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Question, I want to get rid of Taweez


Dear sir,my name is ___, i use to go to a man who is a muslim religious person, he give many treatment by the help of jinn, he can tell the past and the future, he sometimes give taweez(writing some arab word in a paper) and we have to pay some amount of money for it, if anyone don’t have money he tell them to give the money to any mosque later, he always advice for salat, i sometimes go to him when there is any problem occure in my father’s job in ___, he give taweez ,and somedays everything goes well,then everything seems more worse, i just want to know, is it sin to go to such people for treatment ? I am from ___, today after reading your comment about jin i throw three taweez to water that was with my body that i took from him to go abroad, the another 20/30 taweez is still in a vessel filled with water that i’ve taken from him for the peace of my father’s job in ___, we are destroying day by day, going under loan, tension is high,

is there any problem if i remove all the taweez from the vessel and throw them into river, does the jinn do any harm by getting annoyed by this, please reply.


I’m sorry for the late reply,

Brother, A Muslim will never take a penny for helping his brother in such regards. It is the work of Munafiqeen. They claim to be Healers/Men of Allah but they lie, What they call Quran/Arabic words on paper are actually CHARMS, they use it for the Jinn to trace and work according to that Text. It is always a language that is hard for common men to understand, and it is nothing more than polytheistic incantations to please the Demons and the demons in return help the people.

Brother, Taweez are Haraam. I have written an article on it here (
After reading this you will now be able to understand the real meaning of all that is happening to you. Brother what you describe as “things get better but then worse” is all the work of Jinn. People like these appear as Men of Allah and misguide people and once misguided, they ask for benefits for themselves. The knowledge of the Past and the Future rests with Allah ONLY, what they say is with the help of Jinn and it is HARAAM brother, beware of such people.

Jinn trace Taweez and work according to what the Magician writes in that Taweez, but the jinn work under the command of this Magician. First, he tells the Jinn to help your father, and then when he wants to get more money, he tells the jinn to come back and even tell the jinn to damage your father/family’s health etc, so that you can come back to him and give him more money for help.

Brother, I am shocked at the number of Taweez you have. To cancel the affect of Taweez, you should not simply throw them into the River, You should Open them with reciting Ayat-ul-Kursi continuously and You should be in a Clean state. Open the taweez one by one and Burn it. Or if it has the Text written with a soluble Ink then Dissolve it in Water on which you have recited Ayat-ul-kursi (verse 255: Surah Baqara). Best way still is to Burn them.

REMEMBER, if you throw the Taweez into a River then the affect will last as long as the taweez is in its original form. You Must cancel the affect as soon as possible.

Brother we are Muslims, Sunnah has many better and blessed ways to fulfill our dreams. You may pray for your father’s success and seek help from Allah instead of the Demons. & Indeed Allah is the Most Merciful.


Thanks brother for the reply, now i am in fear that if i burn the rest of the taweez that is now stored in a water vessel in my house, does any harm will happen for this? I am in confusion brother, please show me a way, i have another question, recently one of my relative take me to another charmer, he is telling me that some of my relative has done charm against us,and burried something like pig bone,busturd child’s bone, coal of the burning hindu, and kufri taweez in the yard of our home, so that we may not establish in life, and now he wants 10,000 taka from us to put out them from our home, please describe me it is true or false or is it possible to stop someones prosperity by doing any charm ? JajakAllah…


Brother Please do not fall for theses Munafiqeen (May Allaah’s Curse be upon them!). If you go to Any Charmer, they will ALL say the SAME thing. That you or your family member is under the effect of Sihr and that you Must pay them to free you from the evil etc etc. Brother, a True healer will NEVER ask for money. However it Does not mean that you can go to a charmer who wont take money, because sooner or later he will bring you to the point when you will be helpless.

Brother there is nothing to worry about. If you fear destroying it, do not. It is the fear put into your heart by the Jinn so that you do not destroy it. Have faith.

Remove all the amulets attached to your body and take ghusl (bath).
Recite ayat-ul-kursi and the last three Surahs as much as you can.
Also the dua: “La ilaaha illallaahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu, lahul mulkoo walahul hamdo, wahuwa alaa kulli shay’in qadeer.” as much as you can.
Seek the article Protection from Jinn here:

Once you are clean, you may take all the amulets outside of your home. Somewhere where you can dispose off them. Once there, recite ADHAAN (call to prayers) in a loud voice. Shaytaan flee from the place where Adhaan is called.

Take some water in a bowl and recite the following verses in a way that the air from your mouth touches the surface of the water.

1 – Surah al-Baqara: 102
2 – Surah al-A’raaf: 117 – 122
3 – Surah Yoonus: 81 – 82
4 – Surah Taa-haa: 69

Now take the charm (taweez), let it be Ink, paper, perfume, and dissolve it in the water on which you recited the Verses above. Then spill that water at a distant location. Once the charm is removed, you should convince the jinn never to come back to the patient again.

Brother, Read the translation of Ayat-ul-Kursi, Read how Allaah is Always there to protect his creation. No one can harm you the least when you have Allaah, Most Merciful, The ONE that never slumber and never sleep. Insha’Allah everything will be much better than before, and has Nature over Everything in this Universe.

Wahuwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

30 Responses to “Question, I want to get rid of Taweez”

  1. salma says:

    jazakallah brother … u cleared my concept too,,,

  2. Roshan says:

    Hi Sir,
    I m 23 years muslim lady in my sisters building gave some bottled water for cure saying its macca madina water for healing my nephew but.she has botteled that jinn and transfered at my sis that jinn is creating problems to them he sits in corner and in night he sites besides her head or mother went there and did some pooja and he left for that time but he came back at 12.30 night and started making foot steps noise.We dont know now what to do.i read about one solution of reading kuran but we cannot read it because we dont know anything about it as we are hindu..



    • Muhammad Ali says:

      As salamu alaikum.

      I am sorry but I believe the only method I can provide is the recitation of some verses of the Qur’an. If you can manage to call a Muslim to do so; other than that, there are other ways of pleasing the Jinn to make him go away but that will spread more evil and Sin among people.

    • Aashiqq says:

      Dear Prashant,

      To be honest with you. If there is a jinn it will attach itself to someone who is in need of help or is weak at that time. However the Jinns are not reffered as demons. They are spirits between the spirit world an physical world. I am a muslim myself but I have seen lots of Hindu priests. DON’T believe anything said on this site as it will make things worse. The people who could speak and come in contact with Jinns are DEAD!! There are only a few (2) very old men left who can do this.
      However in these times SATAN is everywhere. And people who think they are smart as well. The thing is the only way to get rid of a Jinn is by leaving it with someone else.
      If you pray or do strange rituals, it only looks that the Jinn is gone but eventually it will go for your family or it will get attached to your kids.
      The only way to get ridd of a Jinn is by living with it. RESPECT it and DON’t show FEAR or it will get offended.
      Thats the only advice I can give. Do never trust someone with this kind of magic these are forces not ment for humans and it will slowly tear everything apart.

      • Ninja says:


        Many people can see & hear Djinn. To think that ALL the sensitive humans are dead is baseless misinformation.

        A high spiritual person can also banish unwanted entities in the Holy names of Allah.

        To send a Djinni to someone else to inflict harm is haraam.

  3. sarah says:

    Asalamualikum sir,
    i live in the USA for past couple of yrs. i got married in Pakistan. After a few months i realize that my mother in law, my sis in laws and my brother in laws believes in taweez.if my mother in law wants something, she goes to a certain baba and brings taweez for that matter, and before you know it, things will go her way. she is very proud about it. i told them that taweez is haram , but they went againt me. they told me that they did taweez and that’s how i got married. My mother in law went for umrah. I dont know what to do. PLZ help.. eventhough she lives in Pak and i live in usa,this whole thing is causing soo much tension in our house. i read quran n namaz.. is there something i should do so she can stop. Many people have told me to go to different babas, but my heart doesn’t allow me… My mother in law is 65. HELP

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa alaikum as salaam,

      Sister, the punishment for Magicians in Islam is Public Execution. That is the only way to obliterate such evil from our society. Nothing happens without the Will of Allaah, that is what everyone should believe in. If people believe that Taweez makes people do things against the Will of Allaah then that alone is equivalent to Shirk.

      Going to another baba/pir, will only worsen the situation. All of these so called peer/baba are viable to bankrupt you and the whole family. They do all this through Jinn, and seeking help from a Jinn instead of Allaah is nothing but Shirk.

      I would recommend you make them understand why Taweez is Haraam, show them Hadith from the Sahih Muslim and Bukhari, and the fact that a group of people wanted to embrace Islam, but the Prophet (pbuh) did not refer to one among that group of people. When they asked, the Prophet (pbuh) said, that he is not one of us, for he wears an Amulet. So when he removed the Amulet, the Prophet (pbuh) invited him too.

      Another way is to Open the Taweez and show them how there are Diagrams and Figures and text which none but the magician can understand.

      If that is not possible, then you may continue to Pray and seek refuge in Allaah, for He is the Hearer of All, and Nothing happens without His Will. Sooner or later, those who seek Taweez, they will lead to disaster, wasting all of their money on taweez and eventually regretting all of it. This is the ultimate example, IF taweez was permissible and was a Spiritual Method and something done for the sake of our Religion – Why would they bankrupt people then?? why don’t they do it for free?? Some may even do their first few Taweez for free, and then trap their clients as such.

      We pray to Allaah, to expose such Evil and to help everyone against such harm. Ameen.

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

  4. Zinat says:

    Salam Brother/Sister,

    I know most people wear Taweez around their neck or hang it on a wall but what if someone found a taweez under their mattress or bed without them knowing it, does this mean something?

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salam sister,

      Yes, it could mean it was put there by someone for a purpose. You may open it to see if there is your or your mother’s/family’s name. Even if it contains a piece of your clothes or your hair/nail, that would indicate that you are the victim of it.

      You may wish to read the article – Case: A Jinn placed Sihr inside a Pillow.

  5. parven says:

    sallam, i have a son and i live alone. i have the effects of a jinn and so does my son for a few yaers i pray salaat and this gets worse what can i do. the house is teh same what do i do ?

  6. parven says:

    i am divorced with a son aged 8.. we have been unfortunate to be inflivted by the black magic, jinns. the house has alot of noises and my sons beahviour is abnormal. i read alot of things to elimibat ethis both for my son and me i ahve patience and read salaat. things are unbearable. i read the right wazifs for this purpose and this has been going on for 6 years. i have seeked help from con people and things have just got worse. i observe pray and no w seek help…salaam,

  7. murtaza says:

    As salamu alaikum.
    sir i have a sister she got divorced after 1year of her marriged bcoz of her mother in law she dnt like my sister thats why she did balck magic on her son to leave my sister and he is loving her so much tht he said us i dnt want to leave her but my mom is saying me to do tht n her mom is all doing this 4 money bcoz if her son got married to my sister then all money will go to my sister n her son thts why she is doing black magic on everyone n even she kill her husband 4 money n the boy is indian n the gal is pakitani so i want from u tht there is something 4 her tht she can bring her handband back and we can free them frm blackmagic n many ppl told her to do balckmagic on her mother in law tht she is beliving in allah n saying one day he wll come come but we dnt knw when tht day will come but i cnt see tears in my sisters eyes everyday soo plzz say me wht we can do.
    from murtaza
    As salamu alaikum

  8. Moqeet says:

    salam brothers i think my dads restaurant has a jinn what should i do

  9. KB says:

    In our house, there is a lot of tension due to constant fighting. We are four members but we are always fighting. Today I saw a taweez in my house. It has numbers on it. What do u reckon I should do?

    • Khaqan J. says:

      The best way to get rid of a ‘taweez’ is to ask Allah(subhana wa-ta’ala) for assistance & throw it in the sea.
      Allah(subhana wa-ta’ala) knows best & may He(swt) guide us & forgive our sins.

  10. Shiefhan says:

    Salaam sir
    I see we have great knowlegde about islam and taweez here. I have a BIG problem related to taweez. a year or two ago I was a normal human being but then after reciting some quran on a taweez 2 times I got like 2 things popping up in my head like headache but very light and like needless in my head. after that I dream everynight.I feel very heavy ,eat abnormally.two things always talk to me. Alot more. Like 2 jinss invested my body. The taweez I blew wich I later investigated was indicated for stomach worms and can be found on a site :
    Look in the ”taweez gallery” and search for ”taweez for stomach worms” you’ll find it.
    Please help me. I want to reverse this taweez effect that I blew on(I recited first ”allahu samad” ,then ”bismillah allahu akbar’)
    Plzzzzz help me.

  11. Amin says:

    salam everyone.

    i just wanted to ask… if i lost a taweez somewhere will this still have an effect on me and is there a way i can stop such effects without the taweez itself.


  12. zeena says:

    Salam sir,
    aik larka mujhay bohat pasand karta tha aur us nay mujhay shadi ka bhe kaha lakin baad mai kuch misunderstandings huvi aur us nay mujhay chor dya.mai us say bohat pyar kati hun lakin wo mujhay ab itna pasand nahi karta.mujhay kese aunty nay taveez jalany k liyey diyey aik hafta aur 10 bajay jalanay thay ye k kar k wo meray paas wapis a jayey ga.lakin mujhay lagta hay k un taveez ka asar ghalat ho gya shahid un ko mujh say nafrat ho gai hai.please mere help karain.mai ab kya karun k wo theek ho jain aur mujh sai pyar karain.please help me out.mai nai chati k un ko mujh sai nafrat ho.koi qurani ayat batain k woh theek ho jain

  13. umm adam says:

    As salaamu alaykum.

    I have several taweez since i was young and when i became practising, i realised that it was wrong… however, i still have those old taweez, what should i do? please help.
    I told my mum i will not wear it any more, but she insists that i do, so therefore, she hangs it in my room as she says its for my own protection but i have no taken them off.
    please tell me how to get rid of it safely. can i burn it in my own home?

    • umm adam says:

      have now taken them off**

      umm adam:
      As salaamu alaykum.

      I have several taweez since i was young and wheni became practising, i realised that it was wrong… however, i still have those old taweez, what should i do? please help.
      I told my mum i will not wear it any more, but she insists that i do, so therefore, she hangs it in my room as she says its for my own protection but i have no taken them off.
      please tell me how to get rid of it safely. can i burn it in my own home?

  14. Nahid Siddiqui says:

    Asalamu-Alaikum.. Brother please help me.. me and my family used to believe in taweez and just recently our faith in the taweez has gone, so i dont have any sort of knowledge in disposing of taweez but my mum said to bury it in the front yard.. i have crently 3more left thats not burried should i just pick out the taweez from where i buried it and burn it? is there any surah’s i need to read before picking it out from where i burried it and is their any specific times.. Salamu alaikum and ramadhan kareem

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salam brother!

      I’m glad to hear your concern. Its good that you have stopped believing in Amulets brother. Remember brother, Amulets have an affect as long as its in one piece. You have to destroy it, either dissolve the ink in water and pour it far away some where OR you may even burn it, but Mind you brother, do recite Ayatulkursi when doing this, and make sure you are clean and have a strong faith. Some jinn are known to possess those who try to report Amulets.

      • hero1lko says:

        Assalamualaekum brother Ali
        I want to ask that does all the Amulets are prohibited?
        Because according to my knowledge the amulets which contains the “Naqsh” or “Naqshe” of Chapters of the Glorious Qur’an, are allowed, I was confirmed by Ullema they told me that there are other Amulets also, which are used as a cryptographic codes for helping a jinn to trace someone which are burried in the victim’s home, and they represent “Kufr” and “Shirk”, those Sahirs pacts with the jinns and the Shayateens,to gain power and some materialistic desires, So my advice to u is that, brother you should also confirm from some Ullema about the Amulets, and then decide according to content written on it whether the Amulet is hazardous or not.
        And ALLAH knows the Best!

  15. anny says:

    slaam i hve lost my taweez sumwhere is still dat taweez effect me??

  16. pari says:

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    I want to ask that how I should get rid of taweez??which “AYAT ” OR “SURAH” I have to read to finish taweez.

    Waiting for the prompt reply

  17. suliman says:

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    we recently had an experience with a family member who was overtaken by the unseen. We were then told by a ruqya about taveeses. my father had many throughout the year because it seemed someone had done something to his eyes and had become 90% blind. My father prays 5 times a day and very devoted. As he’s from Pakistan, a man who called himself a peer had known him for a number of years 30 years and prescribed many taveeses over that period to help his eyes or at least minimise its affects.

    I am his son and love my father dearly, he has a loving and honest heart, when the ruquya advised us this is wrong my father realised what he thought was verses from the quran were indeed numbered boxes etc,, My father was very disappointed but knew this was wrong and was told to burn any or all that were at the house.

    when we got home, we burnt all of them in the garden.

    the question is, we did not recite anything.

    We simply poured flammable fluid during daylight and set them alight.

    is this sufficient or should we have recited aytul kursi, i guess we were so upset we simply burnt them.

    Now, if this was not correct is there anything we can do?

    The ashes are still in a bowl in the garden. should i do anything else with them?

    have we done wrong?

    please advise.

    Kind Regards

  18. abhiram says:

    I was in hyderabad station and suddenly a pakeer/baba came to me and asked for money. I took out 1 rupee coin. He prayed something and gave me a taweez..I was not at all interested in that. He asked me my name, where i live. what do i do. He said that i am giving dhua to you. dont throw taweez. You will get good lick soon. I am saying it because I can see your naseeb. when you get a job give dinner to a baba.. I am really afraid. but could not escape the situation. is that taweez good. if not how to destroy it.?

  19. Shehla says:

    A friend of mine has had some Taweez / Jadoo done on him by his wife because she wanted him to get closer to her. Now he dosen’t listen to anyone else and only does what she wants. She may have blown it in his food or drink. He has completely changed. He is in a different country now but how is it possible to destroy the effects of the Taweez if he is not near me?

  20. YasmIn says:

    Salaam I believe my family have had taveez/ blackmagic done on us my husband is always ill and in pain, he wont work or even think about his kids or wife there’s no rizq in Our house at all my kids studys keep stopping if I apply for work nothin happens each time my husband talks to his bhabis or his best friend in Pakistan he starts to argue with me like his anger is so bad my kids keep arguing with each other, my daughter got a rishta from my bhabis sisters house for their son my daughter has gone mad and says she wants to marry him I can’t let this happen I am at my wits end dont know what to do who to talk to, I read all my salah and do various tasbeehs and read various surahs too, please help

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