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Question, Feeling of having Good Jinn Around


Sir, I’d like to know when good jinns posses a person they like to have sweets/food that are from milk and sugar and thats what give them energy (like we eat when we r hungry) is it true?

Can i talk to the jinns which i posses. I have 7 female jinns(good jinns who work only to please allah) i was given them by a very wellwishing uncle .He never charged me any money rather evrytime i went to house he always use to treat me unbelivable well just to protect me from the bad and the ones that want to harm me. They usually fight with the bad jinns and they stay close when i obey Allah (like praying 5 times a day). According to my uncle. I also discoverd when i have sweets and pray salah regularly they guide me to good things. What i also discoved that when i stay for abstinence for a long time; after 2 weeks i have wet dream. what i discovered that sexual please is greatest pleasure that they want. i have I really love them.

Now r my discoveries true?
I’d like to see them in front and talk to them. I really love them. Is it possible I heard that female jinns are very beautiful?

Can i talk to any of them by any means?

Sir i ‘ll b waiting for ur reply.


Assalaamu Alaikum,
Brother, to your query: “Sir, I’d like to know when good jinns posses a person they like to have sweets/food that are from milk and sugar and thats what give them energy (like we eat when we r hungry) is it true?”

Yes, Jinn have a taste for things. The famous scholar of hadith, al-Amaash said,
“A jinn appeared among us. I said to him, ‘What is your favorite food?’ He said, ‘Rice.’ We brought some to him and ….”

Other than this, Zar-Circles, a type of ritual to cure possessed people. It is a method in which women sing a song demanded by the very jinn possessing the patient. The Zar-circle women also slaughter animals and other tasks as the Jinn wishes. Once the Jinn is pleased, he leaves the body. Different jinn have different demands, proving what you are asking. The jinn that dwell with you might be fond of Chocolates (i-e if You are not fond of them in the first place).

You say that you do not/cannot talk to them, yet you seem to know more than enough. I’m sorry but, how do you know they are good jinn and they fight bad jinn?
“I also discoverd when i have sweets and pray salah regularly they guide me to good things.”
Brother, what do you mean by good things here?

About wetdreams, brother we cannot be sure it is because of the Jinn you have with you. We are only Human and that would naturally happen to others if they abstain.
“I’d like to see them in front and talk to them. I really love them.”
“Can I talk to any of them by any means?”

But brother, once again, you are asking on how you can to talk to them, but you seem to know a lot more. I’m sorry but it looks like a trap to me. I hope I don’t offend you with this but same happenings have happened to people in the past. They are driven by Demons in a way that they appear good Muslims in the start, and later on after taking the victim’s trust, they demand polytheistic acts and doing wrong things. Only Allah knows best brother. Could you elaborate a little more? Probably then I can refer something to your interest.

And about the appearance of Jinn brother, they can appear in any form; from very beautiful to very ugly.


in regards to your question –
“how do you know they are good jinn and they fight bad jinn?”

First i want to briefly describe my family background and my past life

I’m the only son of my family. My father has no brothers but has two sisters. i also have two sisters. I was out of study from the age of 13 to 18. And i suffered a lot i had ultiple suicide attempts I time was really bad for me and it was getting worse day after day. maybe “Deadly effect of the evil eye which was done to me” I didnt feel like living in this world anymore. All credits to allah that i didt get habituated in smoking or drink or committing jina.

A lot of unual things were discovered in my house which indiacted that they were done to me only. a tied rope was found in the kitchen. My parents took them to the hujurs then they burnt it and saidit was done to me (found when i was 19). They told me that i was frequantly under attack b close relatives who want to harm me. until i met my Uncle who is a born rich person and never demand anything from me for any material gains. He was my counceelor from then after. As far as i remember i was asked to do something may drink some ayat of the Quran soaked in a glass of water. i was told that bad jinns have possesed me it would take 40 days for it to leave from my body. After that I finished my high school after being an adult i did not study a single bit from my child hood 13 .Now i’m an associate diploma engineer age 23yrs.

our house continued to be discovered with harmfull things. under the bed of my younger sister a round fruit with the appearance of a halloween pumpkin . what i found that evrything i was doing was becoming bad and days again started to get worse. then after i went to the mosque and asked the Imam about it. the imam came to my house and took it away. he said he destroyed it .After that everything again became normal.

So as u can understand by the incredible recovery which i could make with the help of Allah. So I think the jiinns which posses me are good . I’ve been told by my uncle that they pray 5 times a day and would stay with me until I die. Each of them has different responsibilties that have been given to them. My uncle asked my to choose like 7 shells (that are found in the beaches) and drink the water with them in a glass . And since then i’ve been possesing them. I’ve been told that if i pray a lot with nafal namaz and do zikir i can see them . one night i tried and i could hear sound over the roof bu8t could see them.

The reason behind i find my uncle authentic is that he asked me to recite surah naas more during my prayers.
As Surah naas falaq and ayatul qursi are the ones that should be read during these situations. from the cure that uve mentioned in your cures.

In regards to
“I’m sorry but it looks like a trap to me.”

Sir Can u please tell me what does that mean. Is it that i’m now confined or something.
Sir Allah knows best but can u please to a morakabah and and try to know more about me. As u are very close to Allah. I was Born in Bangladesh. I now live in Canada. my birth day is 1st may u also know my age by now.

Sir I also have a another quistion i heard that jinns appearing in human polated areas are haram for the jinns but recently i saw a jinn reciting Quran and praying in the mosque. the link is this
Since the jinn appear can i make the jinns who have possesed me appear in the form they really look Yes i believe they have been given the poer to change into any form I want to see them just as they look like naturally as Almighty Allah has created . i heard that they have twisted legs.

Sir thanks for a very prompt answer to my first question.
I’ll be waiting for ur reply


Alhamdullilah, I’m glad that you recovered. Finding of weird things at home are a sign of evil-jinn. Someone must have bewitched you or someone from your family, or may be the house. I’m glad that everything is fine now. Brother, you would know your uncle more than I do. From what you say, he seems to be a devoted person. Yet there are a few things which matter here.

First of all,
“i was asked to do something may drink some ayat of the Quran soaked in a glass of water.”
If you are still taking this, then I would recommend you to confirm if they really are Quran Verses. The only difference in Bewitching someone and Curing is that, some might use words of polytheism in Arabic and make it look like Quran Verses. What I fear is that, when such recommendations are used by patients they have to do it for many days. But, if you were asked to do this ONCE, then it could imply that it was something that put you under the influence of Jinn and that it might have Magic involved. Again, if you are sure they were/are Quran Verses then there is NO harm.

Another question is,
“i was told that bad jinns have possesed me it would take 40 days for it to leave from my body.”
Brother, were you told to stay away from water for 40 days? Like staying away from cleaning yourself?

About the statement I wrote that it looks like a trap, I mentioned that because, many people in the past have been driven away from religion in such ways. They are told by Jinn to do good things and then get friendly, and soon they start to help the person in worldly gains. When the person gets addicted to all this, the jinn then have an upper hand and ask the person to do bad things, in return for which they help the person further in life.

“And verily, there were men among mankind who took shelter with the masculine among the jinns, but they (jinns) increased them (mankind) in sin and disbelief.” (Surah al-Jinn: 06)

That is what I sensed before when I said that it looks like a trap to me. I do not mean to point at you since I’m not truly aware of the whole situation here. Yet, I would suggest you be careful. They might be good jinn and it is very nice to hear that your uncle suggests you to recite Surah Falaq and Surah Nas in your prayers. There is nothing wrong with it, just remember to be careful not to do something that possibly seems Shirk to you.

“i heard that jinns appearing in human polated areas are haram for the jinns”
No brother, it is not Haraam for jinn to appear in populated areas. The reason why they live away from populated areas is that, they do not want their children harmed in any way. It is one of the causes of possession, the Jinn claims that he possessed the victim because he stepped on my child and hurt him etc. When the fact that we cannot see them still they get harmed. So that is the reason why they live away from populated areas. Rest is up to them, if they think they can take care of themselves then they can live with humans.

About the appearance of Jinn brother, you can never see their true form. Their true form lies in another dimension. So basically we can never see their true appearance. Whenever they wish to appear in this world, they have to take on a 3d form and it is impossible for them to show their true form in 3-dimensions. Twisted legs and all such sayings depends on the jinn itself, if he wishes to appear in a way to scare people then he would do such things. However, I personally never found any authenticity in such stories. They are mostly imaginations and tales made up by people themselves.

Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

36 Responses to “Question, Feeling of having Good Jinn Around”

  1. muslimmah says:


    I would just like to know whether good jinns can appear as a human form? or is there any other kind out there that are similiar to jinns and appear as a human form. The reason i say this is because i think i have met a person, where a i felt his presence was very strong and very hypnotising. This person always knew what i felt inside accurately and what i was thinking. There were nights where i would do zikr and i would recieve a text message that would quote what i was thinking or saying. I met this person when i was a very practising muslim. When i use to pray 5 times a day. Sometimes i feel like i was being tested from Allah swt. Please could you kindly tell me is there anything out there that comes as a human form to test people?…

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam,

      Well, first of all there are two sides to such stories. I will only give you the descriptions and you may simply imply accordingly. Since I am not aware of the person you speak of, but it could mean two things. First of all let me answer your other question of “is there any other kind out there that are similar to jinn” well for now we know that there are Jinn, Mankind and angels only, and that all three appear/can appear in the form of Human; and Good jinn may appear to some, yes. Depending on the jinn itself and his reasons for doing so, but it is rare. If jinn are good they mostly appear to great scholars who might be of some help to them in teaching them Islam.

      About the person who knows what you are thinking. I have personally never witnessed anyone that has such abilities God gifted. But there can be a chance of any of the following;

      One might be that he gets to know what you are thinking through your Qareen.

      Secondly, he/she would merely be guessing your thoughts, and since they go to your subconscious mind, the next time it happens in real, that is when it reminds you and makes you feel that whatever he/she says is real.

      Another chance, which is rare/large – depending on the person on how much you know him/her – is that If he/she is always 100% correct at all times, and that he/she really is God gifted. Since I have personally witnessed a lot of people such as you describe and I always find that they do so with the assistance of Jinn. But honestly, if the person is close to Allah then it could be that he/she is Blessed.

      Also a chance that it is an Angel, which could be a test from Allah.

      Please keep your questions coming.

    • vdawn says:

      I had a very similar experience. Although I am an impath and since it all. God kept pulling me from this person. Once I saw him his true form in this dim lighting. I thought he was an angel but then realized how evil and tricky he was. God constantly brought me back to memories of conversations and actions but I believe he used his eyes to hypnotise me. I since and knew all ifit was wrong but kept telling myself I was crazy. One thing I picked up on they have crazy hazeley eyes, luke candy and food in general, they like to make up little tests to see how you pass, they are a translucent blue color and don’t like close up pictures of them taken, they will show you music they is usually some kind of hyptnosise affect I believe. Don’t feel crazy God helped me have clarity over all of this. Just pray and ask him for answers he will give them.

  2. muslimmah says:

    sakaam again,
    Thankyou for your answer, well This person is no longer in contact but i was always tested everyday by this individual. He also stated once that he was an angel but laughed it off. I always had this presence around me, which was quite strange, AT the time i felt like i had a very strong connection with Allah swt. I would always do zikr, and always speak to Allah swt and open up to Allah swt, it was at the time i felt Allah swt was my only strength to live. There was always a time where he would say he;s not allowed to keep in contact because he was restricted but never tell me what it was. He was higlhy intelligent and higly knowledgable in islam. Also, this person did not have any emotions at all, such as laughter, or even a smile. After his disappearance i just had this sudden feeling that it was a test. I use to ask Allah swt to give me answers about this individual but i would get nightmares. I also thought this person is probably in touch with a jinn thats why he knows quite alot about me. I am still struggling today to know what it was but i have never felt such a weird presence around me. It was like a person that you can never trust but you still unconsciously trusted this person. Could you pleas kind tell me whether it was possible that he could have been a jinn, Angel or demon? which category does this person fit in…

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam,

      Well, it is still not obvious if he was a good or a bad person. In fact, the most common magic/amulets today are Love charms/amulets. It takes mere a Photo or anything that has a trace of the victims body, and the magician can build up a charm that will make the victim fall in desperate love for the other. I realize that most of the appearances of people are fake these days but the person you mention could have been either a good person or a person who did all this with the help of jinn.

      I feel, If you pray to Allah for guidance and you get nightmares and now that the person is not in contact anymore, could mean that he was dangerous. A jinn once took the form of a great scholar and reported a message to the Khalifa of that time that was a lie but was something in favor of that scholar, and the people then believed that it was an angel but the scholar himself never agreed to it, he said it might have been a jinn rather than an angel since angels never lie and jinn do. So if he would joke around then it might be rare that he was an angel.

      Right now, I would still require more information about the person to claim if he is a jinn/angel. He could be mere Human with natural attraction. Knowing his origin and day to day workouts could give you a better idea of his personality; but if he is gone after you asked Allah for guidance then it could be that he really was a bad person which Allah did not want for you.

      and Allaah knows Best.

      Please keep your questions coming.

    • kitty says:

      I know exactly what you mean..

  3. taki says:

    Assalamu Alaikum, after recently watching a video about jinns i have found i have a certain curiosity about them. I wanted to know if something is true, i read off a islamic website that there is a jinn appointed to every person, is this true? Also i wanted to know how you can tell if jinns are around you or in your house. I have been researching on different websites and i have not yet found my answer, i find it very weird and often i feel its very unreal -not to say i dont believe in it- just that it is a bit surreal. I would like to know more about jinns and black magic do you think you could tell me more about this? Not that i would ever want to do black magic just im very interested in how it all works. Also i would like to know about love charms and spells that you were talking about before, im a religous muslim but i dont really know much about jinns and such so after hearing a lot more about it from my sister i wanted to know more, my sister doesnt know that much so i was wondering if you do? If you could reply Asap. it would be great. Thanks.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa alaikum as salaam,

      Please do not hesitate to ask any question that you might have.

      If you are not aware – There is a button – Contents Page on top of this web-page. Link here:
      You can find already written articles there. I have yet to update it with a few new articles. However, you can find articles relevant to what you are looking for right now.

      About the Jinn-Companion, it is called Qareen. I have 5-6 articles written on that. You may wish to start reading about them here: What is Qareen [Jinn-Companion]

      If you have further questions, you may ask in the – Ask me questions Page – Button located on the Top navigation bar.

      Wa huwa ala kulli shay’in Qadeer.

  4. Usman Ahmed says:

    Assalamu Alaikum, and hope you are in good health and in best blessing from ALLAH. I am a 32 year old man in seek of knowledge and idea of knowing Jinn more and more. And also if possible can you tell me how can i contact Jinn.
    My questions are, that if we want to contact with Jinn, is it possible. Also i have heard many people saying that by contacting them, they will try to scare you or hurt you. If there are Muslims among Jinn, why they will hurt other Human Muslim being who just want to know about their life and them. Either Non Muslim Jinn will try to scare a Human who wants to contact them or other Non Muslim Jinn will also do that. My curiosity about this Creation of ALLAH is from long time, but i did not tried it, I want to contact them, but i am not sure, whether I am a person to do so or not. My contact is purely based on knowledge about their life, how they live, how they feed, what they like, what they dnt like, just like any other human being’s likes and dislikes. Hope that i dnt offend any human being here or any Jinn (might be reading my text by now). My questions and curiosity is totally based on knowledge and in making a good friendly debate with Jinn.


    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salam sir,

      JazakAllah for the blessings. Sir basically, the way to contact jinn require rituals where you offer something to the jinn. If the Jinn is pleased and he accepts the ceremony that you offer for him, then he comes in contact and asks you what you wish for in return for all that you have done.

      There are people who deal with Jinn, but they require polytheism. Doing so, calls upon the demons or the Evil-jinn. You are not allowed to know the language in which you recite the ritual and it may contain a lot of polytheism to the chief of demons. The jinn that appear at first, would reflect that they are Muslims but sooner or later they deviate you from the true path. This has been confirm throughout the history and even today!

      People who are caught up in praying to Graves are all due to Jinn. Lack of understanding of Jinn. Jinn may appear in the form of that dead person, which these people followed, and the people are tricked and deviated further. Which again serves the cause of Satan.What I mean to say is that, there are people who invites people to this field, and then people are simply caught in a dilemma. So its best not to mix up with such people in hope that someday we may talk to a jinn. But instead increase in our sins.

      Overall, there are ways to contact jinn but they are wrong, and haraam according to Shari’ah. The saudi government was asked if doctors are allowed to contact Qareen (Jinn companion) of the patients, in order to find out the cause of the illness, but when the government went through the process in which they contact this Qareen, they denied it and said it is NOT to be practiced!

      Another issue is that, if we look at interviews of Exorcists, which seem to have had the most of conversations with Jinn. All of them vary! Every jinn has a different story to tell about their world. Hence scholars are at a point where they suggest never to trust a Jinn. For most of them tell Lies and you can never be sure which statement to believe in.

      and Allaah knows Best.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Still if you wish to contact a jinn and speak to him, your best chance is to go to an Exorcism. Seek an appointment with a legitimate Raqi (Exorcist). You will find Jinn who are Forced by the witch to possess, hurt their victims. In fact, the jinn themselves are often good but are forced to follow or be punished by the Chief of their Tribe (who apparently would work for their leader – Satan). They admit their sins and speak sincerely out of fear. If you have short questions, you may ask them there, right before he is set free.

  5. hi says:


    I just wanted to know if a jiin was capable of changing a persones physical appearences too….i heard that they can shape shift but i was wondering if a jiin can make whoever awakens them (with rituals ect..) into another animal,persone ect.
    like on tv for example they show witches (who most likly use jiins) they show them changing people into frogs as a punishment or the witch hersefl changing into a gorgeous young women….so i was wondering if a jiin or a persone who uses jiins can shape shift u into annything/annyone you or they want. plz answer as soon as u can. its kind of important lol.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Wa alaikum as salam brother,

      Jinn can manifest in Different form. But they can Hallucinate a persons mind too!

      They cannot change the physical appearance of a person, but they can hallucinate your mind and make a person look different in YOUR vision and mind. About witches turning people into frogs and monkey, No. Jinn cannot transform living people into different beings. It is mere hallucination if it, by any chance, has occurred.

      I hope I’ve answered your questions, please keep your questions coming.

  6. Faheemah says:


    I’m a 14 year old girl and i think i use to see Jinns when i was younger, id sleep with my parents but will always see faint things and i think that one of them once touched my hair, i was never hurt by them but still think they are there because my lamp comes on in the middle of the night when no one onns it, how do you tell which Jinns are nice and which are evil and why could i see them when i was little but no see them now?

  7. abdul says:

    i am a 14 year old boy i always had a opp-session with these jinns but i always wanted to meet one but every time i think of it i think i wont get a good jinn but a bad one.
    i try to get it out of my mind but it is hard and i think it is my house i can feel them around but i can never see them or any signs that they are there
    another question is when people are are about to be possessed they are shaking violently why is this
    and i have a friend his grandmother is possessed and he wants to know why they possesses her because she is around 80 and she runs around the house scream.
    is it true that black cats are jinns because i have a black cat which came to my house and will never go the other day i don’t know how it came inside the house it came to my room and slept is that OK?

    please reply fast
    Allahu Akbar

    • Hamza says:

      Jinns can come in the form of black cats, everytime I go to the mosque to pray, I see a black cat after I have read my salaah outisde as if the cat was a jinn who attended salaah aswell. Black dogs are evil jinns as well as black crows.

    • Abdel Zaoui says:

      You should make play some Quran in your house then try to them and. Tell want to be their brother in Islam

  8. ARE you mad bro?? loving jinns?? :/

  9. aisha.sweden says:

    salaam. how can isee djinn?

    • Shaheed Djall says:

      salaam, fastest way is to go to sleep and look for them,until one day you find them inshallah. Make no deals with them. Do not obsess with them. Do not miss prayer, never pray to them. When you see them remember Allah, they do not look like us.

  10. Rukaiya says:

    Assalam alaikum the first persons question about good jinns i would like to explain to you one thing that either good or bad jinns are not allowed in any human body as they can cause harm because they are made of smokeless fire if the jinn want to help you its upto them but we only ask allah for help no one else good jinn is not allowed in the body as the bad jinn jinns can hurt you well watever i have learnt from my experience i am telling you all brothers and sisters

  11. Rukaiya says:

    My dear young brother you wouldnt want to see a jinn because most of them come in scary forms where u may grt scared only magicians see jinns who do evil

  12. madiha says:

    Salam, I just wanted to ask, is it a certainty that jinns are able to possess humans? If so, can they possess religious people who are close to Allah? As I have heard it is untrue and jinns are not more superior than humans therefore they cannot possses humans. Jazakallah 🙂

    • Shaheed Djall says:

      salam jinn can possess humans, especially those who are weak in faith. Jinn are not superior to humans, but shaytan makes it seem his power surpasses that of Allah and it never will. but they are suppose to serve us but thats a tricky game for djinn are likely to cause mischief

  13. Aaliya says:

    As salamualaikum

    Hope you are doing good! 🙂

    I would like know if we humans can talk to good Jinns, just to be friends with them, and leave food for them! (Just curious to know them) 😀

    And even, can they reveal what is in the hearts of others or the people around me, as I always feel insecure and surrounded by envious people, who can’t see me happy at all, be it my own family members or friends, or is it just my negative thinking, though I can see it the way my closed ones behave with me! There are people who wanna destroy me completely, I’m living with this fear which I wanna get rid of! Be it my own parents, as my mom dad are not in good trems with me! 🙁

  14. blue says:

    Salaam sister’s and brothers, i have a question regarding my elder sister, my sister is the most evilest person i have ever met, she is constantly coursing troubles in the family, she is always cursing everyone in the family, i swear to God who ever she curses that person’s life is turned upside down(im a victim so i know), whenever something bad happens to anyone she will sit there laughing and say this is what i wanted, whenever any family member confronts here in a argument she will say very confidently don’t mess with me, she always gets what she want(always bad for others), some imam said that she has a old soul or a jinn helping her, she herself has told us that when she gets angry she goes home and screams loudly that whatever there is with me go and destroy this person, please i need to know is that true that she could have something there with her? she isn’t possessed or anything but like just there with her, and how can we get rid of that thing without her knowing

    • Shaheed Djall says:

      you must find an excorcist and tie her up, throw holy water on her, recite quran,40 days, make du’a in between in shallah she’ll be better before 40 days. Faith is greatest combat vs. jinn

  15. Shaheed Djall says:

    asalam alikum brothers, it is not haraam to call upon jinn, it is haraam to worship them. The jinn I have seen were not beautiful, but Allah(swt)created them to serve us. They have free will to do so or do opposite so be careful for Shaytan is the father of them and most deceitful and it spreads. Remember Allah and remember nothing happens or will happen without his willing. People use them trying to cut corners but if you are truly faithful and on the right path what you need a jinn for. The one with you only gone encourage you to do bad stuff. Remember Allah, never pray to a Djinn or a statue, never do evil for them, that is shirk and is not pleasing to Allah. salamalakum

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