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Curse of the Pharaoh

pyramid. And he tells of a man who entered the pyramid with a woman in order to commit immoral actions with her inside the pyramid. They both fell unconscious, and they remained insane and well-known until they died.

He tells of a group of people who entered the pyramid with a person with whom they wanted to commit indecent acts. When they wanted to do that, a beardless black boy appeared to them, with a stick in his hand with which he started to beat them. They ran out, leaving behind their food and drink and some of their clothes. He also tells many strange and wondrous stories about the building of the pyramids and of the sorcerers and kings, but I think the stated stories are enough already.

In the Next article, we will discuss the reality of this phenomenon.

Anees Mansoor – La’nat Al-Faraaina (Curse of the Pharaoh)
Muhammad Muhammad Ja’far – Al-Sihr (Witchcraft)
Wahid ibn Abdussalaam

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