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Science and Jinn [Demons]

Brother asked the Question:

How are jinn proven by Science?

Well brother, it depends on the person’s faith in the first place. It can be proven in many ways. People who believe in God’s existence can easily be answered from their own religious books. However if someone does not have faith in God and is an atheist, then we speak their language.

1 – Science tells us, we can never dream/imagine things we have never known before in our lives. What we imagine and dream are mere the things we have already known and have played with. If that is so, where do spirits/jinn/demon come from?

2 – If Science cannot prove something, it does not mean that the subject is a lie.

There are tons of sightings which science still cannot describe when they in fact exist! Science tells us about the existence of more dimensions! But just because we cannot see them does not mean they do not exist! We can see 2D images on paper but a 2D image cannot see us because we are 3D. Likewise we cannot see the world of Jinn when they can see us and can appear to us. Here’s a video for a demonstration,

3 – Science till date could not understand the phenomenon of Exorcism. They call it a psychological disease, but FAIL to describe how the possessed person speaks ANOTHER LANGUAGE, and how he speaks of things which the possessed person has never known throughout his life!

4 – Science till date could not describe how Ruqya (Ritual) frees the possessed person from this so-called psychological disease in Minutes, when Medical science does not cure him in years!

I would like to mention the fact that if a psychological disease does occur to any one of my family or your family, I would suggest examining the patient as a doctor First, but if that fails and symptoms of possession become clear, you cannot damage his health by forcing him to take non-effective drugs afterward, and when I have a choice to heal him with the Word of God in mere two minutes, why would I try and risk his life with overdose?

Ruqya (Ritual) involves Nothing more than calling the Jinn from the inside of the possessed person by reciting verses of the Qur’an and asking him [the jinn] question for why he has possessed that man. The Jinn speaks by the tongue of that man in a language that might be local or foreign, depending on where the Jinn originally belongs to. The voice however is always different than the original voice of that man/woman. The exorcist then tells him that it is a bad thing to do so and that he will be held accountable for all of this agony. After mere a conversation the Jinn agrees on leaving the body and amazingly the person comes into his own senses! [I will write a full article on how a possessed person is cured, God willingly]

5 – But some people are stubborn; they want to see everything with their own eyes, same way they want to see God with their own eyes to believe in His existence. But God does not need the love of Human; we Humans needs the love of God.

If your friends do not believe in Jinn, they are surely not afraid of things like spirits, demons & possession. I would recommend you take them to an Islamic-exorcist and show them how an exorcist heals this so called – Psychologically ill person in minutes, merely through a conversation. Let them witness how the possessed person speaks the language of another land, speaks of things the person has never known, and most importantly, the voice of the possessed person that is completely different to his original voice. And in a matter of minutes the possessed person is stunningly a normal being again.

Science totally fails to describe the above phenomenon and their pills NEVER work on recovering these people, until the possessed is taken to an exorcist.

Here is a video for a demonstration of an exorcism,

Videos online are rare, I would still recommend you visit an Imam exorcist so everyone can witness it with their own eyes.

6 – Reading history is the best way to understand the reality of this subject. I would like to quote Ibn-Tamiyya who said,

The jinni entering the body of the humans is confirmed by the agreement of the leaders of the people of the Sunna and every other community.

Abdullah, the son of Imam Ahmad ibn-Hanbal said, I said to my father,
“Some people say that the jinn does not enter the body of the possessed” My father said, “Oh my son, they are lying. It is that [jinn] which speaks by his tongue”

Ibn Taimiya said, “What he [Ahmad] said is well-known. The possessed person speaks a language that he himself does not understand. And his body may be struck with a ferocious beating, such that it would leave a great mark on a camel. The possessed person does not perceive the strike nor does he perceive the words that he is speaking. The possessed may lift others heavier than him. He may pull out the carpet he is sitting upon… and other such things that have been witnessed and reported by reliable sources. He speaks with the tongue of the human and he moves with that body but he is a specie other than a human.

Human studied books and nature of Allah, Allah gave them wisdom and knowledge about his creation, and now Human claim God to be spiritual and ignorant of the real knowledge, and they claim science to be the achievement of the efforts of Human alone. When they forget that the very science is the knowledge from Allah through which one can prove His existence.

13 Responses to “Science and Jinn [Demons]”

  1. Naji says:

    Have u ever talk to a jinn?
    How do some people can communicate with jinn?

    • A says:


      i believe djinn exist not only becusse it states it in the Holy Quran but also maths proves that there can simultaneously be other dimensions….so mankind and jinn can exist on the same plane.

      also its been shown by a physist that gravity is alot weaker than it is supposed to be and she mathematically showed they only way to explain this is that is passes through another dimension before it reaches us.

      how about Hazarat Soloman (as) artefacts from his empire show stones in his castle which were 100 tons each… that time they didnt have technology or manpower to build it however the Quran states that he used Jinn to build….isnt this also proof?

      nice article but i wish you added actual scientific research!!

  2. Mujahid says:


    One way to bring people to islam is to target those people sufferring with sleep paralysis and cure them, their doctors claim there’s no cure for it because of their 100% faith in science. Sleep paralysis is basically jinn attacks.
    Doctors know that sleep paralysis is related to narcolepsy, in which they also claim that there is no cure. However, narcolepsy is basically the effects of witchcraft. In Islam we know that jinn problems are related to witchcraft and that there is a cure for it. We need to understand that narcolepsy and sleep paralysis are not really medical conditions and therefore should do our best to expose the hypocrites in the medical profession who are profiting from harmful medication that will never cure the patient.

    The information I have provided here can easily be verified after curing these “patients” from “sleep paralysis” and “narcolepsy.” Islam has disproved medical science and this truth can be used to bring people to Islam. It’s another major weapon against the ignorance and lies of the disbelievers(especially athiests, darwinists and modern doctors)


    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa’alaikum as salaam brother Mujahid,

      JazakAllah for sharing such a good perspective. There are indeed many cases where doctors deliberately overdose the patients, even doctors from our Muslims communities, those who happen to have a Secular mind. When they don’t realize one small fact –

      A Medicine can Kill, when a Prayer won’t hurt anyone. So why not recite a few prayers first and confirm if it is the Demon that is in Pain, or if its merely a Medical issue.

      One thing about Sleep Paralysis is odd. People, when they wake up, hear sounds and sightings that ‘Scare’ them; Sightings that does not come from the subconscious, but something that is often never known by most of the suffering people like Atheists. This fact, plus the fact that science cannot elaborate the phenomena to a certainty, makes sleep paralysis a non-medical issue.

      There is still a lot of debate in this but, denying the existence of God and Demons – after a person is a master of Medicine and Surgery, is just ludicrous.

    • A says:

      salaam brother

      i was wondering if jinn can cause people to sleep and become paralysed, can they do the opposite and cause people to stay awake?

      Allah hafiz

    • YM says:

      I have been attacked by this djinn the past week when I first had a vivid dream of being drugged and raped, it felt totally real. Eversince then, this Djinn has been terrorising me in my sleep – day and night. Science says its called sleep paralysis which in turn I had asked my doctor for some sleeping pills to knock me out dead to sleep. It helped but I am still being pushed, moved, my limbs being lifted and posed in sexual ways. I do admit that I am not a very religious Muslim with very weak foundation but I did try to recite my Alfatehah and asked “it” firmly to go away but to no avail.

      Right now, as I am typing this which is around ‘subuh’, I can feel it touching me, it feels like pulses or ants crawling on my body. It is now affecting my daily life because I can’t sleep knowing that this Djinn will start to immobilize me and doing things to me. I am very much aware and awake through these encounters but I simply cannot moved.

      I wish I known some religious teacher who can help me but when I tell my friends about it, they merely laugh thinking that I am delusional and just hallucinating things. FYI, I can’t see it or them but I can feel it. Maybe I am hallucinating but how do you explain being the state of consciousness but feeling of your body being pressed deeper into the mattress until your bedsprings creak but nobody is there? Is this is a sign or just a mere paranormal disturbance?

      Real advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. naz says:

    firstly, it is very wrong to bring controversy between science and religion as i posit that these two are not antithetical. The religion and science both hold immense importance, bringing conflict only uplifts confusion.
    science is proof of religion, proof of existence of Allah. The holy quran 1400 years back provided knowledge that human is made by a clot of blood, and this is what medical science proved lately. therefore the existence of jin is also a valid statement. It is something believed since centuries so something believed so widely cannot be fake. And it is not important that science provides prove for everything.

    • Bhatti says:

      like your answer respected.
      earlier my brother M.Ali said
      “There is still a lot of debate in this but, denying the existence of God and Demons – after a person is a master of Medicine and Surgery, is just ludicrous.”
      it is unjustified to correlate the believe on God with the Believe on demons.
      If Someone believe that God is exist every where but it does not believe that demons are exist everywhere, it does not mean that we should expel him out of believers of God.
      you should recite Holy books verses in front of effected person but this does not mean that doctors are deliberately making it worst. the religious and scientist may be different in nature of work however they both tried to do same thing according to their knowledge and education besides the negation of God existence.

  4. amitanshu says:

    Yes i is jinn who posseses the person. I have seen many patoent cured through ruqia but which doctors Could not cure the person

  5. ra says:

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