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Answers to Multiple Questions 02 about-Jinn

Answers to Multiple questions asked by brother Mustaq,Comments. Replies to the queries are posted bellow the original Comments.


Assalam Waleikum..
Alhamdulillah this site is very informative. Good efforts.
I wonder how do you know so much about them. Whenever i ask someone (Aalim/Maulana)
about them they say “Stay away from this topic”.
Anyways my query is a kind of story:
Few months ago there were some strange activities going on in my home like hearing sound of throwing stones at night,
disappearance of materials(clothes,book etc), someone kicking at the doors etc.
At that time i was not at home because i use to stay out for my studies.
My family told me that our home was under the influence of some witchcraft,
they called some people(one who keeps knowledge) they told that two amulets have
been buried into our compound in two different places and that my brother was possessed
by a jinn and a pari. They further added that someone sent some devils to our home to disturb us
some 12 years ago. My brother used to get dreams of snakes etc and after some days he met with a motorcycle accident. He was severly injured.
Alhamdulillah he is well now. Some days ago i was also getting such dreams.
In these we have lost everything our property,studies,health etc.
Surprisingly a non-muslim was doing all these things with the help of a person(a muslim) who used to visit our home
and that person use to steal our clothes (especially black) which we came to know some months ago.
The situation is better but not everything is good. I want to know can a non-muslim do such thing? Can a jinn steal things?
Is it haram for us to wear amulets? If it is can you please give the reference. What exactly was going on in my home and what to now when all this happened? Please advise.
JazakALLAHU Khairn.

Brother Ali,
It was the intention of a Muslim person who knew us and who used to visit our home to bewitch our home but since she(the person) does not know anything about how to do, so, she approached a non-muslim black magician. And she is the one who used to steal our clothes (especially black).

And two Muslim ladies helped us in the matter and these two ladies took out the two amulets that were buried into our compound.
They told us that the amulets were buried some 10 years ago. And surprisingly the condition of the paper that was inside the amulets were as if it was written today. The papers were fine as if it were new. And a table with some strange letters was drawn in the papers.

So,there are three parties:
1. A Muslim person who knew us and used to visit us and steal our clothes.
2. A Non-Muslim Black Magician who sent devils to our home.
3. Two Muslim ladies who helped us.


Q: I want to know can a non-muslim do such thing?
Brother, if you mean to ask if a non-muslim can use jinn to trouble others, then you should know that, whoever practices magic are non-muslims. Making devils to submit to your command requires him to be a follower of Satan, and requires him to worship the demon chiefs. You may refer to the articles of How does a Witch bring about a demon. There are many ways out of which I have mentioned 7.

Q: Can a jinn steal things?
Yes, it has been recorded in the history books in great many places. I will refer just one – named al-Hallaaj. Ibn Taimiyya recorded his story as: “He was a magician, and sometimes devils would serve him. He was with some of his companions on Abu Qabis Mountain. They asked him for some sweets. He went off to a place close by and brought a plate of sweets. Later it was determined that those sweets had been stolen from a store in Yemen and a devil had carried it to that place (top of a mountain).”
Jinn are known to carry magicians over their back and make them travel long distances. People in pre-islamic times even sent/received letters through long distances with their help. But the things over which Allah’s name is mentioned is cannot be approached by devils. The Prophet (pbuh) mentioned this about LOCKS of the doors, that the devil cannot open the lock on which Allah’s name has been mentioned.

Q: What exactly was going on in my home?
Brother, what you mentioned is heard quite often, and they mostly are the work of jinn. Hearing stones thrown on the roof, knocking of the doors in the house and many other relevant stories are confirmed by reliable witnesses. I have written a new article for you about Jinn of the House and also referred to How one can protect his house with the word of Allah.

Q: About having Bad dreams:
They are truly from Satan/jinn: “If one of you sees a dream that he likes, it is from Allah. He should praise Allah for it and he should relate it to others. If he sees what he dislikes, it is from Satan. He should seek refuge in Allah from it and not mention it to anyone. Thereby, it will not harm him.”
Recorded in Sahih al-Bukhari.
If you have read the above article about Jinn of the Houses You would now understand why one particularly sees Snakes in his dreams. It is their transmuted form. Taking the shape of a Dog and a Snake are mostly preferred by evil jinn, and the color BLACK.

Q: Someone stole clothes from your house:
About the clothes being stolen from the house: My best guess is that, they are used as a CHARM/KEY, by the Witch/Magician. A magician requires Something that has been in contact with the victim. They then use that Something (mostly clothes/garments) as a CHARM/KEY for the jinn to identify his Victims. I would strictly suggest you read the article Distinctive Features of a Witch/Magician. So that you may understand whether the Healers that came to your home are True healer or just another Magician trying to help with the help of their Own jinn. There is no such thing as WHITE magic. When you can repel evil with the word of Allah – Quran, you do not require the assistance of another jinn to do the same.

Q: Amulets found in your compound:
About the amulets found in your compound: It may be, (Allah knows best), that the healers that came to your house are fake healers, they might have implanted the amulets and then extracted them in front of you. Most importantly, you should see WHAT CHARM/KEY was used in those amulets. If it had the piece of those black clothes that were stolen from you, then it was indeed the work of that old magician, But if it were something new and yet it did not look familiar, it might be that the healers are fake and they are merely dramatizing the whole scenario just to get more money, but Please, I am only saying this on the basis of My experience, and on the basis of what happens 80% of the times. Allah knows best brother. But I would want you to go through my articles from the Contents Page and learn more about the signs of magicians and how to seek protection from the evil.

I hope I have helped you brother Mustaq. Please keep me updated on your condition.

May Allah bless you and your home and protect it against all Evil.

9 Responses to “Answers to Multiple Questions 02 about-Jinn”

  1. Mustaq Ahmed says:

    Alhamdulillah.. Brother Ali. Thank you for your response and clearing my doubts. Well i was asking about non-muslims because i did not know that they believe in Jinn or Shaytaan like we do. May ALLAH’s blessings be upon you. Keep up the good work.


    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I am very pleased that you came back to check for your answers. All praise is due to Allah, and may Allah bless us all. Ameen
      Take care brother.

  2. imran says:

    you muhammad ali are only trying to be popular by jinn topic otherwise allah knows best. I want to ask you a question what is ur qualification in the field of roohaniyat ? And you do not describes about waliyallah ?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      only Allah knows how many Muhammad Ali are there in this world, and that which Muhammad Ali is me. How can I gain popularity by writing about jinn? I’m sorry brother. You may seek your answers somewhere else, since I only do this to gain popularity as you speak.

  3. Brother Yasin says:


    imran: you muhammad ali are only trying to be popular by jinn topic otherwise allah knows best. I want to ask you a question what is ur qualification in the field of roohaniyat ? And you do not describes about waliyallah ?  [Quote]

    You Imran seem to be one of those unfortunate muslims who have been decieved by the so called ‘peers’ or ‘bapus’ or ‘holy men’ who do taweez and say that they are healers in ‘roohaniyat’ and that amulets are permissable.
    You should know that NOWHERE in the QURAN or SAHIH HADEETH will you find the methods of theses ‘Roohani’ sheikhs validated. I urge you to use commom sense and do research on this matter. This website is perfect for research on this subject as it contains only SAHIH information.
    May Allah reward MUHAMMAD ALI for his efforts with this website.

  4. Thoha says:

    Hey imran, this is a place where no one recognises except by his name.. He is not doing a thing to gain popularity.. He is explaining the matter. He is distinguishing Tawheed from Shirk. What does the qualification do? If someone is not sincere will the qualification still have value.. No. You indeed couldn’t digest this.. May Allah guide you

  5. Rahman says:

    As Salamualikum

    Straight way I just would like to tell the main story and comments/advise come through you.

    I knew a person very well as he helped some of our friends from a magician. He said he is a man of allah’s way. We belived and respect him and meet to him very often.

    He demand every year pay him some money when he do the annual celebration of some sort of peer. i agreed.

    I came oversease and discover before the celebration time i got some difference type of problem and contact him for advise. I never mind to pay him as I belive he has a direct connection of allah.

    In oversease, I start facing some problem to make feiends. Specially to make a friendship with girls. I asked him why a girls doing abnormal behave with me even refuse to talk second time. First time they are normal. He answer me I shouldn’t try to.

    I argue, said maybe your intention or thinking good but way is wrong. because the girls behave gets completly abnormal and shoking. He said allah did it.

    Later on I argue strongly and he said not to do this. Allat may unhappy with me and i will get trouble.

    Afterthat, I involved street fight and hurt. Exterim nightmare start(people kill me,i’m running,i enter to the hell etc.)

    I contact him and said I don’t belive he is a man of allah. And few days later something start put preshure my body when im in sleep. I couldn’t move and it was very painful.

    I start pray and seeking help to allah directly for two years. During this time, I hadn’t a single friend, can’t sleep well. loosing job very often, can’t study and want to sucide many times. I thought may allah with him thats why i didn’t get cure. I asked to allah “please cure me or make me dead or make him dead, I can;t affort anymore torture’

    He died. 3 months later, I found I can’t talk to other people face to face. even other people cant talk to me face to face. there is something wrong to my eyes or other peoples eyes.

    I contact his son (who got responsibility after him). he said he will pray to allah so i can get nornmal life. nothing change. Then i refuge to pay him anything.

    Presently, i got some friend and i can talk to people little bit better, but still i cant talk to girls.

    Please, don’t get me wrong about girls. I’m a muslim and I truly love the muslim law. I said because its not normal.

    Steel at night i cant sleep well. Something torture me at sleeping time. Before it was told me some shit but now its silent. only push me.

    His son told me, his father doing something which he can’t remove. I think he also follow his father. Because, he deman me to keep touch with him and even 5 years later i have to contact with them.

    The followin things i do.

    1. pray.
    2. aiatul kursi
    3. sura falak, sura nas, sura iqlas, sura fathia, sura muminoon 1st 4 vers, and call allah.
    4. at night turn on sura bakara (low volume)all night.

    5. Put a infrared security camera if i can record any abnormal activities ( till i couldn’t)

    6. contact some healer to india. they took money and never contact.

    7. my family member never belive it. they belive jinn because of holy quran but can’t belive me.

    If you red all this thanks for your time and consideration. And if you suggest me something helpful for me and if i get cure I pray for you to allah. I also donate you with happyness. but I never pay before i get cure.

    Thanks again

    • Aman Sharief says:

      Assalamalikum Wr Wb brother Abdul Rahman, I’ve read the entire story of yours and can only make out that you have been fooled by this father and son for a while now. whatever is happening with you could be because of Magic or Jinn(Allah ho Aalam) but there is cure for these kind of problems in Quran. I know of a person who will help you Immensely(Inshallah) without any money spent and 100% from Quran which you and I as a muslim can’t doubt. if you get this mail or message do contact me on my number, i am resident of Hyderabad(India) and my number is +9140970383655.

  6. s.rashid says:

    Hello, today is the 21st July 2012. Thursday night dated 19th July 2012. My parents decided to count the gold to weigh and give in zakhat. To their amazement £20.000-£30.000
    Worth of gold was missing my mum was quite upset my parents recently had Islamic divorce but not the court divorce they still live together and argue majority of the time. They fairly old around
    60 early mum recently went to Pakistan were she found taweez put upon my dad 3 different types in food, gravy yard.apparently it was to cause my parents to fight. My dads is religious prays 5times can he be affected? And I have seen a slight change in my dad he stares at me and my sister weirdly like were strangers and his manner of speaking has changed before his words were kind and considerate now its the opposite though not in entirely.. anyway on regards to the gold missing how is that possible when everything was in its exact places my sister in law lives with us and it is told that her family practice whichcraft I told my mum that’s shirk and were Muslims that’s impossible
    how do I find out who took the gold? And how do I amend my family issues, today my parents had an arguement and he said he’s marrying someone else in Pakistan and he’s over 70!

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