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Answers to Multiple Questions 01 about-jinn

Q: How can jinn fall in love with people?

A: Yes, it is one of the causes of Possession.

Read here – Jinn possession (2nd Topic – Causes of Possession)

Also read – Marriage between human and jinn

Q: How long can jinn stay possessed in a person?

A: As long as Allah wills him to, and until an exorcism is performed.

Q: Can the person possessed by jinn perform ruqya themselves or get rid of the jin by themselves?

A:You may refer to the topic – Protection from Evil-Jinn – However, it still requires a 3rd person to speak to the jinn and know for what purpose he has possessed the person. The 3rd person then has to convince the jinn either way, asking about his religion if he is a muslim one can tell him it is wrong to do so, Or, he may even ask the jinn to leave or be burnt with the Quran recitation. I will write about how to perform a full ruqya soon Insha’Allah. Fact is, if jinn possesses the mind, then it is likely impossible to cure oneself. Other than that, if it has possessed an organ or a body part, that may be cured with self recitation. Ayat-ul-kursi is most effective.

Q: Can jinn harm us physically?

A: Yes they can harm us physically; the causes for possession are almost the same as the causes for harming us.

Q: Do young jins possess people?

A: Well, I think I’ll have to ask a jinn about his age the next time I go to an exorcism.

I believe, just like children are afraid of jinn, likewise their children are afraid to enter to this dimension; for they might hurt themselves.

Q: How can you get rid of jin in your home?How do you know if jin are in your home?

A: There is a hadith that says, “” do not let your houses to be like graves. The house in which Sura Al-Baqara is recitde, the shaytaan never enters” It also refers to Ayat-ul-kursi (verse of the throne) Verse 255 of Surah al-Baqara.

Hadith: “Ask forgiveness for our companion. In Madina there are jinn that embraced Islam. if any of you should see one of them [that is, a snake], he should give him warning for three days. If it appears after that, it should be killed because it is, therefore, a devil.” It is from an incident when a companion of the Prophet (pbuh) stabbed a snake in his room and in the morning both the snake and the companion were found dead.

Hadith: “Snakes are the forms of the transmutations of the shape of the jinn in the same way that the apes and swine were transmutations of the tribe of Israel.”

Hadith: “Do not kill the jinn, except every one with two streaks on the back, for they cause miscarriages and take away the eyesight. Therefore, kill them.”

All the above hadith are Sahih.

Q: The prophet(peace and blessing be upon him) said everyone has a jinn with them what does this really mean?

A: That jinn is called Qareen. You may refer to that in Types & Categories of Jinn, The last one is Qareen.

Q: can you get rid of the jin with you from birth forever?

A: No, it is bound to the body until the person dies. “Verily, Satan flows in the like the flowing of the blood.” It is also recorded in the two Sahih that Safiyya bint Hayy reported.

Q: Can highly religious people have jin, those who fear and love Allah (S.W.T.)?

A: Highly religious people avoid jinn. The jinn however might contact a highly religious scholar only to know about the glad tidings which Allah has to revealed to them, and to know more about the teachings of Islam. Other than that, jinn live around us in a way you can imagine as if you walk among blind and deaf people. You might wonder why one would even contact the deaf and the blinded. Therefore, the ones who contact have a specific purpose, either to learn about the reality of this universe, the word of Allah. OR, they might simply be working for witches. In fact, they have a world of their own. They do not need us, however there are some HUMANS who think they can get help from them, and that is why they ask for help but only the devils agree on helping him, all in return for his soul/faith.

Q: How many jinn can enter a body and how many times?

A: Read the answer HERE

Q: What types of places do jin dwell?

A: Dwelling places of jinn and demons. Read the answer HERE

Q: What types of people do jin possess?

A: You may find the answer HERE – Jinn Possession

Q: How can you get rid of a jinn controlling your organs or another part of your body etc…

A: You may recite AyatulKursi (Surah Baqara: 255) Verse of the Throne and the last 3 Surahs of the Quran over olive oil and rub the affected organ with it.

Q: how do you know if someone might be doing black magic?any opinions?

A: There are different types of Magic. They are categorized on the basis of Symptoms. You may refer to the types of Magic from the Contents page to know more about them.

Allah knows Best.

46 Responses to “Answers to Multiple Questions 01 about-jinn”

  1. UmmOmar says:

    as-salaam alykum
    i have recently learnt that a man (who calls himself best friend of my dad) has been been giving some kind of powder to put in my dad’s drink or food to my dad’s employee. we fear its something to do with magic. plz wat do we do in this situation. my dad trusts this man a lot and has made much wealth in his name. and lately he has been ill-treating my mom. i am helpless as i live in a different country as them. how can we combat the effects of that “powder”.also, my dad does not pray although he has done his hajj. he used to pray after he returned and left recently. mayb the effects of the powder…
    jazakallahu khair for your time.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      walaykum salaam,
      Brother, first of all you should realize a few facts. when magic was first brought to this world by the angels haroot and maroot, it was suppose to cause Separation between a husband and wife. however, it evolved with time and today it is used by people to bring love between a husband and wife. both are Haraam & forbidden! It is also used to bring success in ones life and for many other reasons.
      The powder you mentioned. I’m not sure for which purpose it is used in your case, but it depends on the relation between your father and his employee. You should be aware that it can cause separation and even promote trust between two people. But You may not disrespect your father for what he does. You may, instead, try to prove that it is bad for his health and for the family. You may even repel the effect of the powder by reciting AyatulKursi (Surah Baqara: verse 255) and the last three Surahs of the Quran over it, and it will by Allah’s leave purify the powder.
      But I would still suggest you try to convince your father to stop taking it, for it is forbidden in Islam to seek the help of a man or any other matter in this world other than Allah alone. It might involve the work of Shaytaan and that is equivalent to Shirk.
      I will remember you in my prayers and your family will be blessed Insha’Allah.

    • rahil says:

      do somethig for your father if it is early stage of magic because after a long time it will start more trouble

  2. Damian says:

    Hi ,

    I have been brought up as a Roman Catholic and I live in the UK.

    A few years ago I was going out with a young Welsh woman , when she had just 1/2 drinks (alcohol….I do apologise but consumption is allowed in Christianity)she would go Crazy and evil! I have never seen someone change so quickly and her eyes and face would completely change! A pretty girl to an ugly face with lost eyes!
    Now she claimed to be Catholic but had pagan beliefs and even Witchcraft books(can I add this an old religion of the Celts).
    I realised she could not drink and should not dabble with invoking anything as I personally believe this is dangerous and no good would come from this!
    My family and I tried to help her…..
    Anyway one day her face had changed….
    ‘You are so weak….don’t you realise there is nothing you can do ! I’m a Jinn’.

    I thought she was playing mind games with me so I went out.
    I went to meet my best friend at the time who was a female. She said ‘I’m going to take you somewhere special it’s a surprise!’
    So I got her car and we went off. She then said ‘let’s play the radio game. You ask a question then pick a random station and see what it says’. I thought this was very weird and out of character but I played along.
    It seemed to land on songs very relative to what we were asking and seemed fun as was working and positive . But then it all started to get scary as the random selections were about death, crashing and of a very negative vibe!
    I asked where she was taking me and she said she had forgot how to get there for some reason so she pulled in to this country Tudor Restaurant/Pub/Hotel.
    We sat down and had a drink her eyes changed and so did her smile. She looked at me and started….’You are so weak…’.She started to say word for word a whole paragraph that my girlfriend had just said an hour ago!
    I shivered and she went onto say ‘don’t you realise it’s always going to me …..there’s nothing you can do whether it’s Ann , Nicky(she mentioned other girls I had gone out with that she did not even know their names) it will always be me! You can’t get away!’ and laughed! I can’t remember what else she said I was in shock! But moments later her eyes changed (it’s always seems like a pupil dilation)and she seemed normal! I said ‘what were you on about just then’ and she had no recollection!
    I have had a few girls do the same thing.
    As soon as they start I get out of there or try cause some diversion.
    Another longer-term girl friend did the same eyes changed started with the same’ You are so weak’…paragraph and said ‘it will always be me’ and her eyes changed! She had no recollection and was a sweet girl that I went out with for 2-3 years!
    I seem to end up dating girls who are witches! I mean are into some form of pagan study. I think at one point it was nearly 90% and a few of these would start this but I would get away before they said anything else!
    Recently I have been seeing this girl and many strange things have been happening! As if she has powers! Anyway I was talking to a friend about this at 3am over the internet last weekend(I rarely ever tell anyone)! She was telling me her Iranian friend had just been talking about the smokeless that evening and we thought that was a strange coincidence! The next day my mother calls me to say the original Welsh girl had sent hate mail to her phone intended for me(I have had to change my number because of her harassing me ) at around 3am! This is the first time in nearly 2 years she has done this!
    Now I told this new girl I have been seeing and she asked ‘why does she do this she must have a reason?’.I went on to explain this girl had tried to kill be and by some miracle(praise God)the Kitchen knife had broken on impact on my rib! ‘The reason she may have been like this is she came from a broken home….’ she interrupted going onto say no you must have done something wrong it can’t just be her fault and became enraged!
    Over the last week things have really deteriorated and she is having episodes of public displays of anger and humiliating me in public for no reason! Just like the Welsh girl would! She tells me not to contact her in public but she keeps contacting me for one reason or another asking questions as if nothing has happened and then venting her anger on me.She has the look in her eyes too. A few hours ago she text me…….(OMG!!!!! the radio just came on now whilst writing by itself just now….I nearly had a heart attack!!!)…..So a few hours ago she started to text me goin on to say’there was one word for me’. ‘Weakness’ and how weak I was!
    Could there really be a Jinn following me jumping from girl to girl???
    What should I do????

    • An says:

      Hi Damian,

      Yes, your situation sounds like YOU are the one who a Jinn is following. These girls dont seem to be the problem. So it is definitely a jinn following you through these girls. Please go to someone who can get rid of this Jinn or jinns for good. I would have recommended a muslim scholar but you’re Christian and I’m not sure if it would work on you since you are not a Muslim. But I’m sure here are non- Muslim healers too to help you with your problem. Good luck

    • Sumi says:

      Hello demian I m frm India n I knw someone who can help u he is my sir n is Hindu by religion but he can b of great help to u I’m giving u his number if u want u call make a call to hm n u can even google him , his name is Dr Devender Pandey n his number is +919831769442 . U can even google about him .hope dis would b of help to u.

    • Mimo says:

      Hi Damian, I would strongly reccoment you to find a Raqee( someone who does ruqyah)in Muslim community.Maybe speak to the local Mosque.
      Here is one very good center
      You need to be careful when looking for a cure, as unknowingly you might end up with some one who says will cure you, and will be a magician and do more damage in the end!

    • Amber says:

      I have same problem with jinn in america. my mom turned into one and told me i’m so weak. strange you have same problem.

  3. alia says:

    Salaam. I am possessed by a jinn but it does not take over my body it only causes problems in love and career life. I wish to get rid of it, I frequently read surah baqaragh and aayatul kursi but would like to know a methhod to be rid of it so that it won’t come back.

  4. anon says:

    i have a very inportant question. what does it mean if i met a girl who knows the same demon as i? we told no one at all for a while, then we meet a boy who she falls in love with, who admits to seeing a demon that fits our demons description exactly? it said its name was either shole or kole. he has brownish pink hair and slanted eyes that are always switching between red and yellow. he wears a cloak that is deep purple. i know he is a demon because he said he was. please, please help us figure out what this might meen! demons are also starting to follow us and come into our dreams. are we cursed or is this a gift or lesson?

  5. cicili says:

    is it ok for me to believe in my religion but worship differently? and am i allowed to investigate the spirit world to see if theres anything else or a hidden meaning? i tried to stop, but i culdnt. since i was 4 after i got attacked night after night by a demon ive had these dreams every night that are not normal at all. and in the past few months ive met 2 others who see spirits and demons also. and demons are starting to harrass us and show themselves to us more and more frequently. its gotten to the point that my demons in my dreams are visiting me when im awake. like only yesterday the second came and told us about what has been happening to her. overall with spirits i communicate, the first can see, and the second attracts them like crazy. were scared to go in the same place together. should we, just to see? if i try to stop its like they come anyway. ive been investigateing to figure out what is going on, but nothing comes up. we know which demons are in the middle of this, but im not allowed to say much. i just hope i can get answers of some sort out of the little information i can give. i think im at a loss in my old religious ways. ive tried nearly every religion besides satanism and being a pagan, but i stayed with christianity the longest. i havent read much of the Qur’an i apologize. does anyone know what it could mean to be haunted by so many? or what could be causeing this? have i been evil in another life and paying for it now?

    • Muslimah says:

      Jinn can possess or surround a person for many reasons. Some jinn come with black magic, or some without black magic such as love possession or hate possession (where they want to oppress and control just because they are evil, they think the individual is weak. Sometimes we may harm a jinn and it might want to take revenge. They’ll also be attracted to places that are unclean or deserted such as places that contain polytheism, graveyards or places of filth (bathrooms). They are attracted to people who engage in sin, who call upon other than Allah and they’ll also torment those who are scared of them.

      We don’t believe in reincarnation in Islam, so no it’s not because of sin in previous lives. If an individual is able to recount previous lives then that in itself is caused by jinn whispering information to them about another human being who most likely they previous preyed upon. They’ll whisper the information to their next victim to encourage them to believe in reincarnation and disbelieve in the Day of Resurrection. Jinn may whisper some truth to make the individual believe in reincarnation, but they also often lie.

      So in general, jinn will go to anyone and any place where Allah’s name is not mentioned daily and where polytheism is practiced.

  6. sabashnee govender says:

    Hi, I am a 23 year old girl. I am having so black magic problems for the past 4 years. My sister-in-law was sending all negative things to me. She sent tokoloshes,spirits and devil. I have been to so many places and nothing is coming right. I just don’t know what to do anymore. My life is not the same. My life is a living nightmare. For the past 1 year,my sister sent some braai meat. After I ate them, my stomach was burning, then for 2 weeks,my stomach was painful like something like a ball was moving in my stomach. Then a week later,I felt something moving in my back at my spine. It was moving up and down my spine. I am getting very strong headaches,these jinns enter through my nose(they come like a strong wind and enter through my nostrils).now the jinns have entered my womb. It pains and pokes like a bottle piece inside my womb. The jinn comes on the bed and sleeps with me and when this happens I cannot move my body. The bed also shakes. I even can see it(the jinn) coming out from my private place. I went to many muslims and they said that a piece of pig fat is in my stomach. This medicine came from the braai meat. They have also been sending rats to the house. I really need help and if any one reading this knows someone who can help me. Please reply

  7. rahil says:

    assalamu alaikum
    i was in 3year realtionship with a girl, she often told me that she has jinn and they call her daughter or they call her like a daughter.
    and they dont like if someone man come near to her. but i never took it seriously because we love her and i never felt any problem when i was with her, now she dont want to marry me as she said her jinn is not giving her permission to marry you or if she do so then they will kill her or me.

    she often become ill suddenly and complaint its becuase of them those jinn they actuall love her and not like her like a daughter.

    i said we will do something for it i will talk to some person who know how to kill jinn but she said she dont want to leave those jinn, and she dont want any cure about this matter, she is saying just leave her.
    please reply me

  8. Faysal says:


    YOU Should not communicate with Jinns/shayteen.

    They will only harm you, the good jinns will not communicate with you as is forbidden. However, the evil jinns will reach out, as you have reached out, out of ignorance or disobedience.

    These evil beings are an open enemy to mankind, as Allah has mention a number of time in the quran. Allah has commanded as to take refuge in him and none else. Why, because the creation has no will and the first and last will is Allah’s, WHY WOULD THEY FEAR MAN AND ANY OTHER CREATED BEINGS (E.G. jESUS (jesus was tempted by the devil for 40 days..was it, for if even jesus was tempted why would people ask jesus?) OR IN THE NAME OF ANY OTHER CREATED BEING)

    For those effected, muslim and non muslim, return back to Allah, there is no deity worthy of worship inn truth except Allah.

    The only thing that will destroy these possession is Allahs way and Allah has chosen Islam has the final religion. Going to a Hindu/Christian/Jew will only increase you in wrong doing.

    Read the Quran, listen to the Quran (youtube “ruqyah” ) and most of all Obey Allah and stay away from sinning as these things will push you to sinning and do disgusting/dangerous things you may never have.

    Truly it is Allah who is the lord of the worlds and to him it is the final return.

    • King says:

      With due respect sir! You are wrong that good jinns will not communicate with you. Please cite your source to your claim. This also tells me that you have second hand knowledge to the other world. Where there is evil there is good too. Muslim Jinns are extremly righteous and honest. They are not like humans where they get jelous of other humans just because another person has more knowledge. Ilm, or money etc. They comminicate with momin ( vali) humans by the orders of Allah. They read and recite Quran extensively. There speed is a lot more than humans and they heal everything through quran and reciting them. They dont much interfere in human world because of humams limited thinking where humans getinto shirk and seek help from them instead of Allah.

  9. Faysal says:

    The reason you may well be on this website is because you have realised the dangerous effect of these beings.

    Let me clearly state this, it is not ok that you shall follow other than the final path (Islam), Allah has declared Islam as the final way for manking. And any that follows other than the exact way of the prophet peace be upon him, has follows the steps of the devil and for him there is no protection against them.

    This includes the sinning Muslims (no protection), the deviated Muslim who innovates and worship others along side Allah (dead people), say about Allah without knowledge or say what Allah nor the prophet said about Allah (using their imagination or limited minds and bring about information from their desires/opinions). Hence, it only Allah who is able to tell you about his nature (eg. in the Quran)and the prophet whom he informed (e.g. in the Sunnah).

    Therefore, if you have chose other path (other than the ISLAM the prophet and his companion were upon (salaf)), you have lost this life and greater loss is the life that would never end (the home of the fire with the evil jinn and shayteen burning).

    Reflect for reflection benefits the humble hearted.

  10. Guest says:

    Jinns (good ones and rightious) sometimes possess kids or can enter in them or they usually possess women(who are clean and virgins). Usually these jinns are themselves 2 to 5 years old most of the time. when jinn posses someone you can tell it by looking at that possessed human being eyes. Their eyes will have a special light or color to it. Usually we wear taveez and read Darood sharif extensively so they dont enter in us. —- Bad jinns or satans also possess people and do nasty things to other humans. They can possess anyone who isnt protected by Quranic versus.If you are possessed by a jinn and you goto your wife and girl friend and next day you dont remember what happened then you were Possesed. Lots of time these evil jinss who are in love with your significant other enters in ur body and do the act and you wouldn’t even know.

  11. Naheed Anwar says:

    Assalamulaikum. One year back I shifted to an apartment that time my son was 2 years and 6 months he was very loving caring understanding baby and was very social as well And was learning talking and use to pray along with me.suddenly he stop talking,but used to understand What ever we says.I became pregnant with my second child. I faced lots of complications during pregnancy but alhamdulilah I used to recite namaz and quran regularly.I admitted my son to school where he was not playing with other children and he stop doing eye contact.psychologist observe him and said he is autistic .At the time of delivery I faced lots of problems and blood loss but alhamdulilah Almighty Allah blessed me with second month after my delivery my son started screaming in nights.stop sleeping in nights and started pulling my hairs and my husband hairs and started kicking us in sleep
    we used to play surah baqara then he used to sleep .Them slowly slowly he started talking in sister prayed isteqara prayer for him and she saw a dream on first day lots of devils then on second days lots of snakes and on third day one devil attacking her.once he scared and ran wirh azan .we suspected something wrong with my son I started reciting surah baqra,ayatul kursi.surah muzammel. Surah jinn.last three surahs on him and contacted one raqi who used to recite on phone as he is from India and we are in Denmark.After that my son became aggressive.pinching me when ever iam praying,now he started laughing without any cause also,This time he listen to azan and quran but pretents as if he is worried (with strange expressions).we decided to send him special school for that i did isteqara and saw dream and old man enywring our bedroom.another time i saw dream surah baqara playing on my mobile and one english man standing outside and peeping inside my home
    Few days after I saw a dreams lots of jinn in that home and scare and scream and got up from sleep.Now my son is 3 years and 6 months and after Spending one complete year in that home,recently
    we shift home but this time alhamdulilah my son sleeping in nights but started grinding his teeths badly Whole day and developed scare even day times.I still confuse whats wrong with my baby??Please help whats wrong with my baby and advice me.May Allah reward you…

  12. Khan says:

    Sheikh my wife from last 8 month shes having symtom of jinn, 1 month or 15 days she speak in jinn voice and cry loud. We goto many imam to get rid but no use, when we goto imam shes health become very bad. Please reply what to do for this.

  13. shamila says:

    since 2007,my family and i have bought this house.the very first owner was a muslim malay family. they had sold it to a number of people and we bought. we have become broke and become sickly,our savings have been washed up and are just piled up with unpaid loans. ALL our happiness and peace are gone.Everything in our home has been pawned up. We have two teenage children and we are pensioners. we can’t find money anymore. weconsulted a person and he is demanding a high rate which we can’t affort. we are a catholic family and our prayers are always said in god’s help but there’s no change. please help.

    • Muslimah says:

      If there is black magic hidden on your property then that would be a cause a blockage in wealth as well as causing other problems (sicknesses, relationship problems etc). Sometimes it is hidden within the property such as in the ceiling, tied to trees or buried in the garden etc. You need to play the Qur’an (Al-Baqara) daily and pray to the Creator alone asking him to expose any magic that’s affecting your life. There are also many other verses that you can play repeatedly such as those mentioning the weakness of magic. Examples:

      Qur’an 26:45-47.
      Then Moses threw his staff, and at once it devoured what they falsified. (45) So the magicians fell down in prostration [to Allah]. (46) They said, “We have believed in the Lord of the worlds, (47)

      And We inspired to Moses, “Throw your staff,” and at once it devoured what they were falsifying. (117) So the truth was established, and abolished was what they were doing. (118) And Pharaoh and his people were overcome right there and became debased. (119) And the magicians fell down in prostration [to Allah]. (120) They said, “We have believed in the Lord of the worlds, (121) The Lord of Moses and Aaron.” (122)

      And when they had thrown, Moses said, “What you have brought is [only] magic. Indeed, Allah will expose its worthlessness. Indeed, Allah does not amend the work of corrupters. (81) And Allah will establish the truth by His words, even if the criminals dislike it.” (82)

      Allah said, “Fear not. Indeed, it is you who are superior. (68) And throw what is in your right hand; it will swallow up what they have crafted. What they have crafted is but the trick of a magician, and the magician will not succeed wherever he is.” (69) So the magicians fell down in prostration. They said, “We have believed in the Lord of Aaron and Moses.” (70)

      And also the last three chapters of the Qur’an (where the believer seeks refuge with Allah from the shaytan and the magicians as well as other forms of evil).

      Treatment requires effort, belief and trust in the Creator.

      After playing a lot of Qur’an you may have dreams relating to magic or even the place where it is hidden. If you happen to find anything, you may want to contact a raqi for advise on how to neutralize and dispose of it as we use the Qur’an to destroy it. I have read that magic often has jinn protecting it from being broken and Muslims usually protect themselves with specific verses of the Qur’an morning and evening. That way the jinn can’t harm them. Raqis also advise not to touch the magic with bare hands, so wear gloves.

      Please if you are requesting help from a raqi then ensure that they are a righteous Muslim (they only use the Qur’an) as there are too many fake raqis who are in fact magicians (they’ll make things worse by calling upon and communicating with devils and will send further jinn attacks on you and your home). For further advise/questions you can contact: (Also has Twitter and Facebook pages) (Also has a Facebook page.)

      There is also a verse in the Qur’an regarding wealth… 71:10-12 And said, ‘Ask forgiveness of your Lord. Indeed, He is ever a Perpetual Forgiver. (10) He will send [rain from] the sky upon you in [continuing] showers (11) And give you increase in wealth and children and provide for you gardens and provide for you rivers. (12)What is [the matter] with you that you do not attribute to Allah [due] grandeur (13)

      Some raqis suggest seeking forgiveness (from the Creator alone) more than 1000 times per day if you have problems regarding wealth.

      I hope that the Creator relieves you of your problems soon.

  14. Nijam says:

    I want to enquire what are the ways the jinn enters a body and if enters how could we get to know? From early days i use to have a lot of friends but gradually in the mean time i lose them. I jus cant keep up with anybody. I get tremendous moodswings that to all of a sudden. I cant concentrate on my carrier either . I end up losing jobs within few months. Sometimes i myself dont know what i speak wen i get nervous or afraid. Recently my stomach hurts . The pain jus comes and goes. The main reason why i am writing this is i jus cant keep up my faith even if i try a lot . I miss prayers even if i decide i wont miss. I get easily distracted. My brother passed away few months ago who has been suffering liver problems but we still couldn find out what his problems was. Me being the eldest in the family has got the responsibilty to look after them. And i always end up doing something losing something let it be a job or let it be my friend. I jus want to know if these things what i mentioned up there has something to do with jinns. Please help me with a proper answer. Im really in need for a consultancy.

    Will be deeply appreciated.

    • Muslimah says:

      Assalamu alaykum, the jinn can enter the body through various means (ears, toes, mouth etc). Sometimes the victim may walk on the sihr or sometimes the sahir may plant the sihr in food or drink. Often the victim may not know that a jinn has entered them and sometimes the jinn enter whilst the victim is asleep, which is why we should always recite the verses of protection and blow and rub over our bodies before sleeping as well as never missing morning and evening protection. We can know if we’re afflicted when we recite the Qur’an. A lot of victims are unable to read a lot of Qur’an (get distracted, avoidance etc) and when they do recite a lot they develop symptoms (examples: muscle pain, twitching, burning, stinging, shaking, nausea, dizziness etc). Every patient is different and may react to different ayat. Some patients may react immediately and some the jinn can hide for a while showing no symptoms at first. Difficulty in maintaining jobs could be caused by sihr or evil eye. There is a verse in the Qur’an 71:10-12 And said, ‘Ask forgiveness of your Lord. Indeed, He is ever a Perpetual Forgiver. (10) He will send [rain from] the sky upon you in [continuing] showers (11) And give you increase in wealth and children and provide for you gardens and provide for you rivers. (12)Some raqis suggest to seek forgiveness more than 1000 times per day for good results as well as reading specific verses of the Qur’an.

  15. Lisa says:

    Some really helpful advice to all that are affected by jinns and magic is to please go to this website and learn how to do ruqya to get rid of magic and jinn possession. Go to:
    or watch the YouTube videos of sheigh Ben Halima.

    You can only be cured by the will of Allah Almighty.

  16. khatija says:

    I have a question I used to have a good pure muslim jinn on me since I was little girl. It helped me so much through out my life by the will of Allah. I kept having people do black magic on me and putting shaytanic evil jinns on me to hurt me and to destroy me. I went to some people to get help but they made my situation worse an put more evil jinns on me . I even went outside of islam and saw hindus as the shaytanic stuff they would put were from hindu stuff. They made it even worse and after I asked them not to help me they kept attacking me an still do . I think they send jinns in rat forms to frighten us and to chase my son from the house and to bring trouble to him. I repented to Allah for going to the hindus and went to see muslims and they helped somewhat but one stole my good jinn from me by tricking me. Now all I have is bad jinns who hurt me and destroy my skin and make me suffer. I pray a lot to Allah but miss my good jinn as it was a huge help to me. I keep praying to Allah to give it back to me. Is there a way for me to get it back from the man who stole it from me. Please let me know as there are so many evil jinns that I have to keep dealing with and its hard.

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