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Agreement between a Witch and a Demon

In order for a Witch [Sahir] to get a Demon [Evil-Jinn] into submission, he must follow the demands posed by the Demon. Demon, meaning an Evil-Jinn, implies that the demands would be something of Evil nature. We will write about the various ways through which the Witch calls upon a demon for this agreement in the first place, but for now we will speak of the whole scenario in general only.

In most cases, an agreement is set up between a Witch [Sahir] and a demon, requiring that the former commit certain pagan rituals, whether secretly or openly, and the latter provide the services he needs or send someone to do the job. Usually, the agreement is set up between a Witch and one of the Chiefs of the tribe of the Jinn and Demons. The Chief instructs one of the tribe’s disrespectful demons to work for the Witch, obeying his orders and informing him of past events, causing separation of a man from his wife, a love spell between two people, making someone incompetent, and other conditions which we will write soon, Insha’Allah.

The Witch should send the demon on an evil mission, but if the demon disobeys his orders, he would come close to the chief of the tribe through some enchantments which would carry words of praise, seeking refuge in him instead of the True Lord Allah. In return, the chief would punish the demon and command him to obey the Witch’s orders, or instruct someone else to obey the polytheistic Witch.

Therefore, the relationship between the Witch and the recruited Jinn [Demon] is based on Hatred. Usually, this Jinn would harm the Witch’s wife, children, or wealth, or even the Witch himself/herself! Although the Witch would not be aware of the cause of his suffering such as, constant pain, Insomnia and sudden frightful waking-up during the night. Furthermore, the worse sorcerer usually become infertile, because the Demon would kill the fetus inside the womb before it is formed. This is so common among the sorcerers, and some of them have given up their profession in order to have children.

An event recorded in the book by the famous Islamic exorcist, Sheikh Wahid Abdussalam, where he records his conversation with the demon inside a possessed woman, and which implies how the relationship is based on Hatred. He says,

One day, I was treating a woman affected by Sihr [Witchcraft], when I started reciting the Quran, the Jinn who possessed her, Spoke through her,

Saying: ‘I cannot come out of her.’

I said, ‘Why.’

He replied, ‘I am afraid the Sahir [Witch] might kill me.’

I said, ‘Get out of this place and go somewhere else, where the Sahir [Witch] does not know about.’

He replied, ‘He [Witch] will send someone else after me to bring me back to him.’

I said, ‘Why don’t you embrace Islam, sincerely declaring your repentance? We will, by Allah’s Leave, teach you some verses of the Qur’an to protect you from the evil of the disbelievers among the Jinn.’

The Jinn said, ‘No! I will not embrace Islam, I will remain Christian.’

I said, ‘There is no compulsion in Islam, but it is important that you leave this woman.’

He replied, ‘I will not leave.’

I said, ‘then I will, by Allah’s Leave, expel you.’ Let me recite some verses of the Qur’an, until you are burnt.’

Then, I hit him hardly and he cried, saying, ‘I will get out, I will get out.’
Finally, he abandoned the woman.

Usually, the greater the Sahir’s degree of Kufr [disbelief], the more obedient the demon would be to him, and faster in executing his orders. However, once the Sahir should abstain from committing acts of Kufr [disbelief], as instructed by the Demon, the latter would stop executing the Sahir’s orders.

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and Allah knows Best.

Courtesy of Wahid Ibn Abdessalam Bali & Shafiq Abdelghani. JazakAllahu Khairan.

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