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2nd Method to bring about a Demon: Slaughtering

Slaughtering in the name of the chief of the demons

These methods are only to help you distinguish between a Witch and a true Healer.
It is NOT to be practiced what so ever.

Sacrificing something for someone is an act of showing full respect, and an act of submission to an oath. We only sacrifice in the name of Allah and only for Allah, as to show our belief and determination towards our faith in Him. If such a major act is to be done for a Demon, he will be willing to offer any service to the witch. But that is forbidden. It is nothing more than the worse act of polytheism.

It is reported in Sahih Muslim – Ali (ra) said, that The Prophet (saw) said,

‘Allah curses he who slaughters a sacrifice to other than Allah.’

The Witch brings a bird (chicken or a pigeon) or an animal (a sheep or a goat) with certain specifications, according to the Demon’s request. Usually, the animal is black as the Demons prefer black things. Afterwards, he slaughters the animal without initiating the slaughter with the Name of Allah. Sometimes, he may stain the sufferer with its blood and sometimes he does not. Then he may throw the carcass in a ruined site, into a well, or in a deserted place, which are usually the homes of Demons, that too without mentioning the Name of Allah. He then returns home, recites his incantation and commands the Demon to do what he wishes.

The incantation used in order to bring about the Demon contains a language of explicit polytheism. Generally, all of these methods involve incantations of praising the Demon Chiefs. Hence it is best to understand what the so-called healer is reciting. Might be an act of polytheism which starts with a few Arabic words, he may then whisper to the chief of the demons, asking for his help with great kindness.


  • A fake-healer will ask you to slaughter an animal, most probably at a deserted place. If it is a small animal like a bird/chicken, he may slaughter it on the spot.
  • Zar-circles, a ritual performed to free the possessed person from his suffering via slaughtering an animal and staining the person’s body with its blood. It is nothing more than to please the Jinn with Music and Sacrifice. We should always avoid them.
Courtesy of Wahid Ibn Abdessalam Bali & Shafiq Abdulghani. JazakAllahu Khairan.

11 Responses to “2nd Method to bring about a Demon: Slaughtering”

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  2. Debt Relief says:

    Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

  3. john says:

    i want to summon the demons and allow them to posses my body to live thru my eyes and act thru my body how do i bring them forward and become 1 with the darkside

  4. john says:

    i want the demons to posses my body and take over everything to make everyone pay for all their wrong and to protect what i give what sacrifices must i make?

  5. mukhtar al hassan says:

    john: i want the demons to posses my body and take over everything to make everyone pay for all their wrong and to protect what i give what sacrifices must i make?

    ‘Study the Quran’

  6. mukhtar al hassan says:

    mukhtar al hassan: ‘Study the Quran’

    &you will get answers to your questions

  7. mahmoud says:

    John please don’t do that i am Muslim and we have jinn here.The bad jinn will destroy you.There is no becoming their friends.Some even take human blood.You must realize that when you open that door to whatever jinn it is their is no closing it and in the long run it may cost you your life.As long as your willing to deal with that that’s fine.

    With jinn your not the master they are you wont be able to control them.

  8. Maulana says:

    sometimes i wonder, why people want to praise devil… in qur’an, we was chosen as the best of the best created by allah… and we as human get permitted for rule this world… and we was given guidance by qur’an and hadist… but why people still choose go to satan, whom the most lowest level was created by allah??

    if we go to allah, the angel will protect us (with permission from allah)… and much more efefctive than using magic… but why poeple still go to satan??

    • Abdallah says:

      Exactly, but it’s the devil himself that mislead them into thinking that he will do things better then allah, but of course praise be to allah he is the greatest.

      Anything you need in life allah will give you, many people have problems with money, if you want money allah will give you it by doing simple things, read surat yassin daily (it is said to give you strength, success and wealth) read surat al waqia after isha (before you sleep), give zaka, and instead of sacrificing to the devil sacrifice to allah, pay for you sheep or cow with halal money and sacrifice it to allah and give out the meat not just for eid but in other times aswell, sacrifing a couple of times a year will give you great benefits alone

      money and worldy things mean nothing to allah, you are his slave and he loves you, if you want money he will give it to you no problem, but you have to glorify the one and only god by doing these things

  9. Ruhani says:

    Thanks for sharing these excellent secrets! These are the same techniques that my shaykh has been teaching in our tariqa. You could add that you can even take a jinna as a wife, if you offer the sacrifice as the mahar. And Allah knows best.

    • Mirghul says:

      What the ……

      Your “shakyh” is a devil worshipping magician. Sacrificing to anyone but Allah is shirk and kufr.

      Who’s your shaykh? I’d like to smash his head in.

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