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Share your experience with Jinn here. You are welcome to write your story in the comment box bellow. I will transform them into new articles and place it in the Category ‘Jinn Stories’.

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  1. brother yasin says:

    I believe I have been the victim of sihr of love and also a sihr which destroys a person physically, mentally and spiritually (imaan).
    Here is my story,

    A new female worker started work at my place who was the same age as me. She was the ‘friendly’ type that talks to everyone including ghair mahram men. I, at first did not like her behaviour due to the fact that she did not adhere to islamic principles despite wearing a headscarf. anyway i eventually had a conversation with her for like 10mins, just general stuff, in this talk i notice she asked me my mums name but at that time this was just considered to be general questions by me and i though nothing of it. So I went home. The next time I see her at work i suddenly feel a strong sense of attraction to her even though only a few days ago i had no such feelings. I would try to not think of her but the feelings just got stronger to such an extent i gave her my number which she took despite her knowing I was Married, I could not stop thinking bout her and it was ruining my life. I would have dreams about her, wake up suddenly at 7am with her in y mind, we would talk for hours and text everyday. I was getting desperate for her to such an extent that i asked her to marry me, even though i was already married. Within 2 weeks of our first conversation i already wanted to marry her, I had no idea why i was so attracted to her. However despite my intense love (the worker) for her my wife did not give me permission to marry her and threatened suicide, so eventually she married somone else but i was still obsessed with her and we stayed in contact via phone. By this time 5 months had passed since our first meeting and also i had now strated praying regulary and excercising taqwa in my life as i new this would help me in my grief of losing her. After 2 months of her marriage, i started to feel uneasy when intending to pray salah or quran, to such an extent i couldnt even say ‘Allah’ without feeling sick. my condition went extremely worse in a matter of 3 weeks, by this time i was gettin constant nightmares, Hallucinations in night, unable to eat, vomiting, feeling very scared and worried constantly, high body temperatue, could not pray salah without feeling sick or with high body temp, i would feel scared when listening to quran to the extent i would fee like running away from the mosque. the worst thing was the constant thoughts of KUFR and SHIRK in my mind. I would try to fight these thoughts but i struggled. After all these things were happening to me my family took me to a ‘holy man’ who asked me my mums name and then told me it was a jinn through black magic by somenone i worked with. he gave me taweez to mix with water and drink. At tis time i was unawre of ruqya nor did i know that it waas haram to go to such people. a few months later most of the physical sypmtons had gone but the kufr thoughts and the dislike of salah and quarn remained. After doing some research i learnt about this issue and found out about ruqyah and the fact that the only cure is through Quran and salah and dua and obeying Allah. So then i started prayin 5 times salah puntuallly and moring and evning adkars. For the first 6 months practising isam properly i did feel some of the symptoms but alhmdulilah after 1 year of regular salh, dhikr, quran, 99.9% all the problems have been cured, i no longer have any problen with reciting the quran or salah, nor do i get hallucinations or many nightmares.



    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wonderful share brother Yasin. I’m deeply moved by your story. I like how you stressed that Ruqya alone is not suffice to heal oneself, but that it requires working our inner soul in the first place. May Allah keep you and everyone of us safe from evil. Ameen.

      JazakAllahu khairan.

    • zehnam says:

      I read one of your blogs about black magic and wish to ask for your expert advise. something very bad happened to me a 3-4 years ago and i had felt a constant cloud of depression, this caused me to rebel in many ways and turn away from the path and started drinking doing drugs and felt my beauty had been token from me. i had really bad acne and started getting schycic dreams and started lusting a lot witch got me taken advantage off. during this journey it was all dark and i was full of random acts of aggression, sadness and serious aggression. after this i turned to my deen and vowed to go mosque but everytime i entered an place of allahs worship i began to feel sick and i felt something was pulling my hair. i always left early. then i went to get thumed by a imam and ge gave me a thavese and i started praying and i went in my deen properly untill oneday i was sleeping and i started speaking arabic fluently in my sleep. after this i fell terribly sick, i couldnt eat, drink, swallow or spit, lazy, body hurting. after this cleared up i gained weight and started eating as all this left me realy unhealthy. then oneday i was sleeping and i saw a jin with red eyes looking at me while i was sleeping it was a black form with red eyes, then i saw it again while i was in the shower and it was watching me naked. after this i went to the imam again and he wouldnt tell me what it was. then after that i got better… was this black magic or a possession? what was all this can you please help me find out? because now im getting attacked in my sleep and being possesd in my dreams and feelings of someone choking me?

      • Angela says:

        What you really need to do is buy a suplications book so you can do liitle prayers in the morning or afternoon also gou need to start reciting alkursi before you go to sleep if you dont know how to say it go tobyoutube and learn . Also I advice you to read surah al bakrah continuesly. And last always ask allah for help he loves to be asked for ghing and he always responds weather it might be a day a.monthe or a year or hours from now and if you start to feel uncomfotable at times say alhudu bil aldi minishay ton ar raj eem and spit over your sholder three times. May allah protect you

      • ryan says:

        hi, ive had something similar happening to me, but i am not really religious , i don’t believe god is some high and mighty being and the devil is the evil one, i believe god and the devil are the same person because for us to know what happiness is we must first know sadness, same for pleasure and pain , cant have one without the other, anyway don’t assume because it looks black with red eyes that its bad, that’s racist , it cant help how you see it, if you were not afraid of it i can guarantee you it would look very different to you, always try have someone near you when ever you can , dont add crystals and candles ect into your home to try get rid of this thing,it will only make you think more about this thing and it will happen more , you can get it to leave (out of your mind) if you just understand that its not 100% bad , it could be sleep paralysis and to many memories of demon movies, nothing is 100% good or 100% evil , ill put it this way, the things in life that make you grow and make you who you are are not the happy times and the good times , the things that make us all who we are are the painful things and the hard times , without pain we cant learn grow or know happiness, live n learn . omg i can talk alot, hope my mind fart helps you,

    • Angela says:

      Number one brother this can be the works of black nagic but you should not had gone to drink this strange liquid because that had heraam writen all over it you need to stop relyinb witch craft because allah does not condone witch craft. You and ur parents may have not known it was witch craft bit now you know. Bottom line you drink eat or say things that sound haraam or you dont know what it is ztart praying and read the quaran. Try your best everyday to perform the 5 pillars of islam. May allah guide you my brother have faith that things will get better and always remember dont open yourself up to harram because you will find youself making it halell.

    • Sis islam says:

      Brother can u help me? I think my fam affected by magic v badly . Need help .
      Can’t cope anymore

      How do I get in touch with u

    • William says:

      So lately I’ve been having dreams of These demons with engraved tattoos in theirs skin speaking to me offering me this dark brown paper and feather?

    • Khattab says:

      The cure to stay away from these sort of activities is to stay in wudhu, pray salah, sacrifice bad habits cleanse the heart, and constantly praise and worship the allmighty. Forget going to imams, witch doctors etc etc etc. If I was to tell you my experiences they would blow you away. I fought jinns by myself didnt need third party help only the help from ALLAH through worship and sincere supplication.
      My father told me on my first ever encounter with jinn ‘why you scared of jinn fear Allah not jinn’.
      I served in grozny when i left school in 1998 for roughly six months the suffering I saw there of the chechen people at the hands of the russians is unbelievable.

      The caucasus mountains are full of jinns who dont interfere with humans unless u upset them intentionally or unintentionally’.

      Now the people of south asian origin get obsessed with these so called peers and stuff nst gonna be wasting your time. You have the quran thats all you need for help in these matters. Also when going abroad to places like pakistan, india, bangladesh and your are under 30 never eat from relatives houses unless you watch them cook coz they put that black magic stuff in the food and drink heard couple of stories from my town in manchester of young people who have thier lives turned upside down once they land back into the UK.

      Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night and hear a laughing sound and a dark shadow in the corner every night but it cant come close to you dont know why . Once i went to my local mosque with a bag full of amulets i found in my house in akward places and told him what shall i do with these and alsomentioned some of my encounters with jinns he was so shocked he started sweating.

    • Malcolm X says:

      The cure to stay away from these sort of activities is to stay in wudhu, pray salah, sacrifice bad habits cleanse the heart, and constantly praise and worship the allmighty. Forget going to imams, witch doctors etc etc etc. If I was to tell you my experiences they would blow you away. I fought jinns by myself didnt need third party help only the help from ALLAH through worship and sincere supplication.
      My father told me on my first ever encounter with jinn ‘why you scared of jinn fear Allah not jinn’.
      I served in grozny when i left school in 1998 for roughly six months the suffering I saw there of the chechen people at the hands of the russians is unbelievable.

      The caucasus mountains are full of jinns who dont interfere with humans unless u upset them intentionally or unintentionally’.

      Now the people of south asian origin get obsessed with these so called peers and stuff nst gonna be wasting your time. You have the quran thats all you need for help in these matters. Also when going abroad to places like pakistan, india, bangladesh and your are under 30 never eat from relatives houses unless you watch them cook coz they put that black magic stuff in the food and drink heard couple of stories from my town in manchester of young people who have thier lives turned upside down once they land back into the UK.

      Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night and hear a laughing sound and a dark shadow in the corner every night but it cant come close to you dont know why . Once i went to my local mosque with a bag full of amulets i found in my house in akward places and told him what shall i do with these and alsomentioned some of my encounters with jinns he was so shocked he started sweating.

      Read books on jinn by Dr Bilal Phillips

    • sydney says:

      I had a dream about a ghost girl her name was jinn but it did not star there, it started like this.

      it was me my mom my cousin my dad my brother and my anty but I asked where my older brother went to my dad and he said he was dead we walked to this this I don’t under stand what it was but a hug square with 2 small platforms and 2 large ones there was also a dock mad of stone and it looked like it broke and there was one large one at the end on the left and the other big one by the broken dock and the weird thing is that in the hug square’s where covered in water my dad ended up at the end on the left plat form and my little brother jumped on the small one then just like a time lapse or something and I was at my house and I look in my room and theirs this thing in my room she was kind of fat short, blond, curly hair, I freak out and my mom grebes my and we go to the bathroom and she tells me it cant hurt me and it will be all right, so my mom calms me down, then me my anty and mom, go to a forest this really dark and creepy and I remember saying not to go cause I had a bad feeling but I went anyways, I remember saying not to go because of the tree with skulls that have wings my mom asked why cause the only tree with light is death in this forest, but my mom keeps walking then like another time lapse I end up at my house again and this girl who looked like my cousin but wasn’t her and she has really short blond hair like the fat girl that was flouting,
      I come down the stairs to find every one siting at the table excepted for my other anty Darlene, she was looking in the frig as I looked at my mom sitting beside the fat girl named jinn the girl who looked like my cousin said this
      thank you for dinner mom to the fat girl named jinn as I grabbed a glow in the dark water bottle from my anty Darlene I run cause the girl, jinn started chasing me as I ran I stopped and covered my eye like I was to scared to look and my arm with the water bottle out like im trying to give to some one or thing and this black figure or shadow try’s and grabs the water bottle and that’s when I woke up and I cover my eye thinking if I cant see it I cant get scared of it so after im still covering my eyes, I here a big thump from up stairs thinking ok its just my mom and the thing that got me out of my blanket was my cat I hared her meow and I thought she was right beside me but no she wasn’t so as I look around I go up stairs crying of my dream and the cat thing and my anty Darlene seas its ok just go back to sleep and it will be ok after I go in my bed I here banging from down stairs it sounded like a bowl or a cup being throun so I go look and a cup was on the ground and the cuberd was open so I freek out go up stairs and try and think it was a dream evan thou this happened last night.

      3:00-4:30am, Friday the 22nd,

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  3. bayezid says:

    as salaamu alaykum, brothers and sisters. my name is bayezid and i am from bangladesh.
    quite a few years ago, i had encountered a shayateen or a jinn in our home where we used to live. that home in question, is obviously not our place of residence anymore, but during our stay in that house we expereinced strange happenings inside and outside of it.
    for instance, one night my father woke up suddenly in the night and stared outside the window (we lived in the ground floor of the flats)and clearly saw a dwarf like human walk upto the large tree outside our veranda and disappear.
    another such incident involved my mother where she also was awakened late at night. the bedroom window was facing just in front of her and she saw a large fearsome looking bald, black skinned man staring fiercely at her with eyes that looked like burning coals.

    anyways, my serious, personal brush with the jinn happened when i was probably 19 or 20. i remember being very fascinated with the occult and horoscopes and my mother warning me about it for quite some time. one evening, i was arguing very rudely with my mother about not buying me a book on horoscopes. as we returnd home (the same house) i began to feel deeply nauseated as i was getting off the car. by the time i had gotten out, i felt as if someone forcefully fed me with faeces and my head began to spin. right after this i saw on the corner of my left eye a figure approaching me. and then i turned my head more to the left tohave a better view.
    it was a very tall, thin, strong looking figure with bumpy reddish, brownish dark skin, seemed to be surrounded by flames, had a head with a high forehead with horns. i cant remember if those horns were branching out like a deer horns or like buffalo horns, but they were there.
    it approached me until i could see its mouth near my face. i thank ALLAH for preventing fear at that time , and i actually was angered by it instead of being afraid. thats when i felt a strong blow to the back and left side of my head. i screamed out very loudly and passed out. when i regained consciousness, i noticed the fish seller looking at me with frightened confused eyes .
    when the doctors stitched my ear (my ear nearly got severed and required 8 sticthes) they asked me how i got this wound. obviously, i did not know what to say. my parents felt exactly what had happened and told me to remmeber ALLAH more and more which i obviously did.

    i thank my CREATOR for saving my life that day from that jinn or shaytan. ever since that day, i havent had a single serious encounter with jinns.

  4. Abdul Rehman says:

    “My expereince with the Jinn”

    Sallam All,

    Im Abdul Rehman a 33 year old Pakistani male from uk, What i will share with u is both disturbing and informing so please make note as u may be a simmilar victim as i was and am.My story will cover sections of my life where i have had expereinces with the Jinn and Magic, i hope it helps u.

    I come from a Kashmiri family from pakistan but reside in the uk. My problems started when i was 21 years old, i was to wed my fathers sisters daughter who i did not want to marry, i left home through family preasure and started liveing alone. At this time my father and mother went to Magician and did a type of magic on me to bring me back home and agree to marrying this girl from my family. I kno this as a family member close to me informed me after.
    Within weeks a terrible fear took over my body, i felt scared of everything, i had thoughts that i will die soon and i must get back home to be in the comfort of my own home, i physically cried allot and felt weird lack of energy and aching limbs allover. I even started fighting with my flat mates with who i shared a home with, the mission was to get me back home to them one way or another. I had no idea of Jinns and magic and was thinking its me, and my health but through expoereince i came to realise now that it was a Jinn deployed to make me feel all that so i get back to my parents. I did, the pain in my body , intense fear, and thoughts of death, and extreme love towards my parents within weeks, plus the fact that i was fighting with my flat mates who now hated me drove me back home.

    Within weeks we flew to pakistan my symptoms all subsided and i was being married off to somone i did not want to marry. Through family preasure and the energy of the situation i agreed and married my aunties daughter. This was the start of a more disturbing situation.

    On the third week of being marrued in pakistan i woke one morning with a terrible headache, and physically no power in my legs. I started freaking out aclling for my mom and dad who ran into my bedroom, they started saying whats wrong whats wrong i started convulsing and foaming from my mouth. They carried me off to Al Jinnah Hospital in Kashmir and explained im a british born pakistani and was discovered this morning whch such and such symptoms. Drs could not conclude why the right side of my body was extreamly hot whilst the left side was extreamly cold. I was feeling extreme fear, again the weird feeling of somethings terribly wrong. A kinda butterfly in stomach feeling mixed with extreme fear. I was shakeing uncontrolably and even heard drs asking my parents if i took drugs. I never did and i was just shocked at what was happenig to me.
    I was taken home after drs refused to understand what was wrong with me. I was bed bound 3rd week into my marriage and shakeing from fear and extereme hate towards all my freinds and family around me. I remember now my best freinds coming to me and me turning my face away from them, i broke freinds with all my close freinds and i did not know why. i was getting more and more sick, and crying for no apparant reason, extreme fear and doubt about my life. My wife was constantly around me and upset from worry. into the 7th week of my marraige one morining whilst i was in a state of extreme fear my wife closed the bedroom door and said she wanted to talk to me alone. I asked her to please leave me alone as i was feeling weird pains in my shoulders and ears and i was afraid i might die soon, she said these words which i would never forget, “maybe your sick because of what i have done”.

    I sat her down next to me desperate for a release from this weird sickness i was expereincinhg which had all my family worried. She sat next to me and explained. She broke down started crying “ohh maybe your ill because of me” i asked her to explain, she said “your father and my mother and me went to a christian magician who gave me a taweez to give u to drink so u would not go out with your freinds as much and would stay home and love me”. i then remembered all the times she would wake me in the morning and give me warm milk, i asked her why, she started crying and saying that what i was feeling is all becuase of what she had fed me.

    I confronted my dad and his sister who went into denial and then supprisingly so did my wife as she apparantly was scared of her mother. So i was left in the middle the only person who was at this point on my side was my mother. She took me to a local preist in a village he read some ayats on me and i became frantic and nervous. He also was a magician and had his own jinns through which he found out that some magic has been performed on me but it went wrong and now a Jinn was tormenting me.

    This was the first time i was exposed to this information about Jinns and Magic and i was reluctant to beleive but went ahead with the treatment of saffron written paper with quranic texts and some water to drink and mix. My relationship went sour with my Wife as i could not trust her again, infact i started to hate her. With the treatment i got 40% better to the point where i could walk and communicate. We came back to the UK, me my mom and my father my wife was to follow when she got her visa.
    For the first time i started reading Salah in my life, it was not regular but was a start, i started feeling alittle more better but the nervousness, scarey feeling, and weird shoulder pains were always there. i accepted that it was part of me, i blamed it mostly on sickness and refused to beleive its 100% magic. The Jinn inside me was reluctant to make me belive it was magic and the jinn assigned to me with the magic makeing me feel these weird symptoms.

    6 months passed my wife got her visa and now was liveing with us in the uk.
    My behaviour changed, i used to to disgusting acts on myself and was always watching pornography daily 24 hours, I was extreamly sexualised and would call Sex Chat lines and waste all my money on Dirty Sauna Houses and Such things. I was a different person constantly looking for filth. I was also constantly liveing in a a blur, my head felt like i was in a bubble, scarey feeling switching to nervousness, to doubt about islam and religion, and weird pains around body, i also used to get angry real quick towards people and snap, 1 year passed in the uk and my symptoms started to get even more sinister. I finally went to the Dr and explained all what i was feeling.
    The dr was a hindu and from a preist family, he told me straight, young man i am a dr general practitioner but what u have with u is magic u must go and get yourself released from its grip, i can feel it from u and see something but i cannot cure u , u must go and find the cure from somone who knows how to cure this things, I was shocked that my GP Dr was telling me this.,\
    The next day i phoned a freind and he took me to Bhai Idrees a holy man in Birmingham Uk. Bhai Idrees gave me a paper which he drew a circle in and told me to look at the picture. I did and all of a sudden a face appeared of a old man. Bhai idrees explained that i was Bewitched and a Jinn was with me. I was given holy water and certain things to which i was to do. I did and during those first few weeks of treatments things got really bad. I started fighting at home with everyone, and at times i felt my head would explode. I did the treatment and was still praying on and off, i felt around 60% better. I then was introduced to another and another and another holy man, i took treatments from all and managed to get some sort of life back. But i would always feel the ‘Thing linger in the background”. My relationship with my wife became more and more strained, i hated her for several reasons, one being the fact that she admitted feeding me the stuff which made me feel like i was feeling. We used to fight always, she got pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful girl. 3 years into the marriage and constant fighting i decided to divorce, now looking back i do feel that the arguments and the constant feeling to divorce was fuelled by this evil entity inside me. She went to london with my daughter to stay with her father who immigrated to uk.
    I was 24 Divorced and now a beleiver that magic and Jinn exist. I was on a mission to get better and was introduced to a amal through a freind and he performed a ritual on me which cost allot of money. I was desperate to get better and was not so informed about islam. He did a ritual on me and within days all of what i felt for last 3 years was lifted. I finally felt my self, the sexualised behaviour, scarey feelings , pains all subsided.
    This time i realised what was happening to me all this time, and made me suspicious of my family and its involvement with magicians and magic, i realised how involved my parents were with these people and any problem in the family or refusal to listen to their commands resulted them in going to these men to perform magic to grant them their desire. My eyes opened up to conversations, and after i started seeing my sisters and brother being affected by magic and the circle of going back to the magician to either grant a wish or cure, i finally decided to move out from my family home and settle abroad alone.
    I was 25 and now liveing in a foreign country so i can make my own life and get away from all of that magic, and jinn and problems. I knew i would miss my family but also realised their habbits and lack of knowledge about islam and the subject of magic. I confronted them several times to stop going to these people as many times they performed spells on me to come back home.
    Im now 33 and several attempts have been done on me to return home back to them, thats the reason i dont want to go home. When they perform a spell i get the obvious symptoms which i have become used to, the fear, nervousness, no sleep, weird pains, constant worry etc.. and the urge to go back to the uk which is the biggest clue. Abnother clue is the constant calls from my parents from the time the spell was performed asking ‘how do u feel” i usually respond im fine, but in reality i do feel quite sick. They obviously want me back home, and are relying on magic to get me back through jinns which come and cause me distress here.

    Now i have become more and more knowledgeable of the situation Alhamdolela. Pakistan and the south asia in general is full of the stuff magicians and magic running in families. Acts and behaviours manipulated by Jinn assigned to the certain magic in place. How many of us are infected and we do not know. The biggest Defence is Sallah and rememberance of Allah and the ruqaya. I guess its tough but things usually will get worse before they get any better, One should be on a mission to cure themself, and through quran and recitation, and pray inshala u will. Also finding a raqi is a good option but one must be praying himself 5 times inorder to let in the light, stay away from drinking alchol, and such stuff and let the light in so u can cure yourself. Have faith in allah, in some ways if i was not inflicted by what happened to me then maybe i would not be praying as i do now. So all things happen for a reason and one should Thank Allah for all he does as he knows best.

    sallam Brother abdul rehman

    • Anonymous says:

      Assalamu Alaikum brother,

      That must have been a very difficult time for you and I ask Allah to protect you from the evil that is lurking out there.

      I recently came to know that a guy that I use to talk to and be in a haram relationship with performed Sihr (black magic) on me last December. The spell was supposedly for me to never be able to get married and that any guy that came near me would dislike me. I am not sure if this is true or not, but I am not surprised that an abusive and mental person who was in love with me would do something like this. I was also told that he wanted me to be restless for as long as I live (being depressed and anxious 24/7) and that If i tell anyone, then no one would believe me. The man who told me this has a history of doing magic (considering that’s how he married his wife) but he doesnt know that I know, and instead he blamed a random “African guy” for being the magician that did this to me. He ALSO said that till this day, guy who I use to talk to is spending hundreds and thousands of dollars every week paying this magician, just to continue the spell on me, even TODAY. He then told me that I should get revenge on him and that he has a “solution” and only HE can help me, no one else. I figured he is trying to lure me into doing magic back on the guy who did it on me, and also take my money. I refused to hear his solution and told him that I can take it from here, and that I have Allah on my side.

      I don’t have any major symptoms, like being possessed by jinns, but I did notice that a guy that I was interested in suddenly started lashing out on me for no reason and wanted nothing to do with me without telling me why. There could be other reason why he acted that way but it was a weird coincidence that he started to hate me within several weeks after the magic was performed. Several other marriage proposals that came my way haven’t been working out for me either. I started performing Ruqiyah on myself by reciting and listening to du’as and surahs and noticed that my arms, neck, and head would suddenly start to ache. I would check and make sure before reciting, if my body is in any pain, and it never was until I started reciting and listening to Qur’an. I never payed attention to this pain for all these months until now. I don’t have frequent nightmares but I did have a nightmare that a jinn possessed me and I was struggling and fighting back by reciting the Shahada at least 50 times. This was five days before I was told about the magic. I also don’t quite remember this other dream that I had, but I think I saw myself in the bathroom urinating for a split second. In another dream, I saw at least 4 or 5 dogs sitting around on the path that I was walking on. I read that these dreams are some of the signs of black magic. I have been feeling impatient and depressed for no reason sometimes and my body feels drained and exhausted, even though I didn’t do anything. I have also been getting frequent painful headaches and I always feel like sleeping all the time.

      I’m very confused and lost with what’s going on with me, and dont know if it is possible to still be under black magic even if there are no jinns present and bothering me. However, because I have full faith in Allah and his powers to remove this spell, I am not sure if maybe my strong faith can be a reason why I am not severely affected by the symptoms, such as being easily angry and being possessed. Since you have experienced the cure, after praying all my prayers and doing continuous ruqiyah on myself, how can I tell if the magic is removed? What are the signs of someone being cured?

      JazakhAllah Khair.

      • sido says:

        I have a story just like you. I have been dreaming of pigs and people with very dark faces. and shortly I cracked it at my fiance and told her I was leaving her just 4 months before our wedding

        I was told from 2 sheiks that it had to be black magic. However in the process i have not been able to see her again despite several attempts to apologise to her.

        I’d like to know if there is a way to undo whatever has been caused by the black magic

      • ryan says:

        if you have a boyfriend or husband , wife or whatever your preference is then i think you will be fine, the person that you think did this to you is a loon, if people are attracted to you then the curse the jin or the curse the man put on you has not worked, youll be fine, someone else might tell you something different , just listen to your own voice and decide for yourself whats true of not,

    • Abiha says:

      Salaam bro

      I really need to ask u something and might need ur help s well. If u can plz contact me on my email add:
      I don’t wanna ask in public forum


    • noorjahaan says:

      aslamu aleikum! may god bless you and give you happiness in life in shaa allah god will protect you. my story is bit similar to you i cnt sleep at night experince constant fear no confidence headaces feeling tired depressed lonely mour bussines is down shop is closed no bussines,my truck is parked 5 years now my my husband is better now but me n kids still feeling sick i have been taken to many people they said magic is done so my husband divorce me i have suffered a lot sometimes i use to feel i run away from home or comite sucide me and my husband always fighting and he wanted to divorce me too for no reason but alhamdulilah ruqyq helped me am trying to pray n succeding alhamdulilah although i dont pray 5 namaz as still after prayin i feel sick sometimes i forget while praying but allah knows best and he will help us and show the way plz pray for me and my family i am going through tough times insuficent income and sometimes i feel all doors are closed on me no friends

  5. muhhammad says:

    Assalaamu alaykum

    hi everyone , i am a new muslim Can any one help me please ? I am going through a huge problem in my life.
    i had an affair with a muslim girl we both love each other from almost ten years and we also decided to do nikaha (marriage)this years
    everyone in our family were happy for our relationship as our relationship was lasted for last ten years.She also loves me a lot. we both stay in india.But now i am in Dubai from last 7 months and she was in india we both used to talk over the phone everyday.we did not had any kind of fight between us.but after few days when i called her she started fighting with me over the phone. All of sudden she started hating me i dont know why suddenly she got hatred towards me . And she stopped receiving my call anymore i got tensed and got back to india but i did not find her any where in india even her parents started ignoring me..and after a month i came to know that she is Dubai. And then i came back to Dubai,and found her ,I went to meet her..And she was behaving completely in a different way like she started shouting at me saying that i don’t want to keep any kind of relation with you,I don’t want to see your face ,Go away from here…..This things she has never told me before.Like I found a complete hatred on her face towards me….i dont know whats going on with both of us…but i am totally in tension..she is even not ready to explain me nor giving any kind of reason for doing all this to me…

    But I remember one thing that she told me long back that someone told her that she has a male jinn with her all the time and that jinn loves her a lot and won’t leave her and that jinn will not allow her to get married to any one in her whole life.

    Please anyone help me in this situation because i am unable to concerntrat on anything.always thinking about this situation .i dont know whats going on with my life…and she is list bothered for me. there was a time she used to love me a lot…but what happened to her.
    Please i will be very thankful to anyone who can help out of this situation

    i pray allah (swt) please help me ….

    • Sara says:

      Salaam Brother,

      All I can say is that…you should pray as much as u can to Allah and ask for his help. This does seem like she is possessed by the male Jinn to part her ways from you. You can contact Syed Noor Zaman Naqshbandi, I lost his contact but you can search it up and contact him regarding this matter. He came on the Pakistani show regarding Black magic Utho Jago Pakistan…I’m sure Alams(scholars) like him can help you as they won’t do any magic on you but help you fix your problems. Inshallah everything will be back to normal…my prayers are with you brother. May Allah (swt) help you!!!

    • khatija says:

      are u from hyderabad.. if yes r u seaking of saleem desai

  6. saif al islam says:

    Assalamu aliakum

    I would wake up screaming in the night crying, while asleep I would see some sort of arabic lettering and felt like my head was going to explode and had constant banging in my head.. This I have never really understood?

    Also when ever I go into the masjid, I sweat heavily.. Everytme. And my legs get pins and needles and I have to keep standing up. I also feel very odd in mosques like I’m dizzy/tired. and when reading the quran my eyes start to blur even though I have good vision.

    And when I read namaz It seems near impossible because I get these odd feelings and thoughts in my head. I read namaz at home now. And haven’t left my house in months, no longer have contact with friends.
    Also I have the words ” bil kalb ” running through my mind constantly?


  7. saif al islam says:

    Also, there’s this sort of necklace thing I was kind of given.. Its string/rope..which some verses of the quran on the metal part of it… Don’t know what to do with it?

    • Sister says:

      Salam brother go to the Ruqya support website and ask them there link is
      i was experiencing the same problem as you, the heat when praying, the blurring of the eyes and fear and agitation when at mosque etc. Its tough when no one know what your going through and what you should do to combat it, since alot of people dont really speak out about the problem. however it sounds like to me that what your describing is jinn possession, since thats what i have, but the people on this website offer a better diagnosis, and you can email them and ask them questions yourself. Also i would DEFINITELY recommend you read the book called the ‘jinn and the human sickness’ you can download the pdf version for free off the Klammullah website. its been the biggest help for me, it tell you exactly what to do and the verses to read to combat this problem. also download the Quran audio from Ruqyah support website and listen to it ATLEAST once a day. Pray 5 times and day, stop wathing tv and listening to music and say ALLAHS name as much as possible. the verses mentioned on this website are very good. And the best verse that ive noticed makes the most difference is the AYTUL KURSI, listen to it as much as you can, and recite it as much as you can. Also recite or play Surah Baqarah in your house every 3 days and read all the protection verses for undressing, entering the bathroom, entering the house. also try the ruqyah bath shown on the ruqyah support website. And he most important thing, HAVE FAITH IN ALLAH – DONT BE AFRAID AND KNOW HE WILL CURE YOU INSHALLAH!ONLY ALLAH CAN CURE, NO ONE ELSE CAN!

      i hope it helps all the people who are affected with the same situation, dont despair, your not alone it happens to alot of people and inshALLAH its completely curable.


      i hope i helped

  8. Kamran (Fake Name) says:

    I would simply copy-paste my email that I sent to various people claiming to be helpful. Please let me know – Am I getting crazy or is it something else. It’s also disturbing my Zikr and Prayer frequency.

    Salam O Aelykum,
    I have seen some of your posts on a website that I came across by
    putting some search words into Google search engine. I don’t know if
    you are a male or female and which country you reside in and whether
    you could be of any help to me or not. In either case please reply to
    me because I need help.

    I am a healthy, religious and a handsome male of age 32 and have masha
    Allah 5 kids and a loving wife. However, shortly speaking, for over
    6-7 years I have been dreaming about various beautiful girls sometimes
    regularly and sometimes randomly who try and some times are successful
    in having sex with me in my dreams.

    I use to recite various Quranic surahs and other advised by Prophet
    PBUH before I go to sleep but everytime I wake up in the middle of the
    night and then go to sleep I usually have dreams where beautiful girl
    (single mostly) and sometimes in group try to have sex with me – half
    of the times they are successful in doing so and in dreams I also
    enjoy this.

    Strange thing is that it feels very real and I do find sandy taste in my
    mouth which is not good.

    I also dream about dogs mostly black and with weird and strange faces
    not like dogs. Some times they speak like humans. Mostly I hit them
    with stick or stones. Some times I dream about horrific things for
    example a bat like creature with wings and red eyes and sometimes only
    black smoke like thing that has no features..snakes…often chased by
    Lions and tigers as well…sometimes very disturbing dreams about my
    family memebers…and yes, quite oftenly I would see my wife doing
    very provoking things in dreams that feel really bad while asleep.
    Earlier I used to reject girls who tried to have sex with me then one
    girl in very good physical shape better than my wife but with exact
    face of my wife comes in my dreams and I can not reject her ..and we
    have sex..

    What is all this about.. ? My wife knows about it..we also sometimes
    see some small and tiny smoke like rolling things on our stairs..with
    eyes open..and we are afraid that this activity may not become hostile’s been more then 6-7 years nothing harmful
    happened..yes, strangely sometimes I or my wife catch some infection
    in our genital areas whereas both of us are neat clean and
    alhamdulillah offer prayers..and we can not understand how it

    Let me also mention that one fine morning while I was in a mentally awake but bodily asleep stage (like i knew everything happening around me but could not move my body an inch rather couldn’t open my eyes)I felt right inside my mind a female voice speaking English (funny ins’t it) asking me, “What do you want me to do?” I, realizing that this is something bad replied,” I want you to..” and she said, “Love me”, I said, “No, I want you to..” she again said, “Love me” but I said in firm tone, “I want you to GET LOST!”. And suddenly I heard a voice as if a ballon is deflated right over my genital area and someone blew over it I felt my trousers moving with the wind and then I got control of my body. Also, most of the time those dream girls perform oral sex to day while she was doing this – I just managed to open my eyes and I was stunned to see, just for an instance – a twister like sandy air whirling from the corner of my bed right on to me erect private part. These girl(s) also try to put my face into their private part and do nasty things….sometimes I find myself into heavenly like landscapes..sometimes old forts…historical buildings..sometimes an event is shown to me that later happens in the world around with little difference…I have no idea what is this all about..

    can u help me..if u are in lahore pakistan..i can visit you or write
    to you in more details..

    Best regards.

    • Sara says:

      Salaam Brother,

      I would say that best thing is to pray to Allah and read the Surahs. Read ayat-al-Kursi before going to sleep as it helps to protect one from evil. If possible, contact Syed Noor Zaman Naqshbandi, unfortunately I lost his contact but you can search it up. He will truly help you in the right way and if you can’t get a hold of him…still pray to Allah (swt) as no one can cure or help you than the creator themself. This is my message to EVERYONE…..pray to Allah (SWT).


  9. Chanfra Byrd says:

    I am looking for help so I wil send this out there hoping your listening.

    I have something going on that may or may not have to do with national Security. I have been open and honest with my husband as well as my church. A few years ago I started having dreams, about end times other than helping to teach a fifth grade class I was not overly spiritual. But I liked to learn and I liked the self discipline the Bible encourages.

    Very briefly I will explain my husband had an affair with a friend of my daughters and as she was 18 all we could do was kick him out. After a few weeks he called the police said I was a crazy Christian and cut off the water and took the keys to the Yukon and It was terrible finally he started calling the police on me and they put me in a hospital for ill people not once but twice. I finally had no choice but to seek reconciliation as He made my name mud as far as the government was concerned.

    That being said I do have dreams, I do not know if this was normal or not but when the family would not help me, and my husband would not help me, and my Mother died suddenly and finally my Church would not help me I turned to Emailing Various religions for help. Starting with my own and yet only one has answered me and that was the Islam Religion. And they knew exactly what was going on with me.

    I fear the Christian Religion is sadly lacking in discernment of Spirits and hope and pray our Government could protect itself as well as its people with the startling findings I have discovered. All around us especially in government as well as Business and Actors are spirits. They come through television, phones, and are very organized and yet not disciplined.Many of the same spirits live the lives with these people and yet are left behind when their host dies, to seek human shelter and comforts yet again in yet another host. I do hear these spirits talking. If you follow the link provided by the islamreligion found below. You will see that they know alot more than we do about this invisible war.

    I hear Jewish people speaking, government people, as well as Chinese.

    The Islam article stated exactly what I am dealing with ,which means ( so you know I am not insane) , the 2nd article describes what I see in the spirit world it is a stacking up of these spirits one upon another they do this to me. Like cups. But with human spirits they steal. When I eat they eat, when I go the bathroom they go, when I shower they shower. They said I am the Mark of the Beast. as in his mark.This is ruining my life this spirit of discernment, I am thinking our Christian Bible the last book of it telling us to seek these gifts is a trap a horrible lie. If Americans don’t know about these people and yes they are people they can not engage in this war. And are being robbed. These things can take on the appearance of our loved ones. ( In our Bible it states Jesus appeared to many as someone else.) If it was Jesus he can do this to.

    One of the spirits said to me he knew he would out live( being Chinese ) he just had to wait it out to start this all over again and again trapping the christian… or even worse to use the Christian to harm God and his angels. . He said Heaven blesses white people and sends other people to be animals, ..

    I know this the purpose behind the Evolution Theory was to Lower man kind to the same as animals. To teach us to think of ourselves as part of something we were created to have dominion over ! They Lower humans in every ones sight. Another purpose is creating a link between man and beast this was not Gods intention for us ,But Unlike it says in the bible ,Lions,Cow, eagle men it is horrific what they are doing these Dr.s and Kidnapped Scientist are attaching animal parts to these men and angels they awake and are afraid and often humiliated one Chinese man spoke of it to me and said he knew he should have felt badly but he had no compassion on the boy a US boy I believe he was a solider. As he spoke I could see a hospital room with beds. Then another in “heaven” said they see the half men half animal men and avoid them and are just grateful they did not have that happen to them.

    Purpose behind abortion when birth control is free, not speaking ethically , I am speaking of their bodies as parts. They are using their parts on animals. Living creatures I saw this happening twenty years ago ( in a sort of dream ) but did not know anything about God or what I was seeing.

    I am concerned about futures being stole,or sold with every kidnapping, I am concerned about under ground work non American ground crews everywhere. I am concerned about bridges. I am concerned about Cell phones, any of our Military any where in the world being blamed for crimes they did not do or like Timothy Mcvay programed to harm other Americans..,One of these groups claimed responsibility for those Abu Gharaib photos, not a harmed Muslim nor living American involved, that’s why they looked like white guys being tortured. These are the cast off of heaven they are dead but trouble makers.

    I am concerned about The SOL testing of American children( they use our smart children’s brains and these test show them where the child is) and the beautiful attractive children are used in other ways, they steal beauty or add ugly they don’t care if they are babies. They can pretend to be governerment and walk right into a school and speak to any child alone. They pretend to be police as well. I am concerned about school bus drivers,I am concerned about Military higher than you feeding on these Angels or cast offs from God. Its like a Steroid to them. They are big and do fly.

    These Devils bless a few of us with great intellect and wealth, but a purpose is behind it all, when they get it done the blessings end and the persons suffer horribly. They can not touch, they can not feel they can only need. Trapped humiliated and many. As the Jews suffered with hunger so do they. They may have been feeding on the Jews as I feel them doing to me. but for their spirits to trick God.

    It is criminal to not let our people know we are not alone. That this invisible world or beings are in fact sleeping in our beds and pretending to be our children some pack their children right above a Saints home and plan to take their spiritual blessings as they did their earthly ones. They steal our money, seed, and make children out of them,possibly why the “Alien” looks like an embryo ( Satans abortion reason?) I have seen them wear dead bodies if you can believe that. Many are American. They can be different sizes and have suffered for years they say because of Gods Children they want to war on him and his people.

    Once back when they first started over here I walked in my back door miid day and it was pitch black. No light whatsoever not in a window not anything. He spoke kindly ( they use many voices) but had me sit on the chair. I was strangely happy. They pretend to be the Christians Holy Spirit and yes somehow do fog you up so you can not think clearly.

    One Black Muslim woman said to me if she spoke in a English voice she could get any Christian to listen to her. Shes always hungry. Tricksters. They can also change what time it is our bible states the man of lawlessness would do this change the times and seasons.

    They travel in the spirit. I am hoping and praying America can be taught not to be food for these spirits/ Demons some are people military from other places possibly other worlds. To stay out of other Governments business

    They go from Kingdom to Kingdom ,Many from Century to Century taking over Kingdoms. Changing words in our Holy Books all they have to do is outlive us. God changed mans years to 120 but what about these fallen Angels? Or those made from Ash the Jinn? I am also concerned about the burning ash life form is it us is it an angel is it a way a making a saint into something less or a human think he is less did God make these or did some lower form make them up, they are mockers and rude I do believe they have real bodies of a sort and travel in Spirit. They are alot of them. I have an theory mainly because of its recurrence in history first Nebuchadnezzars burning up the three Jewish men who got saved but the all the others and their children were tossed inside the fiery furnace, Any and all pits dug throughout history and burnt, including the Holocaust which the name means is a burnt offering, as well as the twin towers not to mention the Indians. In most of these cases the Authorities showed up to witness these events. I am not sure how many of Gods Angels jumped in to help but this Ash makes me think their is a God out their that requires more from us than we know. Its something to do with bringing something back from the dead. Craft. Voodoo. I am not sure. But one spirit said to me as he was looking for Saints who died on September 11 he could find none . So something benefited from it. I am concerned with the amount those who don’t die around us are they human angels fallen angels stolen angels stolen dead humans. Why are they here.

    They use our children’s bodies and just toss them out. I am safe I think because I am sanctified. They have had to be satisfied so far with tormenting the saints now they wish to try to steal heaven.

    I will say the Islam religion who responded to me encouraged me greatly, I mean an Internet operator knew more than Preachers of the Christian faith, literally knew all I needed and I have suffered for years seeking help from the Christian Church and receiving nothing but see a Dr. I am thinking even those we think are our enemy are really our brothers in this fight against this wickedness and we should learn to listen.

    I read some of the Koran and found the sames books that are in our Bible but it was written more poetic, that was the difference. . We should give the Muslims a second look.

    Some of the voices I hear threaten to harm me and my kids all day long. They say Our Governent has been very stupid playing occult type games with demons, Beautiful ones ( satan was called Beautiful )

    I am so tired. They sound America the really nasty women. I can not tell you how nasty, women speaking so foul its hard to be believed. They speak of poisioning the water supply in bottles we have for emergency, they use the bar codes to track what supplies we have and where they are if anything and everything, They order our troops to do “new scientific” things but are harming them and the men regret following orders.



  10. mohammed masum says:

    salaam, okay the girl i wanted to marry has gone to bangladesh for her sisters wedding, before she went her mom was forcing her to get married to her cousin but she kept on saying no as she wanted to marry, we gave a marriage proposal but the mother rejected due to the fact that she was going to force her daughter to marry her nephew. the person i wanted to marry promised and said never to get married to her cousin as she would never be happy with him and she loved me not him, but within a week in bangladesh she accepted the marriage and now they are married. before she got married she called me and told to me that shes getting married, i realised shes a different person because the way she was talking i couldnt recognize her and never heard her talk like that. also before she went her mom constantly fed her rice and kept on blowing over head and suddenly she convinced her to go to bangladesh when at first she said i dont want to go because i know you are going to force me to get married. so then she decided to go but said to me she aint going to get married, but then she started saying to me to move on because shes getting married. she seems like a different person and i believe sihr has been done on her as her aunty and the groom who she got married to lived in the same house as her in bangladesh and got her to accept the marriage. now the familys coming back in late august but she wants to stay another 5 months alone with her husband. knowing her for so long i know this aint her, can someone guide me and tell me what to do and whther this is sihr and how to remove it because i cannot get in touch with her verbally or physically, so can i get it removed from this country without having the healer to be next to her, please this is urgent as if this is sihr then this may lead to many problems as i have received news that they have made love and i dont want sihr to lead to something like pregnancy. jazakallah

    • Abiha says:

      Salaam brother Mohammed Masum
      Hope so your problem is solved by now.
      Plz do contact me on
      I am in the same boat as you. Same happened between me and my fiancé and all of a sudden, he changed.
      I have come across a Maulana who is helping me.
      Contact me on my email ad and I’ll tell tell you the rest and try and help you.


    • Hamyar Ali says:

      Brother subhnallah what happened to you is happening to me… Almost exactly as you described it.

      She is definetly possessed by a jinn which has brainwashed her to see you as insignificant and have no care or love for you.

      How did you solve this mystery I want to know as I am going through the same ordeal and she is in a different country and hates me her parents and all the people of Khayrat. She is an state of disillusion doesn’t know who friend or foe and it has corrupted her faith and she bringing shame upon herself and family.

      Me and her family are very close… I came to proposal they accepted and her previous husband made sihr and Hausda that she has forgotten her parents exposing her sutra on social media and living in state of kufr with a man who practises shirk. She was a hafidh an amazing person a sincere Muslim and a person who knows Islam inside out. Because I proposed to her after she was divorced her ex become jealous and has been on a mission to exact revenge. She does not love her. She wants her to commit kufr. Cut her from her family. Made her obsessed with a man who does not want an ayota of kheyr for her.

      She also has support from relatives who have jealousy against her family and because she run away from home. It’s a fitna. A huge fitna.

      Please anyone with a solution help me

  11. Cataleya Yusuf says:

    Salaamu alaykum bros and sis. I have been going through a rough couple of years. 6yrs ago I got possesed and really cant remeber anything about it. This year I have been having strange dreams and started to talk to myself as if I am talking to another person. My imaan dropped started drinking, when I know I am going out I hold myself but only find myself out and a voice tells me I can never win and that thats who I am. I dont like going out or drinking but something or someoen deep down me does. When I try redeem myself by praying I feel sick or try to read the quraan I nearly pass out. This jin has a hold on me i keep telling myself it cant be but I know I cant win. I havent told my parents but they noticed the patterns. I am 20 yr old female and I feel like it has a hold on me. I dont talk to guys because my mind tells me I dont need them that I am here for myself I dont know what to do.

  12. hiba (fake name) says:

    brother, i am extremely sorry that you are in this situation. i am in a somewhat similar situation but it is improving alhamdulillah. all i can tell you is that you need to talk to an aamil/exorcist right away!!! ask around your neighborhood and travel as far as you need to to find one. i am currently seeking the help of an aamil and alhamdulillah it is helping. please MAKE SURE that the aamil is someone trustworthy! usually an aamil is someone who is already knowledgeable in islam, etc. For example, the aamil whose help I am seeking is a Maulana, he used to be an imam of a masjid but he stopped working there so he could help people with their jinn problems. Honestly, if you do not know any aamils you should ask someone who is generally considered very knowledgeable about Islam if he can direct you to someone who can help you. I came to this site after right now having a bad experience in my sleep (similar to yours), dismayed that this horrible thing had happened again. You should know that you are not alone and that inshallah your problem can be fixed, but you must make sure to seek help from the right people! Remember that Allah only tests people to draw them nearer to Him. Even a difficult test like this. Believe that Allah will get you and your family out of this. And seek help from our scholars who know how to help. Be persistent. I had to go to 2 other people before I found this aamil, whose help has been effective so far alhamdulillah.

  13. smileymuslim says:


    I rememeber this dream cuz it was snowing.
    when I used to go to masjid to read Quran pak my friend also used to go aswell. So in my dream me and her were trapped in this persons house and we were slaves.The guy was bald and was a jinn. Any ways if we tryed to escape he would know cuz the devill wil tell him. Cuz I didn’t wear my taveez and black magic was done one me. I got proper freaked out.

    My whole family and me are friends with this person who my dad works with. And she went. To pakistan and some 1 too a lenght of her hair and did jadoo and if she didn’t. Come back to england she and her kids would have been killed. And she is a very religious person.

    on one of tbe websites on here go onto I’m I posseded my name is smiley muslimand I have a churail story which happend to my family

  14. SHEEN says:

    Peace be upon every one,
    I had a relationship with a guy five years ago. He loved me dearly, but I didn’t. I just remained, as he loved me so much. Later, after three months I broke-up with him,but talked to him over the phone and we were friends.Finally, I met someone else whom I fell in love & stopped talking to him. When our relationship grew stronger and serious I started to have headache at a certain time of a certain day. This worsen when I started to recite quran daily. I had a dream where I touched a red flower and middle aged woman told me before I touched the flower, to not to touch it and that now it’s the beginning. Then I saw a black cat trying to chase me and hurt me with it’s claws. This woman was there to assist me. Several dreams followed later. Once I saw an enraged guy who was a jinn as told by a middle aged woman in my dream trying to choke me with his bare hands. I recited the verses of Quran and slowly he released me. Every time I see a Jinn in my dream I always recite quran and it wasn’t capable to hurt me.Dreams of snakes, centepede commenced. Then I wore a thavees for protection and the headache dissapeared. When I was lonely one night a manly whispery voice said that I wouldn’t get my current boyfriend and I turned my head towards the place where the sound came from. Later, he laughed and said you will get.One day, I ammended the tie of the tavees as it got tighter and i felt the headache.I had the worst dream of a middle aged woman with fury trying to take it and constantly saying to take it away. I saw dreams of men trying to have sexual pleasures with me. It was so real. Later, I took the thavees and there after there was no pain.During the days when I had the headache I got angry with my mom and had diagreements. She believes that my fiancee is doing black magic on me, but I am sure that he or his family isn’t into it. Recently, when I was at a state of subconscious drowsy sleep I saw a a man touching the spine from top to bottom and I heard a manly mocking laugh. I saw my mom even telling I didn’t touch her. After, a couple of days i am having a a severe spinal pain. Sometimes, I am short of breath. I don’t the exact cause behind these encounters,but I feel it’s something to do with black magic. I truly need some help.

  15. fatima says:

    can any body give me a link of a powerful shal, peer etc, some are dodgy, but i mean a trust worthy person, who can help
    My life has been taken over by a hindu man from calcutta, Mr Basudev Ranjit Modak
    he is evil, and said we wil be together for eternity, he also wants my son who is 18 to carry on his work, he has put a jin in my house and my husband does not care

  16. no hope says:

    Asslam o laikum

    Dear brothers and sisters and respected elders,

    Iam nearly 40 years and am married with 4 children.

    15 years ago i was married to a girl and she had come to england during the first month everything was ok , but then arguments happened ,and my parents moved out the house . I was stupid enough to blame my wife , that it was her fault each time.
    Then i had a son 1 year later and thats when the rollercoaster of my life started, i started seeing another cousin of mine whom i was very much attracted to since childhood and i made a stupid mistake of contacting her and even though she was married , she divorced her husband and started seeing me for 5 years…
    She wanted me to divorce my first wife but something would stop me each time.
    During the 5th year i went to Umra and asked Allah to forgive me and make the path clear , if i was to marry the cousin or not , and if not that she would find someone whom she wanted to be with.

    So one day she told me that she was going to get married to someone else.i was upset but accepted it.

    She also said i hope that you have daughters and same happens to them ..what you did to me.

    I returned back to my wife and son and became sucessfull in business and purchased 2 further properties and my own business.
    Then last year ,i started to feel very lazy and did not care no more about making money . I just wanted to sit and eat junk food and be a slob.
    The problem has now got so worse that my properties are in bank reposessions.
    My business is suffering and iam falling into big debt as a result.
    I went to a man in my city who said he helps cures problems free and said i have 2 taweez burried in graveyards one in Pakistan and another somewhere in England.
    He also said there was a family of christian jinnat living in my house.

    He told us to read hizbul bhar sharif and do a khatam ,and told us to read surah jinn over water and spray on the walls. He even came in banged nails into every corner of the house and even my shop.
    A mufti came to my house and he read somethings and sliced a lemon and told me to throw away in the graveyard.

    But i dont see any changes infact i have lost heart in everything and dont want to do nothing.

    My wife reads namaz and even teaches quran to 20 kids daily in my house.

    please advise what i must do.

    jazak allah

  17. bon grande imam maghrebi fi hollanda mezzian bezaf specialist unlever sihr dkaf infertitele mariage love blocage rouqia ana takalem alrabia 0031614375783

  18. Abu hasan says:

    To everyone who’s stories I have read, I give this advice: tread your salah, do good deeds and avoid bad ones…

    Play surah baqara in your house everyday & this is VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT to read:

    “Whoever says: La ilaha illallahu wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu wa huwa ‘ala kulli shayin qadir – 100 times – will get the same reward as given for setting free ten slaves (WOW, SUBHANALLAH, IN COMPARISON TO THOSE DAYS THAT IS LIKE DONATING TEN SMALL CARS OR MOTORBIKES THAT YOU OWN TO ALLAHS CAUSE/CHARITY EVERY TIME YOU READ THIS!!!), and 100 good deeds will be written in his accounts, and 100 sins will be deducted from his accounts, and it (his saying) will be a shield for him from Satan on that day till night, and nobody will be able to do a better deed except the one who does more than he.” Bukhari & Muslim

    It takes 5-7 mins to read this, and it really is important to read it every day… This protects you from sihr Masha’Allah…

    La ilaha illallahu, wahdahu, la sharikallahu, lahul mulko, wa-lahul hamdo, wa huwa ala kulli shayin kadir


    There is no god but Allah, alone, without any partner, to him belongs the dominion (everything that exists), and to him belongs the praise, and he is capable of all things.

    Read this 100 times a day and no jinn or black magic can harm you (according to hadith bukhari & muslim), the best time to read it is after fajr or in the morning…

    According to sunnah & authentic hadith, we have been given these weapons against the shaytan/jinn:

    1. The first is, before you sleep: read ayat ul kursi once (at which point Allah will send a guardian to watch over you whilst you sleep) then read the three kul’s (surah ikhlas, falaq, & naas – the least three surahs of the quran) cup your hands and blow into them and wipe them over the parts of your body you can reach- do this three times – as this is what the prophet (SAW) used to do for Allah’s protection…

    2. Read ‘ la ilaha illallaho wahadahoo…’ as mentioned above, as this will protect you from jinn & shaytan insha’allah

  19. Abu hasan says:

    There are some solid protection sunnah’s too from authentic hadith e.g.

    Narrated Sa’d: The Prophet said, “If somebody takes some ‘Ajwa dates every morning, he will not be effected by poison or magic on that day till night.” (Another narrator said seven dates). (Sahih Bukhari)

    Sa’d told of hearing Allah’s Messenger say, “He who has a morning meal of seven ‘ajwa dates will not suffer harm that day through toxins or magic.”(Bukhari, Hadith 5327 and Muslim, Hadith 3814)

    ‘Aisha (RA) reported Allah’s Messenger as saying, “The ‘ajwah dates of al-‘Aliya (the named applied to some villages a few miles east of Medina) contain healing, and they are an antidote (when taken as) first thing in the morning.” (Muslim, Hadith 3815)

    ‘Aisha (RA) reported Allah’s Messenger as saying, “The ‘ajwah dates of al-‘Aliya taken as the first thing in the morning, in the state of fasting; contain healing for all (kinds of) magic or toxins.”(Musnad Ahmad, Hadith 23592)


    Anyway, read that 100 times a day, the surah’s before you sleep, and your salah… Then download some ruqiya mp3’s or play them on youtube and watch how the jinn start getting weaker and weaker Insha’Allah… & you don’t need some professional raqi, a hafiz or pious person who can read quran well can read the set verses which destroy the jinn (you can find them on the net easily) can read on you and keep reading until the jinns leave or die Insha’Allah…

  20. saima says:



  21. ali says:

    asma latif logo per sakht kala jadu krwati hai asma latif hasai jadugaro ke pas jati hai or logo per sakht kala jadu krwati hai asma latif hasai jadugar se zanna kr k logo per sakht kala jadu krwati hai asma latif ki ma ka nam musarat hai or baap ka nam mohammad latif jo wapda mein driver hai asma jab gher se nikalti hai jadugar ke pas jati hai logo per sakht kala jadu krwati hai asma sharabi bhi hai or zanni bhi hai asma ke bohat friends hain asma logo per sakht kala jadu krwati hai asma latif ka address hai mohammad latif house no 7 street no 25 near zahid bakers wapda colony bijligher road suknahar baghban pura lahore pakistan.asma zayyada tar mangal ko gher se nikalti hai or hasai jadugar ke pas jati hai khud asma ka picha krein or asma ke sath hasai jadugaro ko bhi pakrein lahore mein hasai jadugar hain jo sakht kala jadu krtay hain or unhay pakrnay wala koi nae asma aisi shetan hai jisay na ALLAH PAK KA KHOF HAI na pakray janay ka dar

  22. Usman Nawaz says:

    Hi everyone, hope you are doing good and appearing here so often. i would like to share my story and want someone who can help me in that case.i am from pakistan and living in Dubai since 9 years i met here with alot of girls but never fall with anyone like i fall with a girl i met few months back and make relation with her just for max one month only and she dumped me i know there are my mistakes to lose her but beside that she was willing to escape as well bcoz she was married but really i want her back in my life plz guys help me if there is any way to get her back even we dont have any communication i cant see her. i want some kind of magic which can turn her back to me plz guys help me i am so desperate for her i want her back any how.

  23. faizan raza says:

    men ek larke ko last 02 saal se bohat chahta hon pehle tu na mere ghar wale na larke k ghar wale mante the shadi ko, aur larki dosti se is lye nahi bharte the ya tu mujhe flirt samjhte the ya mazak par jab men ne us k ghar baat k shadi k tu larke ne sath dya ghar walon ko kaha, manaya, samjaya, par pyar nahi kya wo kehte hai k jab kuch nazar aye ge manzil tab men bhi pyar kar loon ge, larke k family ehle sunnat and jutt cast hai and men ehle tashie aur syed. larke k ghar walon ne aqeede ko issue bana kar inkar kar dya ub wo lahore shift ho gaye us par ghar se nikalne k bhi pabandi laga de par hum ub just phone pe baat karte hain us k ghar wale zbardasti us ki shadi ur kahen kar rahen hain ur us ko apne marne k dhamke de kar haan karwa rahe hain plz help me urgent warna mere zindage tabah ho jaye ge q k men us se be panah pyar karta hon ur mere nazdeek ye aqeede koi masla nahi hai khuda aik ha bus ur hum sub muslim.

    so plz help me urgent.
    plz contact me on that 0300-7595690

  24. Sal Sollar says:

    Salaam brother Abdul,

    Do you still have the contact info for Bhai Idrees a holy man in Birmingham Uk? I am in the same situation and same help please!!!

  25. mrs muhammad says:



    • Walid says:

      I had same guidance in dreams and same type of life. I also feel same about peers and dreamt of what they really are but I did not have the courage to challenge them like you. 3 years ago my wife invited a peer against my wish, since then I have lost the calm and am unable to stick to my namaz and always feel heavy. I live in Birmingham and am in and out of hospital since then. If you are able to help here is my email

  26. Nauman Abid says:

    I wnted ask is what if someone has found a killed black cat whose hairs was took off the body and maybe cat was cut into peices in the basment of the house . Peope are assuming its kinda black magic. Is this a really a black magic. I am always abroad and my home is closed and nobody goes there except some people. Please tel me as soon as possible. If its black then i know then i knowwho has done this. If its really a black magic then what is the purpose of this and what type of harm he want to give us?

  27. Ibn mustaqeem says:

    Assalamu alaykum,

    Allah make easy for all caught in these problems.

    Muslim or not, if we take our absolute neediness to our Creator, and pour out our heart and soul to Him, without doubt He will respond.

    ‘A laysa bi kaafin abdah’
    Is he not sufficient over his slave.

  28. Someone says:

    selam brothers and sisters

    I am female and 25 years old. I’m so happy because I have found this website, I really searched alot for such storys but I didn’t find much. I live in Switzerland. My story is, that I have a jinn inside me who is in love me and this for several of years but I realized it first a few months ago.

    You wonder how I noticed that he is in love me? It sounds very strange but the ones of you who belives really in God will know that my story is true. The jinn inside me talks with me, with my mounth but it’s not my voice… usually he says how much he loves me or when I look at myself in mirror then he tells me that I’m very beautiful… Often I reply to him, I say thank you or I know that you love me.. sometimes when he likes to enjoy my body I say to him that he should stop or it’s not a good moment..

    He is the reason why I never had a well relationship with a boy.. and always when my father told me that is time to get married I said that I don’t want to get married, never… I got a few proposal of marriage but I disliked all… and I really don’t knwo why, beacause all the boys I liked before, but always when it comes to the point of marriage then the relationship broke up.. The big problem which I have with this jinn is that he don’t le me go, I heard how he said to me that nobody will love me so much as he does…

    It was one friday in november 2013 when I realised that I will never get married as long as the jinn is in my body.. I was one month in a realtionship with a muslim boy who really belives in god… And I am also muslim, I have to say that I pray 5 times a day and I do sadakah and ramadan… The realitionship with this boy was perfect, we had a “halal” relationship, without body contact.. I know that he was really in love with me because he tells to all his friends how perfect I am, and he’s best friend told after to me this.. On this friday he was working, after work he sends me a massage with a heart.. and we startet to text another as usual via handy.. He went to clubbing with friends and I said to him he should enjoy the evening with friends and he can contact me when he’s at home…

    So when he came home he wrote me bud he was so strange.. I asked him if everything is OK and he answerded no.. He started to speak how different we are and that for him everything is so strange and that he doesn’t see us together in future… I thought he was kidding, but now, he wasn’t… just two days ago he tells me that he want that I become his wife… I realised that it’s not his fault but rahter something else, like the jinn who speaks with me… and sleeps with me..

    And now I really don’t know what to do? I pray 5 times a day, I do ramadan, I do sadakah, I’m a night prayer… Of course I will not go to somebody who works with black magic, because this is really shirk and the hell..

  29. tatterton says:

    Hi all here is my experiences with Djinns.
    All begun 7 years ago, i get mysteriously sick, losing 12kg, couldnt digest almost anythign, my stomach was like blocked, vomit, a couple of time an improvise tachycardia : 9 months of hell
    I was with a girl, she left me, and my sickness went away : in a couple of months i was new and healty.
    A couple of years after, i woke up in the middle of night with a strangely accurate feeling : ” There is something of horrible inside my bedroom”,i feel it behind me, i cant see it but i sense its presence, im totally blocked.
    In my head a painful and ritmic pulsation, not an headcache, something never experimented before.
    I try to move with all my strenght, at the end im able to turn my head and i see it : it’s a grey shape, humanoid, very tall, it seems done like of grey fog, i cant see eyes or mouth or whatever.
    When i look it, the shape starts to disperse and in few seconds is gone : at the istant the ritimic pulsation hammering my head is gone, the horrible presence’s feeling it’s also gone, and i go felt asleep again after few seconds, dealing with the experience only at morning.
    Some months later my Grandfather died.
    The i dreamed of a city devasted, burning and in ruins : in a dark street i see a black dog, it come toward me and start turning around me in an anti-clockwise sense, i cannot move.
    Then appears a man, dark skin like a north african/african, dressed with a black long vest with gold decorations on shoulders and flanks.
    He takes my hand and say me : ” From this moment, you must no have fear of anything ” and he start to turn in a clockwise sense, keeping my hands, i start to turn with him.
    The dog flees, the Man and the city disappear and i am alone in the dark for a moment.
    I ask myself ” What was that dog ? “.
    At this point my Grandfather appears in the Dark and answers : ” The Devil “.
    1 hear and half ago i casually became friend with a man of Bosnia, non practiging muslim at that time.
    He was under a strong possession, and he finally came out free after several exorcism done by Imams both in Italy and Bosnia.
    At that time i didnt know how to interpretate the strange dreaming and open-eyes nightmares i experienced.
    But my Bosnian friedn gave me the key to do it : i started to read the Corano, and learned some protection preys.
    During the time Djinns cambe back other 3 times.
    I woke up in the middle of the night blocked and with the same feeling of that first night.
    But these times i suddenly started to prey while not completly conscious : sometimes i woke up hearing my voice praying…i cant explain it better than part of me was already active and sensing the presence, and woke up “me” in the inner sense of the word.
    They were different DJinns respect the first : i one occasione i see only a green light in the dark, but two times i see like a Mask done of black smoke, attacking me with arrows of smoke like tentacles.
    I dont have fear like the first time, im always able to stand while basically blocked, but i can always watch them, or peraphs they want to be seen.
    Anyway, as i react, they go away, and i can go back to sleep.

    As of now, i read the Corano regulary from at least 1 year,and i pray at least one time for day ( not much i know ).
    I feel well, but im conscious there is something ( sihar or something else ) still trying to attack me from time to time.
    Anyway, i dont have fear, the experience can be controlled and, i dont know how, i can reacte and metabolize the experience as something of “quite normal”, not shocking at all as it was the first time.

    Im looking to try someone who does Ruqya here in Italy, also for a girl from Marocco i knew that has dangerous Djinn-problems because her mother his a witch ( as she said to me ,in the meantime i keep fighting by myself 😉

    If someone have an idea of the exact nature of my Djinn-harrassing i’d be happy to know


  30. I live in england west midlands, im the oldest of 4 kids. we moved into a house about 15 years ago and everyone in the house but 2 people have experienced supernatural occurrences. theress something in the house, we have seen dark shadows moving around,i heard a strange growl i nthe garden one night late, it was horrific i ran back inside it was nothing like iv heard in n e film or by any living being. my brother said he seem something walk past his room with its tongue out of its mouth near its chin. i woke up 2 see something standing over me, its head against the ceiling and feet near my chest, my sister wakes up and sees a dark show near her, it was hissing at her once and she tried to reak aytul kursi but it put its hand round her mouth, my mums experienced things and my other sister.i woke up once and seen many showdows around the room , once it felt like i was being dragged down the bed for ages but i wasnt moving. my brother once late at night shouted my name i went to him and he asked if it was me ? i asked him what does he mean he said something was touching her leg, and then when he stated my name it growled and shaked his bed up n down (bottom bit), my mum went to a holy person who after many holy people had failed to stop it gave us small prayers to put above rooms this worked, but recently things have started again. we are playing recordings of chapters from the quran in certain rooms at the moment. i know alot of readers will find this hard to believe, but allah as my witness this is true !

  31. kimberly v says:

    Im really glad also that i have found this website and i hope that someone reads my story and tries helping my family. Its been going on for a while now with my sister she really needs a exorcism. Ok Ive always been the type of person not to believe in anything from tv exspecially those true stories like the exorcism of emily rose. As i sit here and write this letter im started to notice how its messing with me also. Im seeing it in my home. Ok now back to how it all started. Its been like some months now and we never thought about it as a possession. My sister name is Patricia V. She is very beautiful well was until it got ahold of her. It all started when she started using the drug called ICE. She started smoking it. :(. At first we all thought it was the ice until all these things started happening. U see my sisters never been the type to do that kind of drug. OK first she started using. I found out cause i caught her using one time in the room in my home. I was soo upset and told her to leave she needed help. So then she leaves and i finally here from her again we all go to a party together and she ends up leaving with a man in a red truck whom we both dont know she comes back from his house the next day with her feet green crying and crying saying that that man but a curse on her and that the devil was inside him and sticking his long tongue and her and telling her he finally got her alone and was waiting all day to smell her and that he had alone of goat heads in his lawn. I was like whatever patty that drug has u tripping u need help. Well that night i ended up sleeping with her at a friends house not knowing that that house we slept at was one time along time ago possession took place with a young girl. Anyways that night i decided to watch a scary movie and when it got really late like around 3 ish the bed started to shake and the door slammed shut. Me still thinking it was just the old trailor i let it go. But as the days went by i noticed that my sister wasnt the same anymore but i really thought it was the drug. :(. She started cutting her hair staying in the room for many hours just sitting up not eating saying it wouldnt let her sleep. I knew it was really happening when one day when she was laying down at my moms house me and my other sister prissy were sitting down talking when my sisters phone where my sister patty was laying starting ringing really loud i mean loud and it started playing some weird sand man song slow and the numbers 66666666666666666666666666 showed up on her screen and she jumped up yelling its strarting hes coming hes coming and she yelled so loud. So we jumped in the car straight to the church and when were on the way she looks at my sister prissy and starts laughing with her head to the side and when were by the church she started making wierd hog noises and yelling and she turned to my sis driving and tells her u got off u stupid bitch. I noticed from that day on my sister was gone. That aint her. She comes back but then shes gone. Ive already seen things in my home Im scared to death. I was in my shower and when i get out i see someone walking in my tub back and forth and then it looks at me. And its gone. It had two different feet and wasnt human. So anyways my and my mother in law try taking her to a rehab place in mathis tx where they also have a church. She agreed so on the way she tells my mother in law your gonna be in trouble and starts talking in wierd tongues. But we mad it there and when she gets off she keeps telling her your gonna be in trouble. Ok theres so much more to this story but its too long. all I know is that my sister left that place we have no idea where her whereabouts are. We need to help her but i DONT KNOW HOW. please someone help me out on this one before it takes her soul. I wasnt a believer but now i am ive seen to many things that i thought only existed in movies and was bullshit and its scaring the hell out of me. please my email is thanks for hearing some of my story.

  32. Zara says:

    Anyone wants a jinns treatment please get intouch with me completely free mobile number 07913983911


  33. Zara says:

    Dont pay anyone to get treated people rip people off should be free get intouch and ill try and help to the best of my ability i do this for my brothers and sisters

  34. Zaakir says:

    Slms my uncle passed away in 2003 and he used to stay in this room downstairs…I am currently studying and I needed a room of my own to study so I took over this very same room

    Ever since I’ve been sleeping here I have terrible dreams…I’m not sure if it’s sleep paralysis or a jinn

    In one of my dreams I dreamt I was holding someone very close to me in my arms and her eyes were rolling and she was shaking in my arms while her mouth was foamy…I woke up to a very scary whisper calling my name directly in my ear

    I even dreamt that I woke up in the very same place where I slept and I was being pulled by my feet, I ignored this, than my whole body was being dragged out of the bed, I ignored this, lastly my entire body was mid-air out of the bed and I knew something was up
    During this experience I could not move or scream etc
    I only woke up in shock when I started seeking Allahs protection in my dream

    I do remember one dream where I was being choked to a point where I thought I was gonna die

    I really can’t distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy when this happens
    Note that I sleep on my right side and listen to an islamic lecture everyday before I sleep

    Is this jinn or sleep paralysis?

  35. Angel says:

    My dear brothers and sisters my humble request is please pray for my family,lots of problems in my family,no body is there to help for us,in my family there are five members,my parents,one elder sis and one younger bro,my father is so sick he is having plural effusion,renal failure,ccf,my mother also bp patient,my younger bro after10th std he was not able to study because of money problem and he is only taking care my father so he is not able to go anywhere to study, recently my sis got marred,with much diffculty we finished her marriage,i am only earning member of this family i am getting 9000 thousand per month,i that i have to see everything my father and mother treatment,for home problem,for my sis marriage i brought money from somebody for that i have to pay interst,so pls pray for my family and pls help me,thank you dear brothers and sisters god wil bless you.

  36. iwalkalone. says:

    Asalaamaleykum everyone , I hope everyone’s who’s problems I have read and those who are struggling elsewhere get what they need.
    I don’t know how to word this story or if I am able to fit all of the story in. I’ll try to summarise it to the best possible standards. My family that’s just me my parents my one other brother and three sisters are stuck really badly, we are under constant attack from black magic its just ridiculous. We know who’s doing it to us , its our own so called relatives uncles aunties etc since its only family that really can do damage to you seriously through black magic. The cause of so many enemies was mainly to do with a few marriage proposals being rejected and the fact that my father was a very rich person from a hallal and honest earning everyone just wanted a piece of him and his wealth. Well they sure have taken all his wealth along with his health. He’s never smoked or drank in his entire life yet he has had 3 heart attacks and had at one stage 8 stones in both his kidneys. Because he is in a really bad state financially everything he tries to do get himself out of the mess just backfires on him in such a way that he finds it extremely difficult to get hid hopes back up and try again , and I’m not talking about 2 or 3 times I’m talking well over 50 times well the fight has been on for almost 11 years , he sets of with honest intentions but ends up collapsing back at home even more broken than before. My mum always has some part of her body in pain and on the odd few nights a few scars and bruises appear from nowhere. My older sister who my mum refused to give them love potions or whatever you call has suffered a lot . They fed her something through a sweet dish called kheer which has caused a blockage with her periods resulting in her never being able to become pregnant. All her life she has never ever ate more than me yet she is almost twice as big as me , she has become a balloon as described by a few peers/allims we have met in our lives. We have met many from all over the world and the best you could come across one could make a person in a wheelchair walk or even cure cancer with one special dham/blow not be able to do anything for us.
    I’ve read the solutions most people have been offering saying read Namaz read this read that honestly no word of a lie I’m not trying to exaggerate things but the more we read at home or in the mosque the worse things become for us , ill be reading fajar namaz or something and ill hear my sister start screaming or my mum will read the quran and other duas , she won’t be able to get out of bed the next day.
    My family has never harmed anyone or done anything bad in life to get such a bad punishment. My father wanted to make life better for people in Pakistan by setting up multi million pounds energy saving projects but everything backfired and he’s sat on his own at home with only his two sons to support him.
    I’m the eldest son and to be honest it kills me every night , when I’m sat downstairs on my own , not being able to do anything for my family been to places met so many people who have said the same stuff , who’s doing what and why .
    Where do we go now we are in desperate need of help , these days the only place I enjoy going is on top of the roof of the hotel we are staying and looking down , why because that’s probably the only option left for freedom . I dont know , I hope someone reads this and gets in touch with me soon or something. We just want to be free and able to live a normal life that’s all . Thanks for reading

    • Hiba says:

      Wa alaykum salaam,

      This is a late reply. The reason why you suffer more difficulty is because the shaytan wants you to give up. NEVER GIVE UP. As you continue praying, reciting the Quran and increasing your good deeds, the weaker the sihr will become until it leaves.

    • Hiba says:

      Wa alaykum salaam,

      This is a late reply. The reason why you suffer more difficulty is because the shaytan wants you to give up. NEVER GIVE UP. As you continue praying, reciting the Quran and increasing your good deeds, the weaker the sihr will become until it leaves.

    • Walid says:

      Firstly, all reflect on your pasts starting with your father. Was his parents pleased with him? If they are alive ask them forgiveness, if not read Surat Yaseen on their graves and ask for forgiveness. Have any of you hurt anyone or did sins or caused loss to anyone? If so ask them for forgiveness. Secondly, if able to, tell father to do Hajj if he has not done so. For calmness, read 111 Darood sharif, 600 times Surat Ikhlas, 600 times Surat Anas, 111 times darood sharif. All family can share the reading, if you forget the count you have start from beginning. Do like khatam. Then read plenty of Darood Sharif. All in one sitting. If able to do everyday, if not once a week. Ask Allah for forgiveness.

  37. gouse says:

    my family was bothering from last one year about my brother. he is behaving like a stranger. my friends and relatives told many things regarding his strange behaviour. we are shown upto four ulamas to my brother still there is recovery.everybody saying that it is the asar of jinns.based on that they given remedy but my sister in law(his wife) not able to follow on time to time due to strange she also want to leave him.
    what i have to do still i can not understand. some of the abnormal activities of my brother
    1. without wearing slippers he was roaming on streets.
    2.exactly afternoon he was laying on the floor and swetting to body.
    3.his prayer timings and procedure was totally change.
    4.staying and sitting alonely in the dark night.
    5.8-9-2014 he was ready to go for haz through the walk and without passport.
    all of our family was stand in the point that finally they want to leave him not only wife but also my mother.
    i humbul request to all the brothers and sisters if u know about my brothers situation plz show or tell me the root cause and solution.
    my ph no:8147752468, i am from india and we are staying andhrapradesh.

  38. Sarah says:

    My brother is on drugs like marjunwana and all. He started smoking from the age of 14 years and later on started other drugs slowly and slowly but now it’s got to a stage where he can’t even control his temper and his tongue.
    He has a beautiful young wife and a beautiful son. He beats his wife and abuses her in front of his 3 years old son and uses bad language when talks and looses his temper every day every morning. Does not work and always demands from others the family members to help him. The whole family is tired and under major stress coz of him. We wake up with hearing his problems almost everyday and some times he agrees his wrong and promises his wife and everyone else that he change his life to a better persons but that is just like a dream now:( his wife loves him and always trying for him to change and fix their marriage but that doesn’t mean anything to him. I doubt that it could be black magic. Is there any way u could please HELP and save our family. Email:
    Thank u

  39. sara ahmed says:

    My family house had some Nigerian students living next door. A friend of theirs would visit very often an on occasion we would get talking. one day i met him in the town center and he invited me over to his new place, i went over to his and we would get chatting

    i started going to his place daily, when i came into his apartment one day there was this book that was on the table i asked if i could borrow it and all was well.

    A few months had gone by when i was thrown out of my family home for being on my mobile phone my mother was spying on me and heard me talking to a man..i think she reacted over the top nevertheless i was homeless lucky i was four months into my university so they was able to help me with accommodation. i had no means of supporting myself and had no help, i struggled and never did my family contact me to see if i was okay.

    my friends help where they could and would often take me out for meals. one day my friends cousin had come to visit from London and we decided to make a night of and go to a club. i wasn’t in there for long before i started thinking about my neigbours friend the one i would go visit on a regular. when all of a sudden he just came into the club i was a bit surprised but didn’t think anything of it. i asked if he could give me and my friends a lift home.

    He agreed that him and his friend would drop us home, they drop my friends off. then he got his friend to take us to the shop to buy stuff and then we got to his place, i didn’t think much of it as we regularly chilled together. we talked and i went to bed, we became very close and before you know we was an item.

    not long after he changed he became very aggressive, he would lash out at anything and it was pretty much a nightmare, strangely i had developed strong feeling for him.

    then one day he decided to flip on me and i just had enough of him so i changed my number and didn’t speak to him for a week. when i did call he said “so you changed your number” he sounded very calm and told me never to call him again i was very upset and i cried literally i was in mourning very strange! not like me at all.

    i still had to get on with life as you do and i started having deja vu..experiences and it was strange, weird, horrible eventually i got to make sense that it was all about the book i borrowed from him. i wanted to confront him but he was nowhere to be found. after several yrs i decided to leave town as it was all too overwhelming.

    I thought once i moved i would be able to get on with my life. sadly it just seem to get worse i moved to a place where i never heard of. I didn’t want anyone to know where i lived i started to become very paranoid i didn’t want my friends around me because i thought they wasn’t genuine.

    i felt like i was being stalked i get random people talking things in parables. i had one boy talk but it wasn’t them that was talking it was as though like something was talking out there body. it was awful i would hear a voice telling me i would need to go back to where i came from.

    i kept feeling like i wasn’t alone, like i was being watched, like people was spying, my phone bugged. i had always felt like that since i met that man. so i would be like ” i know your spying on me i know” till it came to the point where i would be having a full conversation. believing i’m being monitored, my neighbor being nosey have gone told people about this and so on.

    it may sound a bit strange but while all this is coming on,i have become more vigilant about the going on where i live i’m noticing that people are giving things to the trees like shoelaces, phones, bright colored cloth..and so on ,carry bags hanging from the trees. i have had rubbish being placed at my door i would move it, it would put back again. a lot of paranormal stuff would then start to occur.

    i would hear whispers in my ear, then something talking,i would walk down the street i can hear things that i can’t see shouting..formular…things about she careful of her.. then i started seeing like a white mist..the sometimes black figure moving around my home.

    i wasn’t able to sleep i would get horrible nightmares..either falling,having sex..snakes..horrible creatures that have tails and wings what some may even call it “the jersey devil”.. audhubillah..when these things became a regular occurrence and i started having really bad anxiety.

    i would wake up crying everyday..with really bad chest pains..i went to the mosque where i had Quran ready on me and my home the first time i felt okay i couldn’t hear the voices nor the whispers however..the nightmares where so bad..i would be so tired the next day and left feeling very emotional..not before long its all happening again..but they are very verbal telling me i need to go to the kingdom..that i’m married to him..this has been going on for yrs now..

    i pray inshallah that allah allows this to end for me..nobody can protect me other than allah.. assalamualaikum

    • Walid says:

      First step for you is seeking foregiveness from parents and pleasing them. Without this your life will be full of loss no matter how religious you become as Quran says please your parents and obey them before Allah unless they are telling you to leave Islam. Second step refrain from future sin and ask Allah for forgiveness. Read Darood Shareef plenty of times. Then establish namaz, zakat and other 3 pillars of Islam. Start reading Allah Hu tasbee and Astighfurallah. Do not mix with males and guard your modesty. For calmness you say reading Quran helps, keep doing it and be patient and persaveer.

  40. fahad (fake name) says:

    Assalamalaikum . How are you all? I’m facing a really big problem . I don’t really belive in all this . I’m not what you would call a religious person . I am a muslim and I believe in allah and my prophet and that is it . But i have no other choice or any person to turn to . I’m in a relationship with my girlfriend for more then 2 years now . She’s great . She’s loving , caring and we’re thinking of getting engaged .after a year or so into our relationship she changed, She would fight with me for no reason for countless hours . And she would get vengeful , she would tell me that she would ruin me, Threaten me. She would wake up in the middle of the night scared and terrified . She would tell me the night mares she’s had while she was sleeping . Nightmares about snakes with two heads . Quite a few times she slept at night and woke up and found out she had bruises on her thigh , and she had no idea how it got there . She would start plucking her hair one by one . She still loves me she says that but at times she’s really distant . She gets depressed every other day . Starts crying for no reason . I don’t know what to do . We went to a therapist and a psychiatrist and both of them said nothing was wrong with her . 2 days ago she went to some baba(preist) without telling me as she knows I would not allow her because I’m not a believer of such things . Much to her surprise the baba told her that a jinn was latched on to her . And not just now but that it was latched on to her a long time before even . And that jinn wants to have intercourse with her . Now she’s scared and she doesn’t know what to do . What should I do . Can anyone of you be of any help ? Please . Should I punch the baba for getting these things in her head ? Or should I go look for someone like that . Please help if you can . Thank you .

    • Walid says:

      Allah has given you this problem to turn to Him. Learn to practice your belief and He will bring you help. Allah is protecting you in that even in your despair you will not turn to babas. Baba is right but wants your trust so that afterwards he can misguide you.
      Make all your intentions and actions Halal.
      See this website for ruqya practioners(top right hand). Ruqya is Sunnah as they read Surats from Quran to heal a person. Or google for ruqya in your country. This will sort the problem.
      Signs of shaitan practioners: asking mothers, fathers name, burning or giving taweez, animal sacrifice, fortune telling, seeing in your past to impress power. Taweez can be either symbols/numbers or text from Quran, both have no legitimacy in Islam.

  41. rajabudeen ahamed says:

    I think that it is not just dream.I had a personal experience.The time is about 1:45am.I was at deep sleep in my room.Suddenly I heard some recitation(I guess that it is not from the holy Quran.Because the style was like Hebrew and not Arabic).I got up and opened the door and I turned to the sideway.Suddenly I fell down.I heard some evil laughters and everything went dark.When I opened my eyes I saw a ugly,hypocritical creature sitting on me and chocking my neck.I was very afraid.My breath slowed down second by second.I taught that it was my end.I opened my mouth to scream so that I could call my brother who is sleeping in the next room.I tried and tried and tried.But not even a small sound came out of my mouth.When I saw left I found a leg stamping my left hand.the same was at right.I could not move.I was at the height of my fears,the fear of death.And now I could barely breath.
    Some surah ran in my mind.Surah an-nas.when I recited in the name of Allah,the beneficent,the merciful in Arabic,I easily lifted off my left hand,reciting the remaining of surah an nas I gave a hook punch (I am a boxer).The creature was stunned.And my breath was restored.At this time I completed reciting the surah an nas and started the surah al falak.Now I saw myself very powerfull.I stood up and neared the three creatures(the one that chocked me,the one that was standing on my left hand hand and the one that was standing on my right hand.They showed their yellow streak and then they vanished.just then I opened my eye and I found myself not in my bed,not in my room,but outside the room in between sideway and my room.That I learnt that”Keep your trust in Allah and enough is him as the disposer of affairs”

  42. khalifa says:

    my dad always talk to himself,cries and sometimes throws his hands in the air as if he is fighting with someone. all these happens when he is sleeping.could it be that a jinn is worrying him?and if yes,what can we do to stop that

  43. Hajraa says:

    Hey, my mum had blakmagic on her, we found out by a sheikh in pakistan. Wierd things use to happen in the house we then got a tavees for the house. Things went back to normal nothing unsual happened we do her noises and i do see a black shadow sometimes. I have trouble sleeping i cant go asleep early, when i sleep early i always wake up in the middle of the night around 3am-5am, i went asleep around 12am yesterday which is early for me as i go asleep late as i have trouble sleeping. In my dream i saw my brother inlaws face and he was laying on his bed and a jinn was right next to him, it then seemd as if it was getting closer to me i then woke up from my sleeping and felt as if something was beside my bed and ontop of my headboard. I started reciting the first khalima. But all of a sudden it felt as something went through me i then recited the aytul kursi and as i was doing so. Heard footsteps outside my bedroom as if something is going outside my room. I couldnt sleep after it. This happened at 3am. I then went asleep at 7am as i couldnt sleep and was wide awake. I asked some boy i know and he goes someone is doing blackmagic on you

  44. Hussain says:

    I am from india a 25 yrs male. my dream is I am sleeping in my home some, sound arise outside I came out side some thing in dark color moving near to my home, I shout on it, it came near to me, suddenly someone hold my hand & I was in some other place with my mom & brother. the people Look different I asked one of them which place is this they said this is place of is very difficult to come out from that place finally we came back.

    after this dream lot of dreams are coming as
    me & my friend where going to home, I was holdings a vessel in my hand, near to my home a white tigeress is sitting, I asked my friend ‘ this will create problem to us? ‘ tiger replied ” I will not create problem to you ” suddenly she came near to me I through vessel which was in my hand & that tiger was inside in home I hold it tightly beat it & finally play sura rahaman then it disappeared

  45. SANA ALI says:


  46. hareem says:

    a.o.a…….I have a jinn attached to my body …….he drained my energy when he wants ………….he is teasing me….he can control my emotions and also my mind .I need help how to get rid of him

  47. hareem says:

    a.o.a I have a jinn attached to my body .he drained energy from me when he wants .he is teasing me .he can control my emotions as well as my brain .I need help .plz tell me how to get rid of it

  48. Aaliya says:

    Assalamualaikum va rahmatullahi va barakatuhu.
    I m 35 married with 3 daughters. Alhamdulillah my husband is 44 now.
    I was married 15 years back in a joint family in india.
    My in laws had a dreadful accident while they were on their way for a marriage ceremony.
    Our family lost 7 members on the spot.
    After that my father in law too left this world within 6 months.
    About 4 years back we lost our mother in law.
    Now within a span of 7 months we lost two more family members.
    We r in a great shock as our more family
    Members are in graveyard then in our home.
    Recently one of our well wisher said a strange thing that our home is possessed by a jinn whome we unintentionally hunted some years back. Now he says the jinn wants to take revenge.
    Plz guide us if this could be true cause we have many times felt presence of someone but ignored it as we completely trust Allah s.w.t.
    I just wanna know what is the proper islamic cure to this.

  49. zahraa ali says:

    Salaam brothers and sister,

    i wanted to know a dua that can help me get out of sever depression, i also experience illusions and hallucination …

    can u please reply

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