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About Us

As-Salamu Alaykum (Greetings)

I, Muhammad Ali, dedicate this website solely to the knowledge about Allah’s creation – the Jinn. A creation known by many as Reptilians, Demons, and Recently known as UFO. We Muslims call it ‘Jinn’. An existence unfortunately denied by most of the very Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). I’m here to clarify doubts about the existence of Jinn through the words of Quran and Sunnah.  All by Allaah’s Leave.

Matter of fact is that, most of the Muslim never read the Quran. Even though everyone confirms Quran to be the word of Allah, yet they deny the existence of Jinn – A creation Quran alone speaks of in more than 31 different verses and a full chapter that relates to them (Surah Al-Jinn). Additionally with reference to the Hadith from the Sahih chain, denial of the existence of Jinn is denial of the Word of Allaah.

Alhamdulillah (All praise is due to Allaah). I have read books of history and of great many Muslim Scholars, in reference to the sayings of Prophet(saw). I now feel responsible in passing forth this knowledge, and on to the learning brothers. That is my mission and I ask Allah to help me with it.

I will write articles about every little detail I feel necessary; all in the light of the Qur’an & Sunnah, and in the name of Allaah (swt). However, everyone is welcome to ask me of anything in relevance, and I will put that prior to my future articles.

For the time being, the list of things I consider writing on:

– Origin & Purpose
– Jinn & Demons
– Evil & Satan
– Jinn & Magic
– Jinn & Evil-eye
– Cure & Protection from Magic & Evil-eye.


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37 Responses to “About Us”

  1. irshad says:

    Masha Allah great job…

  2. Saad says:

    A truly remarkable site!

  3. SHIREEN BANON says:

    Masha Allah and JazakAllah brother.

  4. Leila says:

    In my dream a knotted rope from heaven to earth and then horse (horns and face of human) coming my way as I shook the rope. The horse is facing me and running on top of me. I ran with my sister in a white pickup then he tried to attack me. The horse/creature looked at me smiled at me and went away. Anyone knows what this could mean.

    • malik says:

      dear. I am not a much of scholar but i’ll try to tell you the meaning of your dream. The rope you saw to heaven is the right way to heaven insha’allah. It is full of difficulties, and the horse with the horn and human face is the devil, he is keeping you from the rightous path. But what happened finally isn’t much good. Coz devil’s plan worked and you got away. The white pickup is dunia. But that doesn’t mean you’ll always be on the wrong path till you die. No . That was devil trying to scare you. Allah tells us that if we analyze, devils trap is so weak. So keep up the good work and try to catch that rope again. And Allah knows best.

  5. SYED KAREEM says:

    Insha Allah you will be guided for the good of others, Jazak Allah khair.

  6. Muhammad Ali says:

    wa’alaikum as salam brother Faizur.

    Brother you may e-mail me @

  7. Abu Fatima says:

    Mashallah may Allah rewards your efforts

  8. Explorer says:

    Please Make this information available on Facebook also.

  9. Muhammad says:

    Masha Allah akhi, may Allah help you, aameen.

  10. Ano Khan says:

    how do I contact this website, it is urgent I get in touch with them??

  11. RESEARCHER says:

    SubhanALLAH, Great website, I wish ALLAH can help me & my entire family INSHALLAH with it , AMEEN

  12. SD says:

    Ours is a story of a crime by this person who literally used these ways to violate each and every human right of our family. We were never involved with him but his actions of following to our world were questionable. However they didn’t really strike our mind as questionable because we had no reason to suspect him. All of a sudden, one morning these strange loud thought that he was accessing us through some technology and we couldn’t prove his crimes. From that point on, we have suffered with the images of himself raping our children, beating our elderly parents, doing very ugly things to them, raping our children friends, our friends. Not only we have suffered from such ugliness of such images but much display of power and threats to destroy our bodies, our children’body to the point of blindness, complete insanity, paralysis and death is done if we don’t respond to these images as demanded. The reactions demanded are that of “feel romantic” at the images of himself raping our children, their friends, our friends; “feel inferior and that we accept that he is superior to do this to us. Much physical torture through pulling head muscles, blinding for a sec; severe pain in certain body parts, much display to affect our language and speaking abilities to accept that it is our insanity and in insanity anything and everything can happen is done. In other words, much torture is done with demanding reaction that we can feel whatever is asked because in insanity anything can happen. And the reality is we weren’t even involved with this person even for a day. We know the truth but even in any technical way, how can one become insane where the ugliness is all around a person with whom we were never involved more than a phone call for some work project down the road. This person has wronged many people through these ways. The community thinks he is a devious man who has issues with sex, money and relationships. But to inflict some body innocent in such an ugly way is not a work of devious mind but a criminal mind who plans and commits crimes through these ways so these crimes can not be proven in the court of law. He has committed more crimes through these ways than any serial murder or stalker or a pedophile. Should there not be something where these issues can be discussed in the mainstream society?? Some kind of organization that educates people within main stream community such that these kind of criminal don’t feel so confident in using these ways to commit despicable crimes against innocent people. I am sure regular people who know these ways don’t use these ways to commit such ugly crimes but perhaps out of some animosity or jealousy with people they know or were involved with or are involved with. To use such ways to reach an innocent family(he did the same to my brothers)where images of him self raping children in front of their parents and torture these parents to react in the ways of romance or inferiority is the same kind of crime a pedophile who wouldn’t know these way capturing a family physically, raping children in front of their parents and torturing parents to react in very ugly ways–the reactions that can never be available to any such criminal,commits. Is this not a matter of utmost concern?? I would appreciate you thought not only how we can get out of this ugly situation and how he can be stopped from victimizing people in such ugly ways. Also what possibly can be done where this reality while can be used for such extreme ugliness be brought to the attention of main stream community just the same way when main stream community knows of justice system, criminals don’t commit crimes easily. But if something is never talked about, criminals can find that to be a perfect vehicle to commit crimes.

  13. Sadeq says:

    alsalamo alaikom
    brothers and sisters,
    if you need help where ever you are, contact this brother on +447790311457
    he is a very helpful sheikh and according to Shareiah (Quran and sunnah)
    he is Arab from Yemen
    his name is Taleb and he travels a lot all over the world to help people who are possessed

  14. lawal kazeem says:

    Salam,Got your site on Internet,I have a problem of jinn. She has been living with me for the past years without knowing anything until she said it when she started speaking with me since 4 years ago.she has been disturbing me since she started talking.she disturbed me day and night.everywhere,at work,when sleeping, took my concentration.
    I would be glad if you can help me out by ruqiya.Insh Allah.

  15. MICHAEL PAUL says:

    myself michael paul from india weast bengal (howrah).I am in relationship with my loved one(SUSMITA HANSDA) for 7years suddenly june month she started behaving rude nd telling me give me some freedom so suddenly I heard from my friends that yur girlfriend is dating other I caught that boy his name is ANIL PASWAN now he is out of our road, but still she can’t come to me it’s like her mother BIMLA HANSDA nd father SINGRAI HANSDA has brain washed or might black magic to make her forget me.. Please help me I really need yur help I can’t live without her..nd my number is +91 9432803164

  16. Maryam Naz says:


    My name is Maryam Naz and I am a 16 year old Muslim living in London. Recently I have been hearing weird sounds from my pillow and from my bed with a weird sensation every time I sleep. Also, recently I can’t seem to fall asleep. I am very religious and so is the family. However whatever it is hasn’t harmed me, so I’m confused as to what it is, as I am afraid. I read Namaaz five times a day, read two different quran’s, recently I’ve started listening to Surah al baqrah, Yasin and Manzil as well as doing ablution before I sleep, read Aytul Kursi, the four kuls, keeping clean, doing Dhikr and have a tasbeeh I use and the activity has lessened but it is still there. I dust my bed before I sleep, sleep to the right, drink sitting down, say bismillah and alhumdailillah after I eat. So I’m doing a lot and the sounds are still there, what could it be?
    It’s something that’s troubling me, you know being 16 and all, and it’s quite daunting, so if you could provide me with some relief than I would really appreciate it. I’ve told myself that Allah is watching over me, and he is, but some piece of mind would be nice.

    Allah knows best


    Maryam Naz

  17. salaam brother I am victim of black magic nad shir also itchcraft and voodoo spell on me can you please remove these magic from me please help me I am suffering with few mnth also I m n Canada I can not find any raqi in tornto because I am suffering with voodoo spell on me

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