewards that awaits him, and the glad tidings that he can finally set himself free from the Magician with a few verses. Most of the Jinn agree on accepting Islam because they are most of the times forced by the Witch to have them fulfill his/her tasks. If the person is a Muslim, we repeat the already revealed teachings of Islam – on how it is bad for a Muslim to harm another Muslim. Eventually the jinn often cries with joy and happiness and by learning the true meaning of Islam. This way the jinn promises to leave and never come back.

      However, there are wicked Jinn – whom, after being burnt with the recitation of Quran, come to the point where he puts forward a condition. He offers the healer that if he swears by the name of a Demon or any Human, other than Allaah, he would leave the patient immediately. And I believe that is the Ultimate test. The healer may be tired and might wish to simply be over with the exorcism just by swearing on the name of a creation of Allaah, but that again serves the purpose of the Jinn.

      So in the end, it depends on what type of promise/covenant you refer to. If it is a good promise, never to come back and bother the patient, and to live with the Muslim jinn, then OK. But if he asks the healer to do something Evil then the answer should be No.

      “* What makes this story sound more bizzare & almost funny to me is that in this case the man of God is saying that the “present victim” is not released from the magic because “the original victim” (other ppl) did not pay for his work when he was working on it for them..And because later (I never figured out how or why exactly) but somehow the so called “present victim” (my friend) came into contact with the cursed item & as a consequence the black magic will stay on my friend until “the original victims” pay for the incense or “sacrifice” etc..or else he will d**!!
      – Does this even make sense according to Islam rules on magic or even by magicians’ rules on how magic removal works ????”

      I hope by now you realize what magic means and how it is done.

      “And they followed [instead] what the devils had recited during the reign of Solomon. It was not Solomon who disbelieved, but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic and that which was revealed to the two angels at Babylon, Harut and Marut. But the two angels do not teach anyone unless they say, “We are a trial, so do not disbelieve [by practicing magic].” And [yet] they learn from them that by which they cause separation between a man and his wife. But they do not harm anyone through it except by permission of Allah. And the people learnt what harms them and does not benefit them. But the Children of Israel certainly knew that whoever purchased the magic would not have in the Hereafter any share. And wretched is that for which they sold themselves, if they only knew.” (Quran: al-baqara: 102)

      Magic was first brought down by then two angels Haroot and Maroot – as a Trial, and the Ultimate use of Magic was – Separation.

      I do not possess any knowledge of who this OTHER PEOPLE or ORIGINAL VICTIM is, but if he is a friend or a known person, then it could be that the person wishes to get money, and ultimately cause separation between the two.
      Only Allaah Knows Best.

      Best is that a person contacts the Imaam of his Masjid, and tell him about his problems. If the medical cannot confirm the cause of the sickness, and if the symptoms match those of the symptoms of Magic, then even an Imaam can recite the Ruqya, if he is strong enough to talk to a jinn and not feel frightened. If not, he may even point you to a True Healer. One way or another, IF – your friendly really is bewitched, a true healer will never require Incense or Medicine or even a Word from the Original victims or whatsoever is the story. Islam is much generalized. It is the Media and people who claim to be men of God, but are deceivers and nothing more.

      If your friend is a Muslim, tell him to learn the chapters and the verses for Protection from Evil. Nothing can harm him without the Leave of Allaah, and it is Only for Allaah to decide whether the time has come for one to leave this world, and not a Jinn.
      I hope I have answered your questions, please keep your questions coming.

      P.S, if there is anything you would like to mention privately, you may e-mail me at

      The e-mail address is already stated in the Post above, if you have missed it.

      May Allaah’s Peace and Blessings be upon all of us.

  110. No Name says:

    I should explain that what i really meant by “keeping my questions generic” was that i’m trying to exclude the detailed chain of events which would probably make it simpler to get the point across & easier for the reader to form an opinion & give me irrefutable answers but at the same time this would risk revealing too much about the ppl involved. So for this reason i chose to share only briefed versions of the facts & concentrated more on going into asking detailed & varied questions instead. 🙂

  111. No Name says:

    WOW!! Thank you so so much for the thorough, attentive & responsible way of you respond to my questions. There are things i want to add now (i promise it won’t be as long as the previous ones) but at the moment i can’t get into it. I will be writing you back as soon as i’m free to concentrate on this.

    Just wanted to make sure to say thanks for now until i respond back.
    God bless & thank you again….

  112. No Name says:

    I wonder what type of Muslim you are & what is your background in this subject..I found nothing really about you on this site.

    I don’t expect an answer on this. I find your forum a little more professional & focused than others on this subject so I was just wondering about the background of the person behind it.

    About my previous comment & question of..
    ” Your answer may be based on what Islam teaches… but let’s assume…that this man was speaking as a magician…” Would your answer still be the same ?? ”

    * You answered that you do not understand this question & asked if i’d like to go through it again.

    * I asked this question under the subject of (items with magic on them). You see, I’m not only trying to figure out if this person is a fraud Muslim (this is maybe 95% of my goal) but the other 5% is in trying to figure out if this person is also a complete fraud even by Magicians’ standards/rules.

    * So, when i asked ” Would your answer still be the same ?? ”

    * What i meant by it was.. “Would you say that a true Muslim could never say that an item’s magic can be transfered”..Or would you say ” BOTH a true Muslim AND a true Magician would never make this kind of claim”…

    * By…”covenant/agreements/promise kept between the victim & the man of God ”

    * Your response about it was focused on the covenant/promise between the Magician and the Jinn. But i was asking about the covenant between the Magician/Healer & the Victim.

    * So let’s put it in the following example…( A victim of magic goes to a healer to be made free of the magic. The healer tells him/her it will cost you a certain amount of money & it needs to be paid by a certain date…The victim agrees. The healer gets to work on the supposed magic and then the victim (for whatever reason) decides he/she does not want to pay him the money agreed upon or maybe that he/she can not afford it. Then the healer threatens that the magic will never be removed now. Not because he admits that he stopped working on it or whatever but because he claims magic can only be completely gone/canceled if the victim honors the promise agreed upon from the beginning. The healer insists that these are the common rules of magic removal and there is no other way around this rule.)

    * I was trying to ask if as far as you know for either a true Muslim or even for Magicians, is there a rules that says..”According to our rules, a magic can not be completely removed until the victim of this magic pays and honors his promise to the healer.

    These were what i was asking 🙂

    Thank you again for all your answers and God bless…

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      “I wonder what type of Muslim you are & what is your background in this subject..I found nothing really about you on this site.”

      I tend not to expose myself publicly on this website, for I do not wish to find free trouble. But since you asked; I am 22 years old and I am a Computer Programmer by profession. Being a graduate of Computer System Engineering, the reason I know so much about this topic is mere Curiosity. In the early days, I would surf the web for details on this topic but I would find very little information, that too without any reference. Most of the articles would even contradict each other. But Now, All praise is to Allaah, I have learned a lot through my experience in the past few years. And I just felt the need to start a blog relating to Jinn, since there is no such information on the internet that speaks of the Required detail, ‘of such an amazing creation of Allah.’ Since I started this blog, I felt the need to learn even more to have people answered and that lead me deeper into this subject. My Life-time experience are not brief to describe here at this time. However, I am a Muslim, and I consider the different schools of thought as mere stubbornness of some Students of the Leading scholars. Most people are Muslims ONLY because their parents are Muslims. They would consider themselves as part of a specific school of thought yet they do not know the teachings of that type. It is a long debate and we can talk about it if you are interested in Islam.

      Throughout my study about this topic, I researched for all the traditions and teachings followed by people in Islam and most of the other common religions. Basically, Magic has infiltrated our religion to a vast extent. These so called Men of God, help people through Jinn and claim it to be the help from God Himself. This way they gain the people’s trust and today, people actually bow towards these men of god instead of bowing towards Allaah for help in their prayers. This is Shirk (Worst Sin). Most people do not realize this due to the lack of knowledge and the True teachings of Islam. It is to such an extent that the true teaching may sometimes fall on deaf ears. Hence I believe the information on this blog can easily elaborate all of this corruption.

      I also find this topic to be of great importance in today’s world. Science cannot prove God, but can they prove Jinn? A subject that is neither Theory nor imagination, but a Fact. Science failing to explain a phenomenon does NOT mean that the subject is Fake, but that Science is yet Weak. I believe, if you show an atheist a Jinn, manifesting itself in different forms and moving objects around Live, there is a huge chance of him reverting towards religion. Because at that time the science which he considered Superior to Religion – Fails; and he might eventually ask himself – “if he cannot see anything yet he confirms their existence, Hence there can be a God for this world and everything in it are His signs and proof of his existence.”

      All praise is to Allaah, people have converted to Islam just by reading through this blog just because it answered the major questions and doubts in the people’s mind. Like – Exorcism, Jinn possession and Jinn manifestation into Physical forms and many other Real-life experiences that yearned for an answer. May Allaah’s Peace and blessings be upon All of them. I seek to promote this website somehow but it is still young and I hope it grows fast enough so that one day, anyone who searches for the keyword ‘Jinn’ – may see this website on the first page. God Willingly.

      I think I got off the topic here but I will come to your questions now:
      “* So let’s put it in the following example…( A victim of magic goes to a healer to be made free of the magic. The healer tells him/her it will cost you a certain amount of money & it needs to be paid by a certain date…The victim agrees. The healer gets to work on the supposed magic and then the victim….”

      This is an absolute Lie. There is no such thing as a covenant between a healer and the patient – but there could be one between a MAGICIAN and a client/victim. There are no rules set in the true method of Healing with the recitation of Quran. The sooner the patient is brought, the better it is for the patient. It does not bother or affect the Healer at all.

      “* I was trying to ask if as far as you know for either a true Muslim or even for Magicians, is there a rules that says..”According to our rules, a magic cannot be completely removed until the victim of this magic pays and honors his promise to the healer.”

      Not at all, If the person has said this then obviously he sees your friend caught in his trap. Now that the person feels that he has the upper hand, he can force your friend to pay for the cost or get killed by the Magic (as he speaks).

      I am glad to have helped. Keep your questions coming.

  113. Stranger says:


    Check your inbox please.I have emailed u.


  114. No Name says:

    I thank you for every single word & information you so graciously took the time to share with me. Yes, you have helped a lot & I will respond with a few comments & questions soon as i get a chance.
    Thanks again & God bless you….

  115. No Name says:

    I’ve just sent you an e-mail. Please check & respond when convenient for you 🙂

  116. Stranger says:


    Kindly check your email please.

    Waiting for your reply.


  117. Muhammad Azmir says:

    plz let me know the name meaning of AZMIR and which language word is?

  118. maryam says:

    my house has jinns,and my things keep on going missing,i put something in a certain place and the next time i check its not there,no one els in the family take it,some REALY important things have gone missing,i need them ASAP,is there a way i can get them back?plz reply ASAP!!

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salaam sister,

      Sister, first of all, the things that are missing, do you think it will have any significance to Jinn or the Witch who steals it? It might have been misplaced by someone else. But if you are sure, that it is something of significance then you may read the article – Jinn of the House. It includes protection from Evil inside homes where you find things missing for no reason.

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in qadeer.

  119. Hannah says:

    Slaam brother,

    Is an out of body experience something related to Jinns? I don’t know about your knowledge about out of body experiences..but is it possible for a person to have these more than just a few times!!!

    Jazakulla hair

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum salaam,

      I do not know what an out of body experience is. If you can elaborate it briefly, I might then be able to conclude something.


  120. khalid says:

    Dear Brother,

    I have a jinn inside me since 1990 once he was not inside me but i had gone to an Amil in Lahore who for money put that thing inside me. Now i have done every thing reciting HOLLY QURAN, every thing but that thing may just move a little but never leave his place that is my body. It also severely damage my earning and what ever i do i gain no success. if i do job some thing happened big and for such circumstances i have to leave the JOB, if i do business than what ever i do or take steps no success. I have just earned 25000 or 30000 rupees in seven or eight years. same is happening with my whole family only just one brother who is in America is out of this curse. and is the main source of income to the whole family but he is also very dejected and want some releaf. plz tell me the solution although i am now not afraid of jins may be i am used to it.

  121. mariam says:

    salams brother,can you please delete all my posts,question,as i cannot do so myself,jazaklh

  122. Scarlett says:

    Okay well I had a really odd encounter last night…
    I was sleeping and then awoken to this demonic creature or demon on my bed next to my face it’s appearance was very flat with a wide smile and giant white eyes with a copper skin tone. I want to know if it was just a random lost negative soul or one whom has a name that’s been sensed and sighted before like a legit demon. If you have any more questions on it’s appearance please feel free to ask I’m really curious though …

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      It is plausible that what you saw was a legitimate Demon – That is – If you are not drugged or under some medication or any other medical illness like hallucinations etc. A demon can take on any form they want, they may even hallucinate the mind instead of manifesting itself into a physical form.

  123. Scarlett says:

    I wish I was on some form of drug that caused that horrific encounter but I was not. The night after that I awoke but was still asleep buy I clawing at my left eye brow literally ripping it out… But it wasn’t until much later that I woke up at around 3 am again from the throbbing pain of my eye brow did I remember doing it to myself in a sort or lucid dream slash trance. I can’t explain this weird supernatural things have happened to me before but never have I seen something that scared me so much nor have I ever been physically harmed…
    And as the the demon I was assuming that that’s what I saw are there different types of demons ? I know in syfi shows it has lists of different types and names but does that actually apply to reality not just media because most of it is nonsensical entertainment bot factual and informative. Lol

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Yes, they can appear in any form they want, and cause fear depending on how powerful they are, categorically.

      • secret name :P says:

        hey i would really appreciate it if u reply to my question m a 16 year old girl and i have been having prblms since i was alittle kid mostly i cant even post here and my mood is weired sll the time i have a friend i have been talking to and he thinks tht m under the influence of jinnat coz i keep having bad dreams and thoughts the night he told me this i dont knw if it was psychlogical or real but i wokeup an hour i think before the fajar prayer and i was half awake i felt like some1 was controling my hands and feet and no matter which side i tried to turn to i would return to the same sleeping position like a dead person all i thought of it was tht it was psychlogical but m nt sure wht to call it it was for a long time and even after tht i couldnt go back to sleep and my arms and feet felt numb and i felt like i was possesed for a while can u tell me if it was just my active imagination or can they really do tht?

        • Muhammad Ali says:

          What you suffered is commonly known as Sleep-Paralysis. There are two sides to this story.

          The Medical doctors say it is due to the mind twisting into a dilemma, where the body wakes up and the mind tells itself that you are in deep sleep. When we sleep the mind restricts the body from movement, and therefore when the eyes open and a part of our brain wakes up, the body remain still and paralyzed.

          However, spiritual people may call it possession. It is more plausible that this experience is a demonic possession because, it is accompanied with sightings of dark shadows and hearing voices and other creepy thoughts. One may simply call it hallucinations of those who believe in spirits but most of the people who have experienced this are atheists.

          I personally believe that there are Demons involved in this.

          and yes, if you wish to know if they are capable of doing so, then indeed they can possess and hallucinate people. They can easily give nightmares.

  124. lisa says:

    how do you know if a demons in your house or in you or in someone else? How do demons enter your house hold and what makes them stronger and where do they come from. and how do you get ride of them

  125. assalamualaikum says:

    salamualaikum i have to ask is there a away to see a good jin and muslim pls help me

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      it is mostly by chance, or in fact, you can always get to talk to them if you go through some rituals and you are not sure if they are muslims or non-muslims for you cannot see them.

  126. Amina Sheikh says:

    we live in a joint family system and my chacho died last month his family live with us now yesterday we find a taveez in our washroom not in our chachi’s washroom we opend it and we cant read that words but in the end my chachi(aunty)name with my cousin my auntys son name and name of my chachi’s mother was written..
    now i want to know what we do
    one thing is very strange that my chachis wasroom is very safe everyone can go there and its like in open place our washroom is attached with the room so its difficult to put anything there..
    my other question is that some days back my cloths started to disappear strangely…i lost so many cloths and trousers and after that i started feeling that somebody touch me…now i feel good i recite verses and that effect is minimized still i am worried..plz do reply

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam sister,

      Sister there is nothing to worry, It is the belief in Allaah and the thought that nothing can hurt you without HIS permission and HE is the protector of All his Creation.

      What you have described is quite common in villages. Disappearance of Clothes, means someone stole it in order to make a TAWEEZ/CHARM/Magic. If you can find out who stole those clothes, that person would be the one responsible for that Taweez – which you found in the bathroom.

      The names and mothers’ names are also common as a requirement for bewitching someone. It is best you get rid of the Taweez. If it is a paper with text written with a soluble ink, then do the following:

      take some water in a bowl and recite the following over it. The recitation should be done in a way that the air from your mouth touches the surface of the water.

      1 – Surah Al-Fatiha
      2 – Ayat-ul-kursi (Verse 255 Surah Baqara)
      3 – Last Three Surahs of Quran.

      Then you can put that piece of paper and dissolve it in this water. It will by Allaah’s Leave cancel its effects. if there are other things stitched inside the amulets, like – a piece of cloth, or a photo, it is best to burn them with fire.

      Always seek refuge in Allaah, and read a translation of Ayat-ul-kursi to understand its Significance. May Allaah keep us safe from the Evil within ourselves and the Evil of That which HE has created.

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

  127. M.M says:

    Asalaam Aleykum,

    I am recently married and we have had a string of very unusual incidences.

    #1 – Extreme hasad starting on my wedding night to the point where many guests cried they were so envious and questioned why the marriage was taking place openly.

    #2-The possession of my co-wife (who loves me dearly and hand selected me to be our husband’s wife)

    #3-constant intimate disfunction with solely me and not other wife (this is not due in any way due to disinterest in any way/shape or form – purely unexplainable and causes chest pain for my hub)

    #4 – Very jealous comments from other sisters degrading my good character for no reason

    #5 – many bizarre occurrences when I am home alone such as thing blowing up, locked doors wide open in the morning, appliances turning on and off etc…
    – additionally disappearance of my clothing from wedding night.

    #6 – Became inhabited by a jinn myself

    #7 – Now a large distance for no apparent reason between my best friend – my co-wife. we were never jealous of each and were so happy to be appart of each others lives for the sake of Allah ta’ala

    #8 – Unexplainable or justifiable self imposed distances from my husband who I love dearly – And i do not know why or how I created such barriers.

    A number of rouqyah have been carried out, from a daily to weekly basis. in this case it will go from the wife it is conducted on, automatically to the other wife…
    some roukyah detect possession others just render the one receiving the roukyah almost unconscious from tiredness

    These things seem to get worse in intensity after sisters gatherings

    All three of us have increased our ibaadah considerably and we are all – especially my husband and co-wife very practicing Laa hawla wala quwwata illa billa.

    I want to find out if this is:
    a) jinn
    b) sihir
    or all of the above.

    my husband has suggested obviously there is strong hasad and he suspects there is a jinn in love with me.

    This is causing considerable hardship in our relationships alhumdulila.

    I would like to know appart from what we are already doing – how can I determine what is going on so I can treat it?

    • M.M says:

      * oh and additionally to this, in the 6 months of my marriage my husband and my health has been constantly afflicted.
      We are both considerably fit and well above average in health – normally – but since marriage we have been ridden with constant ailments – mine are slightly more serious.
      there has not been a week where one of us weren’t ill or afflicted with a mystery sore that has come from nowhere, and then there are more serious organ issues. we are both very fit and eat a healthy balanced diet…. clearly this is not normal

  128. Munira says:

    Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu.

    I haven’t been on this site a long time masha Allaah akhi I like the design although this section needs a page two because it’s getting too long.

    I thought I would like to share something interesting. A woman calls in on a Islamic QA kind of thing and is interrupted by the jinn subhaan Allaah!

    Also I gave you link to a very interesting video about jinns although I find it very suspicious now that I think about it. There are ten parts to the lecture. You can check it out:

    Allaah Hafiz.

    Asalaamu alaykum.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam sister!

      JazakAllahu Khairan for sharing such an update with us.

      I will soon archive the comments in this section, Insha’Allaah.

      About the Interview with the Jinn, I read a few parts of it but we are not allowed to believe what the Jinn tells us. That is a fact. Because one day one jinn will say one thing and tomorrow he will say another and one is not sure what to believe in.

      I will insha’Allaah upload some more interviews with exorcists and that will clarify what I mean. One exorcist’s elaboration contradicts with that of the other, but we cannot say that both are right or both are wrong. We should believe only in what has come forth from the Quran and Sunnah.

      Once again, JazakAllaah for this share. May Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon all of us.


      wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

  129. mohammad khan says:

    its is reg. my friend, about 11 years ago he met a person and since then my friend lost his mind.his mother took him to hospital and is been treated for schizophrenia but recently we found him speaking in sanskrit(ancient indian language which is dead now).we now think he is beeing possessed because he knows only english and a little bit or urdu and punjabi.he never knew our guess right, and if so what should we do.jazakallah.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam brother,

      Brother, if you confirm that he did not know the language, and if someone close to him confirms it. Then it may well have been a possession. For treatment. I would recommend a few articles.

      First Stage of Treatment-
      Second Stage of Treatment-
      Condition of Patient during Treatment-

      If you cannot do this, do not tell any AALIM/PEER or any stranger sitting in the shadow of a tree claiming to be a man of god. All you must do (if you cannot perform this by yourself), is to contact the Imaam of your Masjid. It is simple recitation and talking to the Jinn.

      May Allaah’s blessings be upon All of us. Ameen.

      If you have further questions, do not hesitate to ask brother.

  130. S Ali says:

    Dear Brother,

    I have been suffering from black magic since quite a long time. It has not only created many destructions like family and finance but also effecting the health now. Something has been given to me through food and it’s residing inside the stomach.

    I have tried many ways as suggested by different people, various quranic amals and listening of Ruqiyah, however, no sucess. When I listen to Ruqiah my belly start shaking. It keep shaking as long i listen to Ruqiah but never stop.

    I have tried different suggested quranic recitations blowing on water but no success. Whenever I drink recited water my stomach become full of gases and belly increases in size but this thing never come out nor the jin speaks.

    Is there any effective way to get rid of this?

    Jazak Allah Khair.

  131. awais says:

    Q;brothers can any one tell me the symptoms of black magic or any other type of magics?

  132. Rainy says:

    I live in New Orleans all My life.I have an Arabic friend here that told me I have a male jinn around me.Now I was told many people that I was born with this jinn. Not knowing what to think I feel I need to hear someone say I am not crazy. I was raped at 3 till I was 13 by my step granfather. I have no memories of this, but my siblings do.They tell me of it and till this day I dont recall it.I feel cold all the time now. The old I get the more I feel it, but to touch Me I feel almost dead at times.I hear whispers till this day and I am not the only one that hears them in my house. Friends have claimed to see shadows and being touched, Needless to say people do not stay around my house at night. I have had the feelings at times. I have woken up to being covered in sweat and my insides feeling like I was on fire. There are times my sexuals desires are warped and I long to hurt my mates to watch them cry.I dont keep mates long due to I become so angry at them. and now I have this erge to just be alone.Is this a jinn or am I really going insane. I am not scared of it because so many people have said he has been with me for so long. But my friend is worried and wants to get rid of the jinn. Now I am almost scared of not having it ,like I am not sure how I will be like if he is gone. Is this common for a female to cling to this creature.How do I know this is what he is , how do I speak to it. Does it speak to Me. I am so cinfused and lost at this point.Please help

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I am grieved to hear your story, you should not worry about what people say. If you feel too distressed, you may want to leave the place and migrate onto another place where you can start over a new life, just incase you are bothered by memories relating to the place where you stay, or the friends you have there locally. I am sure you know best how to counter that, for all your feeling might actually be hallucinations that are formed due to the people whom you interact with.

      About the Jinn, it is plausible. Women often have a male jinn in love with them and so they follow them everywhere. Likewise some men have female jinn in love with them. Your symptoms might be either Medical or may be Spiritual, to find that out, there are some Verses that needs to be recited in your ear. If you are willing to find out if you really are possessed and bound to a Jinn, you will have to let a Muslim do this, It can actually be a Muslim Woman, not necessarily a Male.

      If you have a Muslim Friend (Female) or someone who is just a friend and not someone who is lawful to marry you, he should read the instructions bellow to clarify your illness.

      – You should both be in Clean in the state of Prayer (Taking a Bath would Suffice)
      – If your Muslim friend can recite, there are a few common verses she should know

      1 – Surah Fatiha (First Chapter of the Quran)
      2 – Ayat-ul-kursi (verse 255 of Surah Baqara – Second Chapter)
      3 – Last Three Surahs (Chapters) of the Quran

      – It can either be read from the Quran, or Best if memorized.
      – You should rest on a mattress/bed and your friend should sit close to your head and place her hand on your forehead, and recite the above verse in a loud voice in your ear (close to your ear).
      – The above could be recited at least 3 times.

      Now, what this would do is Clarify if the illness you have is relevant to Psychology, Medicine or plausibly Jinn. How?

      That can be found by the reaction of your body. If you feel headaches (migraine/Lateral Headaches), or feel numbness in an organ of your body or other discomfort, that would imply that you have been touched by a Jinn in one way or the other, like Magic, or mere common love from a Male jinn.

      Most of the cases, where the touch of the Jinn is strong due to Magic (Amulets etc), you may actually go into epileptic seizures during this Recitation, and the Jinn will speak through your tongue, and you friend should then ask the Jinn the following Questions.

      – What is your name
      – What is your religion
      – Why have you possessed this woman?

      The purpose of these questions are,

      – Once you have the name, you can point at him with it, without it you cannot get his attention.
      – with the religion, if he is a Muslim, he may easily be convinced that Muslims do not harm others and those who do will eternally be punished. If a non-Muslim, he may either be invited to Islam, and if he denies, he is agonized with the recitation of the Quran. So if he does not listen, the above recitation should continue until he agrees to leave and ALWAYS take the promise from the Jinn to never come back.
      – Why have you possessed the woman? this is important to know if the Jinn has come through Magic done on you, which would imply that there is an Amulet that binds the Jinn to you. If that is the case, then your friend should ask the Jinn where the Amulet is Buried/hidden. Do not believe the Jinn, but check the place and make sure it is there, if not, you may continue recitation and make him tell the truth one way or the other.

      Just a Side note, Always take make the Jinn Promise never to come back, and if he does, tell him you will burn him with the recitation. If the Jinn is stubborn is not willing to leave, your friend can slap the side of your arm slowly, which would not hurt you at all, but it is used to terrify the Jinn and it is like…when the Jinn possesses the body, he is like a Child born, which is hurt with the slightest of discomfort, so use that JUST IN CASE HE IS TOO ARROGANT TO LEAVE and when your friend cannot convince him.

      If, in case, you do not feel anything during this Recitation (called Ruqya), then it may well have been a Psychological problem, and that can easily be overcome if you migrate to another place and start over a new life.

      You may keep me updated with your condition, I pray to Allaah to bring peace and blessings in your life. Ameen.

      and yes, do not go to magicians and those non-muslim healers, they will ALWAYS tell you that you have a jinn on you and etc, that is just the way they bankrupt people. If you are not possessed, they will make sure you are after you visit them, and so that you can come back to them and they can ask for more and more money. So be careful about that, let the reciter be your Muslim friend, or tell her to find a Legitimate Raqi (Muslim Exorcist). She can find that out from the Imaam of a Masjid. Be ware of Fake Muslim Healers too, those that offer Amulets as cure for these things. Do-not-take-Amulets! They might appear Muslim Spiritual Healer with their full grown Beards and all, they are liers and suggest Amulets which bind more and more demons/jinn to your body, and likewise bankrupt you.

      Please keep me updated, I hope you get well soon and have all the joys in your life.


  133. Idrees ahmed says:

    assalamualikum brother, i am a student but some two years back i lost interest in my studies. I went to a person to see whether i was affected by sihr. He told me that I was. He also told me that he used to talk to good muslim jinns at night. Then he asked me for some money to make something, i think food, for his jinns. Then once more i visited him. He gave me an amulet to hang in my room which he told me he had got from the same jinn. What is this? Is there any islamic background for this? Is talking to a muslim jinn allowed? Please reply and tell me because i think i am doing a sin. Although i must admit that my studies have improved a bit since then.

  134. wasim says:

    Hello everyone,

    Can someone enlighten me of what djinn open binding means?
    I saw a beautiful pendant that I am attracted to and it says that
    the djinn had an open binding?

  135. nana says:

    salamu alaikum. about 7 months ago,while driving i became short of breath.i was taken to the hospital but nothing was found on me medically.i started seeing a person who performed ruqiya on me.a jinn appeared and said it has been residing in me for years but that a sihr was done on me by my colleagues not to go to work but stay at home.since then ruqiya has been done but the jinn refused to problem now is my eyes. sometimes my eyes ache me and becomes numb or it becomes opened without blinking.i have nightmares that my eyes cannot raqi told me it is the jinn affecting my eyes. i get really confused . can jinn/sihr affect the eyes.what can i do i am really confused.

  136. muhammad oliwar rahman says:

    please help i think i,m possesed or sihr have been done i feel dizzy everyday and cant work i have headaches all the time n cant sleep

  137. Idrees ahmed says:

    Thank you very much for answering. I think he is a sahir. I have destroyed the amulets. After destroying I again lost interest in studies. Also I didn’t know about him being a sahir when i went to him. Have i commited a sin by visiting him? If so, will Allah forgive it if i repent?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Indeed, Allaah is the Most Merciful, and He forgives those who Repent. May you find peace and blessings in your life brother. Take Care

  138. nazy says:

    i want to no how can i tell if someones done magic on me or if theres a shaytaani jinn after me who came it self ? coz im confused … sumthings disturbing me for ages now i just wana no whethers its sent by sum1 or did it cum it self ?

  139. Sister_A says:

    Salams! I am somewhat confused because from what I have read (and understood) Black magic/Sihir cannot and would not affect someone without Allah’s permission? I see pious people who have been affected by sihir and those who hardly pray or remember Allah (not judging, just talking facts) have happy lives and are not affected by anything evil. I know Allah Almighty tests us but what I don’t get is, why would Allah give approve sihir (I know the wording is not right) when it could ruin the life of his true believers? Please advise… I hate having this question in my mind… Currently a victim of magic of seperation and evil eye I have started Ruqyah treatment however I have been feeling very sad having read sihir couldnt have touched me without Allah’s permission. I know there is probably something wrong in what Ive read or how I have understood. Would grately appreciate if someone helped clarify this. Wassalam!

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam sister,

      Sister, nothing happens without the Permission of Allaah, but the choice of an individual may occur – increasing in sins for that individual. This is natural, if Allaah were to disallow Evil that is done by Human/Jinn, there would be no need for Day of Judgment, neither for Hell or Heaven. But this is what is destined. We should all be grateful for what little or more we have. Alhamdullillah. In any case we should be patient and should seek refuge in Allah Alone.

      Like you mentioned, there have been great scholars and true believer that have become victims of Sihr and even bad times in their lives. This utterly does not mean that God hates them, it may well have been a Trial, and the ones who Pass are the ones blessed. I would like to quote a Hadith of the Black Lady:

      Narrated ‘Ata bin Abi Rabah: Ibn ‘Abbas said to me, “Shall I show you a woman of the people of Paradise?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “This black lady came to the Prophet and said, ‘I get attacks of epilepsy and my body becomes uncovered; please invoke Allah for me.’ The Prophet said (to her), ‘If you wish, be patient and you will have (enter) Paradise; and if you wish, I will invoke Allah to cure you.’ She said, ‘I will remain patient,’ and added, ‘but I become uncovered, so please invoke Allah for me that I may not become uncovered.’ So he invoked Allah for her.” (Book #70, Hadith #555)

      Thus you should be grateful to have survived this suffering, and if you have, you are verily a woman from the people of Paradise. 🙂

  140. Sabr says:

    Can you cure someone suspected of being under the influence of evil without their knowledge? I believe someone is affected by black magic but I am unable to sit him down and do Ruqya for him as explained here in your site because he does not believe in evil possession etc. Nor am I that close to him to convince him to get help.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      You can talk to him and ask him in any way you wish to. Matter of fact is that..I have never seen a Prayer hurt anyone. Reciting a few verses of the Quran won’t hurt him. If the person is in need of help, you can tell him to contact you when in need. If you wish to help him for the sake of Allaah, you should speak to him and tell him the reasons why You think he could possibly be possessed.

  141. maryaam says:

    salaamu alaikum

    It all started when I moved to this new house(it is still the house I live in).Before I moved in I used to be very religious but ever since I moved into this house I stopped being religious. Prayer became a burden and right now i don’t perform prayer anymore. Moths after living in the house I started feeling stalked by someone unseen and when I told my friend she told me to become more religious and listen to ruqyah( she was the only person I told about the situation though she told me to tell my mother but i didn’t because i feel she wouldn’t understand). So I took her advice and when ever i start to listen i begin to shiver and my heart normally aches and i get aggressive and i also get headaches and i also feel pain in my right arm. I continued to this sand it stopped. Again months after i just decided to listen to ruqyah and suprisenly my stomach felt like it was burning and i started yawning alot and i still get aggressive so i continued to do this for sometime and all the symptoms reduced. I only fall asleep while listening to ruqyah. The problem now started a day to ramadan when i checked out alot of thing on jinn and I was committing haram while reading then noticed some cats watching me from the window and i went to close the curtains the they started scratching my window then I went to look at them again this time I stared into one on their eyes(I was on my period).I just ignored them and continue searching on jinn and still committing haram at one point I started feeling severer headache but i didn’t stop. Now its Ramadan and the headache didn’t stop and I have been having fever for 3 days and my right legs hurts. I have been taking medicine and It didn’t do anything and I also i have pain on my right leg. I cant fast because suprisenly my period didn’t stop. I wanted to repent this month and start praying but my period hasn’t stopped yet. I notice that even when I moved in this house whenever I want to start praying I see my period or my period comes back( i confirmed this is not a medical situation0. I really want help and I badly want to turn to Allah but honestly whenever I try bu its really hard I want some advice and I want to know if the Jinn is back again

    • I NEED A HELP says:

      That happened to me too, because i screamed in the bathroom. :\ that was a big mistake i wish i never did that thing… when i read quran nothing works everything goes worst :’\

      i really need help everywhere in my body hurts and at night someone is pulling me
      and a book from nowhere fell in my head and my mom saw clone of me in her room and i am with my sister in her room playing in the pc thats not me its a jinn or a demon i dont know and at 4 am me and sister went to watch TV and then my sister and i saw a clone of my little sister twice and they dont talk at all, and then me and sister saw my dad and then i turned a saw a weird girl infront my face… it was scary and more things happened like in my cuzin hand was wriiten my name and hers and after a while i swear it changed to DIE DIE DIE! and the door closes and opens 3 times and the bed is moving and shaking and then a white thing suddenly appeard like a human, and someone is screaming in my ears.

  142. maryaam says:

    and i urine alot now and

  143. I NEED A HELP says:

    i just wanna know if im gonna die or what :\
    i searched in the net and everywhere they say “ofcourse jinn kills” :\ i wanna live plz help me!!!!
    i Really need a help!

  144. sharaz ayub says:

    as salaam alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuh.please can anyone with sure knowledge tell me how to cure [sihr al hawathif ;hearing voices ] jazak allah kheir as salaam alaikum

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa alaikum as salaam brother Sharaz,

      I am sorry for this delayed reply, I have been busy for the past few weeks, and I ask forgiveness.

      Brother, you can read about the cure here: First Stage of Treatment of Sihr/Magic(All types)

      Please do not hesitate to ask more if you wish. May Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon you and may you get well soon brother, Insha’Allaah Ameen.

  145. Aisha says:

    I have a few questions concerning jinns:

    I had a dream..I think it was a dream. I could see myself lying in my bed normally (not from above my body, just normally). I saw this black human figure without a face and it was at the edge of my bed. I heard whispering in my ear. It felt very real, as if I were awake. At the same time though, I knew I was sleeping but it was difficult to wake up, as if the jinn was keeping me from doing that. I forced myself to wake up. Everything was fine but I was scared.  I noticed I wasn’t sleeping for that long, maybe an hour or so. I told my parents and my father had asked me if it felt more real or more of a dream. I said dream but because of the whispering, I had doubts. So I was wondering, from your perspective, if you think it’s a dream or if it’s real? This dream only happened once, I have a feeling I’m not possesed but it might’ve been like a one time joke. You know how kids play silly pranks on others? Well do you think the black human figure from my dream was doing just that? Do jinns even do that?

     Also another time I had a dream that I was watching some random people walking on some random street and then all of a sudden a black German Shepard came out no where. And all of sudden it was ME running away from that dog on MY street. I ran to my house and just as I was near my door the dog was in front of me, was on his hind legs (which looked like cow legs). And just as he was about to grab me, I woke up. I understand that this isn’t a dream interpretation site but in a couple of articles you mentioned that jinns can transform themselves usually into dogs and other things, so I’m wondering can jinns get into your dreams?

    Someone told me that jinns can turn into humans. How can you tell if someone is a jinn? 

    My younger brother is mentally disabled, autistic, and cannot speak. My parents think it’s a possibility it might be some jinn and it might’ve been done by people who secretly don’t like us. Also, when he’s angry, he starts biting people. Is he just like that because he’s special or is it jinn? Oh and my parents were talking about if they did do ruqyah, the whole family would have to wear black beads or something, I can’t remember exactly. Is this halal? What’s the reasoning behind this?
    When I’m playing with him or talking to him, he would look with a confused face somewhere else. I would turn around to see if my dad or someone was coming but there was nothing. He usually has normal eye contact with family members so I don’t think it has to do with that. Do you think he’s looking at a jinn or just a mere characteristic of autistic children?

    Jazakallah in advance for taking the time and effort in answering these questions.

  146. Aisha says:

    I have some more questions, I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    If a person is possessed and dies, is he/she accountable of his/her actions during the period he/she was possessed?
    You know how when a person becomes sick, Allah (swt) forgives them? Is that the same concept as being possessed by a jinn?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salaam sister,

      I am sorry for the late response, I have been busy so I will come to your questions without further delay.

      “If a person is possessed and dies, is he/she accountable of his/her actions during the period he/she was possessed? You know how when a person becomes sick, Allah (swt) forgives them?”
      What you refer to is the bellow Hadith:
      Narrated ‘Aisha: (the wife of the Prophet) Allah’s Apostle said, “No calamity befalls a Muslim but that Allah expiates some of his sins because of it, even though it were the prick he receives from a thorn.” (Sahih al-Bukhari: Book #70, Hadith #544)

      If a person dies from torture from a shaitan, which has no reason to torture this person, then this falls into the category of Zulm, and not Calamity. In this case, the Jinn/shaitan will be held accountable for torturing the victim, and those who do not free this patient from this jinn will also be held accountable just as is in the case of Zulm/oppression in a society. But people do not die from possession, unless it lasts for weeks and the person dies out of starvation/dehydration. So it is best to consult a Raqi before it is too late.

      Your next question: “Also, what’s the viewing on tarot cards, voodoo dolls, ouija boards and etc.? I know they’re haraam but I would like to know more in detail, please.”
      All of them involve praises to the demons and, we are speaking of Attribution. Attributing the demons with the attributes of Allaah. Like – “O ………….! most merciful and eternal! appear! appear!” Nauzubillah. But overall it is in short – Shirk at the highest level. May Allaah forbid.

      I hope I have answered your questions, please keep your questions coming.
      And May Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon you and all the Muslims of the world. Ameen.

  147. Aisha says:

    Also, what’s the viewing on tarot cards, voodoo dolls, ouija boards and etc.? I know they’re haraam but I would like to know more in detail, please.

  148. MOHAMMED says:


    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salaam brother Muhammad,

      Brother, Allaah is the Most Merciful. Allaah will accept his prayers the moment your friend intends to offer it, even if he or his clothes are dirty. What you describe is common among children, but if the habit continues to grow without someone helping him with it then eventually it takes the form of behavior. Tell him that if he doubts that his clothes are dirty, he can recite the 2nd Kalma and wipe his hand over the place where he thinks is dirty. This will, by Allaah’s Will, purify those clothes, or that place.

      This way he will not have to do wuzu all over again, and his prayers will be accepted Insha’Allaah.

      If you still feel that there may be a Jinn involved then I have an article written on that here: Am I Possessed?
      If he does not respond to the Ruqya then it may in fact be his behavior, which only he can change by thinking positive, because Indeed Allaah is the Most Merciful.

      • MOHAMMED says:



  149. Mina says:

    Hi my name is Mina.I have been having issues with three or more male Jinns,demons,grims who stay at my right(north)Left(east)back(west).They follow me every even to holy places.Before we moved in a young man died of a drug dose next door.It all started five years ago after I moved into an apretment at the age of 13.They sleep with me it’s very very creepy.They sit with me when I sit and stand with me when I stand.They are black and shadowy with claws.We have lived on top of people who drink,party,chase after men, act out duo to their mental issues.So I have taken this into account.I can’t sleep in my room because it’s an ice box.I have even felt them touching me like one time I felt two on my rigth arm.One was on top of it and the other under it.The hand on top belonged to something that was wareing a berual dress.I have seen and felt other things like Twice I have cryed and something’s hand was under my right eye so that The tear could fall onto it,seen shadow men siting next to me,seen one move towards me and look dowh at me from behind,seen hobo spiders outside on the rails,seen black house spiders inside the house which seem to just disapear,felt cold and hot stops,prayed and something tryed to make me fall with it’s hands,I have seen a boney creature with wings looking at me while I was asleep, unletal snakes come weeving out near my feet when I walk,I seen a green and purple orb,feet swelling,three times a flock of crows came to eat off our roof.These creatures Want have a love cricle but by the mercy of god/Allah this will never happen.I also smell things like cheap men’s perfume,smoke,burning cloth,feces,rotting flesh mainly after After I use holy water.We and dad are kind and fathfully people who don’t have people close around us to want to hurt us.Particulaularly me because I have home school since I was nine,I have no sisters or brother,mom has been divorced from my dad since I was three,I never been kissed by a boy,I have lived a very sheltered life,I have no friends,no pets beacause they keep(dying).I’am wondering if these things a have something to do with it.They have affected us so much mainly me.They don’t want anyone close to me whater as freinds or older sisters.Things don’t work out grades,trying to start a freindship.They attract drugies,sex crazed girls,strange folk.These are not people I want as freinds.Then they try to play the good guys.They try to scar and drain my dad beacause I don’t want them around.We have tried prayer and all religious remedies.As christians natuarly we had a prist come and bless the apretment.

  150. Enam Khan says:

    All praise to Almighty ALLAH.Brother I live in Bangladesh.Since 1 year um December 2010 i checkup my full body by medically, nd shuriya to allah that Doctor didnt found anything.then i meet personally an Emam who works against jinn/devil/satan in the name of ALLAH.He watch me nd said that i’ve some problem.he said it maybe jinn/evil eye or it maybe a witchcraft/magic.but he didnt specified the problems address.yes practically i also see that he is right.because when my problems are increase he also said my problems are increased & when decreased he also said problems are decreased.he gave me several ‘treatment’ in the name of Almighty ALLAH for removing the problem.but the thing is that when i start the every ‘treatment’ the problem have been removed.but it have been back again.until now I’ve been suffering the problem.prob is-
    1-To have burning sensation in my body like some one flamed on my body.
    2-when the problem started my whole face becoming BLACK.also some different type of black spot on the face.
    4-Becoming angry
    & also have some minor problem.All the problems started same a day sometimes the problem are not in my body nd then i feel too much better.but maximum time it is with me.Brother If there is any solution please give me in the name of Allah. Allah Hafiz.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa alaikum as salaam brother Enam, I am very sorry for the late response, very sorry.

      I read your post brother and I wish to know What kind of treatments were given to help you with your problems before?

  151. ear sir, assalam-alaikum, i am muslim pious man, having 1 girl (2.5 years old) and boy(1.2 years old), during eid we removed my son hair and went for picnic at evening at park, and all my family memebers were also present during eid holidays in my home, next day of eid, my son started epileptic disorder (fits 3 times ) continously, and was hospitalized for one day, and returned home, after 2 days same thing happened, could u pls advice what i have to do, iam very pious praying 5 times and reciting quran, i am now more worried about my son..pls help me out

  152. Enam Khan says:

    Brother i m enam khan. i elaborated my problem 10 days ago,but dont get the ans until now.. plz help me to find a solution.thank u.

  153. shelley says:

    assalamualaikum brother i need to speak to someone as i need to know if i am posessed or not. i need confirmation on if i am posessed. also that a few years ago i kept finding white ribbons in my room about once a month these ribbons would just appear? i am very confused please help brother i am very worried. please ptrovide me with a number as i would like to speak with someone.. thank you jezaka allah

  154. beela says:

    Salam Brother,
    I am possessde by jinn for past year.I have done several wazifas and got treatment from several amels, but it comes back to me again n again.So can u help me with this situation.I read ur website and i have all the symptoms like headches,sometimes cant even breathe, crawling and needles pick on my body.My hands and feet go numb and etc.I have been to the hospital and doctors several times and no diagnosis can be made.Other than this jinn i am perfectly healthy.Pls repond back to and i need the contact number of an amel.becuz i can not pray on myself this jinn makes me sick.


  155. Enam Khan says:

    Dear Muhammad Ali Vai,
    Thanks for Ur reply.Before the problem several day i saw dream,in the dream i saw snake.several times i scared on my dream & shouted or crying.that time when i awake i realize that i am automatically reciting the “Kalimaye taiob” or “Surah ekhlaas”.in present days i don’t see snake on my dream but I’ve been scared sometimes & saw girl related dreams.but it is not regularly.In my west, where the starting point of backbone, i feel to much pain here.but when this problems are not with me i feel less pain that area.When this types of problems start & i clear by medically, an Emam gave me some treatment like-

    1-He gave me oil & water with reciting some verse of the Quran.
    2-Burn the paper(it is A4 size paper & the paper with Arabic written)
    3-A 7 piece of paper which contains Arabic word with Zafran ink.Each of the paper i put into the glass of water nd mix the water that given by the emam & drink that 5/6 times in a day.(1 paper 1 day, 7 paper 7 day)
    4-Recite Surah FATIHA 1 time & draw a line vertically & air from my mouth in my chest.Now draw that vertical line 6 more times in same rules.Then cross the line by horizontally 3 times with this specific aim like- If um possesd by JIN,or if i am witched by JIN or MAN then cure me Allah.Draw 3 of graph on the same the recite number of surah fatiha is 21 times.
    Then follow with the same Rules & Recite “am abramu amran fa inna mubrimun”.it is also 7 vertical line cross by 3 horizontal is also 3 graph with 21 times reciting.(each graph contains 7 vertical lines & the lines are cross by 3 horizontal lines with the same specific newot.) This treatment time is 3 days.
    5-Recite some word in our language and the air from my mouth surface on the water.41 times recite the word & 41 times i put my mouths air into the water of a glass.then bath with it.

    Brother it is to be mentioned that “Every treatment work 1st.when the treatment work i Feel like I’ve no physical problem.but the prob back again & again.already I’ve been listen ruqyah several times & also recite the 33 ayat of Quran & lastly i check up my body 7 days ago & all the precious to Almighty Allah that dr. confirmed me i,ve no major problem yet.Thank u Muhammad Ali brother. Allah is almighty.

  156. muslim_ali affan says:

    Assalam ualikum Brother!

    Jazakallah for the knowledge you shred here. may Allah accept you work. Dear Brother can you help me with a contact of trustworthy person in india (hyderabad) who can help me in casting jinn form my dear-one. we are newly married and suffering from restless nights and unknown fear and loss of job and work. kindly help, may Allah be pleased with you.

  157. Carole says:

    Hie, Can you help me with this dream that i had when i was approxim. 6 years old and now that i am 52 years old still he appears in front of me time to time. k here it is.

    i was sleeping and woke up terrified cause there was a man with a white face. black square hat, white shirt, black pants, black shoes and a long black trench coat standing, in my closet watching me sleep.

    My parents then had said to me it was only a dream but i do not think cause still up to this day night are day he will appear in front of me. could take a year or even could take up to 5 years but he still do.

    Can you tell me who he is and what he wants if you no the reason.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and maybe helping me out.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      As salamu alaikum (peace and blessings be onto you) sister,

      It may well have been a Jinn, because even if it were a Nightmare, bad dreams come from Satan, or Demons. It could be a Jinn – either in love with you, or you being bewitched by someone. If it does not appear often then it could be a wicked Demon trying to harass you for no reason. Those on love get too close and often possesses their victim, and same is the case with Bewitching.

      If you think what you see is a Dream, you could refer to the book “Dream interpretation in the light of Quran and Sunnah” Written by Dr. Bilal Philips, a Convert to Islam. Beautiful book, Although I do not possess this book or I would have read if there is a dream about seeing white men. But if you are interested that is.

      If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you

  158. Tariq says:

    Asalamilikum…I have heard that the Jinns may be responsible for viruses and plagues…
    have you heard of them also being responsible for sandstorms or whirlpools?

    how much can they do? Go so far as to even create other types of storms such as lightning storms?
    it is said they can move heavy there any knowledge of whether they can actually move earth plates to create earthquakes?

    is there any known opinion about this?

  159. Hagar says:

    I had a dream last night that i was in an underworld or sth like that. Its i think a transition place between Hell/paradise and our world. But this place was not pleasant. So i was with my friends there and i belived in my dream that my mun has been kidnapped by these demons.(i think i believed that she should die afterwards).
    So i was afraid but gathered my courage and went with my friends inside this place. Then a very huge or very fat woman looking very evil come down from the stairs. She looked like she was made out of metal.And she looked like man although her feattures said it is a woman. I told her i want my mother back. I cant remember what she said but then i startes beating her until she become more like human and wasnot so solid or huge any more. She put a viscious smile on her face. I think i made a comprimise with her,that i will fight against another creature or her the next day in order to get my mother back.Suddenly i saw myself holding my younger brother(10 yrs old) like i am holding a baby. She told me she wanna have him too. But then i replied sourly is not mum not enough.,,You have her.If i lose in the battle, you will have her,, So i went outside but i cant remeber my brother being there and with my friends. I think i was happy that i will have my battle. but when i went outside i saw half human and half was to be specific half women and half pig.They worked as prostitutes but they were unhappy. AND the tought came in my head that every girl who stayed at this place will be like them.

    Please help me understand this dream.I am afraid about mum. She is very religious.She urges me to be pray.She is a very good person.
    Please help me !!!!!! Jazak allahu khairan
    Thanks brother!

  160. Munira says:

    Aslaamu alaykum bro remember me? I certainly haven’t, may Allah bless you. I like this website I wish I had more time to browse through it.

  161. ceri says:

    i want to be a vampire how can i do it i dont have magic

  162. noor saba says:

    i got married 4 months back..a week before i was cleaning my room and i found a premature baby’s palate in my has soft bones of jaw n upper lip and some flash over it..has someone done black magic on me and kindly if u could tell me who has done this..and i am continously having dreams which might be relating to that palate…

    • noor saba says:

      noor saba:
      i got married 4 months back..a week before i was cleaning my room and i found a premature baby’s palate in my has soft bones of jaw n upper lip and some flash over it..has someone done black magic on me and kindly if u could tell me who has done this..and i am continously having dreams which might be relating to that palate…
      and tell me some wazifa for it

  163. kenny says:

    Hello, i hope this doesnt offend anybody or anything of the sort, im not muslim im born a christian from Poland, i currently reside in USA. I ended up on your website after researching for as long as I can remember about religions, demons, spirits, and GOLEMS to name a few. At this point in my life i honestly dont believe and trust anything but my intuition, yet i understand exactly what you speak of. I believe i have a Jinn following me since our borderline evil grandma has passed away. Since then before i was born our ENTIRE family seems MIND BLOCKED. I mean no matter what we do we get used by people, no matter what we try everything fails, if we try to better ourselves we lose bigger then if we didnt. My mothers side of the family in Poland cannot function, our minds simply will not let us do anything. Whenever i meet a good person and the closer they get to me I CANNOT ACCEPT IT, a series of events follows that are awkward make no sense and I cannot be myself unless that person leaves my life. Could it be that the grandmother became a JINN to us or that we were forced to the catholic religion by a very abusive family and since dont believe in religions but believe in GOD and that opens us up to beying possesd and manipulated by JINNS. Again sorry im not Muslim if i offend anyone but this is by far the closest ive come to a understanding reading your articles. Thank you

  164. Jamsari says:

    I tried to get rid demon , jin and ghost from my body for years with al quran but it keeps coming back ,so i quit.
    Can you recommend me vitamins , minerals,herbs or with any other nutritional supplement to get rid all those invisible creatures.

  165. Muhammad Siddiq says:

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Akhi im a big fan of this site and ive learnt so much from it . I have recomended it to so many people . May Allah reward u with goodness .

    I have a question regarding sleep paralysis . I make it a point to recite ayatul kursi and the last two ayahs of surah baqarah before i go to sleep every day. After the first time i was paralysed in my sleep , I had a feeling it was a jinn doing this …this was almost an year ago. Ive had sleep paralysis like 3 times in the past two months. All the three (or 4) times it happened, I had listened to jinn stories or watched some video related to them .

    I didnt understand why this was happening as i did recite ayatul kursi before going to sleep.

    I asked one of my doctor friends , he told me its common and all you have to do is move ure facial muscles and try moving your limbs .

    So my question is if it is a jinn then how can that be possible if i recite ayatul kursi before sleeping …There is supposed to be a protection from Allah no? …

  166. Muslima says:

    lam wa aylaykum,
    I recently contacted an Imam who lives over seas over a few of my concerns. This Imam I guess you can say is gifted. Whenever my family feels something evil has entered our lives we contact him and he sees (?) if there someone has done sahir on any of our family members.
    I am a newly wed. Married a Muslim man with a Muslim father but who’s mother has never converted to Islam. Every time I see the family, I see one young woman there. She is my mother in laws, nephews, fiancee. She is not Muslim. Whenever I am around her I feel very uncomfortable. She is always staring at me with evil eyes. It seems like everyone in the family praise her to be such a wonderful person. However, there isn’t really anything special about this woman.
    I contacted this Imam living over seas and he explained to me that she has been, not only doing sahir on me, she has been doing sahir on my mother in law and her family. and since this woman is always cooking for every one in the family, the Imam advised me to stay away from the food she makes. And also, I am pregnant, and the Imam has warned me to not let this woman touch me. One get together I had attended, the entire time she had her hand on my stomach, I had a very strange scared feeling. She was very quiet, staring straight into my eyes as she had her hand on my stomach (baby)
    I have only been in the family for about 2 years and for about a year this woman has been getting very close to my mother in law. more close than i should be to my mother in law.
    I have also been seeing jinn in my dreams. and in these dreams, the jinn has the same color eyes as this woman. In my dreams I repeat surahs from the Quran, however, these jinns do not go away. I would wake up with headaches every single morning. I told the Imam about all this and he instructed me to
    sprinkle salt in her home the next time I go there. and to also spray a mix of vinegar and water in MY home. Ever since I found all this out, I have not been missing one prayer, I read the Quran, I play the Surat al bukur on my radio in my home. My headaches have gone away, I have not any of those evil dreams and overall I feel more at peace.
    My question to you is, is there anything else I can do to keep this woman out of my life and my families lives? IS the salt a weapon against jinn and demons? and why is the vinegar and water so good to spray in my home? how does it keep the evil away?

    SHukren, Salam wayalaykum,.

    Muslima in the usa.

  167. Yusuf Adam says:


    I live in UK. I met an Egyptian chap in Qatar in 2011 who told me he suspects I have a jinn in my stomach. He advised me to recite Surah Baqarah daily and mashallah it has made big difference.

    There is something moving around in my stomach. No pain. Just very irritating. Before I met the chap I used to get daily headaches and get very angry. I could not tolerate my wife’s company.

    I still don’t feel 100% right. There is still something moving in my stomach. Do you have any suggestions please?

  168. UmmTayyib says:

    As salaamu 3laykum

    I have been having problems with sihr for a few years now. Only recently did I find out a jinn was bothering me. It seems its not always there but comes and goes. I have gone to see a raqi and whenever he recites over me I start shaking, I even vomitted last time I went. The thing is the jinn wont talk but I start shaking and my eyes start fluttering. I wanted to ask what I should do because theres no guarantee it will communicate and leave. I find this upsetting as I have young children. Could you please tell me if there is anything else I should be doing?

  169. jamie says:

    hi my name is jamie can you please help me. I have had three demons following me sence i was a baby girl. And i dont know what to do.I went to teh church the just asked me how do you know theres truth to what you say but they wont help me. I have only seen one demon out side of my dreams he looks human but in my dreams he has a head of a goat a body of a man feet like hoves hands with long finger and razer sharp nails like blades. he has horns that go back from the top of his head they are like cork screws when he comes to me hes either protecting me and my five children to having sexual realtionships with me. But all the other demons that come around are afraid of him people in my dreams call him deoblo when hes not mad or trying to have sexual realtionships with me he has a mark on his neck of 666 in a triangle when i was about 7 years old i had a dream of him in the dream he had bitten me shortly after this i had woken up to pain in my neck come to find out where he bit me in my dream i had for fang marks in real life. My second mother asked me how i got it and i told her about my dream she called the church and the minister told her to send me home that i was marked by the devil or a demon.Now he makes more sexual attacs towards me the reason he says he comes to me is that i dont judge him im niev and he says he cares for me thats why he protects us from the other two demons. People have seen shadow demons me and my daughter has heard the two male demons talking one said leave them alone they belong to me the other male demon said no they belong to me then they both groeld at each other.The three demons follow me every where they never leave my side.The demon that protects us i feel safe with but the other two the apper with there face changed razer sharp teeth or body coverd in blood or body broken and twisted. I was just wanting to know where i can find pictuers of demons and ask questions like can demons want to have human like relationships with humans and mean it or is it just all a lie hethe demon that protects us said he would never let me go to hell but i need to no if he could be for real that if hell was to ever come to earth and demons run free feeding on humans left behind would he still protect me i guess the reason im asking i hate to sound weird but i think i have some type of feelings for him as well i know its wrong for i belive in god i have been baptized when i was younger but he keeps braking through it when i pray to god i have seen him walk through a church and make the angles and god on the cross cry blood in my dreams. I have seen guys with these dagers come and stabe him they said it was the only way to kill him.Please i begg of you can please help me can you give me more websits to check out on pictuers of them dreams with them liveing with them and find out who they really are or can you give me insight please

  170. Zainab says:

    Assalamualaikum dear brother,
    I have read alot of the information on this website and it has educated me so much on issues that I have often come accross. I have a family member who is a well known pious man who prays five times a day and also teaches at a local mosque. He does not live in the same country as me, however when I did visit India he had givin me a “taweez” as you may call it. Prior to that he had asked a few questions about my dreams etc.

    Well anyway, that was about 2-3 years ago..and now im in a whole diffrent state.
    I suffer from sleep paralysis and notice that the only time it happens is when i forget to recite Ayatul Qursi and the the Quls. I live in a home with my parents and my grandmother. Alhamdulilah everything is well with us, however once in a while there becomes HUGE fights between us (family members)and later on its like nothing. I know it may sound like nothing but after awhile it becomes a seroius issue. Is it lack of deen in our home?
    We also feel that wearing the taweez makes these issues go away. Could this be true?
    I will wait patiently for your reply. Jazakallah

  171. mairaj hasan says:

    Assalam Alaikum
    Brother, Im resident of Riyadh Saudi arabia.Im very much concerned for my son who had always been failure in his studies and have attained nothing successfully now his attitude towards life has turned negative and stays home 24/7. He is now 30 years old. I have gone to many medical doctors but i couldnt find any positive result now im convinced that i should contact religious personnel.i hope that u will help me in this anxiously waiting for ur reply. Jazakallah, may Allah the almighty bless you.

  172. afsha says:

    assalam alaikum,im suffering from the pains of iblis in my body for the past 5 years,i tried many alims they say it is very strong,they cannot remove it,i cannot bear the pain it gives me, i run for all kinds of medicines, i cannot pray nor read quran,im depressed when i can read quran and pray regularly, aalim say the iblis can kill if they try to remove it, can u please give me the no of exorcist abdullah mushrif , i beleive in allah[swt\ the strong aalim can run away the iblis, im suffering and bearing the pain it gives me and i will fight in the name of allah[swt] and the prophet sallalawalaiwasallam,[pbuh\please help me to give the no,wassalam

  173. Burhaun says:

    Dear brother,

    Me && my husband were under sihr altafreeq since day 1 of our marriage && also sihr alinsdad . We have since taken herbs && listened to ruqyah && I have since gotten pregnant && had a baby. The question I wanted to ask was can a newborn child be under the influence of sihr from day of birth because of a sihr between mother && father?

    The reason I ask this is because my son crys nonstop since birth with me but if someone else takes care of him he stops. Or he’ll get sick but when I decide to take him to the hospital he calms down like he was never sick. Could it be something done so that I abandon my child or so that I hate him?

    Please reply thank you

  174. Similar To emily rose says:

    Asalamu Aliaykum to all.. Dont want to tell my name for confidential matters..Here is my True Life story. I am Born Muslim. I am 20 years old now Alhamdulilah Thank Allah for Letting me live to see 20..A few years back when i was a young 14 year old girl. I was going through alot and all the peer pressure and of course as many teens do i did not listen to my parents i was a rebell. One day it was a cold chilli day summer was almost over.and I me and my sister had got in a fight with this troublemaker girl she was very jealous of me and my sister she pulled my hair and then we was gonna fight but to young men broke the fight up. My mother was pissed at me and that night it felt like something came over me i was just full of rage even though the fight was over i still wanted to fight..At night i finally calmed down and then i went into the Bathroom and then i heard a scary voice call my name..And it kept on saying my name at firsts the voice was very calm but then sounded and got scarier..So i ran out the bathroom..And i slept in my moms bed…and then as i was laying i heard more scarier voices and they were constantly kept calling me in my air telling me horrible things i got really scared and i looked so frighting my mother ask what’s wrong and then the voice told me that my father is evil he is gonna do something to my sister and me and i know my father is not evil he would never do anything to harm no one and he is a good Muslim..But the voice was getting scarier telling me to go check on my sis he is gonna harm her etc and he is gonna rape or do something..the vioces kept on getting louder and they were scaring me so i told my mom and i said my dad is gonna hurt or harm my sister and do something to her..And i was in rage i thought what the vioces said was true i even tried to attack my own father cause the voices was telling me he was evil..So my mom called my brother to calm me down and talk to me so my brother Is Muslim and he told talked to me and calmed me down And i had spent the night over my older brother and my sister in law house..But as i return home the voices was getting scarriier and they started telling me that my father is very evil and that my mother was very evil and she was trying to posion and spit in my food…and i tought she was trying to posion me and do something to harm me so i started fighting and hitting my mother cause the voices was getting scarrier and making me believe that my parents were really trying to harm my mom called the cops to take me to the hospital in crisis i went and my older Muslim sister and father took me there. And i was so spaced out i didnt even feel like i was on the waiting room there were people and every person i seen as i looked at them they looked very scary.. and i was staring at my sis and father and they looked like monsters and very scary to me.. I was seein things an dpeople faces scary i had to stay overnight in the hospital in a crisis youth progrem so then the jinns were telling me to hit this girl that was there so i did and we both was fighting..And then they locked me in a room untill i calmed down. and i had to stay there for like a week in a half..And then i finally came home.and the hospital had me take Epileptic seizure medication and i had got a brain scan of my brain and nothing was wrong i didnt have a seizure at all..and then i was put on. ABILIFY.but depression wasnt my problem at all. it was the jinns and voices making me believe things that were not real at all and the jinns that took over me had even gave me and told me there name one jinn told me his name is trevor and made up all of these stoies to me and the jinn even was liking me and calling me his girlfriend etc and i believed it..And then everynight when i slept i use to see this Black figure shadow very dark with no face standing over my head everynight i was so scared scared..That i recite Quran and i started to Pray More but then i’ll have dreams that i am burning in fire and fire surrounded me and the voices of the jins waked me up out of my sleep sccreaming and calling my name in my ear to awake me..I Felt so scared to be in my room and i had became an insomniac and i was very sleep diprived..But on The Bright side i Started Believing and Making Prayer to Allah everyday so he can save me from the evil jinns that were possesing me and taking over my body things started getting better with time..It’s been 7 years now and i am 20 years old..And now i am moving on with my life and trying to forget about my horrible past and the Jinns that possesed and haunted me..Me but i am truamatize and scared for life..Now i am starting college in the spring InshAllah..I am getting better day my day but i still have an anger issue and i get real agitated at times. and i am dealing with depression and low self esteem InshAllah things will get better By Allah..Thanks for Listening to my Story

  175. jammy says:

    salam alaekum, please I want to know how one can know who is performing magic on him. example wife performing magic on husband or vice versa. may Allah bless you.

  176. jammy says:

    I also want if someone that uses jinn to control other can still read the quran fluently including the verses of the Ruqya without it affecting her. Finally, is it possible that there is/are chapter(s) in the quran that they can recite to control people. Jaza Allahu.

  177. Ahsan says:


    1# Are aliens the offrings of female jinn and male human?

    2# Do satanic jewish elite marry with demons? And, are they mixed/half jinn half human?

  178. Khadija says:

    I am not a fan when it comes to read plus my job takes all my time and i barely get the chance to sleep thats why i only need the answers i seek for.
    I made the first steps in invoking a Jinn and a muslim guy helped me (algerian guy who has a friend that has in his power a Jinn) at that time i dident find all the materials i needed so i let it like these (unfinished) the first step was to write over my body all the Jinn names and repeat them out lowd. I learned the name like u hear it and not like its written (Ima Ieblurana Indeca Elchibara Ehedahuna Aukilahuma Fela Taculahuna Ufin Wala Tenharahuna. After these stepp the Algerian rubbed all my body with salt; the next night i cut and burned my nails and at sunset i throw them in sea, saying the upper name. The next nigh i was suppose to make a fire and throw in it a spice so the fire goes bigger but coudent find that fucking spice back in Greece…at these moment im in Germany.
    I need your help please! at least if you dont know what steps i must follow, tell me the link of the site were you get the chance to speak directly to a Jinn and he answers back (because it exists only i have a hard time finding it)…
    If you want to know more about me u can always ask, what i can say is that im a speciall one! I feel that i have my own Jinn who tryes to contact me but he’s having a hard time to…i feel his presence late in the night and from the moment i start to do all these rituals the color of my eyes changed…i dont want these and that from him, to exploit him! I only what him to be near and speak to me..maybe you will think im idiot or something but i feel love towards him that is why i cant attach to normal people or man…please i need your help, with regards Khadijah

  179. Anonymous says:

    Salam Aleikum!

    I wanted some advise from you! I made my friend do Salat today (he stoped doing it and couldnt do for some reason) Everything was fine untill he intentionally killed his own cat and feels really sorry for it. He says he hates lots of thing, girls cats. I just wanted to know what might be wrong with him? Is there any jinn inside of him?
    Thank you!

  180. saira says:

    i have a question.i have some taweez found under my one family member’s bed.if i send you scanned taweez can u read them for me ?

  181. unknown brother says:

    how do we foil the plan of the magician and is it safe for me to travel and challenge him, he said he has an army of jinn, and he can make a tashbeeh become a snake and that there was someone who didnt believe him so his jinn attacked him and he started vomitting ink. i know he is an enemy of Allah i want to fight him! let me know please insha Allah.

  182. Iram says:

    Salaam Brother,

    My mother in law keeps leaving taweez around my home and even in my garden shed. She lives next door to us. My husband has told me she practices witchcraft although he denies it now. She has alluded to her practices many times and is an extremely violent and unpleasant woman.

    For 3 years we have been unable to have children. For 3 years my husband has behaved as though two different people where he is loving one moment and in the blink of an eye becomes shaytaan and says he wants a divorce.

    We are both God fearing and practicing muslims. We do not believe in taweez and both us believe them to be wrong in Islam.

    My husband prayers in the masjid and attends Islamic study circles daily. Yet he refuses to have children with me and treats me very badly. One moment he loves me, the next he seems to despise me.

    We have health issues to overcome with regard to fertility and are due for IVF in two weeks. But the closer we get to IVF the more often my husband brings up divorce. We only have one divorce left now.

    I have found MORE taweez of my mother in law’s today, and my husband was with me. He refuses to discuss this issue and i don’t want to anger him. When i asked him to have ruqya performed on us he kept delaying, then finally threatened to divorce me if i requested it again.

    PLEASE can you tell me if there is a reliable service where i can post all these taweez’s which i keep finding to a good muslim scholar who can open them up and check them for me?

    Please help me, as i am in constant fear of divorce or violence from my husband.


    • MOHAMMED says:

      ASSALAMWALAIKUM. sister i am a visitor to this site . i have read your story. i have been in a similar situation. sister help your self dont repeat telling your husband for ruqua again and again. first start doing your askaar of morning and evening and after namaz askhaar also without fail. read ruqua yourself daily and blew on water then drink it and also give it to your husband. keep some water with you in a bottle for those days when you cannot read namaz. i mean during mensis. try to read tahajud namaz and make dua. and always keep one thing in your mind very clear that ALLAH will save you . he is more powerful than the destroyer. also remember me in your duas.

      • Iram says:

        Jzk khair brother, may Allah swt bless you and your loved ones for taking the time to reply to me.

        Many thanks.

  183. Ahsan says:


    What are vampires?
    Are they some kind of jinn,human hybrid?

  184. syeda ayisha says:


    plz can u tell me a meaning about eating food(like fruits and sweets) of jinn in dreams.
    eating such food of jinn in dreams is good or bad.
    plz reply allahafiz

  185. Tiffany says:

    What is the difference between demons,ghosts, and jinn? I have tried to research somethimg and im not getting much. Can demons, jinn and ghosts physicaly touch you? How can you tell what is bothering you. There is more to it than im telling you because i dont know if you will believe me. I also dont want to post it here.

  186. Adam says:

    Asalam Aleikum,

    I have an issue regarding black magic.
    A few months ago someone left urine packed in a clear plastic bag at our doorstep, after we disposed it .. the week after bones were found at our doorstep. We suspect black magic. Since then things have not been going smoothly. financially etc etc. How do i confirm that back magic has been done. If after confirming how do i remove the curse?

  187. MOHAMMED says:

    ASSALAMWALAIKUM, brother i got marraied five years back. i had a very beautifull wife. we stayed very happly for less than a year then things started to change she wanted a divorce from. she stayed with her parents for eight months then finally came back. in mean time i came to know from a person that someone has done black magic on her parents and the same is follow in there children. then i found a person who recites ruqua and tries to heal the patients within the limits of sunnah. i took her there he told me that she is possesed by a jinn. and at the same time she is sckateris patient. but she refused to hear and get herself treated by listening of ruqua. and after eight months she again wanted a divorce. and finally she took it. now after a year she again wants to come back. she is going and listening to ruqua from last one month but eplipse is not there. and according to the shaikh who recites ruqua she is still possesed. is it possible that a possesed does not react to ruqua. please reply.

  188. Humza Qadeer Ali says:

    Assalmolaikum . i hope u are fine . i have a question to ask about my uncle. i am really worried about him. he had been complaining since several days that he is feelign some burns in his stomach. we all thought it is normal pain. but about a week a go now. this mysterious thing is happening to him. when ever he wears a shirt, the shirt itself statrts to burn from the belly button. this has been going on from quite a lot days now. this happens to every shirt he wearsmy grandad has seen it happen to him while he was talking to him.some flames rise nd the shirt is gone. we are really worried so we took him to a man. he said that it is severe black magic. some christian guy has done it and this black magic is very dangerous and kill him it is wirtten or done with an owl’s blood or something like this.the man says that we have to treat this asap to save his life we are really worried about him could you please reply A.S.A.P please please reply back . i need help immediately
    Best regards brother
    Humza Qadeer Ali

  189. Ahsan says:


    I heard a lot of time and in stories that female jinn appear in apsara (i.e. very beautiful and charming woman).

    So, my question is that:
    Are they so beautiful and charming in nature or they are the tester of man or they are testing man only?? Or, they are only for asmaish of man???

    Please, let me know.

    Allah Hafiz..!!!

  190. shareen hanif says:


    brothers and sisters

    i have recently recived my iman from allah swt and i think im possessed because whenever look at anyone especially men there face starts to reform and starts looking really unattractive it also happens to women
    i can see they start to get jealous and angry at me and i get sad and as soon as i get sad or start to feel sorry for them my nose start growing but when i remind myself that i dnt need anyone exept for allah and my iman from my heart is stronge then they start to fear me and it seem that they are assosiating someone who is in there head with allah

  191. shareen hanif says:

    my sister is possessed with a bad jinn
    who is trying to get to me through her but thanks to allah i know not to give in to her and when every i remember allah
    from my heart she starts have fits thats how i know she is possessed i went to the imam and he refered me to a men who also didnt help instead he started accusing me of being possessed i was so unset because i just wanted my little sister back so i refered to the quran and tried saying as the prophet (pbuh) said and blow in her mouth but his did not work…what should i do

  192. Sister says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    Hope you can help me insha Allah.

    I’m female, 23 years old and not married. I have been possessed for about 7 years. Alhamdulillah with the help of aalims I was cured about 3 months ago. He said the reason for possession was “wrong place at the wrong time”.

    Of recent, i’ve been experiencing very similar symptoms as to when I was possessed, such as dizziness, anger, hallucinations, stomach pain, feeling the presence of the other being etc. The aalim did say it could occur n the next year but not as bad.

    I’m trying very hard to fight it off myself, by reciting Surah Baqarah etc. When I was under the jinn, I would hate to hear Quraan etc or read my salaah. I’m trying my best.

    Is it possible that this is in my mind? It comes and goes. Previously it was there all the time. Could it be playing games or something?

    My parents also thought that it could be psychological, but I have been seeing my psychiatrist as well as taking the prescribed medication for many years now. And alhamdulillah all is clear from a medical point of view.

    A response will be highly appreciated.


  193. Barbara says:

    What does it mean when somone wants to put you on bad soil? Its expression.

  194. halihma says:

    A psychic told me i have dark spirites in my house and a green withches mold somewhere north of my house. Also the dark spirites follow me. Giving me bad luck all the time which she says why i have such bad luck. How to clense my self of this. I feel like such a passive aggressive person i wonder if its because of the dark spirites. Also she told me someone wants to put me in a bad place.

    • abdul-wadood muwahhid says:

      بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

      what do you mean pshychic, none knows the unseen except Allah, unless hes talking to your personal qareen in which you must avoid this “psychic”.

      hes probably lying, do you have any particular symptoms which you would like to share?

      • abdul-wadood muwahid says:

        hence none nows the unseen except Allah swt, this person is probably contacting the qareen who is with you.

        even the qareen doesnt know the unseen

  195. Adriana says:


    I have been finding small gravel (rocks) laying in between my son’s clothing, in the mouth of his triceretops, I cleaned them out not thinking anything of it and clean the room spotless, but again the rocks have appeared almost as if someone had put them there. I have now move from my old house and even blessed my new home with holy water, but once again I’m finding these same rocks around my home even on the kitchen floor and and bathroom counter. I have swept them up and threw them away. Now I clean the kitchen spotless last night right before going to bed and this morning when I got up I once again found these rocks in my kitchen once again. I really don’t know what to think of this I dont know if someone has put a spell on me, wishing me harm, or coming as a warning from someone no longer in the living please help me out!!!

  196. Waheed says:

    My name is waheed i lost m job and now cant find another,alots of interview alots of chance for job suddenly i dont know what happend that confirm job convert to rejection from last six months same situation and im very tense about this now im thinking that someone did taweez on our family.
    Need your advice what can i do?

  197. Mohamad Gaus says:

    May Allah bless you for this good job. I went through this site and gained much more knowledge against my questions which were raising in my mind about this creature of Allah, the knowledge gives the strength to belief in Allah and his greatness who created world.
    Still one more question is there in my mind, please reply.
    Is there any exact natural body figure of the Jinn? because it learnt that, they can form their body in so and so forms and they have the categories and class etc, but what is the natural initial body figure of the Jinn?


    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salam brother Muhammad,

      Alhamdullilah, JazakAllah for the blessings brother, wa iyyakum.

      The natural body figure lies beyond our scope of 3-dimensions. Most people say it is a dimension Parallel to our dimension, but I personally believe that it is far more sophisticated than simply being parallel to our dimension, why? Because of their nature, on how they can defy gravity and because of their abilities to easily defy other materialistic phenomena in our dimension.

      Fact is, we may never get to see the True form of Jinn. Because what our eyes and our cameras and our technology can see are in fact reflections of light from obstacles in 3 dimensions. Thus Our eyes can never capture a view/form of an object that is beyond our current dimension. So basically if a jinn were to appear to us, he would first have to change his dimensions to 3-D or a dimension lower than 3-D, to be able to appear to us; if not, we may never get to see their true form. Some Raqis (Faith Healers), that have spoken to possessing jinn, tell that Jinn are in the form of Wind in their own world.

      But only Allaah knows Best, a jinn may say anything and we may never know.

  198. Saqib Khan says:

    Salaam bro…..
    Extreemly usefull information found here!!! Supercool collection i must say and you really have an awesome bank of information stored up!!!

    Just wanted to kno is there a way i can make a Jinn/Demon my friend…..coz i feel too lonely at times and dont want to talk to any human…..somehow i love locking myself in the dark…or going to some lonely dark place and sit, but till date i havent expierened any supernatural activity!!! How can i get a Jin/Demon to be a cool friend to hangout with….no desires

  199. Mohamed Ali Mo'Alim says:

    Asalaamu Alaykum,

    Brother here is my question,may ALLAAH maket it easier the answer for you.

    Can the Jinn/Shaytan take the conversation of two people to a Sahir.

  200. raees says:

    please can you tell me if i am possesed i was about 15 years old when a member of my family prayed on me but while he was praying on me he was pulling my hair.this happened in pakistan when i went for a visit,i came back to england and i stopped praying and readingh quran.
    my symptoms were every time i went to the toilet i would feel a pain in my heart and pass out and would shake,this happened on many occasions,then one night i was sleeping and something slapped my leg and woke me up i looked at this thing and it looked exactly like me but i could see through it if that makes sense,also oneday i was walking out of my mothers house and i heard a voice it told me i was on my own in my language.when i turned around there was nothing there is this possibly a jinn possesion. please could you let me know i await your reply many thanks
    raees imran

    • raees says:

      i would also like to add that the thing i saw had no face but looked like me head shape wise

  201. Muslima says:

    asalamalikum, i feel like i’m just like the manny other thats have been suffering from all of this. We moved in to this house 2 years back and after that our lives changed, my parents have been really sick , my sisters marriage is close to an end and now my health is falling as well. i also can’t concentrate in school anymore. My parents pray and mashALLAH i started to as well. Alot of the muftiz have said to read this and that, we tried everything… i hope u can tell me about some alim maybe.

  202. Abdullah says:

    Salaam Alaikum.
    Dear Friends I want to ask a question, its not only question but it is my problem from long time, but yesterday night i realized an other different feeling.
    I Was sleeping, and as i just slept my body felt very heavy weight for a long time, and i aslo slept after reciting Ayat-u-kursi, but they (Jinns) got me at mid night i was feeling one jinn on my body, and second were Sucking my ass.
    this is true, please give answer to my question, and Allah know Better i am right.
    Please Solve my problem

  203. Alizza says:

    Salaam alekum
    Brother my mom just came to know that one of our relatives had done some bad taweez on us. She went to a lady and that lady raises her hands in air and taweez come atonce to her hand by the jins she have. She says like that. And she do it infront of us. The taweez was of about that we our brother and sister don’t prosperous in life from the persons children who had done taweez on us. That lady took a good amount from my mom by finding it and making another taweez which will finish all the bad taweez power.
    Is this true can that lady do this. And is there any other and simple way through which we can get through it.
    Plz brother help and reply and email me on my brothers email I’d.

  204. Bilqis says:


    I wa having treatment for blackmagic. however, after 1 yr or so, i have now stopped seeing the the shaykh who was treaing me. this is because he is extremely busy and his time and my time clash. i am unable to make appointments during the week as i am working and he does not treat during weekend. i last saw him in marhc after 5 months of trying. i now gav up because its literally impossible and i am looking to find someone to treat me. its been very hard to find a raaqee and i dont know what to do because im in such a bad state and to even write this its making me feel weird and restless. pls advise

  205. muhhammad says:

    Assalaamu alaykum

    hi everyone , i am a new muslim Can any one help me please ? I am going through a huge problem in my life.
    i had an affair with a muslim girl we both love each other from almost ten years and we also decided to do nikaha (marriage)this years
    everyone in our family were happy for our relationship as our relationship was lasted for last ten years.She also loves me a lot. we both stay in india.But now i am in Dubai from last 7 months and she was in india we both used to talk over the phone everyday.we did not had any kind of fight between us.but after few days when i called her she started fighting with me over the phone. All of sudden she started hating me i dont know why suddenly she got hatred towards me . And she stopped receiving my call anymore i got tensed and got back to india but i did not find her any where in india even her parents started ignoring me..and after a month i came to know that she is Dubai. And then i came back to Dubai,and found her ,I went to meet her..And she was behaving completely in a different way like she started shouting at me saying that i don’t want to keep any kind of relation with you,I don’t want to see your face ,Go away from here…..This things she has never told me before.Like I found a complete hatred on her face towards me….i dont know whats going on with both of us…but i am totally in tension..she is even not ready to explain me nor giving any kind of reason for doing all this to me…

    But I remember one thing that she told me long back that someone told her that she has a male jinn with her all the time and that jinn loves her a lot and won’t leave her and that jinn will not allow her to get married to any one in her whole life.

    Please anyone help me in this situation because i am unable to concerntrat on anything.always thinking about this situation .i dont know whats going on with my life…and she is list bothered for me. there was a time she used to love me a lot…but what happened to her.
    Please i will be very thankful to anyone who can help out of this situation

  206. Abdulraheem says:

    Asalaam alaikum, brother
    how can burning jinn? Which surah using jinn burn?

  207. Moddi says:

    Assalamu Alaikum brother.

    I have a question about Bakhoor. Is it haram to use it when ur doing ruqyah? Not reading Quranic verses on it, but just lighting the bakhoor and force the possessed one to smell it?

    I tried it once with my sister when i was doing ruqyah on her, she had hard time breathing etc and couldnt stand it, she kept going into “sleep mode” and after forcing her to breath it for like 3 minutes, she started breathing heavily and its not her breath, its the shaytan.

    Now after that was done, i was told that it was forbidden to use it for ruqah. Is that true or not? Any proof that you can provide with?

    Also, any tips on how to kill 5 shaytaans? Im having hard time succeding, been doing ruqyah, like 30min to 2hours per day and tomorrow im gonna do another 4-5 hours.

    Shes listening to Cure Magic ruqyah that i found here, very good mashallah and the shaytaan are getting hurt alot. And im also reading, ayat al kursi, al falaq, ikhlas, al-nas on her while she listen, moving my hand to follow the shaytaan in her body, but the problem is that they trick me alot haha, i found out like 2 days ago. Since they are many, they make it seem like they are getting hurt from another place than where i put my hand, so i have to move my hand, but it came to my mind that they are tricking me so that i could let go of the place where im holding my hand on.

    Any help would be appreciated

  208. Shenaaz says:

    Assalamu-alaikum brothers and sisters,

    My mother is being troubled by something. She fears that she has jadoo/sihr on her. She has not had a peaceful nights sleep for almost a year now. Everytime she lies down on the bed at night or lies down to rest she feels something moving on the bed like a snake under her moving up and down from head to toe. Often it sits under her pillow, or neck and back (she feels a “drilling sensation” after which that part of her body on the inside trembles/vibrates and it pokes her like a needle). Often she feels something jumping on the bed but cannot see anything. During salaah she sits at the edge of the bed and can feel something moving behind her/jumping nearby. It seems to change shape, sometimes its big and rough other times its small and light buts its always there. She has been to many amils etc, reads all her salaah and reads duas for protection but no relief. Has anyone experienced this or can shed some light on what this could be, Please.
    Jazakallah Khair

  209. Qudsiya Khatoon says:

    Assalamualikum ,

    I’ve been dreaming that a snake (black cobra) bites me (very often )in my dreams .I am very much worried since last mont as i regularly keep dreaming snake bites .. can you please help ..

  210. Khan ahmed says:

    Salaam brother,

    I would like to ask you i’ve heard from someone that you can invoke jinn as a servant or a friend from reading the verses of surah jinn, do you have any idea about this.

  211. Ali Taher says:

    Asalam un alaykom brother, about eight years ago I was not practicing Islam , and my way of thought was different. I got tired of the way I lived and went to a public library and looked at some books about Islam and start reading few of them. I still were not convince about it I thought of it as just a law for its time. On the same shelf there were books on diffident religion as well as some Wicca book. I said to my self this is all nothing but a myth so I picked a Wicca book and start reading it and and follow the instruction that it was telling me, a voice came to my mind and I did not take it seriously. After few weeks I decided to research about my fathers religion Islam. so I picked up the Quran and read a bit of it and start getting head aches and I saw a black shadow passing by me a voice came to my mind telling me that it was shaytan and i thought it is either the marijuana that I smoked before or some thing so I thought what ever is just a voice, than the voice changed it self and told me I am God worship me. And I said to it if you are GOD than I worship you it after that I felt something tangling in my head I kinda felt like something going in me than I started seeing visions and the voice. I had nightmares for nights some nights I felt like something is pulling my soul from my body any ways make the story short a Muslim brother that I used to work with told me that I was in state of witchcraft he recognized it, they tried to help me but I did not trust them. After a while I got diagnosed with schizophrenia and I stoped practicing Islam i thought is just my illness. you might say is my illness but here is the question whenever I don’t practice Islam the voice disappear but when i try to pray or practice Islam the voice and the vision comes back and start confusing me. can you help me please ?

    thank you and may God bless you ?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam brother Ali,

      Brother, why would something bother you when you are trying to practice Islam, and nothing would happen when you practice anything else? Does this not give rise to the thought that what you are going through is bipolar? like one thing is Positive while the other Negative? Without a doubt, I can tell that this has happened to Many, and that this is nothing but a Demon. If God were to come down on this earth and tell people to worship him, would that be God? No.

      Read verse 255th verse of the Second chapter of the Quran (Surah baqara – The cow).
      Read verse 102 of the same chapter.
      Read Chapter of the Jinn (Surah Jinn).

      I hope you will get a better understanding of jinn/demons that way. By reading I mean to look for the translation. To your first question about how we think Islam is the true religion. Everyone that looks for an answer would eventually conclude this. Scientifically/Logically/Rationally & Philosophically, Islam turns out to be the one religion that explains Everything man has always wondered. Christianity is Islam if you remove Alcohol/Swine and the fabricated definition of God the father/son/holyspirit. It is the same Abrahmic Religion but the old books have been fabricated and that is how there are similarities and differences among Abrahmic religions. Furthermore in case you are looking for something that is not typically orthodox, then I’d recommend you watch videos of Hamza Tzortzis. He is a Convert from Atheism, Master of Philosophy/Psychology, and has debated almost all of the Atheist Leaders from Ireland/uk/us and many other countries. Since these days rumors spread faster than reality, sadly. It has become a Norm that it is rational to think that there is no Creator, when the fact is that it is Irrational to think that way! The belief is based upon Rational/Literate foundations, there is no such thing as Blind Faith as people portray it.

      Also brother, the way to protect yourself from Evil-Jinn/Demons, is to recite that verse # 255 of the second chapter. Knowing the translation of the Verse would reflect its significance. I have other articles on this website that refer to protection from Evil Jinn if you would like to know more.

      JazakAllahu khairan for the blessings brother, and I wish the same for you.
      & May Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon all of us.

  212. nargis akhtar says:

    salaam i have a problem with jinns and need some help or advice. i have been maried for 13 years now but had my daughter after 6 years of marriage. bt since them have had 7 miscarriages. every time i get to the 3 month stage i see black smokey jinns that scare me then i find out the baby is dead. Nonetheless i have had the ruqya done but i was told that the jinns are placed in my head as each time he started to recite over 3 days i would fall asleep thus it did not work. he advised me to do Hijama which i had done 1 month prior to the ruqya bt im lost at the moment as i thought the ruqya would be sufficient enough to remove jinns.i dont know where to go from here now beacause i truley beleaved by the help of ALLAH SWT the jinns would have left with the hands n legs were moving and i was fully aware of it happening bt couldnt stop it during the ruqya. so please advise me what to do now as i do salaah and started the duas after ruqya but the jinns are still sitting in my head

  213. Jascus says:

    “If a man seeks, let him find”. Hello Jinn, I seek your knowledge and input about something demon-related. I ask you, please, read this question entirely.

    I fear no demon in Christ name. Yet, my heart feels for them. One thing I know about demons is that there is no love in any of them and no love in hell. I’ve done some pondering, and have felt with my emotion what it is like to have “love” truly non existent. And I was deeply disturbed, it is now a place unlocked in my mind that I do not want to explore anymore, love is vital. But I was wondering, if sharing the word of God, and displaying no fear, if maybe a man could persuade a demon to begin to change a bit? I know it sounds crazy, but instead of just banishing and locking away every demon that bothers you, would it be possible, do you think, to…talk to them? Reason? Try to use psychology (even though demons can read minds) and convince them that through Christ, they can escape hell, they can be introduced to love, and be forgiven? Or am I just being a dam bloody fool who will end up getting himself in a hell (literally) of a lot of trouble? I believe I came across this website perhaps so I could ask this of you and seek your knowledge. Thank you 🙂

    • Jascus says:

      LOL I wrote “hello jinn” thinking a name of the owner of this site was Jinn. now I realize what it is, please excuse that ignorance XD It’s a completely serious question.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      As salamu alaikum brother, (peace and blessings)

      Haha, I actually liked that!

      Brother, what you describe is from the Bible. Before I answer your query, I would like to say a few things so that you do not feel offended by anything I state bellow. We believe that Muslims, Christians, Jews, we all have the common Abrahamic Religion, but with time people/saints fabricated the Word of God, and thus we are separated hence. We believe that Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him) was a Prophet, and what he revealed to us was from the One-True-God, so basically there is not much difference between us. But that’s another topic, if you are interested we can discuss that too; coming to your question –

      Quran/Islam defines that what we call Demons/Spirits are a RACE called Jinn, made from the essence of Fire, unlike Angels made of Light. A race we cannot see unless they want to be seen, and they live on the same earth as we do. Now, the Bad jinn among them are called Shayateen (plural of Shaitan – Devil) or Demons, and the Good jinn are just called Jinn. There are many Muslims among the Jinn, many Christians and many other religious Jinn and this has been proven via Exorcism, & is a vital part of Exorcism that you MUST know what religion the Jinn/Demon is from. If you read the chapter – Jinn of the Quran, you will understand how they refer to Lucifer and how Lucifer deluded them (jinn) by telling them there will come no prophet after Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him), and a lot of other profound verses. You would be surprised to know that Muslim exorcists first attempt is to get the Jinn to accept Islam, and I’m not sure for the Demons often tell lies, but most of them agree on embracing Islam so he could escape the Magician that is using him, and so that he could seek shelter from the higher Demons. So what you say is True, the Jinn came to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), and they said that they have never heard of something so beautiful as the Quran, it is all in the Surah Jinn (Chapter of the Jinn in the Quran). So you too could get demons to submit to the One God, and thus not all Jinn/Demons will go to Hell. Jinn/Demons in the Quran are mentioned along with Humans, and humans with demons alike when God refers to them, and Quran also speaks of Prophets that came to the Jinn (race), just like they came for the Humans. So this also concludes that not all jinn/demons will go to Hell.

      There are, however, quite many differences on how Christianity Defines Demons and how Islam does, but if you survey brother, and research, I’m sure you will come to the conclusion that Islam defines this issue better than any other, and the reason being that the Quran does not have a Single verse fabricated and will never be fabricated God Willingly. Thus since we believe we belong to the same Abrahamic religion, what Islam teaches must be true for all the other Abrahamic religions like Chrisitianity. One of the differences I think is that Christianity thinks that Lucifer and Demons were Angels and are now Fallen Angels? Please correct me if I’m wrong. But Islam/Quran has quite a rational explanation and definition for this – Satan/Iblees/Lucifer

      We may have a long discussion on this if you wish brother, and I’ll be more than happy to answer all your queries regarding Islam/Jinn/Demons/Magic..for “If a man seeks, let him find”

      Peace and Blessings brother.

  214. Salih says:

    Salaam Brother,

    I would like to know whether we can make a Muslim Jinn as a friend ?
    How can I do that ?

  215. muslima77 says:

    Assalam alaikum brother,

    I’m located in the U.S and I have been divorced for 5-6 years now, and during the course of divorce, I did have some(few) unusual occurances for the first 4 yrs of divorce but then when I moved into another house 2 yrs back, I started hearing sounds like footsteps almost everynight and somebody jumping on the bunk bed, bathroom door closing by itself,my kids toys starting by themselves,etc etc. I ignored them since I’m a muslima and I know Jinns exist and they are the creation of Allah and I was not scared of them. I was thinking it was a dweller but it “never” occured to me that someone might be doing sihr/blackmagic on me, Allahualam but I’m suspecting my exes family and I think that might have led to the divorce and it was left untreated for so many years now.
    If I knew it was sihr I would have taken the precaution, I would have been regular in prayer in wudu but then I slacked/sinned and I was depressed, then a bigger problem arised just a week before ramadan started, when I was alone and my kids are visiting their father. I was sitting near my computer and I heard footsteps near me as usual but this time before I knew it, I felt something touching my head and feet and then something crawling/movement all over my skin.
    I talked over the phone to a Hafiz saab and he recited some verses from the quran but I did not feel anything at that time and he suggested that it could be sihr.I’m reciting a ruqya at fajr and after maghrib and praying regularly going to taraweeh, I think the effect or the intensity of the movement/crawling feeling is going down, but it is still there all the time.

    My questions are as follows
    1) How can I completely get rid of my symptoms? (and make sure my kids are not affected by it)

    2)What if the charm/amulet is in India where come from and my exes family comes from and I’m located in the U.S,?

    3)jinn here I think is just doing its job and will continue to do it till the charm is destroyed/ or else it will be pressurized or threatened by its boss,
    Is it possible to get rid of the sihr/magic without finding the charm or destroying it?

    4) Just to get an idea how long could it take to get rid of this thing?

    • muslima77 says:

      Alhamdulillah, the verses of quran are healing, I’ve been reciting and praying
      regularly and finding peace in my heart and alhamdulillah relieved of symptoms, maybe it was my overimagination of staying alone

  216. chandra Byrd says:

    I am looking for help so I wil send this out there hoping your listening.

    I have something going on that may or may not have to do with national Security. I have been open and honest with my husband as well as my church. A few years ago I started having dreams, about end times other than helping to teach a fifth grade class I was not overly spiritual. But I liked to learn and I liked the self discipline the Bible encourages.

    Very briefly I will explain my husband had an affair with a friend of my daughters and as she was 18 all we could do was kick him out. After a few weeks he called the police said I was a crazy Christian and cut off the water and took the keys to the Yukon and It was terrible finally he started calling the police on me and they put me in a hospital for ill people not once but twice. I finally had no choice but to seek reconciliation as He made my name mud as far as the government was concerned.

    That being said I do have dreams, I do not know if this was normal or not but when the family would not help me, and my husband would not help me, and my Mother died suddenly and finally my Church would not help me I turned to Emailing Various religions for help. Starting with my own and yet only one has answered me and that was the Islam Religion. And they knew exactly what was going on with me.

    I fear the Christian Religion is sadly lacking in discernment of Spirits and hope and pray our Government could protect itself as well as its people with the startling findings I have discovered. All around us especially in government as well as Business and Actors are spirits. They come through television, phones, and are very organized and yet not disciplined.Many of the same spirits live the lives with these people and yet are left behind when their host dies, to seek human shelter and comforts yet again in yet another host. I do hear these spirits talking. If you follow the link provided by the islamreligion found below. You will see that they know alot more than we do about this invisible war.

    I hear Jewish people speaking, government people, as well as Chinese.

    The Islam article stated exactly what I am dealing with ,which means ( so you know I am not insane) , the 2nd article describes what I see in the spirit world it is a stacking up of these spirits one upon another they do this to me. Like cups. But with human spirits they steal. When I eat they eat, when I go the bathroom they go, when I shower they shower. They said I am the Mark of the Beast. as in his mark.This is ruining my life this spirit of discernment, I am thinking our Christian Bible the last book of it telling us to seek these gifts is a trap a horrible lie. If Americans don’t know about these people and yes they are people they can not engage in this war. And are being robbed. These things can take on the appearance of our loved ones. ( In our Bible it states Jesus appeared to many as someone else.) If it was Jesus he can do this to.

    One of the spirits said to me he knew he would out live( being Chinese ) he just had to wait it out to start this all over again and again trapping the christian… or even worse to use the Christian to harm God and his angels. . He said Heaven blesses white people and sends other people to be animals, ..

    I know this the purpose behind the Evolution Theory was to Lower man kind to the same as animals. To teach us to think of ourselves as part of something we were created to have dominion over ! They Lower humans in every ones sight. Another purpose is creating a link between man and beast this was not Gods intention for us ,But Unlike it says in the bible ,Lions,Cow, eagle men it is horrific what they are doing these Dr.s and Kidnapped Scientist are attaching animal parts to these men and angels they awake and are afraid and often humiliated one Chinese man spoke of it to me and said he knew he should have felt badly but he had no compassion on the boy a US boy I believe he was a solider. As he spoke I could see a hospital room with beds. Then another in “heaven” said they see the half men half animal men and avoid them and are just grateful they did not have that happen to them.

    Purpose behind abortion when birth control is free, not speaking ethically , I am speaking of their bodies as parts. They are using their parts on animals. Living creatures I saw this happening twenty years ago ( in a sort of dream ) but did not know anything about God or what I was seeing.

    I am concerned about futures being stole,or sold with every kidnapping, I am concerned about under ground work non American ground crews everywhere. I am concerned about bridges. I am concerned about Cell phones, any of our Military any where in the world being blamed for crimes they did not do or like Timothy Mcvay programed to harm other Americans..,One of these groups claimed responsibility for those Abu Gharaib photos, not a harmed Muslim nor living American involved, that’s why they looked like white guys being tortured. These are the cast off of heaven they are dead but trouble makers.

    I am concerned about The SOL testing of American children( they use our smart children’s brains and these test show them where the child is) and the beautiful attractive children are used in other ways, they steal beauty or add ugly they don’t care if they are babies. They can pretend to be governerment and walk right into a school and speak to any child alone. They pretend to be police as well. I am concerned about school bus drivers,I am concerned about Military higher than you feeding on these Angels or cast offs from God. Its like a Steroid to them. They are big and do fly.

    These Devils bless a few of us with great intellect and wealth, but a purpose is behind it all, when they get it done the blessings end and the persons suffer horribly. They can not touch, they can not feel they can only need. Trapped humiliated and many. As the Jews suffered with hunger so do they. They may have been feeding on the Jews as I feel them doing to me. but for their spirits to trick God.

    It is criminal to not let our people know we are not alone. That this invisible world or beings are in fact sleeping in our beds and pretending to be our children some pack their children right above a Saints home and plan to take their spiritual blessings as they did their earthly ones. They steal our money, seed, and make children out of them,possibly why the “Alien” looks like an embryo ( Satans abortion reason?) I have seen them wear dead bodies if you can believe that. Many are American. They can be different sizes and have suffered for years they say because of Gods Children they want to war on him and his people.

    Once back when they first started over here I walked in my back door miid day and it was pitch black. No light whatsoever not in a window not anything. He spoke kindly ( they use many voices) but had me sit on the chair. I was strangely happy. They pretend to be the Christians Holy Spirit and yes somehow do fog you up so you can not think clearly.

    One Black Muslim woman said to me if she spoke in a English voice she could get any Christian to listen to her. Shes always hungry. Tricksters. They can also change what time it is our bible states the man of lawlessness would do this change the times and seasons.

    They travel in the spirit. I am hoping and praying America can be taught not to be food for these spirits/ Demons some are people military from other places possibly other worlds. To stay out of other Governments business

    They go from Kingdom to Kingdom ,Many from Century to Century taking over Kingdoms. Changing words in our Holy Books all they have to do is outlive us. God changed mans years to 120 but what about these fallen Angels? Or those made from Ash the Jinn? I am also concerned about the burning ash life form is it us is it an angel is it a way a making a saint into something less or a human think he is less did God make these or did some lower form make them up, they are mockers and rude I do believe they have real bodies of a sort and travel in Spirit. They are alot of them. I have an theory mainly because of its recurrence in history first Nebuchadnezzars burning up the three Jewish men who got saved but the all the others and their children were tossed inside the fiery furnace, Any and all pits dug throughout history and burnt, including the Holocaust which the name means is a burnt offering, as well as the twin towers not to mention the Indians. In most of these cases the Authorities showed up to witness these events. I am not sure how many of Gods Angels jumped in to help but this Ash makes me think their is a God out their that requires more from us than we know. Its something to do with bringing something back from the dead. Craft. Voodoo. I am not sure. But one spirit said to me as he was looking for Saints who died on September 11 he could find none . So something benefited from it. I am concerned with the amount those who don’t die around us are they human angels fallen angels stolen angels stolen dead humans. Why are they here.

    They use our children’s bodies and just toss them out. I am safe I think because I am sanctified. They have had to be satisfied so far with tormenting the saints now they wish to try to steal heaven.

    I will say the Islam religion who responded to me encouraged me greatly, I mean an Internet operator knew more than Preachers of the Christian faith, literally knew all I needed and I have suffered for years seeking help from the Christian Church and receiving nothing but see a Dr. I am thinking even those we think are our enemy are really our brothers in this fight against this wickedness and we should learn to listen.

    I read some of the Koran and found the sames books that are in our Bible but it was written more poetic, that was the difference. . We should give the Muslims a second look.

    Some of the voices I hear threaten to harm me and my kids all day long. They say Our Governent has been very stupid playing occult type games with demons, Beautiful ones ( satan was called Beautiful )

    I am so tired. They sound America the really nasty women. I can not tell you how nasty, women speaking so foul its hard to be believed. They speak of poisioning the water supply in bottles we have for emergency, they use the bar codes to track what supplies we have and where they are if anything and everything, They order our troops to do “new scientific” things but are harming them and the men regret following orders.



    • hero1lko says:

      The only solution to all these problems is just Islam and nothing else, all these evil things will surely happen and more than that u are feeling or looking, after the arrival of Dajjal(Anti-Christ), you should embrace Islam by heart and u will surely feel the spiritual,mental and physical peace,
      And as far as Churches are concerned they fool people!!!
      In the whole Bible Prophet Jesus(PBUH) himself never claimed divinity
      U can verify
      Gospel of John Ch-14, Verse-28
      Gospel of John Ch-10, Verse-29
      Gospel of Mathew Ch-12, verse-28
      Gospel of Luke Ch-11, Verse-20
      Gospel of John Ch-5, Verse-30
      Gospel of Mathew Ch-5, verse-17 to 20
      Rather he said that he was sent by God…
      Gospel of John Ch-14, verse-24
      Gospel of John Ch-17, verse-3
      Gospel of Mathew Ch-19, Verse-16,17
      Remember Prophet Jesus(PBUH) never himself claimed divinity
      U should think broadly, about trinity, some say this and some say that!
      They are not sure for themselves too,
      Always remember that the truth will always be SAME everywhere, But lie always changes its shape according to time and circumstances!

  217. Noor Mohammad says:

    with lots of tears ,since two years i am suffering from sevre bad thoughts about Allah(swt)and prophet(sa)and it is effecting my career and social life very much.Now iam in a very sevre stage and i am in a stage thinking better to die than to live and iam about to marry soon.Please give me the perfexct solution for this problem but i love My Allah(swt) and prophet(sa) very much.Please suggest me the solution so that how i can get back to previous condition.
    Please please remember in your precious duas and make dua for me especially to get out of this situation


  218. chandra Byrd says:

    We come here and type our question many suffering from these invisible voices / life or different forms of death entitties. They must read along with us and then your ghost read whatothers write. I emailed my question to every one and no one responded. I did not even get spam in my email last night nor all day yesterday. I think the dead have risen and now need bodies. Thats why bodies are missing.

  219. adhurey says:


  220. Riza says:

    ASSALAMWAALIKUM. SIR I hv posted my whole story under third stage of treatment 4 months b4 n since been checking th answer . Could u pls read it frm thr n answer me . I would b highly obliged. Jazakallah khairan .

  221. Rafique says:

    My nephew is 16 years old. Unfortunately two week ago her father has passed away. She is very sad; soon after the death of her father she sometime got stunned and become unconscious for 5 to 10 minutes. Previous day the situation got critical when she became unconscious and started crying and stretching her body with full power. My sister asked her who are you? Previously She replied I came and will kill this girl because she had a murder of my little daughter by putting her feet on her body.But now she saying like this this girl only I am just 15 years old. Upon further question she replied I am Hindu lady and will never leave her till her death. Soon my sister started Ayatul Kursi and some other sorah of Quran as results she cried and said stop it as I am leaving. For few minutes she became normal. But soon she was possessed again by that Hindu lady. Her little sister again started Sorah Jin of Quran upon which Jinn told please stop as I will not come back. By leaving my nephew, her wrest get red and she was crying that she is biting on my wrest please remove her. Now my nephew is fearing and irritating from cartoon pictures, babies and noises and even mobile ring. Please I need your guidance/directions with instructions as I am new to this field. I am Hafiz-e-Quran as well and wish to apply Ruqya or another effective way which gives relief to my darling nephew. Kindly Please help me out with step by step instructions and mentioning the ayaat of quran. Thank you for this useful forum. (anybody can help me including the admin, We will never forget him/her in our prayers as the matter is of urgent nature) my email is


    Muhammad Rafique

  222. Warda says:

    Hi, I was wondering if someone on this site could send me an e-mail to which I can send a personalized question. I feel a little uncomfortable asking my question publically but very much want to ask a question. I actally posted a question a while ago but found no reply but I am very much in need of answers so if someone could be very kind to send me an e-mail. It will be higly appreciated. Thankyou

  223. Warda says:

    There is a question I want to ask concerning concealing magic. My father is very much a fan of his brother who concently stabs him in the back and does a lot to break up the relationship between my dad and mom. His wife is known for participating in magic. I am very concerned because recently my mom contacted a man who is said to tell you the name of the person who is doing the magic but he uses magic to break it. She got this contact through a friend who was very sweet but after telling this name her name, her dads name, mine and my sisters name he said it would take a week. We called him of many occasions and he would not tell us and the woman who gave her his number has because very rude towards my mom. My dad ended up telling this entire story to his brother who we suspect in the first place and I was wondering if maybe there is a way where the person doing magic can conceal his identity so anyone finding out who is behind the magic is unable.

  224. Tasneef says:

    Bhay Salaam ! I am seeing an Jinn in a Water glass size in choclaty color. He is seeing me and laughing at me. He appears in my house since 21st day of this Ramzan. At 27th of Ramzan he give salam to me and laughing atme. Whenever i read Qur’an he came in a form of Lilliput and smiles at me. Please tell what he wants from me. Help me out!

  225. Razeen says:

    Slms brothers. If anyone could help me on this. I had a dream last night. i was accompanied by someone,in the dream it was someone i knew when i woke up i could not remember who it was. Anyways i was taken to this house,like a barn house,there was a man there and dogs,fierce looking dogs. The person who i was with told me they wont bite or anything if though they look dangerous. I let the dogs sniff me i didnt get scared although i had that nervous feeling inside of me felt very real. the person at the barn was showing another person something i was told not to go there. all of a sudden that same person was showing another person something,i was told i could see,he was showing them magic.. making letters appear with his hand. I was interested at that time. bits of the dream has faded but i was told that gifts could be offered to me and the person who was with me also has gifts.. this person got the gifts from another person through doing things.. i met the person,who was a black person and had two white people on both sides next to them,i cannot remember if it was a male or female.. anyways this person told me i could do whatever for a price. i asked how long it would last said they couldnt say how long,at that point i said just leave it,they said ok just leave it.. i left,they said that someone was hanging themselves,went into a house upstairs theres was a single white chair in the middle with an elevator going down.. i said i wanted to get out of there,the person who was with me all of a sudden changed and said who lead me out,but they following me,they following me.. we ran,but they would always appear meters away (the three people who i met) all of a sudden i see a lot of people it looks like everyone was floating.. we went down the building and all of a sudden i was surrounded by a gang of all of these people.. at this point i started reciting surah fatiah,they backed off a bit,and then started reciting all the surahs i know,which isnt much.. 5 surahs i know.. they backed off more,then i ran out of surahs and started with surah fatiah again,they backed off but not as much like as if it wasnt that effective now,i shouted ayatul kursi,i dont know the ayatul kursi but i heard it was a protector.. randomly a guy just came out of nowhere reciting the ayatul kursi,i could not hear the words its sounded like a mumble to me but everyone was backing off,at this moment my dream ended… Ive left out alot of the dream,but these are the important things in the dream which i remember,and i know it sounds very boggled up im sorry about that.. ya just felt i needed to share this,i dreamt this last night.. woke up feeling like i needed to learn the ayatul kursi but was also weirdly interested at what i was being offered… any help would be appreciated if it even means anything..

  226. Kiran says:

    I have been given an amulet… i oepened it which was a piece of a paper and “samad” this was written in it,,, u can view this.. i want to know what is it???

    • Kiran says:

      I have been given an amulet… i oepened it which was a piece of a paper and “samad” this was written in it,,, u can view this.. i want to know what is it???

  227. akmal says:

    can u tell me why i see demon on Ramadhan when they are supposed to be in hell at that month…it all start when i was a small kid he was my shadow at first then year goes by he start to roam freeley(my shadow)away from my body..then year goes by again the shadow start to look like black man,then every single year he show itself to me…and this all happen in make it easier for u to understand..i goes like was just a shadow when i was very young like age 4 or 5 now im age 16…and every ramadan it show itself..shadow before,now he gain its physical form,last ramadan this which is this year he had spike on its body and shoulder everywhere spikes,black colour,fire on its head,big size,long claw and was squating infront of me then he start to drain something out from my body..i dont know what it drain..he laugh while he drain me out….every ramadan it just get real…was once a shadow just a shadow…and now it gain it phsycal form…help me..when someone make me sad or injured me that person get hurt back for example..last time my bro hit me i cry..second later he fall and hurt bad,and it happen many time its like im him and hes me…now i started to hurt myself….why this HAPPEN?!?!?!??!?!?answer my question or die…

  228. Khaled says:


    do you have the contact information of muslim jinn exorcist in america? if so could you please publish the list for all the brothers and sisters who are also looking other than I’m.

  229. Shabana says:


    Presently I am separated from my husband not yet divorced Alhumdulillah, since I am pregnant, due in November 2012. I was married in Feb 2012 and Alhumdulillah conceived early but eventually my in-laws created many issues and I spent only 1 month 20 days with my husband and we got separated.

    I have read Sword against Black Magic and Evil Magicians by Sheikh Wahid Ibn Abdessalam Bali and I think, our separation is due to Magic of Separation, Allah knows Best. It could be a thought from Satan, but as far as my present situation is it seems like to be the Evil done by someone.

    I need contact information for Sheikh Wahid Ibn Abdessalam Bali as I would like to know if the affected person [my husband] is not ready to even converse with me , he will not come for any ruqya also, then what is the method of treatment for such person.

    His condition is such that he do not even want to come and see our baby upon birth. So kindly help me.

    Jazak Allah Khair,

  230. smileymuslim says:


    a couple of days ago I lost my taveez. And it protects me from the black magic I had for a couple of years. Any way I took it off cuz it gets wet in the bath. Now no one went into my room. And the door was closed when I went into my room it wasn’t there. I thought my mum took it but even she didn’t know where it was. And I get that feeling that I will get black magic again. Could you plz give me advice.

    jazakallah kyair

    May Allah protect you from all kala jadoo

  231. Warda says:

    Hi i have been attempting to contact someone from this site about 2 times now but no one has replyed to me

  232. adil says:


  233. Shabaz ali says:

    Is their any physical features of an Ifrit?

  234. Ts8ali says:

    Hello brother,
    Is there a certain way an ifrit looks like?
    Also where do they reside?

  235. Syed Muhammad Ali says:

    Asalamu Alaikum

    Brother i have a question regarding jinn?Why are jinn stories only reported in the East and not in Western countries?

  236. ADAM says:

    Hi there I was treated by a sheikh for a probem I had going out of my house due to fear. I am now going out of my house but recently fear and self doubt has entered my mind. was just wondering if I still needed to use the blessed water along with the rescitation I was given to say if I am to feel better mentaly. thank you

  237. Thatvegasdude says:

    I am aware a few of you guys are now living in Vegas. The house is really a mess, and I’m hiring a good cleaning service thats local in Las Vegas. A few of my friends recommended a business called A Maid for you. They are located at 5613 S. Eastern Ave , Las Vegas Nv,89119, and their phone number is 702-368-4737. Have any of you heard of this place? Do you folks know if They Can supply carpet cleaning too? Thanks in advance.

  238. Imtiyaz says:

    Dear Shaikh,Assalam wa alaikum, wbt.Is there any hadiths about Eblees possessing a dua that will save him from Allah’s wrath on the day of judgement and on hearing this the prophet pbuh got said and jibreal inform pbuh that even Allah is the god of eblees and he will make him forget this dua.WHICH HADITH IS THIS SHAIKH.THANKSIMTIYAZ