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Curse of the Pharaoh

First of all, I will quote a few stories; I’ll then explain its relevance to the Demons associated with Pharaohs.
The story of the so-called curse of the Pharaohs began on November 6, 1922 CE, when Howard Carter sent a telegram to Lord Carnarvon, saying: “I have discovered something wonderful in the Valley of the Kings. I have sealed the doors and vaults until you come and see for yourself.”

Carnarvon came to Luxor on November 23, accompanied by his daughter. Carter went ahead and broke the seals on the doors, and found the body of the king Tutankhamen where it had been lying for 35 centuries. The newspapers seized upon this news with great excitement and it spread rapidly among people. Then Carter7s heart began to beat rapidly and he felt very afraid, but the treasure, gold and fame distracted him from what he was feeling.

On the day when the tomb was opened, twenty-two men gathered whom Carter had invited to attend the opening. But suddenly something strange happened. Thirteen of those whom Carter had invited to attend the opening died one after another in mysterious circumstances. Lord Carter himself was struck with a sudden fever and started to scream, “My body is on fire! And in his delirium he said, “I can see that they are going to roll me in the sand of the desert and put fire in my mouth!” His son came from India to visit him, but he (the son) became ill and soon died in the Continental Hotel in Cairo. After that, Carter’s assistant, Walter Miss, who has been sent by the American Museum, also died as the result of severe burning. Anees Mansoor (Author of the Arabic version of “The Curse of Pharaohs”) said: There are many stories of people who were connected to the excavation of the grave being affected by disasters.

Dr. Muhammad-Muhammad Ja’far mentions these stories in his book Al-Sihr (Witchcraft), where he says:
In the British Museum there is a finely-made sarcophagus of an Egyptian mummy who was a member of the royal family and a priestess. The story of this sarcophagus, according to the records of the British Museum, is very strange. A Mr. Douglas Maury bought this sarcophagus from Egypt in order to bring it to his house in London, but he and everyone who had anything to do with this sarcophagus met with disaster, until they got rid of it by giving it to the British Museum.

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