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Valley of Jinn (Solved Mystery)

A Valley located about 35 KMs to the north-west of Madina in Saudi Arab. A road passes through the bed of the valley. What’s famous about this place is that, cars actually accelerate on their own with their engines off. They are known to accelerate over a stunning 120 Km/hr speed.

24°43’21.65″N    39°26’57.67″E

You may search on YouTube where people have uploaded their recordings of this experience. Where the engine of the car is turned off and the gear shifted to neutral, the car starts to accelerate on the road that appears to go up-hill. I would like to share one of the videos from YouTube here, for those who want to see what I’m trying to explain here.

The name of the valley was given by the locals for they believed that Jinn lived in these mountains; and that the accelerating of the cars are actually the Jinn pushing them. Only Allah knows best if Jinn live there, but the phenomena of the accelerating cars on a straight road itself, has nothing to do with jinn. This might sound offensive to some, but I would like to re-assure that I have dedicated this website solely for the purpose of making people believe in the existence of Jinn, but I would not lie if once I come to know of the real perspective of a scenario – that it in fact a natural phenomenon, and that it has nothing to do with jinn.

Before I start posting my personal observation, I would like to quote an explanation to this phenomenon called the Magnetic Hill or Gravity Hill.

Gravity hill, also known as Magnetic hill (and sometimes a mystery hill or a gravity road), is a place where the layout of the surrounding land produces the optical illusion that a very slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope. Thus, a car left out of gear will appear to be rolling uphill. There are hundreds of gravity hill locations around the world. Here is a list of other similar places on our Planet:

Further Explanation
The slope of gravity hills is an optical illusion, although tour guides may claim natural or even supernatural forces are at work. The most important factor contributing to the illusion is a completely or mostly obstructed horizon; without a horizon, judging the slope of a surface is difficult as a reliable reference is missing. Objects one would normally assume to be more-or-less perpendicular to the ground (such as trees) may actually be leaning, offsetting the visual reference. The illusion is similar to the well-known Ames room, in which balls can also appear to roll against gravity.

Here’s another example of the above phenomenon:

I would like to re-quote a line from the above explanation that is suffice to explain the phenomenon in the Valley of Jinn – “The most important factor contributing to the illusion is a completely or mostly obstructed horizon; without a horizon, judging the slope of a surface is difficult as a reliable reference is missing.” This is very obvious in all the videos on YouTube. There is no horizon, hence no reliable reference to judge the slope of the road.

One of the easiest ways to prove that the surface of the road that APPEARS to go UP-HILL is actually DOWN-HILL is to take an Inclinometer to the site and put it on the road to see how it is actually proves the opposite. You would then look around and see the road appearing to go up-hill, yet the inclinometer would suggest that it is in fact down-hill.

But since I cannot afford to go to the blessed land Madina and take a visit to the site myself, I have improvised another way to prove that the road is actually down-hill, and not really flat as it appears in the videos. I have used the software Google Earth for this purpose, and it is actually very helpful to find out distance and elevations of these surfaces from a satellite view.

I would like you to take a look at this image, and read the explanation along its side. If it is hard for you to understand, you may click the image to view it in full size.

The Red circle in the image is where the cars turn off their engines and start to accelerate down the road towards Madina. Google Earth shows you the elevation of the surface on which you hover your mouse over; I find the elevation at the point of the Red circle to be 948. I then come down the road for about 7Kms, and then mark another point that is the Blue circle. The elevation here was 638.

We notice, there is a drop of 310 Meters in just 7 KMs. I estimated the angle of inclination by taking multiple sites on the same road, and I find the average inclination of the road to be 11.5 Degrees downwards South. Knowing this fact, no matter what we see apparently on the side of the road, we have to admit to the fact that this road is in fact a downward-slope, and that the accelerating of cars is actually the Nature of Allah Subhanahu Wa ta’ala.

For those who wish to find out an inclination ought to take the Distance as the Hypotenuse, and NOT as the Base of the triangle, for that is the way GoogleEarth works. You may then find the Base-Distance via Pythagoras Theorem and eventually find the angle of inclination via Cos(A) = base/hyp = 11.5.

You may try this out on your own computers, simply by downloading Google Earth and follow the Coordinates:  24°43’21.65″N   39°26’57.67″E

Wa huwa Aalaa kulli shay'in Qadeer. 

55 Responses to “Valley of Jinn (Solved Mystery)”

  1. Tee says:

    Nice share brother! Now that I’m here in KSA, i’ll definitely go to this place and share with you my own live experience!

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I would really be grateful brother Talal. Please enlighten us when you visit the site yourself.

    • Farrukh Nazeer Mian says:

      Brother, best thing will be to get or to see, if possible, the road survey drawings and studying contours drawn. KSA should publish that survey sheet to resolve the mystery. There must be some scientific reason. Missing horizon is not the complete answer.

    • Parvez Khan says:

      2 Weeks Al-Hamdulillah I was there in the same place called wadi-e-jinn and i was driving my car. In one particular location we drop a full bottle of water and i was surprised to see that water was flowing in the opposite direction of the slope and that too at a gud speed. At the end of the road i put of my car to neutral gear and my car starting moving and it gained a gud amount of speed it speedometer was touching 120 Kmph. Mashallah !!!!!

  2. Arif says:

    I have recently visited the said place. Obviously the road is going downhill from the red circled area. But at one place on the road (very small section of the road) it is kind of a ditch. From a distance you may see the other veicles are not at the same horizon. Taxi driver stopped there and shifted the gear to neutral and car was pulled upward. I don’t know the reason. But if it is the magnetic effect then placing a water bottle on the road should roll towards downhill. I was not prepared to do this test. Somebody else may try this and let us get the feed back.


    • Syed Farasat says:

      we have tested this & water also travels upward….amazing….so fact may be that it is not magnetic field, it could be gavitational field which attracts any object in the world.

    • Farrukh Nazeer Mian says:

      I have just visited the place. It is a kind of ditch with the lowest point in the middle and both other ends approaching up-hills (like a wide open “V”. On both sides, the horizon line disappears when standing at lowest point on V. Question is why car and/or water goes up-hill towards city of Madina only? It never travels to opposite side going away from city of Madina?

  3. Qaiser says:

    Dearest brother.

    Excellent piece of effort in doing your job as a sincere muslim to help eradicate one of the munkers that normal people (gullible or otherwise) have been affected by such phenomena as this one. As you rightly said, Islam does not need such weak proofs. May Allah reward you the best and may all those who are still confused get their clarifications. Thanks and best regards


    It appear to be a good explanation of the phenomenon observed by the pilgrims;who thik the rolling of the vehicle is the cause of some supurficial or mysterious powers say Jinns, but acyullaly Allah’s Sunnah never changes.

  5. Salmaan says:

    Brother, I commend you for exercising reason, a rarity amongst us muslims.

    My regards.

  6. Explorer says:

    Visited this place yesterday and agree with your explanation. JazakAllahu Khairan

  7. Gulfishan says:


    We had been to this place out of much curiosity and we were amazed to see such phenomena.Your clarification makes it much easier to understand.

    May the Almighty bless you..

    Shukran ,

  8. Naimat Rabbi says:

    Dear Publisher,

    Thank you very much for getting understand the real phenomenon about the valley jinn.

    God bless U

  9. saqib says:

    Aslam O Alekum

    Brothers, this is not a case of optical illusion. I visited this place two time. No, doubt the major portion of the road is down-hill and moving down the vehicle is not a mystery, although a driver can feel extra pushing force comparing with the same angle of slope in any other area. This slope is around 3 km. But … brother Arif said there is ditch/concave/canal like place (app 50 mtr) where all theories become void. If u stop ur car in the center of ditch, means the deepest point and release the hand break it starts clibming up without engine force. Second time i went with a magnetic compass and magneric rod to check the disturbance of north & south poles, if any additional magnetic force exists, but nothing was found. Some more experiment was made, for example, when u drop water there it flows upward, even plastic bottles rolled on upward. I confirmed the inclination by watching the place vertically. I am continue in search to find out the secret . Any brother who has a logical approach, is requested to share. It will help to guide the people having false belief. Jazak ALLAH kher.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa alaikum as salaam brother Saqib,

      Thank you for enlighting us with more information. If you ever got to visit the place again brother, I would suggest that you take an Inclinometer instead of a Magnetic compass. If you could observe and note down the readings on ever foot of that ditch and share that knowledge with us. That will be of great help to all.


      • Saqib says:

        Asslam O Alaikum

        Brother Muhammad Ali, as I mentioned earlier that it is confirmed that there is an extra force which pushes/pulls the the objects in one directions but due to a clear downwards slope in the same direction we take it as force of gravity. This slope can be seen and felt easily thus no matter of optical illusion. But on this point which is located in the begining of this moutian chain we have to keep our thumb under our chin. It is around 8-10 feet deep ditch, as brothers yassir and arif has mentioned that vehicles became out of sight after crossing the point. I am here in jeddah and can do any thing to explore the secret of this place, but you should think for the other possible theories and forget about the optical illusion.

        Best regards.

    • Sultan Anwar says:

      Walaikum Assalam WarehmatuALLAHe Wabarakatuh
      Brothers, Of course there would be ditch/concave like place but if we analyse logically, the whole place is a slope like we climb down from some even if some bumps of ups and down comes(ditch/concave place) we are attracted towards center of gravity, which is pulling us downward from the mountain.

      It is the glory of ALLAH ALMIGHTY that he has carved the surroundings in such a magnificant way that it feels like we are climbing up.

      For further proofs you can see the elevations and depressions of the road from google earth by using following directions
      1. Open Google Earth
      2. Search “Wadi Jinn” actual name is Wadi-e-Baiza
      3. Using the ruler tool(path)…make the path of that area(approx of 10 to 14 kilometers)…save your highlighted area
      4. right click the path and select Elevation Profile

      you will be able to see the ups and downs of the whole path you selected.

      Jazakum-ul-ALLAHu Khairan

  10. Yasar says:

    As-salam-mo-alai-kum-wr-wb Brother Jazakallh hu khairan for your info, I visited this site in April this year (2011) It is deffinately down because the cars that were over taking our would dissapear if it was up hill the car would remain on sight. Also why is the push only one way? why does it not go up the other way?

  11. Soliman says:

    I dont believe so because 129 kph is to fast for down hill slope plus ive seen a video where a person goes both directions

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Assalamu Alaikum brother Soliman,

      129Kmph, brother any sliding body will gain speed when it is dropping on a slope. From 0 to infinity.

  12. Khlaid Jadoon says:

    A.A, I think still more research is needed to conclude.

  13. Muhammad Rizwan says:

    Dear All
    I have recently visited the site. There are some observation which has to clarify.
    1- I experience that at a point an inlination of about 45 degree cover back by my car with zero speed at start.
    2- Can a loaded bus move on said slop upward using whole valley inclination spacified.
    3- Can a car move over a speed breaker with zero start speed.
    4- When the valley border (aGate) crossed by vehicle, there is very inclined slop apear in front of you but your vehicle speed down rapidly instead of increasing.

    I agree there may not any Jinn but please clarify the phenomina further by visiting site.

  14. Faisal says:

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    I would like to congratulate you for this research. But, I have been to this place I also used a leveling bubble meter (or whatever you call it) to see whether there’s any inclination/declination on the surface and the road, and to my amazement, the bubble showed perfectly in the middle i.e. the surface was absolutely balanced without any inclination/declination what so ever. Was bemused after this!

    • Sultan Anwar says:

      Walaikum Assalam WarehmatuALLAHe Wabarakatuh
      Brother, leveling meter wont work because of its insufficient length..You will only be able to see maybe max 2 or 3 METERS of a total of 10 to 14 KILOMETERS. If we see the ratio 3meters/14000meters
      It comes out to 0.000142…which is negligible. So there is no comparison.

      There is a Fact that

      So this is actually what was happening with you. for Further can see my comments given to brother saqib here in the Comments section.

      Jazakam-ul-ALLAHu Khairan

  15. amar says:

    if you look up Ames room, this wil give you more understandings on Gravity Hills. There is so many gravity hills around the world.

  16. HaafizAhmad says:

    Probably we human will never be able to develop a truth finding attitude. Most of us, whatever their religion, attribute natural phenomenon to some pious person, giving, otherwise, illogical, strange and unusual explanations. In this case, it is said that this is due to jinns or that it happens because of Medinah that vehicles are attracted to.

  17. HaafizAhmad says:

    There might be some spots where surface is rather flat, but a drop of 310 Meters in just 7 KMs is very considerable amount and somebody with open eyes and open heart to accept facts. Moreover, surveying equipment can determine the tilt.

  18. Allah do not violate his laws, you are doing a good job my brother.

  19. ishaq butt says:

    i came to know the abnormality on madina road at so called vally of jinn and my informer,my son, that it will be just the impact of a magnetic field or some astonshing feature of gravity. thanks god who has given u the vision and time to remove the ignorance out of this misunderstanding.

    • ishaq butt says:

      ishaq butt:
      i came to know the abnormality on madina road at so called vally of jinnand my informer,my son, that it will be just the impact of a magnetic field or some astonshing feature of gravity. thanks god who has given u the vision and time to remove the ignorance out of this misunderstanding.

      I came to know the abnormality on Madina road at so called Vally of jinn by my informer,my son,and told him that it will be just either an impact of a magnetic field or or an astonishing feature of gravity. Thanks God who has given u the vision and time to remove the ignorance out of this misunderstanding.

  20. riaz says:

    reading…. physics and metaphysics turn to be the guiding light for all new researchers now a days.

    pl. don’t stop…. Jins exist.. who knows what is gravity itself..

    Burmoda Triangle is still mystry….


  21. Nisar Bhutta says:

    i want to know about that place and i am researching by internet information i think thats truly the city of jinns

  22. latif shahid says:

    I recently visit this site on 15-04-112 and observed the same phenomenon as described above. Apparently there is no downhill specially at point where people were conducting experiment of water flow and rolling of bottles. We himself conduct the same experiment and found water flowing upward. I personally feel something different that when our car was moving under that mysterious force, I brought my hand out from car window. I feel air was blowing forcefully from rear side to front, while at that moment our car was moving in forward direction.That was quite unnatural. When we stopped at ditch point where people were conducting experiment there was no forced air blowing. Every thing was normal.

  23. Syed Yousuf Ahmed says:

    I don’t know if it is true ot not but I’ve heard some sheikh saying that Dajjal will come from Tabuk and will stay after this valley which is known as Wadi -e- Baida in Madina and here a big earth quake will come which will swallow most or all of the army of Dajjal Wallah Alam wa sawab

  24. muhammad javaid says:

    hello muslims brothers and sisters i personaly interogate this topic .there are no jins but this situation is called. OPTICAL ILLUSIONS.f some one need detail can cantact me. i m here in jeddah discus highlt qualified people about this topic.i m an electrical consultant and living with highly educated persons .my opinion is thay QURAN SAYS/ IF U DO NOT KNOW SOME THING ASK THOSE HOW HAVE KNOWLEDGE AHLE ELM.

  25. Shafiq says:

    Dear brother and sisters, i will be in Saudi Arabia during Haj this year and like to visit the place. In my opinion we have to find out the mysteries of the world, but if we are not in a position, we are not suppose to reject. Many people have visited this sit, all have two observations. 1 the cars and buses are moving upward without driving force and the water and water bottles are moving upward. It is a great opportunity for the scientist to work on the phenomena and find the new rules, as in my believe the principles of Islam are the basis of science.

  26. Imam says:

    Is it both directions of the road?

  27. Ameena usman says:



  28. Naimul says:

    I have experienced the phenomena while driving in and also coming back in the same road. It cannot possibly be downhill both ways. How do you explain that ?

  29. Md Naveed says:

    Dear all,
    I was in madina for around 1and half year I visited to the wadi-e-jinn so many times after by experience of visiting these many times I suggest that their is certain slope as mentioned in the first comment as I was driving the vehicle towards the wadi e jinn much more torque was required as we feel when driving the vehicle at any hill in the same way speed also reduces when we still move up towards the wadi e jinn but when we move towards the madina back the speed increases automatically in the same manner as we drive the vehicle on the certain slope. So finally their is a certain angle of inclination or the angle of repose because of which the vehicle game is played.

  30. Sarandaz khan says:

    Hi, I came for hajj this year and came to Zmadina for 10 days. Only yesterday went to The mentioned place called by locals (wadi e jinn). Did the experiment and yes it was amazing and completely unnatural when our heavy Toyota Double cabin with 5 ppl inside start rolling on the road. And I recorded max speed of 120km/hour. How on earth in neutral a vehicle can move that fast.Allah knows the best. And yes we did water experiment and after spilling bottle of water on downhill road it start flowing upwards. Font know the mystery but it was fun.will put my video on you tube soon.

  31. ahmed shahabuddin says:

    i did haj on 2012 oct-nov, seen miracle of bus and cars moving upwards although engine was stopped. vechile was stopped at deep place and roads on both sides were above that point.
    vechile started moving and reached speed of 120km.
    What ever the scientific reason or jin behind this it is miracle of almighty ALLAH and RASULALLAH.

    • UmmSalman says:

      ahmed shahabuddin:
      i did haj on 2012 oct-nov, seen miracle of bus and cars moving upwards although engine was stopped. vechile was stopped at deep place and roads on both sides were above that point. vechile started moving and reached speed of 120km.
      What ever the scientific reason or jin behind this it is miracle of almighty ALLAH and RASULALLAH.

      Assalamu alaikum bro,

      miracles are only of Almight Allah, adding anyone to this falls under shirk!

  32. As Salam Alaikum
    I have visted this place recently. I had taken with me a glass , water bottle and and a ruler. I measured the slope practically there at two points . At point where people let the car move in neutral gear in engine stopped condition this slope was just 2 degree downward to Madina Munawarra and after round about 30 meters from that point to Madina Munawarrah it was more in the range of 7 degree. This could be more as google earth has shown a declination of 11 degrre at average in 7 km. It is thus no more mystry I shall In ShaAllah Soon publish a detailed report about it.
    Shabbir Ahmad Deputy Chgief Engineer Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

  33. Ali Z Bokhari says:

    I have just returned from Umrah, and drove to the valley. As it is in a downward slope from Madinah, we witnessed the car go in reverse, and then head on upwards towards the holy city in excess of 80 MPH. For the skeptics a video was also made by me, which clearly demonstrates the car idling and in neutral, while travelling at a brisk speed towards Madinah, with the rev.meter resting at zero. Water has the same properties as if you empty a container, it will go up hill. Miracle of Allah SWT, or actual djinn’s pushushing us out of their abode, Allah knows best.

  34. Mrs Majid says:

    Why can’t people simply believe that Jinns actually exist. Quran has mentioned about them several times. I don’t know much about this one but science is too much at elementary stages to explain all the paranormal activities.

  35. Ali says:

    Guys I will be visiting Madinah soon, I will check the Height of start and end of presumes slopes with the Alitmeter, and will post the results.

    If infact it is a down slope as compare to the popular believe of up slope. the Altimeter reading will tell us.

  36. alam says:

    this is nothing to do with islam,jinns are there qurann states it. they can move things, its possible. so because it is there doesnt mean people who have never been to the place claming rational type of answers.

  37. waqas says:

    Salam I have recently visited Madina and Wadi e Baiza . the thing is not that the elevation is there or not but when you free the vehicle its move with a jerk not like some vehicle standing on slope and on such a decline which my freinds tells no cars take a speed of nearly 130kmh

  38. Younas says:

    This small slop of only few meter is part of big slop from behind of length 3 km, thats why it is happening
    moreover please study the Ames Room and optical illusion
    when we are standing there we are at very small portion to whom if we view from so far away reality will be cleared

  39. Abdullah Khan says:

    I went for Hajj in 2013 and visited this place in Madina. I experienced 140 km/hr speed in my car with engine stop and also experienced the water bottle rolling upward direction.
    Allah knows better about this mystery.

  40. Ashraf Chowdhury says:

    I with my family and friends were there in two SUV last week Feb 22′ 2014 were surprised and looking for answers.

  41. Khurram Abbas Zaidi says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters As Salamo Alaikum.Thanks for posting your views on Vadi E Jinn. As i believe Quran is enough for proofing Islam`s Authenticity. No doubt there are Jinns all over the world which we can not see by our eyes. But for this place i would like say there is a scientific reason for moving car with out engine power. But for those who are saying there is Jinn Power behind it. So why they they just pushing the car ? They can fly the car like a plane, is not it ? As i believe Jinn can do it. And what if tomorrow Jinn will stop pulling cars ? Will you stop believing Islam. Islam does not need these type of weak reasons. Islam is much stronger. And i would like to say one more thing that ALLAH Subhanahu wa Tala made everything, So Science is not made itself. It is also a miracle of Allah swt. So please be a practical Muslim. Jazakallah Khair.

  42. Syed Anwarul Sabir says:

    I have visited the place when I went for Umrah a year back, and was stunned at seeing the phenomenon. Your theory on the likely cause may be true to some extent, where the car moves down slope. But how do you explain the reason when the car is stopped by the driver down hill – switches off the engine, shifts the gear to neutral and releases brake and up it starts to move up hill. It’s amazing! There has to be scientific explanation to this.

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