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First Condition of the Patient during Ruqya

The patient goes through epileptic seizures, and the Jinn that has been appointed to the task of Sihr speaks through the patient. This is when you should deal with the Jinn. You should ask the jinn several questions. Remember, if the jinn denies answering the unnecessary questions then do not force him and proceed further.

  • What is your name?
  • What is your religion?
  • Why have you possessed the victim?

If he does not respond to the first two questions then you can come to the third question and ask him why he has possessed the patient. But first, if he mentions his religion Islam, then you should teach him the rulings of Islam and that a Muslims should not bother another Muslim and that it is Sinful. However if he is not a Muslim then invite him to Islam.

After you confirm whether he is a Muslim or not, you may then ask why the jinn has possessed the person. It might be for several reasons, mainly:

  • Jinn in love with the patient
  • Jinn working for a Witch

If the jinn says that he is in love with the patient, you should convince him. This is done depending upon the second question about religion. If Jinn is a Muslim, you can tell him that it is sinful to harm other Muslims, or anyone. If he is not a Muslim then you might have to be strict and tell him that you will burn him with the words of Quran. Keep in mind that, recitation of the Quran burns the evil-jinn. So incase the jinn does not agree on leaving, you may want to recite/repeat the Ruqya.

Now if the jinn works for a Witch, you would then require asking him where the Charm (Key/Amulet/Taweez) is buried/hidden. Always remember to confirm where it is buried before you let the jinn go since these jinn tell many lies. So it is better to confirm if the charm is found, and once found it should be destroyed in the following way.

Take some water in a bowl and recite the following verses in a way that the air from your mouth touches the surface of the water.

  • Surah al-Baqara: 102
  • Surah al-A’raaf: 117 – 122
  • Surah Yoonus: 81 – 82
  • Surah Taa-haa: 69

Now take the charm, let it be Ink, paper, perfume, and dissolve it in the water on which you recited the Verses above. Then spill that water at a distant location. Once the charm is removed, you should convince the jinn never to come back to the patient again.

If the Magic has been done through traces of hair/nails, then recite the above verses over water and tell the patient to drink from it and wash himself with it. It is fine to pour this water into more water to take a bath with.

If the Magic has been done through food/drink then the patient should feel pain in his stomach, in that case you do the same as above. If the pain continues, it is best to take some Senna leaves and bowl them in water. Recite the above verses and drink from it. It is the best laxative and it has no side effects. Used in all laxative medicines. You can add honey to sweeten it if the taste is bitter.

After the jinn is gone, tell the patient to listen to Ayat-ul-kursi three times every day for a month at least. It is required to check on the patient after a month and to recite the Ruqya to him just to make sure that the Jinn has left. If the patient does not feel uneasy and does not become epileptic then All praise is for Allah. If not then repeat the above.

And Allah is the Hearer of All.

140 Responses to “First Condition of the Patient during Ruqya”

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    • fatima sheraz says:

      i went to somone they gave me milk to drink with ruqaya read on it,but they found out the jinns that were in me.i lost my job.then i went to abo mohammed he took 4 jinns out of listenig to the ruqaya,which he gave me.but a day before the fasting started she came infront of me.i was feeling sick and it felt like my whole body foze.the jinns been in my body 4or 10 2 sisters her husband and a far relative.they wii keep on doing it on me.can u please give me a contact number who i can see in bradford please im 34 and want to get married.they dont want me to get married please help me

    • unnonamous says:

      sister this has happend to my family to my brothers sisters we have this blackmagician that is constantly attackig my family also i went through the whole phase of seeing differemt sheikhs and ect. also i have gotton milk to but all this has resorted to my money being wasted here is this number of a raqi which will help you inshallah they have a website its called if you want to read it all then you can ,these raqis that claim they help they dont when in reality they just take your money and then leave, people like abu muhammad and all these people charging so much money yet would come once do a bit of treatment and go only to realise they can not be found for months on end this raqi basically uses a different technique rather than placing his hand on the head he places it below the kneck which makes it hard for the jinn not to talk in turn the jinn is forced to talk he has studied in syria and has picked up this technique which known raqis and so called sheikhs do not even know of because they have not studied widely enough about the jinn there are other ways of doing ruqiya, some times there are cases were sumone comes to do ruqiya but the jinn dosent seem to react and so inturn they would say take this person to hospital because they end up thinking its a medical problem however if these people studied enuf they would have found out that jinns are very stubborn it is there job to decive and the ruqiya is sometimes not done properly so it fools the people into thinking the person has a medical problem sometimes you need different ways of doing ruqiya well this is the number yasin tawheeds number 07946272133 insha allah you get help and also please cheack this website out Interview with Exorcist Muhammad Al-Funaytil you would benefit insha allah may allah destroy the mischeif makers and cut of there evil desighns ameen and give you shifa ameen
      may allah increase your knowledge

      • Allahisthehealer says:

        I have contacted Yasin Tawheed of hijama clinic. He gave me an appointment to see him but he has not kept his promise. He didnt even inform me before cancelling the appointment.

        • shila says:

          i also contacted hijama clinic, hes a waste of time!, he could not even make the jinn talk, all he did was play some ruqya on his phone i could do that myself. not once did he recite just let the ruqya on his phone on

          • aiysha says:

            yes i also went to him.. total waste of time and resources. completeley cluelss raqi. Plays quran on the phone which i can do at home. Talks alot of rubbish ontop which doesnt help. Personally the worst raqi I have been to. trust me I’ve been to alot. Makes alot of claims but unfortunately doesnt live up to them..

          • Arooj says:

            Salaam there is a raqi in derby if you can’t come to him he can. His name is brother zied his number is. 07852752066. He is mashaallah a very humbled brother. A very good raqi.

    • maryam says:

      Asc I am practicing muslim who is closer to Allah, but years ago I visited a magician cos I was having problems with my husband and I wanted him to be better. The magician gave me his talisman/taweez that he had around his arm and told me he never gives it to anyone. he told me to put it in my husband suitcase,and remove it and return it back to the magician.Could anyone tell me, What did he meant by this.

      • muslimah says:

        How could a practicing person closer to god go to magician. If you belive that magic can solve your problem you commited a major sin you have to repent and ask allah to solve your problem and know what is causing the problem. And know that magic can make things worse as its done by jinns and those jinnes forced to work for the magician becuase they are forced they can make things other way round i.e your husband might start hating you and it it could be difficult to remove the magic.
        May allah reward all
        Wasalamu alaikum

    • mohammed says:

      i had many people around me talking about jin and balckmajic, so i went and heard ruqya on youtube and after 1 hour i started getting a fever, i’m really scared and dont know what to do, in the last year i have been very lazy to go pray and rarely pray now, i never thought that i would be possesed by jinn or have sihr done on me, when i was listening to ruqya my back started hurting me and i felt a wierd felling in my chest, my ears started feeling hot and as i mentioned i started getting a minor fever. can anyone explain to me if these are sign of sihr or jinn…

  2. Bashir says:

    Assalamu alaikum brother my wife suffer from jinn possesion way b4 i married her,but after our marriage during her delivery 3 more jinn possess and torment her because she is praying to allah we seek help from every ware including with a lady who claim she is working with a muslim jinn untill now that i have performed ruqya on her and those 3 jinns are out of her body now but they left on her some kind of injury that worries her every day what can i do about it? And the remaining 3 muslim jinn that claim they love her can i ask them to go away too or i should let them stay.thanks

  3. Bashir says:

    Assalamu alaikum brother God is great, the 3 muslim jinns that possess my wife have vacated, but now some one send some jinns last week to seperate me from my wife, i performed ruqya on her several time casting the jinns away but they keep on comming what can i do? And one of the jinns told me he put amulet in my room but every time if i ask them about it they keep talling me that they cant find it.i need your opinion here thanks.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      wa’alaikum as salaam brother Bashir!

      Masha’Allaah brother, May Allaah bless you. Brother, did you do the ruqya by yourself or by a Raqi? I would still recommend if you can find a Legit Raqi, he would know what is best. However, the procedure is still the same.

      You have to take all the Jinn away and convince them or make them promise never to come back, and if they do you will burn them with recitation of the Quran. You may say that. However, it is never recommended for a person who is Lawful to marry the other, to perform a Ruqya. But in any case, you may wish to recite the Generic Ruqya:

      1 – Surah Fatiha
      2 – Ayat-ul-kursi (verse 255: Surah Baqara)
      3 – Last three Surahs

      Over water, in a way that the air from your mouth touches the water. She may then drink from that water, and may also add that water into more water to bath with.

      Remembarance of Allaah is the key brother,
      If the Jinn still comes, then it will require an exorcism where you must ask if the jinn has come through a TAWEEZ, put by a Magician, or whatever the reason may be. So that way you can find out where the Taweez is hidden, by asking the Jinn. Once the Taweez is destroyed, everything will come back to normal again, Insha’Allaah.

  4. sara says:

    Asalmu Alaikum,

    My daughter is 13 yrs old and she is suffering from jinn possession. At first we thought she had a medical problem and we did multiple tests and quite honestly they have no idea whats wrong. She stays in the bathroom all day and I constantly have to force her out. She says there are people in the mirror in the bathroom.She is constantly whispering to someone who is not there. I asked her if she hears anyone she says yes and they tell her not to pray or read quran and to do haram things. I went to a raqi who told me that we should do ruqya at home. She gets very adjetated when I read to her surat a Bakara she says things like ,’they dont like surat al Bakara’. I can tell that recitation of Quran affects her however I have been doing this for weeks and they(the jinn) have not left.Once when I was reading surat al Bakara she said ,” stop stop they’ll leave tomorrow you’ll see”. What can I do if the jinn is stubborn.

    • Soul says:

      Hi as you said “She says there are people in the mirror in the bathroom.She is constantly whispering to someone who is not there. I asked her if she hears anyone she says yes and they tell her not to pray or read quran and to do haram things.”
      First thing you have to do bring that mirror from bathroom. Then clean your house with Holy water. Bring holy water from 7 different mosques. Also make sure no one fight in your house for 30 days. Pls dont mind you have to make your daughter Muslim again mean she have read Kalma. Then cut her hair 1 inch. Read last three surah of Quran. If you cant read pls get cd play it. If still dont work you need take her to UmRah.

      • Amma says:

        This is all kufr and bid’ah (cutting hair and all) and the jinn will not leave. Maybe a magician giving these instructions.
        Is best to read verses of Quran recommended in other posts above and give her to drink and make sure no pictures in your house and she must wear hijab when going out. She should try to aways be in wudhu and always do adhkar.
        Pls follow the sunna rules before jinn make you go astray.
        Allaahu a’alam

        • Abd-Allah says:

          salam wr wb
          what the person said in this post is true and what person said above ie cutting nail and hair one inch etc is bidah and every innovation leads to healfire so how can jin go away while people fall in bidah .QURAN IS ENOUGH AND REMEMBER ALLAH SAYS THE PLOT OF SHYTAN IS cms she doesnt pray in time,wuzu hijab and daily dhikr are imp part of life of muslim even if she cant pray (as there are some days when women adult cant pray) tell her to read the daily adhkar without fail and be in wuzu hijab..quran is sufficent for everyone and as prophet pbuh said a home in which surah baqrah is not read is like graveyard (rough meaning of hadith)..beware of plot of shytan and following in to inovation may allah grant shifa ameen
          can refer to

    • Arooj says:

      Salaam May Allah have mercy on u and your daughter. There is a very we’ll known raqi in derby. His number is 07852752066. His name is brother zied. Ring him and he will be able to help inshallah.

  5. shelley says:

    assalamualaikum please can someone inform me of a good raqi?

    • Juma says:

      BismIllah hir Rahman ir Rahim,
      Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatUllahi wa barakathuhu,

      sister shelley insha’Allah the raqi in the link i posted might help(by the mercy of Allah SubhanhuWaTha’ala). He works in ilfordd england(and i think sometimes in france as well).his details are on the website and you can watch him on youtube.. ive read from others that this raqi really does help( by the mercy of Allah SubhanhuWaTha’ala)

      assalamu alaikum wa rahmatUllahi wa barakathuhu

      • Farhan Younus says:

        Can you help me finding a genuine & Muslim Raqi here in Karachi (Pakistan)? I have my wife suferring from sihr. I cannot see her suffering like this.

        I want to do ruqiyyah by myself but seeing that I am not used to it, i fear it might result in some new problems.


        • Arooj says:

          Farhan Younus:
          Can you help me finding a genuine & Muslim Raqi here in Karachi (Pakistan)? I have my wife suferring from sihr. I cannot see her suffering like this.

          I want to do ruqiyyah by myself but seeing that I am not used to it, i fear it might result in some new problems.


          Assalamu ‘alaykum,

          Here is the number of a raqi in karachi: +92 333 2259433

          His website is

  6. Jameel says:

    Assalam walakum . Shukran for the wonderful work done here brother. Please can you or someone inform me where I can find someone to expel jinns in South Africa , more specifically Johannesburg .

    • Hamid says:

      Please can you let me know if you managed to find a raaki in johannesburg

      Assalam walakum . Shukran for the wonderful work done here brother. Please can you or someone inform me where I can find someone to expel jinns in South Africa , more specifically Johannesburg .

  7. ASHA says:

    hi,am so sick and tired of the jinns sent to me by my cousin sister she has been doing this for the last 10 years how ever i discovered that in order for the jinns to go i need to pray for her to stop,how then do i pray for her ,i have never done anything wrong to her ,she sends me pain ful jinns that stop me from eating.while at the university she sent me jinns to make me run mad and indeed i began talking alone,i some times speak alone thinking about horrible things like death of me or my loved ones,i often lose interest in sleeping with my hubby,general weakness of the body ,sometimes i fail to sleep,i fail to practically walk.i one time confronted her and she said let us see who wins it all me who tries to pray to Allah or her who uses black magic,i have suffered a lot coz ever since she began this i have never been in my rightful mind am ever influenced by the jinns.we have done ruqya but when this jin goes another comes in,this has gone on for the last 7 years.and each that comes in brings in different there is this one that cuts my private parts like razors whenever i sleep with my husband,it has gone further to affect all my children ,it too cuts their private parts,pse in Uganda any one who knows contact of sheik who may can do exorcism well,what can i do and how do i pray to ALLAH for her to stop this,remember she has too much hatred for me

    • Nilofer says:

      Salams dear sister,

      I am so sorry to hear about you.

      My brothers wife suffered jinn possession, and they visited many people for help. However he said it only came to a stop when he left surah baqarah being recited continously on cd through out the night on mondays and thursdays. And alhmdlah he said gradually everything ended. he still does this as a preventive measure.

      And about your cousin, I can understand the anger you can obtain towards her but Allah is with the ones who are patient. She molests you with His permission but she is the one to answer for her deeds. Indeed we pray to Allah to guide her, that she may repent for her deeds and mend her ways. Ameen.

      I pray this info can help you. Ameen.

      • ASHA says:

        Assalam aleikm,thank you so much for the reply ,i now listen to ruqya everyday on c.d and i have some change now going to start playing surat baqarah on thursdays and mondays as advised ,thank you once again indeed i accept what ever is happening is because ALLAH has accepted it to be so ,but let me continue to pray for ALLAH’S mercy

    • ali says:


  8. Naz says:

    Does anybody know of any healers in Melbourne

  9. omar says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    I have been inflicted with sehr and possession for over two years now. Have been to several rakis and ulema all over England. One who I would highly recommend is called Ali Anboori from Manchester. One of the most humble people ive met. His number is 07767780084. He charges a small fee which is nothing compared to the three hours his treatment lasts. One who charges excessively should be avoided, however a reasonable fee is justified. Insha Allah if you listen to rukya and keep up with your salaah things will get better. Barak Allahu feek

  10. Aisha says:


    I truely suspect ia nd my husband are victims of sihr, because i have seen his symptoms. i think he’s been affected by sihr of separation. but he doesn’t know about it and he foesnt suspect it. however i told him that i think i am affected by sihr, because i have seen a jinn one night and so many other things have happened but he doesn’t believe me, nor does he want to do ruqya. on the other hand i want to cure him of his sihr without telling him so, because he wouldn’t believe me. can you pls tell me what i can do to save him from sihr…?

    i have done one thing, whenever he comes home in the night to sleep, i have played sura yaasin from my phone..after playing it for 2 consctve nights, he took my phone away from me, stopped coming to sleep in my room with me. so can you give me advice. and he also has amulets, which i dont know why he carries them or who told him to carry them- one is written in gold, and is sealed.

  11. Aakaash says:

    Hello I read many duas, breath into water and olive oil and put both on myself.
    When I leave my body loose and put both my eyes in middle, it partially comes out and i start screaming. Although I am conscious at the same time my whole body starts shaking very fast and i can feel it burning.
    My question is if i do ruqyah in lot of water, like bathtub and leave myself loose in it, it will burn it completely.
    So if a jinn burns completely, does it also put my life in danger?

    • Abu Rayan says:

      Asaww …

      Of course not sister – it is impossible for your life to be in danger from these jinns masha’Allah …

      They are lower creations than us and remember they are actually MUCH MUCH MUCH weaker than us!!!

      Strength of faith and religion in general will prevent jinn from harming a person, so much so that if they were to fight, the one who has faith would win. Ibn Mas`ud (may Allah be pleased with him) says: “A man from among the Companions of Muhammad met a man from among the jinn. They wrestled, and the human knocked down the jinn. The human said to him, ‘You look small and skinny to me, and your forearms look like the front paws of a dog. Do all the jinn look like this, or only you?’ He said, ‘No, by Allah, among them I am strong, but let us wrestle again, and if you defeat me I will teach you something that will do you good.’ The human said, ‘Fine.’ He said, ‘Recite (the verse): “Allah! There is no God save Him, the Alive, the Eternal. Neither slumber nor sleep overtaketh Him. Unto Him belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. Who is he that intercedeth with Him save by His leave? He knoweth that which is in front of them and that which is behind them, while they encompass nothing of His knowledge save what He will. His throne includeth the heavens and the earth, and He is never weary of preserving them. He is the Sublime, the Tremendous.” (Al-Baqarah: 255) The human said, ‘Fine.’ He said, ‘You will never recite this in your house but the shaytan will come out of it like a donkey breaking wind, and he will never come back in until the next morning.’” (Reported by ad-Darimi)

      • Anonymous says:

        Can you please help me in knowing if I am in possession of Jin or not as some weird incidents happened in my life. Can you share your email so that I can share the incidents with you.

  12. Norah says:

    As salamu alaykum

    Does anyone know of a Raqi in Leicester for my friend?

  13. TN1BA says:

    I wonder if i am under the influence of evil eye or maybe worse black magic, there are many areas of mine and my families life that have just been at standstill, and we struggle to progress forward and all appear to suffer from depression and aches and pains. also me and my sister are struggling to get married or progress further in our lives, brother has no motivation etc

    I am really confused as in what steps to take next, some say to try ruqya and some say to stay away from raaqi as most are unexperienced and after the initial reading they dont really know much about what course of treatment to take as such, and thus can make matters worse.

    some say to try a genuine person who can use the science of numerology and do ‘hisaab’ and will then give you specific stuff to read to eliminate whatever is wrong, some say they use jinns to help them and this is supposedly not allowed??

    and for both options- then comes the whole money issue and the experiences people have that these people in the name of helping you are just robbing you.

    so many mix views and opinions!??

    if anyone can help and advise that would be really helpful


  14. toudi says:

    sister has epilepsy for 48 years
    what can she do at Constantine
    my mom took here to someone she said
    he took the gin from here
    she was going to be Marie
    1 week before the weeding the husband
    change his mind

  15. Rafique says:

    My nephew is 16 years old. Unfortunately two week ago her father has passed away. She is very sad; soon after the death of her father she sometime got stunned and become unconscious for 5 to 10 minutes. Previous day the situation got critical when she became unconscious and started crying and stretching her body with full power. My sister asked her who are you? She replied I came and will kill this girl because she had a murder of my little daughter by putting her feet on her body. Upon further question she replied I am Hindu lady and will never leave her till her death. Soon my sister started Ayatul Kursi and some other sorah of Quran as results she cried and said stop it as I am leaving. For few minutes she became normal. But soon she was possessed again by that Hindu lady. Her little sister again started Sorah Jin of Quran upon which Jinn told please stop as I will not come back. By leaving my nephew, her wrest get red and she was crying that she is biting on my wrest please remove her. Now my nephew is fearing and irritating from cartoon pictures, babies and noises and even mobile ring. Please I need your guidance/directions with instructions as I am new to this field. I am Hafiz-e-Quran as well and wish to apply Ruqya or another effective way which gives relief to my darling nephew. Kindly Please help me out with step by step instructions and mentioning the ayaat of quran. Thank you for this useful forum. (anybody can help me including the admin, We will never forget him/her in our prayers as the matter is of urgent nature) my email is


    Muhammad Rafique

  16. usman says:

    my wife is almost about to die coz one of her aunt did black magic on her. docs said everything is clear but she cant eat cant sleep angry all the time.. couples of times we have seen blood drops on her docs said she mayb cant b a mother. she is getting worse and worse been 4 months now .. i need a good alim in manchester area plzz help

  17. War on Shayateen says:

    Salaam everyone,

    I had the worst black magic problems & it was so dangerous that even people that charge alot of money told me that they can’t treat me because the jinn will harm the healer and/or his family. Mashaallah I’m fine now! I found the best healer is yourself!! The cure comes from Allah alone but sincerity to Allah, strong faith and bit of hard work has its success.

    Go to hajj or umrah if you can afford it ( I did and that was the first of my self treatment) that weakens the jinn a bit. Drink lots of zamzam water & recite Allahu yashfee.

    Recite revelant quranic verses if you can otherwise utilise the modern technology. Download adhan and ayatul Kursi put it on repeat on your phone, iPod, mp3 player or on Cd. Listen to it with Headphone or earphone as much as you can listen for hours if possible. At night leave it on low volume and sleep.

    Search the web there are tons of ruqya available. It will not be quick fix and it may cause you discomfort. Be strong and carry on its the jinn that’s being burned. If you carry on jinn will either leave or die. Don’t worry if they die. They come out through urine or vomit etc. Avoid listening to music!! It’s the tool of shayateen. They will scare you have faith in Allah. In your spare time dread books on tawheed. Invite the Jinns to Islam they can hear you.

    Avoid major haram & shirk!! Always stay clean and washed. You can charge water by reciting relevant ayah from the Quran or by placing the in front of a loud speaker. Sound waves charge the water. Drink & wash with it.
    Search it has ruqya mp3 and books on Jinns and treatments. Also lots of other Islamic books for free!!!

    I will post some links on downloads later.

    Lastly, muslims stop being lazy! Allah helps those who strive hard!!!

    After hardship comes (ease- al Quran)

    • Kamar says:

      TaabarakAllah!!!!!! Words, well spoken. Great advice. Shukran jazeelahn.

    • muslimah says:

      Jazakalah khair but can you let us know how long did it take and what was the symptoms of healing. Did you have fever?
      May Allah reward you

    • a sister says:

      Macha Allah!! Wel spoken. Wa alhamdulillah you’re doing well now. I hope we all learn from this, may we heal & grow insha Allah.

      Jazaak Allahu khairan!

  18. War on Shayateen says:

    Download links for Ruqya and Islamic books.
    Use headphone or earphone when listening and leave it on low volume while you sleep. Put it on phone or mp3 player NAND listen with earphone while out and about.

    Allah knows best.

  19. abdul mojeed says:

    please,doese any body know where i can get medications to treat patients with jin,i am new to the counntry,i dont know where to get things my self,i know how to handle cases,i just need where i can get materials,please am around Dagenham,my mail is
    ma salam.

  20. parveen says:

    Afzal can u please give me bro yasin from luton details phone number jazakAllah

  21. abumumin says:

    ruqyah in manchester uk… there is are brother called mustapha in manchester he is very good his number is 07507555111,,

  22. Murad says:

    Bismillahi Rabbil Alamin, ar-Rahmanir Rahmim. A’uzubillahi sami’un alim, minash-shaytanir Rajim! Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.
    May ALLAH jalla jalaluh, shower HIS infinite abundant Blessing and Peace upon HIS Beloved, and our beloved Final Prophetic Messenger Muhommod al-Arabi, ar-Rahmatil’lil Alamin, sallALLAHu alayhi wa sallam; sayyid an-Anbiya, Imamul Mursaleena, Imamul Mutaqeena Khatamun Nabiyyeen, Rasoolu Rabbul Alamin.
    All Praise, Thanks Glory belongs to ALLAH LORD of all that exists (through the means HE has allowed us to seek il’m too), and may ALLAH provide us/you all the cure, healing, guidance, mercy and protection, as much as we all need for ourselves, families and all those of us in need too, for ALLAH is ALLAH [ALLAHu ALLAH] with all HIS Beautiful Names of HIS Attributes, the ones known and unknown to us creation, for ALLAH is not limited to anyone of HIS Names, ALLAH the Mighty & Exalted full of Wisdom, Majesty and Bounty, the Power of powers (as given by HIS leave/permission) as befitting HIS Supreme Majestic Being the Most High & Honoured, ALLAH the the Unlimited, ALLAH Uncreated, ALLAH the Good, ALLAH the Beautiful, ALLAH the Unimaginable Ilah, ALLAHu Akbar.

    ash-hadu al-laa ilaha illALLAHu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammodan abduhu Rasooluhu.

    Bismillahi tawakaltu alALLAH, wala hawla wa quwata illabillahil aliyul azeem. Ameen, thsumma-Ameen.

  23. […] Sihr, Magic, Witchcraft, Possession-Stage I Curing Sihr, Magic, Witchcraft, Possession-Stage II First Condition of Patient During Ruqya Second Condition of Patient During Ruqya Third Condition of Patient During […]

  24. Hajji says:

    Ruqyah Treatment Based in Leicester
    5hrs of treatment with quran and Dua.
    Treatment include evil eye, hasad, envy, sihr, jinn,etc
    Contact: 07719647546 can travel to 100miles

  25. afzal says:

    Be Yasmin details are on his website
    Here are details of some local Iraqis know

    Manchester – mustafa 07507555111
    His sessions are normally only 2 hours but with the permission of Allah, he usually kills jinn with recitation or jinn runs off

    Manchester abu yasmin aka mustafa
    He will first do a diagnosis then put you onto a program-

    Sheikh saleh from Bradford. He’s free.
    Someone told me he’s one of the best, he does a proper diagnosis followed by a long session…usually tries to kill jinn then finish session.Either way he will ggive u a proper programming to follow

    • Walid says:

      Killing jinns is murder of Allah’s creation. The blame then lies with the patient not the Raqi as this type of person has already sold his soul. Such Raqis are not treating with Sunnah. Jinns trouble people because of sins committed and Jinns are there to punish for the sins. All that is required to rid of them is Allah’s forgiveness by way of refraining from sins and observing Sunnah. Ones faith is tested by the Jinns i.e. you try towards Allah’s way, they try to take you to Shaitan. Best remedy is Hajj, if you are forgiven Jinns go away as you have won and on path of Allah. This can only be accomplished with inner strength.
      Once Rasoolullah, whilst standing to read Salat, a jinn kept pestering, Rasoolullah said to the jinn “had it not be for the dua of Solomon-alai-Salam, I would have killed you”. Solomon asked Allah that only he should be in command of the jinns.
      The QuranMajeed states jinns have same system as humans and QuranMajeed was sent for mankind and jinnkind.
      When some claim to be raqi or peer etc and can catch jinn or kill them, they are shaitan’s disciples as mentioned in Surah Bakhra verse 102 to 103. All that they do is cause you harm as that is all they have learnt. In your desperation to seek relief you think when these people help you to rid of jinns you are on your way to a good life on way of Allah. In truth, you have sold your soul to shaitan i.e. the deal in truth is that your suffering is reserved in the next life rather than this life. This is shirk, for which there is no forgiveness. I would endure suffering in this life, as suffering is salvation at the end.
      We are all sinners, if you are lost, all you need is Allah. Ask him for forgiveness and guidance, stay on this path, when Allah wills, His help will come. Until then, be patient, He knows your state and will only change it once He sees you have changed for the better. Do not forget, His Spirit resides in all mankind, one can uncover the hidden Spirit by removing the rancour from the heart, and curtail our hopes and rid of desires.
      When you are able to understand the following story, you are on your way to the path of the righteous:
      One man, in search of Allah, enters the Mosque 5 times a day, all his life he does not find Him. Another man, in search of The Truth, wanders the earth looking for It, one day he decides to take rest in an abandoned church, as soon as he enters, he found Allah and stood in awe.
      Do not take the church literally i.e. don’t be entering abandoned churches thinking you will find Allah there.
      One clue, seek and observe Divine Law set down by Allah for all creation including jinns and non-Muslims. The Law is in perpetual motion, i.e. If you do break it, as shaitan is always whispering to you, Allah will summon you to The Divine Court when it pleases Him. This is in perpetual motion. The jinns are then free to do whatever they can as your spirit in now in imprisoned and without spirit you are lifeless. As with any prison, you can be released earlier than the sentencing or be pardoned for good behaviour.


  26. Rashid says:

    Can you help me finding a genuine & Muslim Raqi here in Kerala(India)? I have my wife suferring from jinn. I cannot see her suffering like this.I want to do ruqiyyah by myself but seeing that I am not used to it, i fear it might result in some new problems.JazakAllah,

  27. uzma says:

    I have gone to a raqi….he said i have jin possed in me but while he started rakya on me i felt nothing wrong nothing happend to me only very light sensastion happend while closing my eyes…afyer doing raqiya the raqi he said in private that do you feel something in bettwen your chest as if a pain , do you feel sombody touches your body,you donot sleep hole night and have nightmares of animals…etc all these quetion he asked was right i do suffer frm such things but Why didnt i feel anything while in raqiya… and he said my case is diffrent from all case that does it mean??? Im comfused??

  28. muslimah says:


    I am a 17 year old Muslimah, Yesterday I was listening to ruqyah on my mp3 player and my legs felt numb and was twitching and moving, also I started jittering and shivering as soon as the ruqyah was played even though I was not cold. one of my family members rang my uncle who has experienced being possessed and done ruqyah a few times and he recited the adhaan. throughout the adhaan I was still jittering and my face was making a wincing expression like I was in pain but I didn’t feel in pain. my eyes were closed and when I opened them again after he read some ruqyah everything felt disorted slightly. I was still concous of what was going on but I felt like something was taking over me, my uncle said to me: What you playing at why you playing games?
    me: im not playi- what do you mean playing games.
    uncle: do you want me to come there?
    me: (I remember ME saying) noo you don’t need to
    uncle: Ill come down and i’ll bring other people
    when he said that I got a scared feeling inside for no reason at all, after he got off the phone I felt like I was going normal again like a fading effect. I also have had bizarre behaviour such as taking drugs, self harming, wanting to turn Quran off when being played.
    I have told my practicing dad as he is my main parent but he lives away at the moment and he said there is nothing wrong with me and im looking out for signs but know one knows better than yourself.
    can I just ask for naseeha on what any of you think,

  29. Parveen says:

    I am 16 years old Muslimah, I have these horrible thoughts of doing nawtee things with Saitan. I go to the shower and try to wash away the dirtee thoughts but they controll me. I am usually in my room with tasbeeh. praying to him to be taken.

    I live with a dog who protects me I love him so much, I want to marry him.

    My uncle says I have Jinn inside my bodee. He will try to a molvi who will take it out, but I am scarred.

    What can I do?

  30. Shafi Bakshi says:

    Assalamu alaikum
    My wife suffering from asiq jinn through black magic we taken treatment they told left jinn but my wife still acting like before she recciting surah baqrah every day she praying salah 5 times. How manydays it will take to cure she asking freedome every day she is not eating properly she is lies some time so plz tl me sir what to do

  31. Zafreen says:

    War on shayateen
    Jzk brother just the right advice. I would very much like to perform umrah myself but the blockage.
    Issue one I am a female so can’t travel on my own and I have 4 brothers who are inflicted badly. I thought my condition is bad but when I see how they are living in comparison I’m well.

    I think Iv been inflicted in my childhood now I’m in my late30s

    Please help any word of advice
    Can I travel in a group? as many say it’s not advised
    I feel i lost so much in life the only one and only last thing I would like to achieve is ask Allah for forgiveness through umrah.


  32. shahnaz says:

    Asslamuaikum plz listen to ruqya ashariah easily found on YouTube. Start after fajar without a break and don’t sleep. Then after zuhr take a nap which is sunnah. This is for any illness no matter have major, black magic, jinn and nazr. Also if you understand Urdu you can listen to talk by maulana junaid ruqya on YouTube tells you clear instructions. Do not waste money with these raqis. Quran is enough for a true believer. Waslaam

  33. Sister S says:

    salaam alaikum all. The best ruqyah indeed as mentioned above is self ruqyah. Having tawakkul In Allah is the main important thing. Praying Salah on time and than insha Allah you can do self ruqyah. Recite on water and oil , spraying that recited water along with rose water spraying in corners of the house. There are so many things you can do to weaken the JINN. You must be strong, the sihr, or jinn only overpowers someone who is weak in imaan. So remember that! If if anyone has any questions you can contact me I am not an expert, or a teacher or even in any position at the mosque. But I do have a lot of knowledge as I have and am currently doing self ruqyah for a close family member and I think I can be of some help to people who need support Insha allah. Please feel free to email and be patient if I don’t reply as soon as possible. May Allah grant shifa to everyone suffering.

  34. Norizan says:

    Someone close to our family has a strange habit. He accumulates hair, not sure where he got it from but there’s a lot of it. Once, his wife found his car boot full of hair.
    He is known for the love of gambling, drawing lucky numbers to be exact. Has it something to do with the activity?

  35. Rainy says:

    Does anyone know any Raqi’s in Houston Tx?

  36. Ali Al-Anburi says:

    I’m here to ummah.I do ruqyah for farther he used to do ruqyah.if anyone need help I’m happy to number is 07949257457

  37. M says:

    For every 100 raqis 99 will be fake black magicians only making things worse. A real raqi uses the Quran and doesn’t keep secrets and will openly explain what they read and why.

    My family had been afflicted by black magic and sihr but we are better now thanks to Allah, our raqi was a student of Ben Halima.

    Do your own research don’t be fooled by sorcerer/witch claiming to be raqi.

    Check out

    Search YouTube for his Ruqyah, most importantly do your own research, and pray to Allah to make everything clear and easy for you.

  38. Ibrahim Shiyaz says:

    Assalaam alaikum, could someone sent me a email with recorded rugyah?

    My wife has been inflicted by sihr and for the past 5 or more years she keeps getting possessed by jinns every Ramadan and because of this she is unable to fast.. She prays and do morning and evening supplications and also I have been performing rugyah from time to time but it does not seem to be effective, I may be doing it wrong?
    Please advice me.

  39. marem says:

    reading of Koran 3 hours during 3 years is against all deseases of body and soul… if you want fast effect wash yourself with 7 times read ruqia into water… the best ruqia is Manzil dua.

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