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Answers to Multiple Questions #04 about-jinn

Wa’alaikum As Salaam brother,

Q:“The female Jinni, after their age of puberty, can bear children after every three month. They can give birth 40 jinns at a time. So rapidly reproduce every year. More interestingly the Jinn’s child can walk after one hour of his/her birth.”
A: Brother we are never sure of statements. We believe that Jinn tell many lies, It does not mean that we are sure of a fact and that the jinn lie about them but a jinn will say something likewise when another jinn would say something that is contradicting to the first. However, When lies/rumors are spread too much then they become reality. There is a Hadith that has a Weak chain and often ignored by the scholars. It is that,
“The jinn have children in the same way that the sons of Adam have children, but theirs are more in number”
It was related by ibn Abu Haatim and Abu al-Shaikh in al-Udhma, on the authority of Qataada.
Which implies what you said that they have more children. About children of jinn able to walk within the next hour of their birth, it is still unknown. I will come to this in the answers I am going to write bellow to your other questions.

Q:”Can the Jinns be felt in the wind like walking near the beaches were gust of wind is quite common ?”
A: Wahb ibn Munabih (An Old Scholar) said, “The jinn are of different kinds. One is a pure jinn, and that is like a wind that does not eat or drink, nor does it die or procreate. And there is a class of them that does eat, drink, procreate and has sex and dies. And those are those female demons and desert demons and similar others.”
Refer, lawaami al-anwaar 2/222 by ibn Jarir atTabari.
But what Wahb said is itself in need of evidence and cannot be considered a proof on its own. Everything will perish, and there are no jinn that do not die when the Quran speaks of it, except for Satan. Refer: Do Jinn & Demons Die?
I’m sorry I got off the topic but, about your questions. Most of the Exorcists through experience commonly believe that jinn can touch, hurt, and possess their victims. They describe this ‘Touch’ as a feeling of a wind slipping by ones skin. However they do not mention the strength of this wind if it is comparable to a gust of wind like that on beaches.

Q:“How are the Jins buried if they die? do they have graveyards like us? How many efreets are there in the world alive now?”
A: Well brother nobody is sure of that, even we are not sure of how many strong leaders we have in our World of Mankind. If you could ask them from the Jinn you possess

Q:“is there like a kingdom where the efreet stays. Do they have a place like the undergriund?”
A: Jinn are known to live underground and within water. Because of their dwellings most jinn carry a foul stench. Many of them avoid the daylight and usually come out during the night and hide in the shade of the sunlight outdoors & in the shades of water streams. This fact has also been confirmed through experience and by many researchers.

Q:“Since the Jinns can tracel up to the heaven to steal information. Can they be in other places in the universe like mars or thousands of galaxies away?”
A: Brother, I personally have thought about this phenomenon before, and I take a Hadith to this issue that is, the Prophet (saw) said,
“There are three types of jinn: one that flies through the air, one that are snakes and dogs, and one which stay in places and travel about…”
Only a type of them can fly and those are the ones who would steal information in the past. But they would still have to come back for something. The article I have written about Food and Drink of the Jinn, that suggest the jinn, if are able to survive outside of this planet without Air (oxygen), they would still have to come back for food in order to survive.
Another thought that will clarify your doubts is that, it was not a single jinn that used to go up to the heavens, they would form a chain of multiple jinn, who would pass the knowledge on to one another and that way reach the soothsayers. They would probably exchange their positions in order to survive and even take something to eat along this journey. Allah knows Best, but I believe they stay in this world for
1 – Lead Mankind Astray (as Satan is their leader)
2 – If there are Rebels among them they still have to stay in this world for food.

Q: “Do jinns need oxygen to breath?”
A: It still depends on their TYPES*. But there are some that Do Not require Oxygen. The ones who fly are obvious, other than that the ones who live in water are proven through experience and Also from the Quran, that the Jinn who were subservient to Solomon (as)’s command, who would dive into the depths of Oceans and bring jewels and pearls from the depths bellow.
“And (We gave him – Solomon) certain of the jinn who worked before him by permission of his Lord. And such of them as deviated from Our command, them We caused to taste the punishment of flaming fire. They made for him what he willed: Synagogues and statues, basins like wells and boilers built into the ground”” (Saba 12-13).

Q:“People/witches who practice occult have a lot of material gains? Are they the richest people in the world now?”
A: Brother, the people I know that work with Jinn are by far Billionaires. So called healers of Allah, they use the help of Jinn to help people through many ways of their lives. They do not require looting a bank with Jinn.
On the other hand Witches and Pagan worshiper do not get people like the above to ask for their help with their lives because the people of today in the west do not believe in the Unknown (Unseen). They believe more in Science than Faith and Religion.
Coming to the other side of your questions, you mean to say why they don’t rob the banks with the help of their demons etc, it is kept reserved by both the parties.
First of all, you would notice famous TV magicians, perform shocking feats of magic, and then he performs very SIMPLE tricks that can be easily guessed by the viewers. That completes the illusion. He believes that when people come to guess how the Simple trick works, they can imagine that whatever the magician does is mere an illusion, hiding the reality of demons working for him.
The other party (Demons). They all work under Satan,
“The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled. Was Convincing the World he Didn’t Exist”
I believe it is one of the Vows of the agreement between a witch and a demon that they should not expose their existence. Because today, if an atheist come to see something that defies Scientific explanation, then he would start to question, and all of the world would start believing in the Unseen and in God and Religion.
That is the reason why Major Actions are reserved and restricted among these Witches and their Demons. Allah knows Best.

Q:“Is Qareen the inherent jinn among us is like the angel who on the right and left shoulders writing everything down?”
A: The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:
“Every one of you has been assigned a companion from the Jinn. The companions asked: Even you O’ Messenger of Allah? And the Prophet replied: Even me, except that Allah has helped me against him and he has submitted.”
Yes, it is believed that Qareen accompanies every person from their mother’s womb to their death. After the person dies, the Qareen still exist in this world if Allah Wills. This has been proven by magicians (so-called servants of Allah) that go to graveyards after a person dies, and he tries to capture his Qareen, or if not, he may even gather information about the person who recently died. That way if relatives of the person dead come to him, he can fool them by telling the dead person’s secrets and will to his family members.

Q:“Does the Qareen pray salah? If even it is of a nonmuslim person?”
A: Some scholars are of the belief that when Prophet (pbuh) said that
“…Even me, except that Allah has helped me against him and he has submitted.”
He meant that his Qareen had become a Muslim, and that shaytaan can convert to Islam if they wish. However some scholars disagree with this and they say that the Qareen is always a Demon that lures people to do bad things; and that the Qareen of the Prophet (pbuh) did not convert to Islam but in fact Allah had protected the Prophet (pbuh) from Demons throughout his life, and that it was a Special privilege for the Prophet/s alone. We also come to know about the EXTRA guardians sent down from heavens to protect the Prophet (saw) from Demons when revelations would come down to Muhammad (saw) in Surat al-Jinn. I personally agree to the latter statement of the scholars. Because I believe the Qareen bound to a person is for the reason to lure his mind towards bad things; just like we have a special Angel that gives us Conscience to do Good things (the one which does not follow a person to places where there are statues/pictures of living beings or where there is a dog).

Q:“Is it true the sufis (oli Allah ) are still alive and controlling the world now. they are the ones who r fighting againtst the evil?”
A: No brother, those who pass away from this world move into the Intermediate Realm (Alam barzakh), which is a different dimension. Unfortunately, most Muslims believe that the spirits (rooh) of their people still live in this world. It is what has made Necromancy popular, where a Medium (magician) calls upon spirits of the dead. It originated somewhere in the history of Christianity and some of the higher priests of Christianity deny it.
Truth is, Alam e Brzakh is a dimension where the souls are locked in till the day of resurrection, when they will be brought back for questioning only. This has a lot to do with the Qareen. Most of the Muslims are fooled by the Qareen of their relatives when they appear in the form of Spirits. If not, common demons may take the form of loved ones to a person by reading their minds (or ask the client’s qareen on how the loved ones look like).
There is a true happening of such an incident to a Scholar who wrote down all of the experience he went through. When he believed in the spirits of the Dead living this surface, and tried to talk to his Father and how it ended. It is a long story I will post someday. But the scholar himself stressed on believing in the reality that the spirits of great people do not live the earth after they pass away. They are locked in the Alam-e-Barzakh. That is what Islam teaches us and that is what we should believe in.

Q: “Is wearing a black dress bad? does that attract evil jinns?”
Ibn Taimiya said, “The black dog is the devil of the dogs. And the jinn often take its form. Similarly, they take the form of a black cat. The color black has the greatest strength for the devils as opposed to other colors; in it is the power of the heat.”
Depends on the jinn itself, really.

Q: “is sleep paralysis caused by evil jinns? is it some sort of indication?”
A: Most people believe that it is caused by demons; I will look into its medical aspects and finalize this issue.

Q: “How can a jinn fall in love with a person? Does he appear himself as a attractive man then they fall in love or how?”
A: Depends on the Jinn, A demon might fall in love with a man that is sinful. Likewise a Good jinn would fall in love with a good person.

Q: “Is it possible for jinns and mankind being married? If possible is their children are jinns or mankind?”
The paragraph “Today, in the United Arab Emirates, there…” would answer your second question.

Q: “Is witch a women or men? Are most of the people who practice occult are women?”
A: ‘Witch’ refers to both, men & women. Their majority depends on their locality. Witches are often Women in the west and Men in the east.

Q: “Can jinns be stored in a bottle like we see in the movies? can we put all the bottles in the bottle?”
A: It is known widely, that jinn are imprisoned by people in Bottles/Vessels etc. They sometimes help in curing possessed people, since it involves another jinn to force the attacker jinn into the bottle/vessel. So they would sometimes let the jinn go since they both share the same cause.

Q: “what are the israelis searching for under the al- aksa mosque? During that time i read somwhere that all the magic was kept there?”
A: There has been a lot of conspiracies about this. In fact, it is true that Solomon had buried the books of magic under his throne. We Muslims believe that temple of Solomon = Masjid Aqsa, when the Jews believe that there was a Temple before but then Muslims build mosque above that temple. Now some scholars believe that Dajjal will have the staff of Moses and the Ring of Solomon, the ring which scholars believe Allah gave to Solomon. It was a ring used by Solomon to torture the Jinn who would not follow his commands. It is most likely that ring which the masons are after. They think that the ring itself was buried under his temple. But I personally do not agree with this, What I feel is that. Dajjal will not be someone who is going to be one of us, but will be a person sent down from the Arsh. He would be sent by Allah ONLY to test the people and judge them. Masjid Aqsa, the First mosque built on earth, and a Mosque from where Muhammad (saw) ascended to the Heavens (Miraj). It has to have a lot of significance in this matter. I believe they are setting up the place for Dajjal’s arrival from above.

Q: “If they recover it can we expect a harder future for muslims?”
A: Magic was already extracted thousand years ago, problem could be Dajjal but with his arrival Jesus (as) would be back for the Muslims too. So it won’t be a hard future after all.

Q: “If the qareen who guides us to go astray then why can we hear the qareen whisper as the qareen speaks with the soothsayer?”
A: Because he is a jinn? If everyone could see Allah with their own eyes, where would the test be then? Soothsayers say that it is like, somebody puts something in a box. Not just soothsayers but other people who deal with jinn. They get a new thought in their mind, a new idea they never know of before.

Q: “i hope my curiosity will make your site more informative for others.”
Indeed brother, JazakAllah.

I hope I have answered your questions. Please take care.
Allah Hafiz.

4 Responses to “Answers to Multiple Questions #04 about-jinn”

  1. jeem says:

    The jinn can read our minds?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      The jinn can speak to the Jinn-Companions. Everyone has a Jinn bound to him called – the Qareen, and the jinn thus speak to our qareen and gains information likewise.

      For more information about Qareen – refer to – Qareen-The Jinn Companion

  2. amir says:

    lies, lies, lies!
    there is NO such thing as an “Intermediate Realm”. this is just nonsense made up by people (even amongst muslims, sadly) who have not read quran.
    please don’t be ignorant; open the great book and read (and think!) for yourselves.
    only then will you understand TIME.

  3. Ali says:

    Sufis, I reckon, are mislead. They say their pir is giving orders from his grave. I reckon it is most likely the Sufis Qareen taking form of the Sufi and misleading the Sufi’s followers. You will notice that, no Sahaba or Sahabi (RA) ever claimed Prophet and Messenger Muhammad (SAW) appeared to them in a ghostly form and gave orders because the Prophet’s (SAW) Qareen is unable to take his form or any other Jinn for that matter. Plus his Qareen became a Muslim, I think. Now you know why no one has ever witnessed seeing Prophet (SAW) appearing in a ghostly form from his grave simply due to the fact that the dead cannot return. Whatever the Sufis or their followers experience when they see their dead saint or pir or teacher appearing in a ghostly or spiritual form before them from the grave is nothing but a Jinn taking the form of the deceased saint/pir or teacher. Does not the Qur’an say dead souls either go to Sijjeen oe ‘Iliyyin which I believe are 2 places (Jannati and Jahannami) midworld between this World and the Next World ?

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