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1st Method to bring about a Demon: Al-Iqsaam

Swearing by and Seeking Refuge in the Master of Devils

These methods are only to help you distinguish between a Witch and a true Healer.
It is NOT to be practiced what so ever.

Before a Witch may act upon this method, he stays dirty and away from water for more than 40 days. After that, the Witch may enter a dark room, light a fire and smoke incense of good or bad odor, according to the subject of the request. If, for instance, the Witch intends to separate or stir up hatred and enmity between people, he would put bad-smelling incense onto the fire. But if he wants to bring love between people or neutralize the Witchcraft of an impotent person or Witchcraft in general, he would put a nice-smelling incense onto the fire. Afterwards, he may start reading his spells using specific incantations. These would contain the Witch’s oath to the Demon Chief and seeking refuge in him.

After the incantations, a phantom appears before him in the form of a dog, a snake, etc. Then the Witch would command it to do whatever he wishes. Sometimes nothing appears before the Witch, at others the Witch may hear a voice or nothing at all. In this Case, he may put a knot around the trace of the targeted person such as a lock of his hair, a sweaty piece of his garment etc., and then he would instruct the Demon to obey whatever he should command.


  • The apparent and explicit act of polytheism in this method lies in swearing by and seeking refuge in the Evil-Jinn.
  • The Evil-Jinn prefer dark rooms
  • The Evil-Jinn are fed on incense, upon which the Name of Allah is not pronounced.
  • The Evil-Jinn prefer filth, thus Demons approach impure things.

2nd Method

Courtesy of Wahid Ibn Abdessalam Bali & Shafiq Abdulghani. JazakAllahu Khairan.

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  2. Zuhayra says:

    If the Witches are meant to stay away from water for at least 40 days, then how can they live and at least pretend to function in society? There are many ‘Muslims’, too who believe that their summoning is a good thing and so do it willingly. Yet, they touch water and pray and read Quran just as much as any other true follower. Also, if we refrain from drinking for so long, we will become dehydrated and die.

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